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7 January, 1645/6Ordinance continuing until further Order that of 15th September, 1642, for the appointment of Commissioners for the Navy. [L.J., viii., 89.]
7 January, 1645/6Ordinance making parochial the precinct of Covent Garden (amended 2nd February). [Husband, pp. 773–5.] Vol. i., p. 814.
15 January, 1645/6Ordinance continuing for nine months the Ordinance of 28th March, 1645, appointing a Committee of Lords and Commons and Treasurers at War. [Husband, pp. 776–8; mentioned in L.J., p. 91, under date 8th January.] Vol. i., p. 817.
15 January, 1645/6Ordinance (to continue for nine months) to punish impressed men who have deserted their colours. [L.J., viii., 102–3; Husband, pp. 778–9.] Vol. i., p. 820.
16 January, 1645/6Ordinance empowering Colonel Thomas Morgan to execute Martial Law at Gloucester. [L.J., viii., 106.]
19 January, 1645/6Ordinance enabling the Committee of the Militia for the City of London to press soldiers during the next six months. [Husband, pp. 779–80, under date January 17th; mentioned in L.J., viii., 109.] Vol. i., p. 821.
19 January, 1645/6Ordinance giving power to the Committee of Militia for the City of London to appoint SubCommittee for the better execution of various powers entrusted to them by this and previous ordinances. [L.J., viii., 110–111; Husband, pp. 780–81, under date January 17th.] Vol. i., p. 822.
26 January, 1645/6Ordinance continuing Lieutenant General Cromwell in his command for six months. [L.J., viii., 127, 144–5.]
29 January, 1645/6Ordinance amending that of 30th November, 1643, with fresh instructions for the Committee of the Admiralty and Cinque Ports regarding reprisals. [L.J., viii., 130–1; Husband, pp. 793–4.] Vol. i., p. 825.
31 January, 1645/6Ordinance amending Covent Garden Ordinance. [L.J., viii., 140.] Vol. i., p. 827.
2 February, 1645/6Ordinance to raise £30,000 by way of loan in the City in accordance with the method adopted in the Ordinance of 1st July, 1645. [L.J., viii., 139–40.]
7 February, 1645/6Ordinance continuing for one year that of February 21st, 1644–5, for impressing mariners, sailors and others for the navy.
7 February, 1645/6Ordinance enabling saltpetre men to make gunpowder. [L.J., viii., 147–8; Husband, pp. 796–8.] Vol. i., p. 828.
12 February, 1645/6Order for judges to go on circuit as hath been accustomed. [L.J., viii., 163.]
13 February, 1645/6Ordinance for the regulation of preaching in the University of Cambridge, and for the government of Trinity and other colleges. [L.J., viii., 165. Vol. i., p. 830.
14 February, 1645/6Ordinance for payment of £3,000 out of the Excise to widows of officers, etc., of the army of the Earl of Essex. [L.J., viii., 168.]
18 February, 1645/6Ordinance appointing Sir George Vane High Sheriff of the County Palatine of Durham and for regulating the arrangement for justice therein. [L.J., viii., 178.] Vol. i., p. 831.
24 February, 1645/6Ordinance for Removal of Court of Wards. [L.J., vii., 183; Husband, p. 810.] Vol. i., p. 833.
24 February, 1645/6Ordinance continuing till the 20th March the Ordinance for the Northern Association with the exception of clauses dealing with the Crown revenues. [L.J., viii., 185.]
28 February, 1645/6Ordinance for payment out of the Excise of £20,000 for the forces raised by the Eastern Association for the siege of Newark. [L.J., viii., 190; Husband, p. 810.]
2 March, 1645/6Ordinance continuing for six months that of 3rd May, 1645, for the appointment of Commissioners in Ulster. [L.J., viii., 192–3.]
4 March, 1645/6Order for compensation to officers of the Court of Wards and Liveries in view of its abolition. [L.J., viii., 199.]
4 March, 1645/6Ordinance empowering the Governor of Henley and Reading to execute Martial Law. [L.J., viii. 200.]
9 March, 1645/6Ordinance to continue for a year from the 30th April, 1646, the Ordinance of 18th October, 1644, for a weekly assessment for the British armies in Ireland (cf. Ordinance 15th August, 1645). [L.J., viii., 205; Husband, App. p. 23.]
14 March, 1645/6Ordinance for keeping scandalous persons from the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, for the choice of elders, and for supplying defects in former Ordinances concerning church government. [L.J., viii., 209, but not printed there.]
19 March, 1645/6Ordinance appointing Commissioners for the Heralds' Office, to prevent abuses and offences. [L.J., viii., 221.]
19 March, 1645/6Ordinance appointing for six months Commissioners for the Great Seal. (cf. Ord.) [L.J., viii., 221.] Vol. i., p. 839.
19 March, 1645/6Ordinance for the payment of £20,000 out of the Excise for the forces of the Western Association under Colonel Massey. [L.J., viii., 223.]
20 March, 1645/6Ordinance for the payment of £10,000 out of the Excise for the forces designed for North Wales. [L.J., viii., 223.]
21 March, 1645/6Order to continue the Ordinance of October 2nd, 1643, appointing the Earl of Warwick Admiral and Governor of the foreign plantations, and adding commissioners to those names in the Ordinance. [L.J., viii., 225.] Vol. i., p. 840.
21 March, 1645/6Ordinance for the payment of £6,000 out of the Excise for the forces that are to pursue Sir Jacob Ashley and for those besieging Lichfield. [L.J., viii., 226.]
28 March, 1646Ordinance to raise £6,000 by loan for the forces in Ireland. [L.J., viii., 243.]
28 March, 1646Ordinance for the maintenance of preaching ministers in the City and County of Hereford. [L.J., viii., 244; Husband, p. 870.] Vol. i., p. 840.
1 April, 1646Order that all Papists and others who have borne arms against the Parliament should by April 3rd depart from the Cities of London and Westminster and the Lines of Communication. [L.J., viii., 248–9, but not there printed. Printed C.J., iv., 497, under date March 31st, by which it is afterwards quoted.] Vol. i., p. 841.
3 April, 1646Ordinance for the speedy establishment of a court martial within the Cities of London and Westminster and the Lines of Communication. [L.J., viii., 252–3; Husband, pp. 874–6.] Vol. i., p. 842.
9 April, 1646Ordinance to raise a monthly sum in the County of Derby for the payment of the Forces and other necessary defences for the public service; to continue from December 1st, 1645, to August 1st, 1646, if the war should last so long. [L.J., viii., 262–3.]
16 April, 1646Ordinance to erect a French or Walloon church in the town and port of Dover. [L.J., viii., 274.] Vol. i., p. 845.
16 April, 1646Ordinance continuing the Army Ordinance of February 15th, 1644–5, from June 1st, 1646, to October 1st, 1646 (cf. Ord. August 13th, 1645).
22 April, 1646Ordinance to reserve for the Navy timber felled for wharfing or for any public building. [L.J., viii., 281.] Vol. i., p. 846.
28 April, 1646Ordinance for the administration of the Excise from the expiry of the existing Ordinance until the 29th September, 1648. [L.J., viii., 289; Husband, p. 880, under date April 25.] Vol. i., p. 846.
2 May, 1646Ordinance for maintenance of ministers. [L.J., viii. 291.]
5 May, 1646Order for examining the accounts of all officers who served under Lord Fairfax. [L.J., viii., 300.]
7 May, 1646Ordinance continuing for an additional month and amending the Ordinance of April 1 for the removal of Papists and others beyond the Lines of Communication. [L.J., viii., 307; Husband, pp. 883–4, under date May 6.] Vol. i., p. 847
15 May, 1646Ordinance for raising £10,000 by loans on the Excise for the Army in Ireland. [L.J., viii., 317.]
23 May, 1646Ordinance for the raising and advancing of money for the war in Ireland in accordance with the Ordinances of 18th October, 1644, 15th August, 1645, and 9th March, 1645–6. [L.J., viii., 326–8; Husband, pp. 825–7.] Vol. i., p. 848.
5 June, 1646Ordinance (to continue for three years) amending the Ordinances of 20th October, 1645, and 14th March, 1645–6, for the exclusion of improper persons from the Sacrament and for the duties of elders. [L.J., viii., 359–60.] Vol. i., p. 852.
12 June, 1646Ordinance appointing judges to go the Circuits. [L.J., viii., 372.]
17 June, 1646Ordinance concerning the Assizes at Lancaster. [L.J., viii., 380–1; Husband, p. 890–1.] Vol. i., p. 855.
27 June, 1646Ordinance for the establishment of a garrison at Kingston-upon-Hull, and for its pay, with articles for its observance. [L.J., viii., 397, printed L.J., viii., 388–90.] Vol. i., p. 857.
3 July, 1646Ordinance discharging the Commissioners of Excise for the receipts of the year 11th September, 1643, to 11th September, 1644, and indemnifying them for acts done in the course of collection. [L.J., viii., 410; Husband, pp. 911–12, under date 30th July.] Vol. i., p. 861.
10 July, 1646Ordinance extending to captives in Sally, South Barbary, or any other place, the Ordinance of 7th July, 1645, for captives in Algiers and Tunis. [L.J., viii., 431.]
11 July, 1646Ordinance to expel from the Cities of London and Westminster, and from within the Lines of Communication, Papists and Irish that have adhered to the enemy. [L.J., viii., 433.]
22 July, 1646Ordinance for £20,000 out of the Excise for the maintenance of the army in Ireland. [L.J., viii., 440–1.]
4 August, 1646Ordinance continuing till 31st August the Ordinance of December 3rd, 1645, for the garrison of Bristol. [L.J., viii., 452.]
4 August, 1646Ordinance continuing for one month the Ordinance for the pay of the Forces of Gloucester, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecon and Radnor. [L.J., viii., 453.]
6 August, 1646Ordinance to disband the garrisons of Newport Pagnell, Cambridge, Huntingdon and Bedford, in order to provide men for the Forces in Ireland; to raise money for these Forces; and to empower the Committee or the Eastern Association to put the Ordinance into execution. [L.J., viii., 456–7; Husband, pp. 913–4.] Vol. i., p. 862.
6 August, 1646Ordinance amending that of 24th November, 1645, for an additional Excise for the payment of Artificers and others. [L.J., viii., 454–5; Husband, pp. 914–5.] Vol. i., p. 863.
13 August, 1646Ordinance for disbanding the garrisons in Shropshire, except Shrewsbury and Ludlow, and the forces of the county, except 400 Foot and 60 Horse, besides officers. [L.J., viii., 464.]
13 August, 1646Ordinance continuing for three months from 1st June, 1646, the Ordinance for the pay of the Eastern Association. [L.J., viii., 464.]
20 August, 1646Ordinance amending that of 20th March, 1645–6, for the payment of £10,000 to the Forces in North Wales. [L.J., viii., 469.]
28 August, 1646Ordinance for the ordination of ministers by the classical Presbyteries within their respective bounds. [L.J., viii., 474, but not there printed. Printed in Scobell, i., 99–101.]
Printed with lists of triers of elders, Vol.i., p. 865.
23 September, 1646Ordinance for a moiety of one half of the Western Excise to be employed for four months in the payment of the garrisons and forces in the counties of the Western Association. [L.J viii., 501.]
23 September, 1646Ordinance for a full moiety of the Northern Excise to be employed for four months for the payment of the English garrisons and forces in the counties of the Northern Association. [L.J. viii., 503.]
28 September, 1646Ordinance for making a separate parish of the Church of Holland (Upholland) in the county of Lancaster. [Husband, pp. 917–8.] Vol. i., p. 874.
1 October, 1646Ordinance for the future Government and administration of the City of Chester and for the payment of preaching ministers therein. [L.J., viii., 506–7.] Vol. i., p. 876.
9 October, 1646Ordinance for the abolishing of Archbishops and Bishops in England and Wales and for settling their lands and possessions upon Trustees for for the use of the Commonwealth. [L.J., viii., 515–7; Husband, pp. 922–5.] Vol. i., p. 879.
13 October, 1646Ordinance for securing £200,000 upon the credit of Bishops' lands, &c., for the security of such as shall lend money for the present service of the State. [L.J., viii., 520; Husband, p. 925.] Vol. i., p. 884.
30 October, 1646Ordinance to prevent from sitting in Parliament peers created since 30th May, 1642, and to annul all honours and titles granted since that time. [L.J., viii., 551.] Vol. i. p. 884.
31 October, 1646Ordinance appointing the Speakers of both Houses Commissioners of the Great Seal for 20 days after the expiry of Michaelmas Term; with the form of the Commission for hearing causes in Chancery (continued for 20 days on 16th December). [L.J., viii., 522, but not printed in L.J.; Husband, pp. 929–30.] Vol. i., p. 885.
3 November, 1646Ordinance continuing till the 1st Jan., 1646–7, the Ordinance of 28th March, 1645, for the Committee and Treasurers at War. (cf. Ord. 15 Jan., 1645–6) [L.J., viii., 560.]
10 November, 1646Ordinance for the payment, every six months, of £25,000 out of the Excise for the army in Ireland. [L.J., viii., 560.]
13 November, 1646Ordinance continuing from the 11th Dec., 1646, the Ordinance of 7th July, 1645, to the 11th Dec., 1647, for the relief of captives at Algiers &c. [L.J., viii., 564.]
17 November, 1646Ordinance for the Settling of the land of the Bishops in accordance with the Ordinance of 9th October, 1646. [L.J., viii., 569, but not printed in L.J.; Husband, pp. 932–41 under date November 16.] Vol. i., p. 887.
30 November, 1646Ordinance for the explanation and better execution of the Ordinance of 17th November, 1646, for the sale of Bishops' lands. [L.J., viii., 585; Scobell i., 111–2.] Vol. i., p. 904.
2 December, 1646Ordinance for the better observance of the Monthly Fast. [M.J., viii., 587.]
8 December, 1646Ordinance to prevent the Committee of Sequestration for the county of Oxon from seizing any books, mathematical instruments, &c., necessary for the studies of the University. [L.J., viii., 600.] Vol. i., p. 907.
10 December, 1646Ordinance enjoining the Treasurers for the sale of Bishops' lands to send £200,000 for the payment of the Scots. [L.J., viii., 603.] Vol. i., p. 907.
10 December, 1646Ordinance to revive the Committee of the Lords and Commons for the Army. [L.J., viii., 604.]
14 December, 1646Ordinance to justify the proceedings of Parliament. [L.J., viii., 610.] Vol. i., p. 908.
14 December, 1646Ordinance confirming the treaties of 29th November, 1643, and 6th August, 1642, between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. [L.J., viii., 610.] Vol. i., p. 909.
14 December, 1646Ordinance to annul the Cessation of Arms in Ireland and all grants of land, &c., honours and titles since the said Cessation made 15th December, 1643. [L.J., viii., 610.] Vol. i., p. 910.
22 December, 1646Ordinance continuing for four months more the Ordinance for the maintenance of Water Guards on the Thames, made on the 7th January, 1644–5, and continued on the 11th September, 1645. [L.J., viii., 623.]
24 December, 1646Ordinance for the alteration and explanation of the Oath to be taken by the surveyor of the Bishops' lands, and for the better execution of the former Ordinances. [L.J., viii., 627; Scobell, i., 112–3.] Vol. i., p. 910.