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6 January, 1648/9Act erecting a High Court of Justice for the trial of the King. [C.J., vi., 113; but not there printed. Rejected in the Lords 2nd January. L.J., x., 642. Printed in Old Parliament History, xviii., 489–91.] Printed, Vol. i., p. 1253.
January, 1648/9Ordinances amending various former Ordinances concerning Assessment for the Army and the disbanding of supernumerary forces. [L.J., x., 644; Scobell, i., 184; but not there printed.]
Printed, Vol. i., p. 1256.
16 January, 1648/9Act adjourning Hilary Term from Octabis Hilarii to Crastino Purificationis. [C.J., vi., 119; B.M., 669, f. 13 (70).
16 January, 1648/9Act touching the regulating of the officers of the Navy and Customs. [C.J., vi., 119; Scobell, ii., 1–3.] Printed, Vol. i., p. 1257.
17 January, 1648/9Ordinance for settling the Militia of the City of London. [C.J., vi., 120; B.M.E., 538 (19).]
Printed, Vol. i., p. 1261.
22 January, 1648/9Act for the Committee of the County of Lincoln to lay an assessment of £2,500 for the relief of the Forces before Pontefract. [C.J., vi., 122.]
29 January, 1648/9Act for the alteration of several names and forms heretofore used in Courts, Writs, etc., and for settling of proceedings in Courts of Law, Justice and Equity in the Kingdoms of England and Ireland and the Dominion of Wales. [C.J., vi., 123.] Printed, Vol. i., 1262.
30 January, 1648/9Act prohibiting the proclaiming any person to be King of England or Ireland or the Dominions thereof. [C.J., vi., 125; Scobell, ii., 3.]
Printed, Vol. i., p. 1363.
2 February, 1648/9Act transferring to the use of the Navy for two years, the assessment for the Garrisons of the Isle of Ely and Croyland made under Ordinances of 12th August, 1645, 1st November, 1647, and 24th August, 1647. [C.J., vi., 129–30.]
2 February, 1648/9Act further adjourning Hilary Term from Crastino Purificationis to Octabis Purificationis. [C.J., vi., 129–30.]
3 February, 1648/9Act for erecting an High Court of Justice for trying James, Earl of Cambridge; Henry, Earl of Holland; George, Lord Goring; Arthur, Lord Capell; and Sir John Owen, Knight. (Amended Feb. 9th). [C.J., vi., 131.]
8 February, 1648/9Act for committing the Great Seal of England into the hands of Commissioners. [C.J., vi., 135.]
9 February, 1648/9Act to repeal several clauses in the Acts of 1° Eliz. and 3° Jacobi, touching the Oaths of Allegiance, Obedience and Supremacy. [C.J., v., 136; Scobell, ii., 3] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1.
9 February, 1648/9Act to prevent the printing of any of the proceedings of the High Court of Justice erected for trying of James, Earl of Cambridge, and others, without leave of the House of Commons or of the said Court. [C.J., vi., 136; Scobell, ii., 3, but not there printed.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1.
10 February, 1648/9Act prescribing the form of an oath to be taken by every freeman of the City of London and other Cities, Boroughs, and Towns Corporate, in England Wales. [C.J., vi., 237; Scobell, ii., 4.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 2.
11 February, 1648/9Act for altering the style of the late Court of King's Bench to that of the Court of Upper Bench, and for settling its jurisdiction. [C.J., vi., 138.]
13 February, 1648/9Act for constituting a Council of State for the Commonwealth of England. [C.J., vi., 138–9: D.S.P. under date.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 2.]
15 February, 1648/9Act for the more easy passing the Accounts of Sheriffs. [C.J., vi., 142; Scobell, ii., 4.]
Printed, Vol., ii., p. 5
17 February, 1648/9Act enabling Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs and other Ministers of Justice to act until their commissions are ready. [C.J., vi., 144.]
Printed, Vol., ii., p. 5.
17 February, 1648/9Act for settling proceedings in Courts of Justice according to the present Government. Cf. 26th December, 1653. [C.J., vi., 144.]
Printed Vol. ii., p. 6.
21 February, 1648/9Act for the election of the Bailiffs, Wardens, Assistants, and other officers of the Company of Weavers. [C.J., vi., 148.]
22 February 1648/9Act for the encouragement of Officers and Mariners, and for impressing Seamen. [C.J., vi., 149; Scobell ii., 4–6.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 8.
23 February, 1648/9Act repealing all former Ordinances constituting Robert Earl of Warwick Lord High Admiral, and vesting the power of the Office in the Council of State. [C J., vi., 149.]
Printed Vol. ii., p. 13.
23 February, 1648/9Act concerning the sequestration of South Wales and the County of Monmouth. [C.J., vi. 150.]
Printed Vol. ii., p. 14.
24 February, 1648/9Act appointing Commissioners for the fleet now at Sea. [C.J., vi., 150.] Printed Vol. ii., p. 17.
24 February, 1648/9Act supplementary to that of 22nd February, for the encouragement of mariners and officers, and for impressing seamen. [C.J., vi., 150; Scobell, ii. 7.] Printed Vol. ii., p. 18.
26 February, 1648/9Act altering the Judicial Seal in the three counties of Carmarthen, Cardigan and Pembroke. [C.J., vi., 151.
26 February, 1648/9Act continuing for one week that of February 3rd for constituting an High Court of Justice to try James, Earl of Cambridge (Duke of Hamilton) and others. Printed in C.J., vi., 152.
28 February, 1648/9Act for removing obstructions in the proceedings of the Common Council of the City of London. [C.J., vi., 152, City Records Journal 40, fo. 312.]
Printed in Appendix to this Table.
28 February, 1648/9Act regulating elections of officers in the City of Norwich, to prevent the election of ill-affected persons. (Amended March 7th.) [C.J., vi., 153.]
2 March, 1648/9Act for compounding with Delinquents in the counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland, Durham, the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and the town of Berwickupon-Tweed, for employing their compositions for paying and disbanding the forces in those counties; and for discharging other public engagements of the counties. [C.J., vi., 153.]
10 March, 1648/9Acts for altering the judicial Seal for the counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth and Anglesea, and for the counties of Brecknock, Radnor, and Glamorgan. [C.J., vi., 16.]
10 March, 1648/9Act to transfer the salaries of the Judges and others for the use of the Navy. [C.J., vi., 161.]
17 March, 1648/9Act for abolishing the kingly office in England, Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging. (C.J., vi. 166; Scobell, ii., 7–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 18.
17 March, 1648/9Act for keeping a Day of Humiliation upon Thursday, the 5th April, 1649. [C.J., vi. 166.]
19 March, 1648/9Act for settling the Militia of the City of Westminster and Liberties thereof, and of all the parishes and places adjacent of the County of Middlesex within the weekly Bills of Mortality, and late Lines of Communication, except the Hamlets of the Tower. [C.J., vi., 168.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 20.
19 March, 1648/9Act abolishing the House of Peers. [C.J., vi., 168; Scobell, ii., 8.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 24.
23 March, 1648/9Acts for altering the Seals of the Court of Upper Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer. [C.J. vi., 172.]
7 April, 1649Act for raising £90,000 per mensem for maintenance of the Forces raised by authority of Parliament for the service of England and Ireland; from 25 March to 29 Sept. 1649. [C.J., vi., 182.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 24.
9 April, 1649Act prescribing certain times to Delinquents for perfecting their compositions under several penalties. [C.J., vi., 183.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 57.
17 April, 1649Act appointing Treasurers at War to receive and issue monies assessed and paid under the Act of 7 April, 1659, for the monthly payment of £90,000. [C.J., vi., 188.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 63.
17 April, 1649Act declaring the grounds and causes of making prize the ships and goods that shall be taken by the Parliament's ships at sea, and for the encouragement of officers, mariners, and seamen. [C.J., vi., 188; Scobell, ii., 9–14.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 66.
17 April, 1649Act appointing Commissioners for the sale of Prize Goods. [C.J., vi. 188; Scobell, ii., 14–16.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 75.
23 April, 1649Act empowering the Court of Admiralty to proceed to sentence, notwithstanding Prohibitions (of 12 April, 1648, 2 April, 1651, 2 June, 1654). [C.J., vi., 192; Scobell, ii., 16.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 78.
23 April, 1649Act for setting apart a Day of Public Fast and Humiliation, and repealing the Monthly Fast appointed by Proclamation of 8th January, 1641–2, and enforced by Ordinances of 24th August, 1642, etc. [C.J., vi., 193.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 79
26 April, 1649Act constituting Justices of Peace in the County of Lancaster. [C.J., vi., 195.]
30 April, 1649Act for the abolishing of Deans, Deans and Chapters, Canons, Prebends, and other officers or titles belonging to any Cathedral or Collegiate Church or Chapel in England and Wales, and for the employment of their revenues (of 31 July, 1648, and 16 October, 1650). [C.J., vi., 197–8; Scobell, ii. 16–30.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 81.
1 May, 1649Act for altering the original seal of the counties of Brecknock, Radnor, and Glamorgan. [C.J., vi., 199.
7 May, 1649Act for the relief and employment of the Poor, and punishment of Vagrants and other disorderly Persons within the City of London. [C.J., vi., 202; B.M.E, 555 (11).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 104.
7 May, 1649Act giving power to the Committee of Essex to discharge such Delinquents in that county as the Committee hath power to compound with. [C.J., vi., 204.]
9 May, 1649Act to transmit into the Chancery and Exchequer certain Orders and Instructions of Parliament concerning Tonnage and Poundage of Goods and Merchandise with the Book of Rates of the same. [C.J., vi., 205.]
9 May, 1649Act empowering the Barons of the Exchequer, as Commissioners for appeals touching Delin quents, to administer an Oath. [C.J., vi., 205.]
10 May, 1649Act for altering the original seal of the two Counties of Denbigh and Montgomery. [C.J., vi., 206.]
10 May, 1649Act for altering the former Seal of the Nisi Prius belonging to the Upper Bench. [C.J., vi., 206.]
12 May, 1649Act for the more certain and constant supply of the soldiery with pay and the preventing any further oppression or damage to the people by FreeQuarters and Billet. [C.J., vi., 208.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 110.
14 May, 1649Additional Act for Commissioners in the several counties for the monthly assessment of £90,000, in accordance with the Act of April 7. [C.J., vi., 208–9.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 118.
14 May, 1649Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason. [C.J., vi., 209.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 120.
19 May, 1649Act declaring and constituting the People of England to be a Commonwealth. [C.J., vi., 212; Scobell, ii., 30.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 122
23 May, 1649Act appointing additional Commissioners for the monthly assessment of £90,000. [C.J., vi., 214.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 122.
23 May, 1649Act for settling the Militia of the Hamlets within the Tower of London. [C.J., vi., 215.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 123.
28 May, 1649Act for the present examining and stating the accounts of Officers and Soldiers now in Parliament's service within this nation. [C.J., vi., 218; Scobell, ii., 30–33.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 125
29 May, 1649Act declaring that the Act for abolishing Deans, etc. (April 30, 1649), doth not extent to the Colleges of Winchester and Eton. [C.J., vi., 129.]
29 May, 1649Act for draining the Great Level of the Fens extending itself into the counties of Northampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincoln, Cambridge, and Huntingdon, and the Isle of Ely, or some of them [C.J., vi., 219; Scobell, ii., 33–38.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 130.
1 June, 1649Act for setting apart a Day of Public Thanksgiving. [C.J., vi., 221.]
2 June, 1649Act for instructions for the Trustees, Treasurers. and Register-Accomptant for the sale of the Deans' and Chapters' lands, for the admitting such as have moneys owing them by Parliament to double the same upon the credit of the lands of the Deans and Chapters. [C.J., vi., 223; Scobell, ii., 39–40.] Printed Vol. ii., p. 140.
8 June, 1649Act for maintenance of preaching Ministers and other pious uses. [C.J., vi., 226–7; Scobell ii., 40–43.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 142.
11 June, 1649Act for altering the original Seal for the three counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke and Cardigan [C.J., vi., 228.]
11 June, 1649Act for altering the former Seal of Nisi Prius belonging to the Court of Common Pleas. [C.J., vi., 228.]
12 June, 1649Act concerning Foreign Salt. [Printed in C.J., vi., 230; Scobell ii., 44] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 148.
13 June, 1649Act for the further relief of maimed soldiers and the widows and orphans of soldiers slain in the service of the Parliament. [C.J., vi., 231.]
16 June, 1649Act that all Bonds, Bills, and Writings obligatory, entered into, to the use of the Commonwealth, touching Customs and Excise shall be made and taken in the name of Custodes Libertatis Angliæ Authoritate Parliamenti; for returning them into the Court of Exchequer; and for Proceedings to be had thereupon in the said Court for levying the said Debts. [C.J., vi., 234.]
18 June, 1649Act for the relief of all such persons as have been or shall be sued, molested or anyways damnified contrary to Articles or Conditions granted in Time of War. [C.J., vi., 236.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 148.
19 June, 1649Act for enabling the Judges that go the Northern Circuit to hold an Assize at Durham on Thursday, the 2nd August, 1649. [C.J., vi., 236.]
19 June, 1649Act touching the salaries of the Treasurers and Contractors for sale of Deans' and Chapters' lands. [C.J., vi., 237.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 152.
20 June, 1649Act for removing obstructions in the sale of Lands of Bishops, and Deans and Chapters. [C.J., vi., 238; Scobell, ii., 44–5.]
Printed, Vol., ii., p. 152.
22 June, 1649Act for making a Steward and Judge of the Court of Pleas of the Isle of Ely. [C.J., vi., 239.]
23 June, 1649Additional instructions to the Trustees and Contractors for the sale of the Lands of Deans and Chapters (cf. 2nd June, 1649). [Printed in C.J., vi., 242.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 154.
25 June, 1649Additional Act for the encouragement of purchasers of lands of Deans and Chapters. [C.J., vi., 243; Scobell, ii., 45–6.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 155.
25 June, 1649Act to authorise the Council of State to grant Letters of Marque or Reprisal in several cases. [C.J., vi., 243; Scobell, ii., 46.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p 157.
25 June, 1649Act for the Sessions of Assizes to be held and kept in the Castle of Lancaster upon Wednesday, the 5th September, 1649. [C.J., vi., 242.]
27 June, 1649Act touching the first £400,000 charged on the Excise. [C.J., vi., 245.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 158.
29 June, 1649Act for borrowing £150,000 upon the first £400,000 charged on the Excise. [C.J., vi., 245.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 159.
29 June, 1649Act for discharge of the Commissioners of the Grand Excise until 29th September, 1647. [C.J., vi., 245.]
4 July, 1649Act for the Sale of the Goods and personal Estate of the late King, and of the Queen and Prince. [C.J., vi., 249; Scobell, ii., 45–51.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 160.
13 July, 1649Act for the alteration of the original seal of the counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Anglesey. [C.J., vi., 259.]
16 July, 1649Act for the sale of the Honors, Manors, Lands, etc., heretofore belonging to the late King, Queen, and Prince. [C.J., vi., 261; Scobell, ii., 51–64.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 168.
17 July, 1649Act touching the monies and coins of England. [C.J., vi., 262; Scobell, ii., 64–5.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 191.
17 July, 1649Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason. [C.J., vi., 262; Scobell, ii., 65–6.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 193.
17 July, 1649Act touching the Arrear of the County of Lancaster. [C.J., vi., 263.]
19 July, 1649Act for settling the Militia of the Borough of Southwark and parishes adjacent, mentioned in the Weekly Bills of Mortality, on the South side of the Thames in the County of Surrey. [C.J., vi., 265.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 195.
27 July, 1649Act for promoting and propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England. [C.J., vi., 271; Scobell, ii., 66–8.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 197.
28 July, 1649Act for altering the Seal of the Court of the DuchyChamber of Lancaster at Westminster, and of the County Palatine of Lancaster. [C.J., vi., 271.]
30 July, 1649Act empowering the Lord Mayor, Justices of Gaoldelivery for Newgate, to transport threescore prisoners convicted of Felony and other heinous crimes, unto the Summer Islands or other new English Plantations. [C.J., vi., 272.]
31 July, 1649Act for further instructions to the Trustees, Treasurers, etc., for Sale of the Lands and Possessions of the late Deans, Sub-Deans, Deans and Chapters, etc., and for the better execution of the former Acts, Ordinances and Instructions concerning the same. [C.J., vi., 272; Scobell, ii., 68–71.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 200.
1 August, 1649Act for continuing the monthly assessment of the £90,000 from the 29th September to the 29th December, 1649. [C.J., vi., 273.]
3 August, 1649Act giving power to the Committee of Indemnity to transmit the examination of all such Articles or Informations as shall be exhibited to them against any Malignant or Delinquent Magistrates, or other ill-affected Officers, to Justices of Peace in the several Counties. [C.J., vi., 274.]
8 August, 1649Act for taking accompts belonging to the Navy and Customs. [C.J., vi., 276; Scobell, ii., 71–2.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 205.
10 August, 1649Act to admit the Six Counties of North Wales to a general composition for their Delinquency. [C.J., vi., 277.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 205.
14 August, 1649Act for the speedy raising and levying of moneys by way of New Impost or Excise. [C.J., vi., 278: Scobell, ii., 72–85.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 213.
16 August, 1649Act and Declaration for setting apart a Day of Public Thanksgiving to be kept on Wednesday the 19th August, 1649. [C.J., vi., 279.]
17 August, 1649Act empowering the Committee of Indemnity to transmit the examinations of all such Articles and Informations as shall be exhibited to them, against malignant or delinquent magistrates, or other ill-affected officers, to Justices of Peace in their several Counties; repealing the Act of 3rd August, 1659, to the same effect. [C.J., vi., 281; Scobell, ii., 85.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 235.
17 August, 1649Act for stating the accounts of such General Officers, Staff Officers, and other Officers and Artificers of the Train lately entertained for the service of Ireland. [C.J., vi., 281; Scobell ii., 85–6.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 236.
21 August, 1649Act continuing till further Orders the Ordinance of the 20th July, 1648, for salaries and allowances to the auditors for the accompts of the Soldiery, and for adding £1,000 thereto. [C.J., vi., 283.]
28 August, 1649Act admitting purchasers of Bishops' Lands to pay their whole purchase money by Weavers' Hall Bills. [C.J., vi., 286; Scobell ii., 86.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 237.
28 August, 1649Act touching the second £400,000 charged on the Receipts of the Excise and Goldsmiths' Hall. [C.J., vi., 286.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 238.
28 August, 1649Act prohibiting the importation of any Wines of the Growth of France, and all manufactures of wool and silk made in France. [C.J., vi., 286; Scobell ii., 86–7.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 239.
31 August, 1649Act for settling the Islands in the West Indies betwixt the degrees of 24 and 29 North Latitude. [C.J., vi., 288.]
4 September, 1649Act for Discharging poor prisoners unable to satisfy their creditors. [C.J., vi., 289; Scobell ii., 87–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 240.
5 September, 1649Act concerning Oaths imposed upon Mayors, Justices of the Peace, and other officers. [C.J., vi., 290; Scobell ii., 88.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 241.
5 September, 1649Act for relief of Felt makers and Hatband makers against aliens and strangers importing such wares to the hindrance of their manufactures. [C.J., vi., 290.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 242.
12 September, 1649Act prohibiting to brew for sale Ale or Beer above ten shillings the barrel besides the Excise. [C.J., vi., 293; B.M., 699, f. 14 (74).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 244.
20 September, 1649Act against, unlicensed and scandalous Books and Pamphlets, and for better regulating of printing. [C.J., vi., 298.; Scobell ii., 88–93.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 245.
20 September, 1649Act for the Punishment of Crimes committed upon or beyond the Seas. [C.J., vi., 298; Scobell ii., 93–95.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 254.
26 September, 1649Act for the continuance and maintenance of the School and Almshouses of Westminster. [C.J., vi., 299.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 256.
5 October, 1649Act for liberty to transport spices ungarbled. [C.J., vi., 304.]
11 October, 1649Act for a Day of Public Thanksgiving to be held on Thursday, 1st November, 1649. [C.J., vi., 305; B.M., 699; f. 14 (80).]
11 October, 1649Act for taking and receiving the accompts of the Commonwealth, with Instructions concerning the same. [C.J., vi., 306; Scobell, ii., 95–7.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 277.
7 November, 1649Act for trial of the pix-monies. [C.J., vi., 320.]
16 November, 1649Act empowering the Council of State to administer an Oath unto the Jury for the making of two standard pieces of Gold and Silver, to be ap proved of by this House. [C.J., vi., 323.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 281.
23 November, 1649Act with further instructions to the Treasurers, Trustees, and other the Persons employed in the sale of Honors, Manors and Lands belonging to the late King, Queen and Prince, and for the stating of Accompts. [C.J., vi., 325; Scobell, ii., 97–9.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 282.
7 December, 1649Act for an assessment for six months from 25 December, 1649, for the maintenance of the Forces raised by Parliament for the service of England and Ireland, at the rate of £90,000 per mensem for the first three months and at the rate of £60,000 per mensem for the last three months. [C.J., vi., 329–30.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 285.
14 December, 1649Act disabling the election of divers persons to any office or place of Trust within the City of London, and the votes of such persons in such elections; to continue for one year. [C.J., vi., 333.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 319.
18 December, 1649Act touching elections of Questmen, Constables, and all other subordinate officers in the City of London. [C.J., vi., 333.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 320.
21 December, 1649An Act discharging from imprisonment poor prisoners unable to satisfy their creditors. [C.J., vi., 337; Scobell ii., 99–101.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 321.
27 December, 1649Act continuing the Committee of the Army and Treasurers at Wars. [C.J., vi., 338.]