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2 January, 1649/50.Act for subscribing the Engagement. [C.J., vi. 342.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 325.
25 January, 1649/50Act for the better ordering and managing the estates of Papists and Delinquents. [C.J., vi., 349.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 329.
4 February, 1649/50Act appointing Thursday the 28th February as a Day of Solemn Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, and declaring the Grounds and Reasons thereof. [C.J., vi., 357.]
13 February, 1649/50Act constituting a Council of State. [C.J., vi., 364; D.S.P.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 335.
18 February, 1649/50Act for the removing of obstructions in the sale of the Honours, Manors and Lands of the late King, Queen and Prince. [C.J., vi., 367; Scobell, ii., 101–4.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 338.
19 February, 1649/50Act giving power to the Council of State to execute such Powers, Jurisdictions and Authorities as concern the Lord Admiral and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports for the year ensuing. [C.J., vi., 368.]
22 February, 1649/50Act for the better propagation and preaching of the Gospel in Wales, and for redress of some grievances. [C.J., vi., 369.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 342.
22 February, 1649/50Act enabling the Council of State or any three of them to administer an Oath of secrecy to the members of that Council for the year ensuing [C.J., vi., 370.]
23 February, 1649/50Act for giving a further time for subscribing the Engagement in accordance with the Act of 2 January, 1649/50. [C.J., vi., 370.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 348.
6 February, 1649/50Act for removing all Papists, and all Officers and Soldiers of Fortune, and divers other Delinquents from London and Westminster, and confining them within five miles of their dwellings, and for encouragement of such as discover Priests and Jesuits, their Receivers and Abettors. [C.J., vi., 370.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 349.
1 March, 1649/50Act, to continue for three years from March 1, 1649/50, for the propagation of the Gospel in the Four Northern Counties. [C.J., vi., 374.]
2 March, 1649/50Act for impressing mariners and seamen for the public service. [C.J., vi., 375.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 354.
6 March, 1649/50Act for the Assizes to be kept for the County of Lancaster. [C.J., vi., 378.]
8 March, 1649/50Act for the better advancement of the Gospel and Learning in Ireland, by the maintenance of a College and Free School in or near to Dublin. [C.J., vi., 378 Scobell, ii., 104–5.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 355.
11 March, 1649/50Act for redress of Delays and Mischiefs arising by Writs of Error in several cases. [C.J., vi., 380. Scobell, ii., 106.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 357.
11 March, 1649/50Act for selling the Fee-Farm Rents belonging to the Commonwealth of England and heretofore payable to the Crown of England, Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall. [C.J., vi., 380. Scobell, ii., 106–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 358.
12 March, 1649/50Act for the better packing of Butter and redress of Abuses therein. [C.J., vi., 380. Scobell, ii., 109–110.] Printed Vol. ii., p. 362.
12 March, 1649/50Act for settling certain houses upon the President and Governor of the Corporation for the Poor of the City of London and Liberties thereof. [C.J., vi., 383.]
26 March, 1650Act for establishing a High Court of Justice. [C.J., vi., 387.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 364.
26 March, 1650Act for the Redemption of Captives taken by Turkish, Moorish and other pirates. [C.J., vi, 387.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 367.
28 March, 1650Act amending the Act of 14th August, 1649, for regulating the Excise of Ale and Beer, by repealing Clause XXXV. and otherwise. [C.J., vi., 388; B.M., 506, d. 9, 2091.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 368.
29 March, 1650Act for the more frequent preaching of the Gospel and better maintenance of Ministers in the City of Bristol. [C.J., vi., 388.]
5 April, 1650Act imposing penalties on such as purchase, as original creditors, any of the Crown lands, who shall offer to pay with assigned or false bills. [C.J., vi., 393.]
5 April, 1650Act for providing maintenance for Ministers, and other pious uses [C.J., vi., 393. Scobell, ii., 111–161. Printed, Vol. ii., p. 369.
6 April, 1650Act for granting Habeas Corpus to poor prisoners for Debt, upon Oath that they are not worth £5, to go at Liberty upon their own Security, for prosecuting their own Habeas Corpus. [C.J., vi., 39–3; Scobell, ii., 116–7.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 378.
11 April, 1650Act continuing till 1st April, 1653, the Act for the better propagating of the Gospel in the Four Northern Counties. [C.J., vi., 396.]
13 April, 1650Act for preventing Wrongs and Abuses done to Merchants at Sea, and prohibiting Mariners from serving Foreign Princes or States without License. [C.J., vi., 397; Scobell, ii., 117–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 379.
15 April, 1650Act empowering several Commissioners to put in execution all and every the Powers and authorities heretofore given to the Commissioners for compounding with Delinquents, and for managing of all Estates under Sequestration, and to the Committee for Advance of Money, formerly sitting at Haberdasher's Hall. [C.J., vi., 399.] Printed, Vol. ii. p. 382.
19 April, 1650Act for the better observation of the Lord's Day, Days of Public Humiliation and Thanksgiving. [C.J., vi., 400–401; Scobell, ii., 119–121.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 383.
25 April, 1650Act empowering the Commissioners for sequestrations to examine, upon Oath, and to give Acquittances for the monies they shall receive. [C.J., vi., 403.]
10 May, 1650Act for suppressing the detestable sins of Incest, Adultery, and Fornication. [C.J., vi., 410–11; Scobell, ii., 121–2.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 387.
15 May, 1650Act for securing such Monies as shall be advanced and lent for the use of the Navy and Army, together with Interest for the same, to be paid out of the £200,000, remainder of the £400,000 charged upon the Grand Excise (cf. Act of 27th June, 1649). [C.J., vi., 412.]
Printed Vol. ii., p. 390
21 May, 1650Act appointing Thursday, the 13th June, as a day of Public Fasting and Humiliation. [C.J., vi., 414.]
21 May, 1650Act for an assessment for six months, from 24th June, 1650, for maintenance of the forces raised for the service of England and Ireland, at the rate of £90,000 for the first three months, and £60,000 for the last three months. [C.J., vi., 414.]
31 May, 1650Act for the better payment of Augmentations out of the Impropriate Rectories, Vicarages, and Tithes sequestered from Papists and Delinquents. [C.J., vi., 418.]
Printed, Vol. ii., 391.
4 June, 1650Act enabling the Militia of the City of London to raise Horse within the said City and Liberties for defence of the Parliament, City of London, and Liberties thereof, and the parts adjacent. [C.J., vi., 419.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 391
7 June. 1650Act for settling the Militia of the City of Westminster, and the Liberties thereof: to continue for one year. [C.J., vi., 421.]
20 June, 1650Act for New England to pay Custom and Excise for all Tobacco of the Growth of New England. [C.J., vi., 426.]
20 June. 1650Act continuing for six months the Act of 18th June, 1649, for the relief of such persons as have been or are, or shall be, sued, molested or in any ways damnified contrary to Articles or conditions granted in time of war. [C.J., vi., 427.]
25 June. 1650Act continuing the Acts of 17th April and 27th December, 1649, for the continuance of the Committee of the Army and Treasurers at War. [C.J., vi., 431.]
25 June, 1650Act constituting Major-General Philip Skippon Major-General and Commander-in-Chief of all the Forces within the City of London and Liberties thereof and late Lines of Communication and weekly Bills of Mortality. [C.J., vi., 431.]
26 June. 1650Act for repealing the Ordinance and Act of Parliament of 15th February, 1644–5, constituting Thomas Lord Fairfax Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of all the Forces of Parliament, and for continuing in force the commissions granted by the said Lord Fairfax. [C.J., vi., 432.]
26 June, 1650Act for ordaining and appointing Oliver Cromwell, Esquire, Captain-General and Commander-inChief of all the Forces raised and to be raised within the Commonwealth of England. [C.J., vi., 432.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 393.
28 June, 1650Act for the better preventing of prophane swearing and cursing. [C.J., vi., 433; Scobell, ii., 123–4.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 393.
11 July, 1650Act for setting apart a Day of Public Thanksgiving to be kept on Friday, the 26th July, together with a Declaration and Narrative expressing the reasons and grounds thereof. [C.J., vi., 440.]
11 July, 1650Act for the Sheriffs to appoint Deputies to receive the commands of the Parliament and Council of State, and the respective Sheriffs to make due return thereof. [C.J., vi., 440.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 396.
11 July, 1650Act settling the Militia of the Commonwealth of England. [C.J., vi., 440.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 397.
18 July, 1650Act empowering the Committee of the Militia of the City of London to execute the powers in the Ordinance of 3rd December, 1644, for raising of money to pay the charge of the Fortifications, and Guards, in getting in Arrears collected by virtue of the said former ordinance. [C.J., vi., 442.]
18 July, 1650Act empowering the Committee of the Militia of Westminster to raise Horses within the said City and Liberties thereof, and Parishes and and Places adjacent, for defence of the Parliament, City and Parts aforesaid. [C.J., vi., 442.]
1 August, 1650Act concerning Mortgages, Extents and other Incumbrances upon Delinquents' Estates. [C.J., vi., 451.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 402.
1 August, 1650Act for the advancing and regulating of the Trade of this Commonwealth. [C.J., vi., 451.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 403.
2 August, 1650Act to prohibit all commerce and traffic between England and Scotland, and enjoining the departure of Scots out of this Commonwealth. [C.J., vi., 451.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 406.
9 August, 1650Act against several atheistical, blasphemous and execrable opinions derogatory to the honour of God, and destructive to human society. [C.J., vi., 453–4; Scobell, ii., 125–6.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 409.
13 August, 1650Act for the further explanation of the Act of 11th March, 1649–50, for selling the Fee Farm Rents belonging to the Commonwealth of England, formerly payable to the Crown of England Duchy of Lancaster, and Duchy of Cornwall. [C.J., vi., 454; Scobell, ii., 126–130.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 412.
20 August, 1650Act continuing for three years the receipts of the Excise. [C.J., vi., 456.]
27 August, 1650Act giving further power to the High Court of Justice. [C.J., vi., 459.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 419.
27 August, 1650Act and Declaration of the Parliament of England touching a Pamphlet intituled "A Declaration by the King's Majesty to his subjects of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland." [C.J., vi., 460; B.M., 669, f. 15 (51)].
Printed. Vol. ii., p. 420.
29 August, 1650Act for the more frequent Preaching of the Gospel and better maintenance of the ministers in the Town of Colchester in the county of Essex. [C.J., vi., 460.]
17 September, 1650Act for setting apart the 8th day of October for a Day of Public Thanksgiving, with a Narrative setting forth the grounds and reasons thereof. [C.J., vi., 468.]
19 September, 1650Act for the Incouragement and Indemnity of such persons as voluntarily engage themselves in the service of the Parliament in this time of Common Danger. [C.J., vi., 469.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 420
20 September, 1650Act appointing Commissioners of the Excise [C.J., vi., 471; Scobell, ii., 130–1.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 422
27 September, 1650Act for the relief of the religious and peaceable from the Rigour of former Acts of Parliament, in matters of Religion. [C.J., vi., 474; Scobell, ii., 131–2.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 423.
3 October, 1650Act prohibiting Commerce and Trade with the Barbodoes, Antigo, Virginia, and Bermudas alias Summer's Islands. [C.J., vi., 478; Scobell, ii., 132–4.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 425
17 October, 1650Act for sale of the Manors of Rectories and Glebelands late belonging to the late Archbishops, bishops, Deans, Deans and Chapters. [C.J., vi., 484; Scobell, ii., 134–140.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 429
22 October, 1650Additional Act for more speedy effecting the sale of the Manors of Rectories and Glebe-lands late belonging to Archbishops, Bishops, Deans, Deans and Chapters, and other Officers and Titles which late were of or belonging to any Cathedral or Collegiate Church or Chapel in England or Wales; and for the encouragement of lenders upon the security thereof; and of other Lands and Hereditaments of the said Deans, Deans and Chapters, etc. [C.J., vi., 485; Scobell, ii., 140–1.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 440.
23 October, 1650Act concerning the sale of Corn and Meal. [C.J., vi., 486; Scobell, ii., 142–3.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 442.
31 October, 1650Act for settling Convoys to secure the trade of this Nation. [C.J., vi., 490; Scobell, ii., 143.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 444.
6 November, 1650Act prohibiting all persons to assist the Scots with victuals, arms or ammunition against the Commonwealth of England during the enmity between the Nations. [C.J., vi., 491; Scobell, ii., 143–4.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 445.
7 November, 1650Act for easing the charge of Lords of Manors or Liberties and their Bailiffs in passing their accompts in the Court of Public Exchequer. [C.J., vi., 491–2; Scobell, ii., 145–6.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 447.
8 November, 1650Act for making ships and merchandise taken or to be taken from the King of Portugal, to be Prize. [C.J., vi., 493.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 449.
14 November, 1650Act to regulate the making of Stuffs in Norfolk and Norwich. [C.J., vi., 496; Scobell, i., 146–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 451.
22 November, 1650Act for turning the Books of the Law and all Process and Proceedings in Courts of Justice into the English Tongue. [C.J., vi., 500; Scobell, ii., 148–9.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 455.
26 November, 1650Act for the assessment of £120,000 per mensem for four months from the 25th December, 1650, for maintenance of the Forces in England, Ireland and Scotland, raised by Authority of Parliament for the service of this Commonwealth. [C.J., vi., 501.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 456.
27 November, 1650Act for George Manby, to prohibit any to make use of his invention for the boiling all sorts of liquor. [C.J., vi., 502; Scobell, ii., 149.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 490.
6 December, 1650Act for nominating and appointing several persons Commissioners in the Act for establishing a High Court of Justice (cf. Acts of March 26 and August 27, 1650). [C.J., vi., 506.]
10 December, 1650Act constituting an High Court of Justice within the Counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Lincoln, the counties of the cities of Norwich and Lincoln and within the Isle of Ely. [C.J., vi., 507.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 492.
18 December, 1650Act for continuing for one year from 18 December, 1650, the Act of 14 December, 1659, for disabling the election of divers persons to any office or place of Trust within the City of London and the votes of such persons in such elections, and the Act of 18 December, 1659, concerning the elections of Questmen, Constables, and all other subordinate officers whatsoever within the City of London and the Liberties thereof. [C.J., vi., 511.]
25 December, 1650Act touching the Commissioners for Ireland. [C.J., vi., 515.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 494.