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'Table of acts: 1653', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. XC-XCIV. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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1 January, 1652/3Act authorising the Commissioners for the Excise to pay monies for the use of the Navy. [C.J., vii., 241.]
1 January, 1652/3Act empowering the Commissioners for inspecting the Treasuries to issue warrants for payment of the monies appointed for the use of the Navy. [C.J., vii., 241; B.M., 669, f. 16 (78).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 696.
1 January, 1652/3Act for continuing the Jurisdiction of the Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster till 1st April, 1653. [C.J., vii., 241.]
7 January, 1652/3Act for reviving and amending the Act of 20th September, 1649, against unlicensed and scandalous books and pamphlets, and for regulation of printing. [C.J., vii., 245; Scobell, ii., 230–1.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 696.
9 February, 1652/3Act for making salt-petre. [C.J., vii., 257.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 699.
18 March, 1652/3Act for the impressing of seamen from 18th March, 1652/3, to 18th March, 1653/4 (cf. Act of [C.J., vii., 269.]
22 March, 1652/3Act continuing until 26th March, 1654, the Act of 11th March, 1650/1, for continuance of the Customs. [C.J., vii., 269.]
22 March, 1652/3Act for continuance of the Imposition upon Coals, towards the building and maintaining ships for guarding the seas; to continue till 6th March, 1654/5 (cf. Act of 28th March, 1651). [C.J., vii., 269.]
8 April, 1653Act for the Probate of Wills and granting administration. [C.J., vii., 276; Scobell, ii., 232–3.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 702.
8 April, 1653Act continuing the Jurisdiction of the Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster until the 10th October, 1653 (cf. Act of 1 January, 1652/3. [C.J., vii., 277.]
27 July, 1653Act appointing a Committee for the Army and Treasurers at War. [C.J., vii., 290; B.M., E. 1062 (5).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 703.
28 July, 1653Act for constituting Commissioners for the ordering and managing the business of the Admiralty and Navy. [C.J., vii., 292; B.M., E. 1062 (6).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 708.
28 July, 1653Act touching the several receipts of the Revenue and Treasuries of this Commonwealth and the bringing the same into one Treasury. [C.J., vii., 292; B.M., E. 1062 (7).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 711.
30 July, 1653Act for settling the Jurisdiction of the Admiralty, to continue till 26th March, 1654. [C.J., vii., 293; B.M., E. 1062 (8).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 712.
2 August, 1653Act for taking away fines upon Bills, Declarations and original Writs. [C.J., vii., 294.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 713.
8 August, 1653An additional Act for stating and determining the accounts of the officers and soldiers of the Army in Ireland. [C.J., vii., 296; Scobell, ii., 235–6.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 714.
24 August, 1653Act touching Marriages and the registering thereof, and also touching Birth and Burials. [C.J., vii., 308; Scobell, ii., 236–8.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 715.
30 August, 1653Act for the more speedy and effectual Bringing-in the Arrears of the Excise. [C.J., vii., 310.]
3 September. 1653Act touching the Planters of Tobacco in Gloucestershire. [C.J., vii., 313: B.M., 3, 1062 (13).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 718.
6 September, 1653Act for continuance of the receipts of the Excise up to the 29th December, 1653. [C.J., vii., 315.]
8 September, 1653An Explanatory Additional Act for the sale of the remaining Fee-Farm Rents and the finishing of that whole affair (cf. Acts of 11 March, 1649/50, 13 August, 1650, and 6 February, 1650/1; 3 June, 1652; 9 September, 1652). [C.J., vii., 316; Scobell, ii., 238–40.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 720.
17 September, 1653Act for continuing the Privilege and Jurisdiction of the County [Palatine] of Lancaster till the 1st January, 1653/4. [C.J., vii., 320; B.M., 669, f. 17 (53.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 722
24 September, 1653Act for the speedy and effectual satisfaction of the Adventurers for land in Ireland, and of the Arrears due to the Soldiery there; and of other public Debts, and for the encouragement of Protestants to plant and inhabit Ireland. [C.J., vii., 323–4; Scobell, ii., 240–50.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 722.
5 October, 1653Act for the relief of Creditors and Poor Prisoners (cf. Acts of 4 September, December, 1649; 6 April, 1650; 27 April, 1652). [C.J., vii., 330; Scobell, ii., 259–65.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 753.
7 October, 1653Act for Accompts and clearing of Public Debts and for discovering frauds or concealments of any thing due to the Commonwealth. [C.J., vii., 331; B. M. 3, 1062 (18).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 765.
13 October, 1653Act for the custody and relife of Idiots and Lunaticks; to continue to 1st September, 1654. [C.J., vii., 334; B.M., 669, f. 17 (58.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 767.
19 October, 1653Act empowering the Committee for the Army to state and determine the accounts of all officers and soldiers and others employed by them, for monies by them received from the 26th March, 1647, until the 25th July, 1653. [C.J., vii., 336; Scobell, ii., 265–7.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 768.
21 October, 1653Act enabling the Commissioners of Parliament for compounding with Delinquents to dispose of two parts of the lands and Estates of Recusants for the Benefit of the Commonwealth. [C.J., vii., 337.]
21 October, 1653Act for the better and more effectual Discovery and Prosecution of Thieves and Highwaymen. [C.J., vii., 337–8; B.M., E. 1062 (21).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 772.
29 October, 1653Act for continuing till the 1st January, 1653/4, the powers of Commissioners for Compounding, etc., for advance of Money, and for Indemnity (cf. Act of). [C.J., vii., 342.]
2 November, 1653Act for constituting a Council of State to hold office for six months. [C.J., vii., 346.]
4 November, 1653Act for redress of Delays and mischief arising by writs of Error and Writs of false Judgment in several causes (cf. 11 March, 1849/50). [C.J., vii., 346; Scobell, ii., 268.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 773.
4 November, 1653Act for repealing of a Branch of a certain Act of the late Parliament intituled An Act for Subscribing the Engagement (2 January, 1649/50). [C.J., vii., 346; B.M., E., 1062 (23).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 774.
4 November, 1653Act concerning the Determination of several Claims now depending before the Commissioners for removing obstruction in the sale of lands, etc. [C.J., vii., 346.]
12 November, 1653Act for regulating the making of stuffs in Norwich and Norfolk (cf. Act of 14 November, 1650). [C.J., vii., 349–50; Scobell, ii., 269–72.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 775.
21 November, 1653An Act for establishing a High Court of Justice to continue till 1 August, 1654. [C.J., vii., 353–4; B.M., E., 1062 (26).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 780.
22 November, 1653Act for the De-afforestation, Sale and Improvement of the Forests and of the Honours, Manors, Tenements and Hereditaments within the usual limits and perambulations of the same, heretofore belonging to the late King, Queen and Prince. [C.J., vii., 354; B.M., E., 1062 (31).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 783.
24 November, 1653Act for an Assessment of £120,000 per month for six months, from the 25th December, 1653, to the 24th June, 1654, towards the maintenance of the Armies and Navies of this Commonwealth (cf. Act of 10 December, 1652). [C.J., vii., 355–6.]
3 December, 1653Act for constituting Commissioners for ordering and managing the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy. [C.J., vii., 362; B.M., 669, f. 17 (65).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 812.
16 December, 1653The Government of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging (The Instrument of Government). [Old Parliamentary History, xx., 248– 262.] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 813.
24 December, 1653Ordinance for continuing of the Excise. [B.M., E., 1063 (33).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 823.
24 December, 1653Ordinance for continuation until 3 October, 1654, of the Act of Parliament of 26 March, 1650, intituled An Act for Redemption of Captives (cf. Acts). [B.M., 3, 1063 (34).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 824.
24 December, 1653Ordinance for the reviving of an Act of Parliament of 8 April, 1653, intituled An Act for Probate of Wills and granting Administrations. [B.M., E., 1063 (35).] Printed. Vol. ii., p. 824.
26 December, 1653Ordinance for alteration of several Names and Forms heretofore used in Courts, Writs, Grants, Patents, Commissions, etc., and settling of proceedings in Courts of Law, Justice and Equity, within the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, according to the present Government. [Scobell, ii., 275–7.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 825.
29 December, 1653Ordinance for appointing Commissioners for the better ordering and bringing in the Duty of Excise and the Arrears thereof. [B.M., E., 1063 (38).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 828.
31 December, 1653Ordinance for continuing the powers of the Commissioners for compounding, etc., the Committee for Advance of Money, and Commissioners of Indemnity (cf. Act of 29 October, 1653). [B.M., E., 1063 (39).]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 830.