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'Table of acts: 1655-6', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. C. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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8 February, 1654/5Order and Declaration of the Protector with the advice of his Council for an assessment of three score thousand pounds by the month for the maintenance of the Army and Navy. [B.M., E., 1064 (47).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1029
28 February, 1654/5Order and Declaration touching the Excise. [B.M., E., 1064 (49).] Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1035.
27 November, 1656Act that His Highness's Passing Bills shall not be any Determination of this Session of Parliament. Passed November 27. [C.J., vii., 460; Scobell, ii., 371, Cap. I.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1036.
27 November, 1656Act for renouncing and disannulling the pretended title of Charles Stuart (passed September 26). [C.J., vii., 428–9, 460; Scobell, ii., 371, Cap. II.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1036.
27 November, 1656Act for the security of the Lord Protector his Person, and the continuance of the Nation in Peace and Safety (passed October 9). [C.J., vii., 436–7, 460; Scobell, ii., 372, Cap. III.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1038.
27 November, 1656Act for taking away the Court of Wards and Liveries (passed November 22). [C.J., vii., 457, 460; Scobell, ii., 375, Cap. IV.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1043.
27 November, 1656Act for Transportation of several Commodities, of the Breed, Growth, and Manufacture of this Commonwealth (passed 26 November). [C.J., vii., 458, 460; Scobell. ii., 375, Cap. V.]
Printed, Vol. ii., p. 1043