Corrigenda to volume V part 1


Victoria County History



A T Thacker and C P Lewis (editors), J S Barrow, J D Herson, A H Lawes, P J Riden, M V J Seaborne

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'Corrigenda to volume V part 1', A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 part 2: The City of Chester: Culture, Buildings, Institutions (2005), pp. 398. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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p. ix, plate 59: for Lache read Handbridge

p. ix, plate 60: for Eaton Road read Handbridge

p. 26b, line 8: for ap read ab

p. 31b lines 2–3: there is no evidence that the translation feast was known at Abingdon before the 12th century

p. 42b, line 3 up: for twice read thrice

p. 43a, line 2: for three read five

p. 54b, last line: for three read five

p. 68a, line 14: for priory read abbey

p. 83b, line 4: for 1396 read 1398

p. 109a, line 5: for 1609 read 1610

p. 144b, line 9 up: for dukes read duke

p. 163b, line 7 up: for ofan read of an

p. 189: note 1 should be numbered note 16 on p. 188; notes 2–14 should be numbered 1–13

p. 202, note 10: for Plate 38 read Plate 37

p. 203a, line 16: for Taylor read Tayler

p. 241b, para. 2, line 10: for Royson read Rayson

p. 257b, line 10: for Saltney read Sealand

p. 265b, line 9 up: for portmoot read portmote

plate 16 caption: for Giles read George

plate 59 caption: for Lache read Handbridge

plate 60 caption: for Eaton Road read Handbridge