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'Index of subjects: Edward II', Memorials of London and London Life: In the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries (1868), pp. LIX-LXII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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EDWARD II. A.D. 1307–27

Proclamation against Walter de Langetone, Bishop of Chester63
Acknowledgment of trespass committed against a Sheriff63
Proclamation made before the Coronation of King Edward the Second64
Delivery of hostels to the Citizens, which had been taken for the Coronation64
Delivery of a Cope, to be presented by the City to the Bishop of Worcester65
Specifications for building a house65
Acknowledgment of a debt due to one of the King's Justiciars66
A Supervisor of the Barbers of London appointed67
Proclamation as to cleansing the streets of the City67
Disposition of property made (with power of attorney) by a Knight, before departing for the Holy Land68
Grant of the Small Beam for weighing Silk and Spiceries69
Request by King Edward, that a certain office may be granted to John Albon; and Answer thereto69
Similar request made by Piers de Gavastone, Earl of Cornwall; and Answer thereto70
Bread of Stratford seized, as being deficient in weight71
Grant of the Small Beam for weighing Silk, at the royal request73
Inventory of goods seized in Coopers' shops74
Market forbidden to be held in Chepe, but to be held only on Cornhulle75
Writs for inquisition as to alleged appropriation of a house in Scholane75
Royal Letter in behalf of the Canons, Vicars, and other ministers, of the Church of St. Paul76
Proclamation that Tailors shall not scour furs in Chepe77
Oath made by the Keeper of the Conduit in Chepe77
Turners sworn not to make false measures for liquids78
Compromise for an insult offered to an Alderman78
Royal writ for the punishment of dilapidators of the City Wall, Gates, and Posterns79
Punishment of the Pillory, for pretending to be a serjeant of the Sheriffs of London79
Writ, enjoining the prevention of certain crimes and misdeeds in the City80
Charge of using abusive language in the Mayor's Court81
Writ enjoining certain regulations as to the sale of wines within the City81
Oath exacted from the Renter, as to the swine of the House of St. Antonine83
Conviction for forestalment of lampreys83
Letter to King Edward, with one thousand marks in aid of his war with Scotland.84
A horse seized from Reynald de Thonderle, for arrears on the King's tallage85
White-tawyers sworn not to flay horses within the City85
Process of Inquisition and Delivery, made in the time of Sir Richer de Refham, Mayor, as to misdoers, and trespassers, and nightwalkers in the City of London, against the peace of our Lord the King, before the aforesaid Sir Richer, Mayor, Simon de Corp, one of the Sheriffs, Nicholas de Farendone, Thomas Romayn, and other Aldermen; on the Monday next before the Feast of St. Gregory the Pope, in the fourth year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward, in the Guildhall of the said city, by writs of the King86
Punishment by imprisonment in the Tun89
Capture of certain Welchmen in Fletestrete; and dispute arising therefrom89
Order for arrest of a Baker, for selling putrid bread90
Examination of false hats in the Guildhall90
Ordinances made for Watch and Ward within the City91
Letters of King Edward, sent to John de Gisorz, Mayor of London, the Aldermen, and the Commonalty, for the safe-keeping of the City in his behalf; and Ordinances made thereon93
Writ enjoining inquisition to be made as to a certain vacant place near Ivylane: and Answer, upon inquisition, thereto98
Agreement made for founding a bell, for the Prior and Convent of the Holy Trinity100
Transaction as to certain hides purchased by the Mayor and Sheriffs in the King's behalf, but never taken or paid for101
Ordinances for Watch and Ward of the City Gates102
Injunctions given to the Warders of the City Gates103
Acknowledgment of debt by a Butcher to the Kitchener of Waltham Holy Cross105
Letter from Queen Isabel, announcing her safe delivery of a son; with an account of the rejoicings consequent thereon105
Receivers sworn, of moneys to be taken for the use of the Conduit in Chepe107
An unlawful kidel, or net, ordered to be burnt107
Charge of selling French bread of light weight108
Transfer and valuation of pledges, taken for arrears of tallage108
Delivery of a chest by Lady Cecily, widow of Sir John de Bacquelle, to Lady Johanna, widow of Sir Thomas de Lodelawe110
Writ and Letters Patent in favour of the Friars Preachers of London111
Injunctions by King Edward II. as to the ransom of Sir Thomas de Wight, a prisoner113
Requisition for the supply of Arbalesters and arms at Berwick upon Tweed114
Lease of a Tourelle on London Wall, near Bisshopesgate115
Removal of an Elm near Bisshopesgate, and purchase of a cord for a Ward-hook with the proceeds of the sale thereof116
Dorsers for fish, of unlawful measure, ordered to be burnt in Chepe116
Lease of a Hermitage near the King's garden, on London Wall117
The Wardship of the Son of William le Fullere granted to Andrew Horn, fishmonger117
Complaint of the Potters, as to frauds committed in their trade118
Punishment inflicted for selling light bread deficient in weight119
Punishments inflicted for selling bread deficient in weight, and of bad materials119
Ordinance of the Pepperers of Soperelane120
Punishments inflicted for selling bread of rotten materials, and deficient in weight121
Punishment inflicted for selling bread deficient in weight122
Punishment inflicted for selling bread deficient in weight122
Inventory of goods received from the Executors of Richard de Blountesham123
Agreement made for plastering the Hall of John de Bretagne, Earl of Richmond125
Delivery made of houses in the suburbs, as lodgings for the King's household125
Arrest for assault, and resistance to the authorities126
Lease of the Gate of Bisshopesgate Without, with a Tourelle and a Garden thereto adjoining127
Acknowledgment by the King of aid sent by the City for his war with Scotland; and Answer of the City thereto128
Lease of a Bakehouse, opposite to the Pillory, upon Cornhulle129
Inventory of cloths, seized in satisfaction for a debt due to London Merchants from the Commune of Malyns130
Lease of a Tavern at the head of London Bridge, with covenant as to the sale of wines131
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling putrid beef132
Punishment for attempting to defraud with a false garland133
Lease of a piece of ground in the Seld of Roisia de Coventre, in West Chepe134
Kidels in the Thames, near Wolwiche, to the destruction of the small fish and salmon, ordered to be burnt135
Hides and cruppers forfeited, for being badly tanned135
Shoes forfeited, for being made of unlawful materials136
Expulsion of an intruder from the Gate of Crepelgate136
Regrators forbidden to sell ale on London Bridge137
Renunciation of his freedom by Michael Mynot, accused of attempting to subvert the liberties of the City137
Payment made for paving the court of the Leaden Hall138
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling putrid meat139
Punishment of the Pillory, for making a false charge of intending to sell putrid meat139
A Chaplain put into the Tun, for being a night-walker140
Committal to the Tun, for night-walking140
Letter of King Edward II. as to arrears of a pension granted to Robert de Foxtone, at his request140
Custom as to retailing meat by Butchers at the Stokkes141
The manner of the safe-keeping of the City, in the King's behalf142
Regulations made by the Armourers of London145
Lease of the Moor of Haliwelle and Vynesbery for seven years, at four marks yearly146
Punishment of John Waldeshef, a sworn Serjeant of the City, for sowing discord therein147
Lease of a Garden, called the "Hermitage," near the Gate of Alegate148
Debt contracted by the City for an embroidered Cope, presented to Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury148
Delivery of the Custody of the Conduit148
Acknowledgment as to property held in trust for the children of Paulin Turke149
Royal Letter to the Mayor of London, as to prohibiting the export of materials for making cloth149
Writ forbidding the exportation of teasels and fullers' earth150
Foreign Merchants removed from the freedom of the City151
Grant of timber and lead for the repair of the Chapel of the Guildhall152