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'Index of subjects: Henry IV', Memorials of London and London Life: In the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries (1868), pp. LXXIV-LXXV. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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HENRY IV. A.D. 1399–1413.

Presentation to a Chantry in the Hermitage of Cripulgate553
Declaration as to the Christian name of Drew Barentyn553
Petition of the Pouchmakers, as to the supervision of Galoches554
Thomas Dufhous, a Brewer, admitted to be of the trade of the Fishmongers555
Ordinance of the Fletchers556
Ordinance of the Writers of Text-letter, Limners, and others who bind and sell books557
Petition of the Hurers and Cappers558
Regulation as to those who shall be present at the Elections of the Mayor and Sheriffs560
Proclamation made as to the sale of Faggots and Charcoal560
Charge sent to the Aldermen by the Mayor, as to the Watch561
Hokkyng forbidden, by proclamation561
Sentence of death for burglary, and claim of Benefit of Clergy562
Ordinance of the Forcermakers563
Election of Richard Whityngton to his second Mayoralty565
A Chaplain charged with making an immoral compact566
Ordinance made as between the Cutlers and the Sheathers567
Joint Petition of the Cutlers and the Bladesmiths568
Articles of the Bladesmiths569
Letter under the Privy Seal, as to a dissension between the Cordwainers and the Cobblers570
Hokkyng, Foteballe, and Cokthresshyng, forbidden by proclamation571
Inquisition made for the regulation of the Cordwainers and the Cobblers571
Proclamation against giving credit to the Mariners of the royal fleet574
William Kyngescote deprived of the Wardership of the Gate of Ludgate574
Sentence of the Pillory, for slandering an Alderman576
Presentation to a Chantry in the Chapel of St. Mary, near the Guildhall577
Grant by Richard Whityngton of Land, for the re-building of the
Church of St. Michael Paternosterchirche in the Riole578
Enactment re-enabling William Kyngescote to hold office in the City579
Proclamation against Wrestling within the Sanctuary of St. Paul's580
Ordinance that eels shall be sold by weight580
Order for the early closing of Victuallers on the Eves of St. John and of St. Peter and St. Paul581
Punishment of the Pillory, for forging a Bond582
Punishment of the Pillory, for forgery of Papal and other seals and documents583
Punishment of the Pillory and Whetstone, for pretending to be a Hermit584
Sentence of the Pillory, for slandering a Sheriff and Alderman585
Punishment of the Pillory, for pretending to be a Collector for the Hospital of Bedlem586
Punishment of the Pillory, for forging Papal Bulls587
Leave to dig for sand for ballast, on either side of the Thames589
Ordinance for the support of the New Work at the Guildhall589