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'Table of contents', Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557 (1871), pp. I-XLIX. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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1528, September 26. Ship pertaining to the town to be sold, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 100.]1
— October 2.Grant to Sir John Tyndale of an altarage in St Paul's Hospital, [Ib. fol. 110.]1
— — —Notarial instrument on behalf of Sir John Tyndale as to that grant, [John Foular's Protocol, Vol. IV. fol. 25.]2
— — 6.Assessors of the Council, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 3.]3
— November 14.Proclamation as to holding Alhallow fair, [Ib. fol. 81; C.R. Vol. I. fol. 32.]3
1528–9, February 24.Act prohibiting the regrating of fowls, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 83.]3
— — 28.Treasurer of past year to pay over balance in his hands; present treasurer to redeem two booths held in wadset, [Ib. fol. 101.]3
— — —Annual owing to the Preaching Friars furth of lands at the fleshmarket, [Ib. fol. 110.]4
1529, April 13.Notarial instrument as to payment for silks and other merchandice purchased for the Earl of Murray, [Vincent Strathauchin's Protocol, Vol. II. fol. 93.]4
— September 24.Persons coming from towns suspect of pestilence not to be received, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 212.]5
1529, October 8.Acts anent ale, bread, candles, stable-keepers, poultry and wildfowls, fish, wepons in booths, browsters and regraters, and the meal market, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 54, 55; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 39, 40, 42, 83, 184.]5
— — 10.Act porhibiting bickerings, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 55; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 184.]8
— — —Margaret Clapane banished for buying oysters to regrate contrary to the statutes, [LIb, Stat, Burg. fol. 55.]8
— — —William Cawder banished for buying wild meat contrary to the statutes, [Ib.]9
— — —Janet Brown banished for her demerits, [Ib.]9
— — —Surety for Agnes Turner keeping the statutes, [Ib.]9
— — 15Certain regraters banished, [Ib. fol. 56a.]9
— — —Two persons prohibited from buying or selling oats, or holding stables, [Ib.]10
— — —Allan Blair banished for coming to the town furth of St Andrews, being a suspect place, [Ib.]10
— — 17.Sentence of banishment against a breaker of the statutes relaxed, [Ib.]10
— — —Act prohibiting persons dwelling beyond the Forth from coming, or bringing merchandise, to the town, [Ib.]10
— — —Sentence sof banishment against Margaret Clapane, relaxed, [Ib.]11
— — —Obligation by Besse Penny to keep the statutes, [Ib.]11
— — 20.Sheriff-court held before the bailies; John Dougall banished for theft; sentence of banishment against Cristane Reynaldson for rergrating relaxes, [Ib. fol. 56b.]11
— — —Acts anent the masures for selling oats and meal [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 162.]12
1529, October 20.Oats to be sold in the daily market, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 56; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 64.]12
— — 21.Sureties for two persons keeping the statutes as to the selling of oats and hay, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 56.] 12
— — 23.Surety for another person keeping these statutes, [Ib. fol. 56b.]13
— — —Act prohibiting the inhabitants to harbour any person coming into the town, [Ib.]13
— — —A regrater discharged from selling fowls in time to come, [Ib.]13
— — —All measures to be brought to the Tolbooth and marked, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 162]13
— — —Certain persons prohibited from buying meal to regrate, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 56b.]14
— — —Two persons banished for their demerits, [Ib. ]14
— November 13.Act anent the regraters of fish, [Ib. fol. 57; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 64.]14
— — —A beggar and a street singer banished, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 57.]14
— — —Janet Heriot ordained to cease from begging and to work for her living, [Ib.]14
— — 23.Ann Brown prohibited from coming to the meal market; Andrew Gibson banished for regrating the king's money; persons discharged from buying or selling of butter, [Ib.]15
— — —No ale to be brought furth of Leith for two months, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 133.]15
— — —Luke Jamieson banished for regrating herring; David Scott banished for his demerits, [Lib.Stat.Burg. fol. 57.]15
— — —Surety for keeping statutes anent buying and selling of oats, [Ib.]15
1529, November 23. Pestilence still in St Andrews; all persons to reveal sickness in their houses, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 57.]
— — — David Scott scourged and banished for disobeying the statutes, [Ib.] 16
— — — Robert Anderson scourged and banished for theft, [Ib.] 16
— — — No indweller to pass beyond the Forth to buy cloth, or to harbour any person from that district without licence, [Ib. fol. 58; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 213.]16
— December 15. Act as to hucksters, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 58; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 26.]16
— — —Act as to the weight and price of bread, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 58; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 42.] 17
— — — Thomas Mereleys allowed to come from the mure to his own house uncleansed, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 58.]17
— — —Act as to price of ale, [Ib. ]17
— — 22.Pledges for certain hucksters keeping the statutes, [Ib.] 18
1529–30, February 11. Persons from St Andrews not to be harboured for danger of pestilence, [Ib.] 18
— — 15. Two persons banished for regrating butter, [Ib.] 18
— — — A woman banished for reset of theft, [Ib. fol. 59.] 18
— — 16.Margaret Borthik banished for " commone pikere, [Ib.] 19
— — — Obligations by browsters to keep the statutes, [Ib.] 19
— — 18.Sheriff-court held before the provost and bailies; Margaret Cok convicted for breaking the statutes anent pestilence, and for reset of theft, [Ib.]19
— — 20.Obligation by a browster to keep the statutes, [Ib. ]20
— — —Arche Clerk banished for his demerits, [Ib.]20
— — —Proclamation against repairing to, or buying gear from a fair at St Monans where infected persons are, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 213.]20
1529–30, February26.Browsters accused of breaking the statutes, ordained to find surety for keeping same; sureties found for certain browsters, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 59, 60.]20
Two vagabonds banished for their demerits, [Ib. fol. 60.]20
— — —Obligation by a browster to observe the statutes, [Ib. fol. 59.]20
— — —Sureties for browsters keeping the statutes, [Ib. ]21
— — 28.Act against outlandsmen buying meal and causing dearth, [Ib. fol. 60; C.B. Adv. Lib. fol. 64]21
1530, March 28.Obligation by "William Achinson to deliver certain goods on his next homecoming in Scotland, [Vincent Strath-auchin's Protocol, Vol. II., fol. 110.]21
— — 31.Seal of Cause to the bonnetmakers, [Original Seal of Cause in the possession of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers.]22
— April 1.Sheriff-court held before the provost and bailies; certain browsters convicted of breaking the statutes, and suerties procured for future observance, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 60–62.]24
— — 2.Sureties for browsters keeping the statutes, [Ib. fol. 62]25
— — —Sureties for corn and hay sellers keeping the statutes, [Ib.]25
— — 3.A goldsmith to be paid for making a silver candlestick, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. lll.]25
— — 5.Stable-keepers convicted for regrating corn and hay contrary to the statutes, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 62.]25
— — —Sureties for browsters keeping the statutes, [Ib. fol.63.]26
— —26.Act against lepers coming amongst clean persons, [Ib. fol. 63; C.B. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]26
— — —Act against hucksters selling eggs; regraters and hucksters to have licence of the provost, [Lib. Stat. Burg, fol. 63; G.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 64.]26
1530, April 26.No servant woman to leave her service to be a browster or huckster and take a house without licence of the provost; no browster to have brewing utensils in hire, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 63 ; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 64, 184.]27
— — 30.Janet Anderson ordained to use no injurious language against Thomas Wauchope or his spouse, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 63.]27
— May 5.Obligation by William Ker as to selling fish in the market, [Ib. fol. 64.]27
— — —Margaret Thomson accused, [Ib.] 27
— — 12Act against brokers of wool, hydes, and skins being in the market, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 64.]27
— — —William Berton fined for regrating fowls and attempting to slaughter the informer, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 64.]28
— — 14.Adam Robertson banished for stealing a pot, [Ib.]28
— — 25.Acts as to the pestilence; persons to reveal sickness; clothes not to be taken in pledge or bought; persons or goods from St Andrews not to be received; swine to be kept in their houses; streets and closes to be cleansed; houses to be set to honest persons and not to vagabonds; persons who have been in infected houses to reveal the same, [Ib. fol. 64, 65.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 205.]28
— — —Obligation by Margaret Smith not to use injurious words to the vicar of St Cuthbert's Kirk, [Ib. fol. 65.]29
— — —Act prohibiting servants to take from any person clothes to wash amongst their household's clothes, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]30
— — — Isobell Forsyth to be burned on the cheek and banished for not revealing sickness, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 65.]30
— June 4.Isobell Cattal to be burned and banished for not revealing sickness, [Ib.]30
— — 18.Three women banished for their demerits, [Ib.]30
1530, June 21.Decree arbitral betwixt the websters, and the walkers and shearers, [Notarial instrument in the possession of the Incorporation of Bonnetmahers.]31
— — 25. Four persons ordained to be punished for not revealing sickness, [Lib. Stat Burg. fol. 65.]35
— July 1. Patrick Gowanlok and others ordained to be banished for breaking the statutes anent pestilence, and goods to be escheat, [Ib. fol. 66; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 170.]35
— — 16.Piece of waste land given to the provost of the College Kirk, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 112.] 36
—August 2. David Duly to be hanged for not revealing sickness, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 66; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 170.] 36
— — — "William Miller to burned on the cheek and banished for not revealing sickness, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 67.] 37
— — — David Duly having fallen from the gibbet, his sentence commuted to banishment, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 66 j C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 170.]37
— — — Burning of "William Millar dispensed with till he be clean; meantime to be banished, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 66.] 37
— — 3. Persons who have passed out of the town to stay at the port and inform the officers before coming in, [Ib.]37
— — —Act as to cleansing the gear belonging to infected persons, [Ib. fol. 67.]38
— — 17.The bailies to visit persons who have been infected and ascertain that gear has been cleansed, [Ib.]38
— — — Obligations by two cleansed persons that no danger will come through them, [Ib.]39
— — 30.Persons and gear to be cleansed of new; poor vile persons to be removed from the town, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]39
1530, September 2.Two persons banished for their demerits, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 67.]39
— — 9.Heirship goods of John Young delivered to a chaplain in pledge for a loan, [John Foular's Protocol, Vol. IV. fol. 89.]39
— — 30.Landlords to remove " husseis, " vile persons or vagabonds furth of their houses; such persons also to leave the town, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 67.] 40
— — — Persons who shall be allowed to get wool to card or spin, to brew ale, [Ib.]40
— — — No huckster to sell goods for fifteen days without licence, [Ib. fol. 68.]40
— — —Cleansed persons not to come within St Giles' Kirk without licence of the provost and bailies, [Ib.]41
— — —Act ordaining persons to reveal sickness in their houses; persons leaving houses at night to be provided with a light; no person to take cloth in pledge, [Ib.] 41
— October 4.Patrick Gowanlok restored to his former freedom and privileges, [Ib.; C.B. Adv. Lib. fol. 170.]42
— — 6.Katryne Heriot, convicted of theft and breaking statutes anent the pestilence, to be drowned, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 68.]42
— — —Margaret Baxter banished for resetting a common thief, [Ib.]42
— — 8.Three women banished for contravening statutes anent pestilence, [Ib.] 42
— — —Price of ale fixed, [Ib. fol. 9.]42
— — —Acts as to revealing sickness to be observed during the session of the year to come, [Ib.]43
1530, October 26.Burgh Court held before the Bailies; Marion Clerk to be drowned for contravening the statutes anent pestil ence, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 69.]43
— November 10.Sureties for the browsters keeping the statutes, [Ib. fol 69–73.]44
— December 15.Pestilence in Leith; no suspect person of that town to repair to, or have dealings with, inhabitants of Edinburgh; servants not to take other than their masters' clothes to wash, [Ib. fol. 73; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]44
— — —Proclamation as to cleansed goods and clothes lying in St Rokis Chapel, [Ib.]45
1530–1, January 4.Sureties of the browsters who have broken the statutes to be poinded, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 74.]45
— — — John Anderson ordained to cease selling ale in Leith, [Ib.] 46
— — — Browsters who have broken the statutes; and browsters who have found sureties, [Ib.]46
— March 22.Notarial instrument taken on requisition to fulfil a contract of marriage, [Vincent Strathauchin's Protocol, Vol. IL, fol. 128.]47
1531, May. 19.Obligation by master of High School to make his pupils perfect grammarians, [C.B. Vol. I., fol. 38.]48
— — —Decree arbitral betwixt the websters and the walkers, shearers and bonnetmakeris, [Extract from the Burgh Court Book, in the possession of the Incorporation of Walkers.]48
— July 1.A baxter fined for baking insufficient bread, [C.R. Vol I., fol. 38.]50
— — 7.Act as to persons failing to appear in court when warned by the officers, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 77; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 170.]50
1531, August 12.Notarial instrument referring to the making of a window in a dwelling-house, [John Foular's Protocol, Vol. IV., fol. 117.]50
— October 19. Obligations by browsters to keep the statutes, [Lib. Stat. Burg. fol. 77–78.]51
— — 20. Seal of cause to the Tailors, [Printed copy of Seal of Cause in the possession of the Incorporation of Tailors.]52
— November 22.Act as to grinding wheat at the mills, [C.R Vol. I., fol. 38.]55
1531–2, January 24.Obligation by a flesher as to selling sheep skins, [Ib. ]56
— March 24.Tenants of the Burgh-muir ordained to complete thair kilns and barns, [Ib.]56
1532, March 27. Tenants of the Burgh-muir not to have other than the lots fallen to them, [Ib. fol. 39.]56
— May 29.Discharge by the websters for an annual payable to them by the walkers, shearers, and bonnetmakers, [Extract from the Acts of the Burgh Court, in the possession of the Incorparation of Walkers.]56
— June 18.Contract with two Frenchmen for constructing the causeway of the town, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 38.] 57
— September 12.Gift to Sir David Purdom of the altarage of St Nicholas in St Giles Kirk, [Ib. fol. 39.]58
— — 19. Three hundred men armed for war to be furnished to the king's army against the English, [Ib. fol. 38.] 58
— — 25.Grant to Gilbert Lauder of the lands of Petravye in Fife, [Ib.] 58
— October 5.Price of malt, [Ib.]59
— November 24.Grants to the chaplain of St Roks kirk of part of the lands of the Burgh-muir, [Ib. fol. 39.] 59
— — 29.Multure to be paid for the grinding of malt, [Ib.] 59
1532–3, February 12. The candlemakers ordained to extent and bear charges with the fleshers, [Ib.]60
1532–3, March 8.Grant to Sir Walter Turnbull, chaplain, of the prebend of St John's altar in St Giles' kirk, [C. R. Vol. I., fol. 39.]60
— — 12.The bonnetmakers ordained to pay extent to the websters, and the walkers and shearers, [Ib.]60
1533, — 27.Multure to be paid by a tenant of the Burgh-muir, [Ib. fol. 40.]60
— May 27.Freighting of ships, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 136.]60
— August 13. Freighting of a ship, [76.]61
— — 22. Seal of cause to the Skinners and Furriers, [Notarial copy in the possession of the Incorporation of Skinners and Furriers.]61
— September 17.Seal of cause to the Cordiners, [Original seal of Cause in the possession of the Incorporation of Cordiners.]64
1533–4, January 9.Freighting Freighting of a ship, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 137.]66
— March 17. Grant by the commissioners of certain burghs to the men of Middleburgh, [C.R Vol. I., fol. 39.]66
— — — Resolution by commissioners of .certain burghs that all the burghs should send commissioners to meet in Edinburgh yearly, [Ib.]67
— —19.Assignment to the chaplain of St Roks' kirk of the parts of the Burgh-muir formerly granted to him, [Ib.]67
— — 21. Gift to a chaplain of the chaplainry of St Eloyis' altar in St Giles' kirk, [Ib.]68
1534, August 4.Act as to loosing arrestment of wool, [Ib.]68
— October 6.Gift to Sir David Lawson of a chaplainry in St Anthony's kirk, Leith, [Ib.]68
1534–5, March 12.Two millers feed to the farmers of the common mills [Ib.] 68
— — 17.Gift to Patrick Barron of the office of water bailie of Leith port, [Ib.]69
1535, May 26. Gift of the prebends of two altars in St Giles' kirk; a prebendary leaving the land for heresy, [ C.R. Adv. Lib. fol . 111.] 69
— — 28.Auditors ordained to audit certain accounts, [Ib. fol. 3.]69
— July 28. Gift to a chaplain of St Dyonei's altar in St Giles' kirk, [Ib. fol. 111.]70
— — —Gift of our Lady altar in St Paul's Work, [Ib.]70
— — 31. Act anent the selling of wool and other merchandice to strangers, [Ib. fol. 133.]70
— August 7.Justice Courts held by the town, [Ib. fol. 170.]70
— September 3. A woman sentenced to death for slaughter; execution deferred, [Ib. fol. 170.]70
— — — A woman, confessing theft, ordained to be burned on the cheek and banished, [Ib.]70
— October 7. Cautioners for meal sellers keeping the statutes, [Ib. fol. 172.]70
— — 15. Acts of Parliament as to the making of burgesses ordained to be observed, [Ib. fol. 26.]71
— November 16. Act as to the weight and price of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]71
— — — Act as to accompanying the provost from the kirk to his house on certain days [Ib. fol. 4.] 71
— December 29. Duty to be paid for admission as burgesses; burgesses who have remained furth of the town contrary to the acts declared to have lost their freedom, [Ib. fol. 26.]71
— — — Persons who have not lands to be stented by their gear for making the causeway, [Ib. fol. 149.]72
1535–6, January 8.Act anent bread, [Ib, fol. 68.]72
— — 9. Act against regraters buying and selling wild meat, [Ib. fol. 67.]72
— — — Act anent the selling of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]73
1535–6, January 9.Price of ale, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 83.]73
— February 26.Act against bickerings; vagabonds ordained to remove from the town, [Ib. fol. 185.]73
— — 27.Keepers of ports appointed, [Ib.]73
— March 17.A propine granted to the Queen; stent to pay the same, and for common works; fore mail to be taken upon four booths to redeem other three booths lying in wadset, [Ib. fol. 148; C.R. Vol I., fol. 74.]74
— — 23.Masters of work appointed, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 3.]74
— — — Extent roll of, ?20, 000 granted by the three estates to the king for sustaining his expenses in France, [Ib. fol. 149.]74
1536, May 31.Act as to the letting of the stands in the flesh-house, [Ib. fol. 101.]75
— June 16.Act as to the selling wool, hyde, skins, and cloth, and mail to be taken therefor, [Ib. fol. 81.]76
— July 8.Production of a writing subscribed by the king ordaining the provost and bailies to forbid the raising of the price of black cloth, [Ib. fol. 71.]76
— August 8.Vagabonds who cannot pay their debts to be banished [Ib. fol. 185.]77
— — 30.Obligation by Ewfame Adamson as to an anual payable to the town furth of her land, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 37.]77
— September 22.Seal of cause to the Cordiners, [Original Seal of Cause in the possession of the Incorporation of Cordiners]78
— October 7.What beggars shall be allowed to remain in the town, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 185.]80
— — —Vagabonds, nightwalkers, and players at dice and cards, ordained to remove furth of the town, [Ib.]80
— — —Act anent the weight and price of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]80
1536, October 7. Meal sellers within the town to have their place in the meal market by themselves, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 69.]80
1536–7, January 10. John Jackson appointed common lockman of the town, [Ib. fol. 3.]80
— — 27. Elizabeth Forbes and her spouse decerned by the bailies to pay an annual due to the sisters of the Sciennes, [Ib. fol. 111.]81
— — 31. Act fixing the proportions of the contributions by Inverkeithing and Kinghorn towards the taxation of Edinburgh, [Ib. fol. 148.]81
— March 1. Tenants of the Burrow-muir ordained to grind so much malt at the common mills; sureties for certain of the tenants, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 73.]82
— — — Offer to lease a vault at the Nether Bow; offer to purchase a piece of land outwith the West Port '; the vault and land, and also the vacant acres of the Muir ordained to be rouped, [Ib.]83
— — — Protest by Patrick Flemying as to conditions of taking the common acres, [Ib.]83
— — 3. Twelve parts of the Burrow-muir rouped and feued, [Ib. ]83
— — —A piece of waste land outwith the West Port rouped and sold, [Ib. fol. 74.]85
— — — A vault at the Nether Bow leased for a booth, [Ib.]85
— — 23. Agreement with Mr Adam Mure, master of the grammar school, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 3.]85
1537, April 10.Land lying betwixt the Sciennes and the Burrow-loch feued to the Sisters of the Sciennes, [Ib. fol. 111.]85
— June 16.Cramers not to come within the Tolbooth to sell merchandice [Ib. fol. 185.]86
1537, July 26.Surety for a person making amends whenever required, for "loissing" wool after it was shippit, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 34.] . 86
— December 22. Farmers ordered to receive multure for malt ground at the mills; farmers also ordained to keep malt dry, [lb.;C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 101.]86
1538, May 22. Act cancelling a previous deliverance by which a farmer of the common mills was discharged of arrears of mail, [C.R.Vol. I., fol. 32.]87
— June 13.Appointment of a keeper of the market of wool, hyde, and skins, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 4, 71.]87
— — 26.Fleshers to be poinded for the mail of the flesh-house stands, [lb. fol. 101.]88
— July 8.A woman, convicted for " trublance, " to be put in the irons, and thereafter banished, [lb. fol. 170.]88
— — 9.She being fugitive, her banishment to be declared at the Cross, [lb.]88
— — — Another woman ordained to be exhibited on the scaffold, and afterwards banished, [lb.]88
— — 16.Acts made in preparation for entry of the Queen:— Beggars to be kept within their bounds and closes; red to be removed; meal market to be removed from the Hiegait; grass market to be changed; coal sellers to sit at the entry to the Blackfriars, [lb. fol. 189.]88
1538, July 17.Further preparations for the Queen's entry:—Twelve persons to be arrayed in gowns of velvet; arraying of craftsmen; all the other inhabitants to be in their best clothing, and no vile persons to be in their company; work iipon the Cross to be completed; causeway to be kept clean; beggars found in the burgh to be scourged; certain persons appointed to attend to furnishings and order; propine to be delivered to the Queen; Mr Henry Lauder appointed to welcome her, [G.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 189.]89
— — 18.Certain persons to be on horseback at the entry of the Queen; liveries to be furnished to twelve seriands, [Ib. fol. 190.]91
— September 24.Sundry acts anent the pest, [Ib. fol. 214.]91
— December 10.Neighbours authorised to apprehend wild meat which regraters refuse to sell at certain prices, [Ib. fol. 65.]92
— — 14.No person to have firlot measures in the meal market except the gatherer of petty customs, [Ib. fol. 162.]92
— — 18.Regraters prohibited from selling wild meat, [Ib. fol. 65.]92
1538–9, January 20.Act proclaimed at the Cross prohibiting regraters from selling wild meat, excepting those who have links in tack; regraters also prohibited taking links in lease in time to come, [Ib]92
— — 29.Waste ground in Swift's Wynd bought as a place for a fish market, [Ib. fol. 126; C.R. Vol. I., fol. 41.]93
— February 8.Act anent having weapons in booths, [G.R. Ad. Lib. fol. 184.]93
1539, March 26.A vault to be wadset to raise money for bigging the Nether Bow, [G.R. Vol. I., fol. 41.]93
— May 21.Decreet obtained by a baxter for the crop of the mill land, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 107.]94
— June 17.Fleshers ordained to pay two years' stand dues, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 41.]94
— July 15.Persons alleging themselves burgesses ordained to make residence in the town, and comply with other regulations, and if not, to be treated as unfreemen, [lb.]94
1539, August 6.Part of the Nether Bow to be wadset to the treasurer for payment of sums disbursed in bigging it, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 41.]95
— — —Extent of 100 merks to be raised for furnishing a ship to seek certain robbers, [Ib.]95
— — 20.Weight and price of bread, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 68.]95
— September 30.The mails of certain lands of the Muir to be wadset, and the booths to be fore-mailed, to raise money for payment of sums due to the late treasurer, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 42.]95
— October 11.Hours for beginning wheat market, and for unfreemen buying, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 69.]96
— December 9, 12.Regraters banished for breaking the statutes, [Ib. fol. 170.]96
— — 18.Proceedings of the town council and the commissioners of certain burghs in regard to changing the staple to the town of Antwerp, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 42.]96
— — 20.Two deacons of crafts accused of making insurrection and convocation, [Ib. fol. 41.]97
1539–40, January 31.Convicted persons having no goods to make "assythment, " ordained to be put in the irons, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 170, 185.]98
1540, June 23.Egyptians banished furth of the town, [Ib. fol. 185.]98
— July 13.Common booths to be fore-mailed, and a land purchased with the fore-mails, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 43.]98
— — 14.A house and land at the east entry of St Giles Kirk sold to the town, [Ib.]99
— — 16.Occupiers of common booths to be warned to pay foremail for five years, [Ib.]99
— — 31.Fore-mails received from certain persons, and discharges granted to them, [Ib.]99
1540, August 25.Grant to Symon Preston, provost, of the office of common clerk for life, [Rey. Mag. Sig. Lib. 27, No. 95.]100
— — 27.Royal proclamation of the preceding grant, [Ib. ]101
— September 3.Vagabonds and others having no craft ordained to leave the town, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 185.]102
1540–1, January 10.Two persons imprisoned for shipping unfreighted goods, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 43.]102
— February 17.Petty customs to be paid by certain persons for goods passing out of the haven of Leith, [Ib.]102
— — —Two decreets obtained before the Lords of Session with reference to the payment of petty customs, [Ib.]103
— March 14.Act of Parliament as to waste and ruinous houses at Leith Wynd, and forbidding the slaying of flesh on the east side of the wynd, [A.P.S. Vol. II., fol. 374.]104
— — —Act of Parliament as to removing the Meal Market from the High Gait, [Ib.]104
— — —Act of Parliament anent the selling of bread and flesh, [Ib. fol. 378.]105
1541, April 2.Act of the Town Council and the commissioners of certain burghs as to the staple and downgetting of an imposition in France, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 44.]105
— — 30.Freighting of ships; Middleburgh fixed on as the staple port; obligation by Leonard Cornelius to pass there with his ship, [Ib.]105
— May 5.Letter from the King as to merchants having power to pass to whichever port they please; votes of the Town Council and community found to be in favour of Middleburgh, [Ib.]106
— — 20.Regraters prohibited from being in the markets at certain hours, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 67.]107
1541, June 20.Obligations with reference to unentered goods and a ship not freighted, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 45.]107
— July 9.Money borrowed from the king to be applied towards "bigging" of the park, [Ib.]107
— — 14.Obligation by the town to repay a sum lent by the king to the Burghs to aid in downgetting of the customs exacted in France, [Ib.]108
— August 23.Offer by Commissioner from Middleburgh to deliver sealed articles of agreement within a month, [Ib.]108
— — 29.Writing by the king requiring the town to pass to the port of Vere and no other port in Flanders, [Ib.]108
— October 15.Gift of victual and waste land to the nuns of the Burghmuir, [Ib.]109
— — 27.Price of malt fixed, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 69.]109
— November 8.Ground at the Grayfriar Port feued from the Sisters of the Sciennes; a piece of ground at the Common Muir gifted to them, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 46.]109
1541–2, January 20.Agreement with reference to an annual payable out of a land at St Giles' Kirk purchased by the town, [Ib.]110
— March 1.Feu of lands of Grottel to be passed under common seal, [Ib.]110
1542, May 28.Decree of the Lords of Council and Session as to escheat of goods of persons who have committed slaughter, [Balfour's Practicks, p. 52.]110
— October 4.Persons who have pig-styes, middings, or tar-barrels on the street ordered to remove the same, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 185.]111
1543, AprilGift of an altarage and chaplainry in St Giles' Kirk to Sir John Wilson, [Ib. fol. 111.]111
1543, July 20.Agreement between the Bonnetmakers and Walkers, [Official Extract in the possession of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers.]111
— October 2.Fee granted to a person for keeping the kirk and cleaning the pavement, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 4.]112
— — 19.A person feed to make and mend the causeway, [Ib. ]112
— — 24.Act as to measuring of wine, [Ib. fol. 162.]112
— — 27.A glass-wright feed to uphold the whole glass and windows in St Giles' Kirk, [Ib. fol. 4.]112
— November 23.Act of the town council with reference to agreement between the Walkers and Shearers and the Bonnet-makers, [Ib. fol. 38; Official Extract in the possession of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers.]113
— — —Act as to walking of cloth, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 40.]114
— December 18.Price of Romany wine, [Ib. fol. 70.]114
— — 19.No wine to be bought in Leith till the town sets the price thereof, [Ib.]114
1543–4, January 21.Acts passed anent the pest, [Ib. fol. 214.]114
— — 23.Act against the sending of goods to the port of Burnt-island to be loaded, [Ib. fol. 137.]114
— — 31.Measures used by taverners to be of a certain kind and marked, [Ib. fol. 162.]115
— February 25.Prices of wines, [Ib. fol. 70.]115
1544–5, March 23.No person except a freeman to buy malt in the market, and to brew and not regrate the same, [Ib. fol. 65.]116
1545, June 1.Persons having pleas to be ready in the Tolbooth at eleven hours, [Ib. fol. 171.]116
— — 9.Price of bread baked by baxters outwith the Burgh, [Ib. fol. 68.]116
— — —Price of ale, [Ib. fol. 67.]116
1545, June 9.No person to brew or sell ale unless admitted by the provost and registered in the town's book, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 67.]117
— October 2.Extent granted for supplying and sustaining of the West and Middle Borders, [Ib. fol. 149.]117
— —Fowls and rabbits to be sold in the market and not privately; as to sellers of tame fowls; time at which huksters attend in the market, [Ib. fol. 67.]118
— Oct. Nov. & Dec.Acts anent the pest and cleansing, [Ib. fol. 214.]118
— December 23.Nightly watch appointed, [Ib. fol. 185.]118
Act as to the selling of malt, [Ib. fol. 65.]119
1545–6, January 4.Manner of freighting ships, [Ib. fol. 137]119
— — —Act as to the prices of strangers goods arriving in Leith, [Ib.]119
— — —Prices of wines lately come in a ship; two persons appointed to distribute same, [Ib.]120
— — 5.Acts anent the cleansing of clothes, [Ib. 214.]120
— — 26.Acts anent measures, [Ib. fol. 162.] and price of wines, [Ib. fol. 70.]120
— February 10.Act forbidding the breaking bulk and weighing of certain goods in Leith; to be first brought to Edinburgh and offered to the neighbours, [Ib. fol. 133.]120
— — —Persons contravening the statutes as to goods in Leith, [Ib. 102]121
— — 27.No person to hold open tavern except burgesses and gild brethern; none of them to have false measures, [Ib. fol. 70.]121
— March 2.Act anent the rule at the West Port, [Ib. fol. 214.]121
1546, April 2.Act anent infection of pest, [Ib.]121
— — 13.Act forbidding the carrying away of meal to the English, [Ib. fol. 69.]121
1546, April 20.Tallow not to be sold to strangers, nor to be used for other purposes than candlemaking, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 40.]121
— May 30.Nightly watch appointed; guard to attend upon the provost; town council agree to take a part for defence of the town, [Ib. fol. 4, 186.]122
— August 6.Fish not to be sold to regraters, [Ib. fol. 66.]122
— — 11.Custom and duty of ships and prizes arriving in Leith, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 47.]123
— — 16.Price of victual and other goods taken in prize, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 137.]123
— October 8.Price of wines, [Ib. fol. 70.]123
— — —Wine measures to have the town's mark, [Ib. fol. 162.]123
— — 12.Price of oats and hay to be sold by stable keepers, [Ib. fol. 76.]123
— — —Prices of malt and ale, [Ib. fol. 67.]124
— — —Obligation by sellers of wild fowls as to prices, [Ib.]124
— — 30.Price of wines, [Ib. fol. 70.]124
— — —Market of bear and oats to be held in the place of the old Fish Market, [Ib. fol. 69.]124
— —Regraters, huksters, &c., to find sureties to keep the statutes, [Ib. fol. 65.]124
— — —Price of ale, [Ib. fol. 67.]125
— December 10.Price of wines, [Ib. fol. 70.]125
— — 14.Unlaws to be taken from the persons who have broken the statutes anent the prices of wines and applied to the reparation of the high altar, [Ib.]125
— — —Stable keepers find sureties to keep the statutes, [Ib. fol. 76.]125
— — 20.Act as to quantities in which strangers goods brought within burgh are to be sold to freemen, [Ib. fol. 27.]125
1546, December 30.Persons discharged from the town till the pest be repressed, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]126
1546–7, January 5.Wines bought, and two bailies appointed to distribute the same, [Ib. fol. 70.]126
— — 14.Order by the Lord Governor and Lords of Council to take proceedings against regraters for causing dearth of fowls, &c., [Original order in the Archives of the City; Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I., fol. 109.]126
— — 26.Prices of wines and iron lately inbrought, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 70.]127
1547, April 5.Statutes against tavern keepers who are not burgesses or guild brethren to be put to execution; tavern keepers to be poinded for duties to St Anthony's altar, [Ib. fol. 27.]127
— — —Price of butter; hour at which it is to be bought by huksters in the market, [Ib. fol. 76.]127
— — —Crames not to be set at the Cross except upon the market day, [Ib. fol. 187.]127
— — —Cairns of stones, &c., on the street ordered to be removed, [Ib.]127
— June 17.Price of Burdeaux wine, [Ib. fol. 70.]127
— July 11.Order by the Lord Governor as to proceedings against Adam Liddle for slaughter, [Original order in the Archives of the City; Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I., fol. 110.]128
— — 15.Officers ordained to visit their quarters, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 214.]128
— — 20.Iron brought into the port of Leith to be taken to the Over Trone and weighed, [Ib. fol. 138.]128
— — 23.Ships not to be entered unless a bailie be present; the bailies and council to fix prices, [Ib.]128
1547, July 29.Skippers in Leith ordained to appear and see their freighting modified conform to time of peace, [C.R. Vol. I., fol. 78.]129
— August 5.Treasurer and others to fix the price of goods brought in by strangers to the port of Leith; goods to be sold to the highest bidder, and the balance above the fixed price delivered to the treasurer for the common works, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 138.]129
— — —Goods bought by John Hamilton; price to be paid to the merchant, and the balance to the treasurer, [Ib.]130
— October 7.Market of bear and oats to be held in the place of the Old Fishmarket; market of malt to be held above the Tolbooth; maltmen within burgh not to buy from outland maltmen, [Ib. fol. 69.]130
— — —Prices of malt, ale, [Ib. fol. 67.] and bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]130
— — 12.Ports and walls of the town to be repaired; two porters to be set to each of three ports, and the remainder to be closed; porters to be well armed, and to find surety that they shall not be absent, or take extortions from passers, [Ib. fol. 186.]130
— — —Act ordaining that there be a nightly watch of twelve able men well armed; to be punished if negligent; duties of those appointed to watch, [Ib.]131
1547–8, January 3.A nightly watch appointed, [Ib.]131
— — —Goods brought in by a ship ordained to be sold, [Ib. fol. 138.]132
— February 1.Prices of malt and ale, [Ib. fol. 67.]132
— — 8.Price of oats, [Ib. fol. 76.]132
— — 17.Neighbours failing to watch ordained to pay for one in their place; keys of the ports to be delivered to the bailies, [Ib. fol. 186.]132
1547–8, March 13.Wines lately brought in French ships not to be sold for eight days; price of wines from that date, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 70.]132
— — 22.A merchant contravening the statutes against breaking bulk in Leith, [Ib. fol. 173.]132
1548, April 8.Butter, cheese, eggs, &c., to be sold in the market and not privately, [Ib. fol. 76.]133
— — 19.Persons able to handle and shoot artillery not to pass out of the burgh without licence, [Ib. fol. 187.]133
— May 4.A merchantunlawed for breaking the statutes, [Ib. fol. 173.]133
— June 14.Daily watch of twenty-four men appointed to be set at the ports, [Ib. fol. 187.]133
— — 20.Prices of wines, [Ib. fol. 77.]134
— — —Prices of bread and oats, [Ib. fol. 68, 76.]134
— — 21.Bailies to pass through the town and see that certain statutes are kept, [Ib. fol. 4.]134
— — 28.Bread to be furnished by the baxters to the army, [Ib. fol. 42.]134
— July 5.Baxters in the burgh having bread on hand which the army refuses to receive, outland baxters charged not to bring bread to the market for three days, [Ib.]135
— — 6.Unlaws of maltmen and ale, [Ib. fol. 170.]135
— — 25.Agreement as to appraisement of heirship goods, [John Stevenson's Protocol, p. 14.]135
— August 5.Notarial instrument, on behalf of Robert Malville and others as to homicide committed by him, [Ib. fol. 16.]137
— October 15.Act as to procedure in actions depending before the town, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 171.]140
— — —Persons refusing to come to assizes when warned, ordained to be poinded for the unlaw, [Ib. fol. 173.]140
1548, October 15.Four persons appointed to pass to Leith, to make prices of certain prize goods, [Ib. fol. 139.]140
— — —Fleshers forbidden to hoard tallow; candlemakers not to buy material in hurt of the occupation of Cordiners; candles bought in the burgh and taken furth thereof to be escheat, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 41.]140
— — —Filth ordered to be removed from the streets, [Ib. fol. 187.]141
— — —Women quarelling on the High Street ordered to be punished, [Ib.]141
— — —Act as to using water in the wells, [Ib. ]141
— —Price of ale, [Ib. fol. 67.]141
— November 2.Goods arriving in Leith to be valued before bulk is broken, [Ib. fol. 139.]142
— — —A person guilty of breaking bulk, [Ib. fol. 173.]142
— — 3.Officer's fees in time of pest, [Ib. fol. 214.]142
— — 7.Unfreemen ordained not to buy merchandise except from freemen or burgesses, [Ib. fol. 71.]142
— — 20, 21.Oaths of maltmen as to keeping the statutes, [Ib. fol. 173.]142
— — 21.Tavern keepers to be burgesses and guild brethern, and to pay their duties to St Anthony's altar, [Ib. fol. 77.]142
— — 23.Maltmen to be punished for breaking prison, [Ib. fol. 173.]143
— — —Act as to regraters and fruit sellers, [Ib. fol. 76.]143
— — 24.Filth on the streets or in burned and fallen down lands to be removed, [Ib. fol. 187.]143
— December 1.Lint bought in Leith to be weighed at the over trone, [Ib. fol. 138.]143
— — 7.Prices of wine, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 77;] and bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]144
— — 11.Order by the Privy Council as to the price of wine, [Original order in the archives of the city. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 110.]144
1548–9, February 1.Agreement with John Little as to the selling of goods brought by hm to Leith, [C.R. Adv.Lib. fol. 138.]145
1549, May 24.Obligations to pay certain sums to the common good for the profit of goods brought to Leith, [Ib.]145
— August 3.Filth, etc., ordained to be removed from common streets, [Ib. fol. 187.]145
— — 30.Consent by the Town Council to the feuing of a land pertaining to a chaplainry of which they were patrons, [Ib. fol. 110; C.R. Vol. I. fol. 76.]146
1549–50, January 30.Price of wine; to be sold openly, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 70.]147
— March 13.A burgess losing his freedom, [Ib. fol. 26.]147
1550, June 28.Price of wine, [Ib. fol. 77.]147
— — —Price of flesh; to be sold in the market, [Ib. fol. 41.]148
— — —Fish market to be held in the Fish Market Close, [Ib fol. 66.]148
— — —Price of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]148
— July 1.Act as to the laying down and removal of filth, [Ib. fol. 187]148
— — 30.Act as to the making of burgesses and gild brethren, [Register of Burgesses, etc., Vol. I. fol. 29.]148
— August. 25.Division amongst the burghs of a taxation, [Ib. fol. 148.]149
— September 11.Price, etc., of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]149
— — 16.Price of malt, [Ib. fol. 69.]150
— October 9.Venders of wine who are not gild brethren discharged, [Ib. fol. 77.]150
— — 11.Gild court; act as to privileges of daughters of burgesses, &c., [Register of Burgesses, etc., Vol. I. fol. 30.]150
Letters by the Lord Governor ordaining a Commission of Justiciary to be made under the Great Seal in favour of Francis Tennant, provost of Edinburgh, [Original Letters in the archives of the city. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 59.]150
1550–1, February 24.Butter market to be held in the flesh house, [C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 76.]151
— — —Price and weight of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]151
— — 25.Proclamation as to merchants sailing to France, Flanders, and other parts with merchandice, [Ib. fol. 27.]152
— March 13.Seriands to put decrees to execution within forty-eight hours; duties of officers and seriands as to appraising of goods, and as to sasines and breives, waiting upon the provost and bailies, and division of profits, [Ib. fol. 5.]153
— — —Merchants calling on any person to buy goods and passing to another booth to be fined, [Ib. fol. 27.]154
— — —No person to set gear or boards on the hiegait, in booth doors or passages, except on market days, [Ib. fol. 188.]154
1551, April 7.No person to buy goods arriving at Leith till the price is fixed, or to buy more than will sustain his own house-hold, [Ib. fol. 133.]154
— — 10.Price of bread, [Ib. fol. 68.]154
— — —An Englishman fined for cutting goods in small pieces and selling the same in Leith, [Ib. fol. 173.]155
— May 4.An Englishman put in ward for selling goods in small, [Ib. ]155
— — 11.Treasurer to pay fee to the officer of the haven of Leith, [Ib. fol. 5, 103.]155
— — —Officer of the haven and port of Leith ordained to keep the measures of victual and salt, and uplift the duties thereof, [Ib. fol. 103, 162.]155
— — 27.Measurers of victual and salt in Leith chosen, and the measures delivered to the farmer of the "wild adventures, " [Ib. fol. 162.]156
1551, October 7.Unlaws and duties of wrongs done to the town to be collected and distributed by the council, C.R. Adv. [Lib. fol. 102, 173; C.R. Vol. II. fol. 1.]156
— — 9.All the seriands discharged for failing in the execution of their duties, and the bailies ordained to receive others, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 1; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 5.]156
— — 10.Acts passed by the provost, bailies, and council anent bread, malt, meal, fish, poultry, stablekeepers, hay, oats, candle, tallow, vagabonds, fleshers, candlemakers, malt, middings, assizes, stands on the hie gait, maltmen, tavern keepers, and regraters, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 1–4; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 5, 39, 41, 64, 68, 69, 76, 83, 173.]157
— — —Act ordaining the neighbours to keep the above acts, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 4.]161
— — 12.Three regraters apprehended; a common regrater decerned to be put in the irons, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 4.]161
— December 10.Red, filth and stones ordered to be removed from the streets immediately, [Ib.]162
1551–2, January 26.Burgesses sons after marriage to pay extents, or to pay custom as unfreemen, [Ib.]162
— — —Booth doors of unfreemen to be shut up, [Ib. ]162
— February 10.Prices of flesh and malt, [Ib.]162
1552, April 8.Price and weight of bread, [Ib. fol. 5.]163
— May 11.Customs to be paid by unfreemen, [Ib.]163
— — —Officer of Leith ordained to keep the measures of salt and victual, and to uplift the profits thereof, [Ib.]163
— — 27.Workmen of Leith admitted and their fees fixed, [Ib.; C.R. Adv. Lib. fol. 4.]163
— — —Measurers of victual and salt to be chosin by the council and judges; common measures to be delivered to the farmer of "wild adventures, " [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 5.]164
1552, May 27.A stone dike at the kirk-yard to be taken down, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 5.]164
— — —Weight of bread; a person fined for having light bread, [Ib.]164
— June 17.New weights to be made and delivered to the weighers, [Ib. fol. 6.]164
— — —Hours for selling wool in the market, [Ib. ]165
— July 6.Bailies ordained to give in their account of the extent of the Gallows raid, [Ib.]165
— — —No person to wash clothes at the Burgh Loch; burnmen not to take any "burn" from wells, [Ib.]165
— — 15.A person fined for breaking the statute against burgesses buying goods in Leith, [Ib.]165
— — 26.Price and weight of bread; prices of malt, ale, and flesh, [Ib. fol. 6, 7.]165
— August 19.Price and weight of bread, [Ib. fol. 7.]166
— September 2.Goods brought to Leith to be weighed at the trone; payment of duties to customer, [Ib. fol. 8.]166
— — 7.Goods declared to be escheat for not being entered in the town's books, [Ib.]167
— — 9.Wages of the keepers of the ports, [Ib. fol. 9.]168
— — 17.Workmen and pioneers of the shores of Leith decerned to obey the officers of the town, [Ib.]168
— — —Goods in an unfreighted ship declared to be escheat, [Ib.]169
— October 7.An indweller in Dieppe ordained to produce his right whereby he is free and owes no custom, [Ib.]169
— — —Articles and ordinances concerning the common weal of the burgh produced by James Henderson, [Ib.]169
— — —Proposals by James Henderson to the town of Edinburgh, [Original proposals in the archives of the city. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I., fol. 103.]170
1552, October 7.Acts relative to bread, malt, ale, meal, and candle, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 10.]173
— — —Ratification of acts made last year anent fish, poultry, stables, hay, oats, tallow, vagabonds, fleshers, middings, assizes, stands on the High-gait, stoups of taverns and regraters, [Ib.]173
— — 10.Statutes as to the duties of the burgh officers, [Ib. fol. 10, 11.]173
— — 21.Assessors to have power to advise and vote with the council, [Ib. fol. 11.]174
— November 3.Contract for making stalls of the choir, [Ib. ]174
— — 9.Bellman and clock-keeper to have a key of the steeple door, [Ib. fol. 12.]174
— December 9.Dean of guild to be relieved of sum in contract for bigging of the choir, [Ib.]175
— — 23.Extent to be gathered to furnish the town's part of the soldiers who are to pass to France, [Ib.]175
1552–3, January 21.Sureties for paying expense of freeing merchants detained prisoners in England, [Ib. fol. 13.]175
— — 26.Licence to a prebendary of the choir to pass to England and France to get better knowlege of music, [Ib.]176
— — 28.Treasurer to pay expenses of commissioners to Stirling and Linlithgow, [Ib. fol. 12]176
— February 1.Commissioners appointed to agree upon the town's share of certain taxations, [Ib. fol. 13.]176
— March 4.Act as to the ringing of the common bell, [Ib. fol. 14.]177
— — —Occupiers of booths to have weapons therein, and to assist the officers in preserving the peace, [Ib.]177
— — 13.Brewsters warned against having caldrons in hire, [Ib.]177
— — 15.Treasurer to pay a sum to the Prebendaries of Corstorphin, [Ib.]178
1552–3, March 17.Black Friars to be paid for their bell, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 14.]178
— — 18.Persons granting deductions to the farmers or tacksmen of the common good ordained to refund the same, [Ib. fol. 15.]178
1553, April 14.Act as to the weight and price of bread, [Ib.]178
— — —Treasurer to pay for making the almery of the common bell, [Ib.]179
— — 20.Treasurer to pay the school mail, [Ib. ]179
— May 25.Act as to the selling of butter and cheese in the markets, [Ib.]179
— — 20.The council desired by the crafts to reform an act of the Convention as to the choosing of officers, [Ib.]179
— June 9.Treasurer to pay a fee for service in the choir, [Ib. fol. 16.]180
— — 30.Act as to weight and price of bread, [Ib. ]180
— — —Malt to be sold at a certain price, [Ib. ]180
— July 13.Council to remove furth of booth occupied by their clerks, [Ib. fol. 170.]180
— August 4.Treasurer to pay expenses of commissioner to Convention of Burghs; also rent of booth occupied by the clerks, [Ib.]180
— September 2.Money to be furnished to complete the bulwark, [Ib. ]181
— October 7.Acts passed as to bread, malt, &c.; swine to be kept in houses and not allowed to be at large; fullers not to water their cloth on the streets; certain acts of previous years ratified, [Ib. fol. 18–19.]181
— — —Butter, cheese, and eggs to be sold at certain prices, [Ib. fol. 19.]182
1553, October 11.Parties who, in repairing their lands, injure their neighbour's property ordained to reform the same, and to pay a sum to St Giles' work, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 19.]182
— — 13.Auditors of accounts chosen, [Ib.]182
— — 27.Ratification of acts as to "colouring" of unfreemen's goods, being partners with men of Leith, and buying of goods from strangers, [Ib. fol. 20.]182
— — 31.Sureties for certain fleshers, [Ib.]183
— November 8.Prices to be taken for sawing of timber, [Ib]183
— — 29.Council to convene and consult upon the common affairs, under certain penalties, [Ib. fol. 21.]183
— December 1.Treasurer to pay rent of school-house, [Ib. ]183
— — —Freighting of ships to France, [Ib. ]184
— — —Freemen not to make any indweller of Leith his factor, [Ib.]184
— — —Treasurer to pay expenses of messenger to Dundee, &c., [Ib.]184
— — —Timber to be delivered to the Friars Minors, [Ib. ]184
— — 8.Prices of wild meat, tame fowls, and wines, [Ib. fol. 21, 22.]184
— — 15.Rent of music school to be paid, [Ib. fol. 22.]185
— — —Part of extent paid by Inverkeithing, [Ib. ]186
— — —Rent of clerk's chamber to be paid, [Ib. ]186
1553–4, January 3.Protest on behalf of the deacons of crafts as to the election of seriands, [Ib.]186
— — —A seriand made a burgess, [Ib. ]186
— — —A seriand elected by the council, [Ib. ]186
— — 25.Treasurer to pay the dean of guild for the burgesship of the Lord Governor's servitor, [Ib.]187
— February 9.Brewsters to buy their malt in the market only, at the town's price, [Ib. fol. 23.]187
— — 16.A person taking stones from ground at the Greyfriar's port, ordered to full up ground with earth and not to break it in future, [Ib.]188
1553–4, February 16.Treasurer to pay the dean of guild dues of a burgesship made at request of the Provost's wife, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 23.]188
— — 21.Unlaws to pertain to the bailies unless otherwise provided for, [Ib.]188
— — —Chest with four keys to be made for preserving the evidents of the town; protest by the deacons of crafts that they will not be responsible for documents, having no key, [Ib.]188
— — 28.Treasurer to pay dean of guild dues on the making of a burgess at the request of Lord Huntly, [Ib. fol. 24.]189
— — —A person found guilty of speaking irreverently in judgement in presence of the bailies and council, [Ib.]189
— — —Claim by the deacons and craftsmen to have a vote in the election of seriands, [Ib.]189
— March 9.Dean of guild to pay to the Blackfriars a sum of money, [Ib. fol. 25.]191
— — 20.Act as to entering of ships, [Ib. fol. 26.]192
1554, April 6.A watch appointed, [Ib.]192
— — 27.Music school to be repaired, [Ib. fol. 27.]192
— May 25.Burgh Loch to be built up to hold in water, [Ib. ]192
— June 8.A person hired to sing in the choir, [Ib.]192
— — —Cowgate port to be kept open, [Ib. ]193
— — —Heritors of the Friar wynd to mend the causeway, [Ib.]193
— — 15.Treasurer to pay rent of provost's house as part of his fee, [Ib. fol. 28.]193
— — —Quarriers to take stones from the Burghmuir on certain conditions, and sell the same at certain prices, [Ib.]193
— — —Treasurer to pay the expenses of a play, [Ib. ]193
— — —Council consent to repair the dike around Arthur Seat, Salisbury, and Duddingston crags, [Ib.]194
— — —Three craftsmen found guilty of assault, [Ib. ]194
1554, June 27.Treasurer to pay for making the playing-place, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 29.]195
— July 6.Treasurer to pay men for keeping the tolbooth stair, and also a sum to a taverner, [Ib.]195
— — —Treasurer to make a sluice for holding in the water of the North Loch, [Ib.]195
— — —Shops to be removed from the High gait, [Ib. ]195
— — 20.Sacristan of St Giles to supply kirk with light and water and attend to the ringing of the bells, [Ib.]195
— — —Treasurer to pay for completing the play-field in Greenside, [Ib. fol. 30.]196
— — —A pension granted as a reward to the builder of stalls in the choir, [Ib.]196
— August 18.Treasurer ordained to pay certain sums to the workmen who completed the play-field, and to minstrels, [Ib. fol. 31.]197
Materials for the music school to be furnished, [Ib.]197
— SeptemberPersons to be chosen to vote for members of council when absent, [Ib. fol. 46.]197
— —Sir Robert Carnegy to be paid for downgetting of customs in France, [Ib.]197
— — 20.Timber arriving in Leith to be delivered to the wrights, coopers, and builders at the town's price, [Ib.]198
— — 28.A late provost found not entitled to remain at a meeting for choosing the council and leets, [Ib.]198
— October 9.Acts passed relative to bread, malt, &c.; ratification of certain acts passed in the previous year, [Ib. fol. 32, 33.]198
— — 12.Treasurer to pay for furnishings supplied for the play, [Ib. fol. 33.]198
— — 19.Proclamation of a weaponshawing on the Burghmuir, [Ib. ]199
— — —Making of defamatory and blasphemous ballads prohibited, [Ib. fol. 34.]199
1554, October 19.Four additional seriands to be chosen, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 34.]200
— — —Fleshers warned to keep the statutes as to the price of flesh, [Ib.]200
— — —Act as to stands on the gait; certain goods not to be sold thereon, [Ib.]200
— — —Persons using unjust weights and measures to be punished, [Ib.]201
— — —Four seriands elected by the council, [Ib. fol. 35.]201
— — 26.A person decerned to make amends to the bailies for accusing them of oppression, [Ib.]202
— — 30.Act as to convening the council ratified, and collector of unlaws named, [Ib. fol. 36.]202
— November 2.Proclamation as to armour required at the weaponshawing, [Ib. ]202
— — 3.Act as to bringing home of bullion, [Ib. ]203
— — 14.Strangers to sell their goods in forebooths on the High gait, and to freemen only, [Ib. fol. 38.]204
— — 16.Streets ordained to be lighted at night, [Ib. fol. 38.]204
— — 23.Licence to an Englishman to brew soap, [Ib. ]205
— — 24.Four persons decerned by the provost and bailies to remain in ward till they pay their customs; protest by the baron bailie of Holyrood house, [Ib.]205
— December 12.Propines to the Queen and the Provost, [Ib. ]205
— — 24.Building of the tolbooth to be begun, [Ib. fol. 39.]206
— — 28.Farce to be played before the Queen, [Ib. ]206
— — 29.Treasurer to pay for goblets bought to propine the Queen with, [Ib.]206
— — —Obligation as to loan to Monsieur Dosell, [Ib. ]206
1554–5, January 15.Commissioners appointed to authorise payment of expenses of certain actions before the Court of Session, [Ib.]207
1554–5, January 18.Burgesses not to be partners with indwellers of Leith or Canongate or with an unfreeman, not to appoint such persons their factors, and not to freight ships with them, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 40.]207
— — —Ships arriving at Leith not to be entered in the books till they are lying in the haven, [Ib.]207
— — —Goods not to be sent to Burntisland to be loaded in ships, [Ib.]208
— — —Two seats to be made in the Tolbooth for serving the Courts, [Ib.]208
— — —A burgess and guild brother to be entered in the books of the date he was sworn, [Ib.]208
— — —Treasurer allowed the price of velvet delivered to the council house, [Ib.]208
— February 1.Duty of the guildry granted to a person gratis; protest by the dean that he be not prejudiced, [Ib. fol. 41.]208
— — 13.Treasurer to pay for engraving the arms on the "cowpis" presented to the Queen and M. Dosell, [Ib. fol. 42.]208
— — 15.Protest against the provost and bailies being judges in a cause at the instance of the treasurer; objection repelled, [Ib. fol. 43.]208
— — —The New-haven to be repaired, [Ib. ]209
— — 16.Extent to be taken from the town to purchase timber for the haven, [Ib.]209
— — 27.Proceedings as to a case at the instance of the treasurer, [Ib. fol. 44.]210
— March 1.Gift of conservatory in favour of George Hakheid presented by him, [Ib.]210
— — —Gates of the park dyke to be repaired, [Ib. ]210
1554–5, March 12.Grammar school to be repaired, [C.R. Vol II., fol. 44.]210
— — —Gift of the guild seriandship and procuring of bread to beadrels; licence to any person to collect alms for the wife and children of the last possessor of these offices, [Ib. fol. 45.]210
— — 14.Protest by treasurer as to writings under the seal of cause being signed by the clerk of court, [Ib.]211
— — —Resignation of a councillor, and a successor appointed, [Ib.]211
— — —House to be built at the North Loch; causeway to be cut, [Ib.]211
— — 22.Timber to be bought in Norway and other parts for bigging the New-haven, [Ib. fol. 111.]211
— — —Resignation of a councillor, and election of his successor, [Ib.]212
1555, — 28.Gift of a beadralship in the hospital of St Mary's Wynd, [Ib.]212
— — 29.Resignation of a guild officer, and appointment of his successor, [Ib.]212
— — —Market cross rouped and set at a yearly rental; tenant to build booths at his expense, [Ib.]212
— April 20.Proceedings to be taken for supporting the poor, and for expelling sturdy beggars, [Ib. fol. 47.]213
— — 24.Place of cloth market to be changed, [Ib. ]214
— — 27.Surety for a burgess of Lanark, [Ib. fol. 49.]214
— May 4.Gift of a beadsmanship of St Paul's Work, [Ib. ]214
— — 10.Commissioners appointed to the Convention of Burghs, [Ib. ]214
— — —Protest as to Burgh-loch injuring adjoining land, [Ib.]214
— — —Money lent to Monsieur Dosell to be applied for; neighbours who advanced the money to be repaid, and the balance applied towards repairing the New-haven, [Ib.]214
1555, May 16.Obligation by the Queen Dowager and Regent for payment of the balance of M. Dosell's loan, [Original Obligation in the Archives of the City. Inventory of City Charters, vol. I fol. 114.]215
— — 17.Water in Burgh-loch not to be let out; slaps to be built up, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 49.]215
— — —Acquittance of the town's extent for building of forts, and the Queen's obligation for balance of M. Dosell's loan, presented and put in charterhouse, [Ib.]215
— — —Act as to the making of burgesses, [Ib. ]216
— — 24.Skippers ordained to receive in their ships such merchants only as are admitted by the bailies and council, [Ib.]216
— — 27.Protest on behalf of the deacons of crafts against the acts of the Commissioners of burghs hurting their privileges, [Ib.]216
— — 28.Commissioners appointed to the Convention of Royal Burghs; protest by the deacons of crafts against the appointment hurting their privileges, [Ib.]216
— — 31.Common seal to be hung to a writing consented to by Parliament, [Ib. fol. 50.]217
— June 1.Two persons appointed to make alterations of the extent of burghs, [Ib.]217
— — 3.A master of a ship ordained to receive certain merchants in his vessel, [Ib.]217
— — 7.A similar ordinance, [Ib.]218
— — 13.A lodging taken for the grammar school, [Ib. fol. 51.]218
— — 14.Treasurer ordained to complete the shore and bulwark, [Ib.]218
— — —Alexander Stevinson appointed to sing in the choir, [Ib.]218
— — 21.Gift of a beadsmanship in St Paul's Work, [Ib. ]219
1555, June 22.Musicians to be paid for playing during the time of Parliament, &c., [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 51.]219
— — 28.Timber inbrought to the Newhaven, [Ib. fol. 52.]219
— July 4.Masters of work appointed to the bigging of the New-haven, [Ib.]219
— — —Two offenders forgiven in respect of good service done in capturing a pirate, [Ib.]219
— — 19.Treasurer to procure stones for the bulwark, [Ib. ]220
— — 25.Officer to be paid for passing to Aberdeen and apprehending a criminal, [Ib. fol. 53.]220
— August 12.Gable window in St Giles Kirk liable to fall down, [Ib. fol. 54.]220
—September 6.Musicians to be paid for playing before St Giles, [Ib. fol. 55.]220
— — 13.Disbursement for banquet made to the King of Denmark's ambassador, [Ib. fol. 56.]220
— — —Keeper of Cowgate port appointed, [Ib. ]220
— — 25.Office of treasurer found not to have right to a burgesship yearly, [Ib. fol. 57.]221
— October 4.Money to be borrowed from certain neighbours and lent to the Queen upon pledges, [Ib.]221
— — 8.Statement as to money in the bailies' box; protest by Francis Tennand as to proving his allegation, [Ib.]221
— — 13.Dean of guild and treasurer bound for repayment of money borrowed from the neighbours, and the Council bound to release them, [Ib. fol. 58.]222
— — 18.Keys of charterhouse and documents delivered by former dean of guild to his successor, [Ib.]222
— — 24.Pledges for money lent to the Queen dispensed with, and her obligation to be received, [Ib.]222
— — 25.Act as to convening of the Council, [Ib. fol. 59]223
1555, October 26.Right of giving a freedom of guildry granted to the provost, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 59.]223
— November 6.Act of 15th January as to actions ratified, and other persons appointed to order payment of money, [Ib. fol. 60.]223
— — 8.Act as to the duties of a prebendary and master of the music school; treasurer to pay his house mail, [Ib.]223
— — —Letter from the Queen as to the appointment of a water bailie, [Ib.]224
— — —Acts passed relating to bread, milk, ale, meal, candles, oats, hay, and fish, [Ib. fol. 61–2.]224
— — —Ratification of certain acts formerly passed, [Ib. fol. 62.]224
— — 23.Treasurer to pay for vessels got for the Queen and for two banquets, [Ib.]225
— — —Treasurer to deliver clothes to a person for alms, [Ib.]225
— — —Loft of the iron house to be mended and floored, [Ib.]225
— December 6.Claim against a maltman for taking his malt from the common mills to Cramond mill, [Ib. fol. 63]225
— — 11.Committee to take order with stall-keepers and fruit sellers, [Ib.]226
— — 13.Farmer of wild adventures ordained to pay the whole sum contained in his assedation, [Ib.]226
— — —A customer of the wild adventures to be paid for his services, [Ib.]226
— — 16.Presents to be given to the Queen and M. Dosell, and also to the provost, [Ib. fol. 64.]227
— — 20.Act of the Privy Council as to ships comming from places where the pest is, [Original act in the Archives of the City. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 214.]227
1555, December 21.Wheat sent past the common mills without licence of the farmer to be escheat, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 64.]228
Letter by the Queen authorising the Town Council to change the place for holding markets, [Original Letters in the Archives of the City. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 19.]228
1555–6, January 8.Licence to stall-keepers to sell their wares at certain places, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 65.]229
— — 10.Robert Quhyntin to be paid his expenses to Norway and wage for overseeing the work at the Newhaven, [Ib.]230
— — 11.Act of the Privy Council as to the prices of bread, ale, flesh, fish, wild meat, and other victuals, [Extract act in the Archives of the City. Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 215.]230
— — 15.Two persons appointed to receive the poor folk's bread and money and to order the same, [C.R. Vol. II., fol. 65.]232
— — —A wright made burgess in consideration of his having been injured while engaged in the town's work; another person made burgess and gild brother, at request of Murray of Blackbarony, [Ib.]232
— — 17.Burgh-loch to be allowed to run furth, [Ib. fol. 66.]232
— — —Treasurer to pay an additional sum for furnishing coals to the Lords, [Ib.]233
— — — Persons thirled to the common mills ordained not to pass to other mills with their malt, [Ib.]233
— — 20.Commissioners appointed to attend a Convention of Burghs; protest by the treasurer against choosing a craftsman as a commissioner; protest in name of the visitors of crafts, [Ib.]233
1555–6, January 23.Answer by the commissioners of Edinburgh to an article given in in the Queen's name, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 66.]234
— — 24.Three commissioners appointed to convene with the rest of the burghs, and endeavour to obtain discharge of acts as to bullion, fish, and wine; protest in name of the crafts against any other articles being given in to the Queen, [Ib. fol. 67.]235
— — 25.Craftsmen desire to dispense with an act of parliament made in hurt of their privileges, [Ib.]236
— — 27.Ratification of appointment of commissioners, and grant of money authorised; three dissentients, [Ib.]236
— — 31.Alexander Scott to be paid for singing in the choir and playing on the organs, [Ib.]236
— February 7.Treasurer to pay expenses of the provost and others to Stirling; price of wine delivered to the Queen and M. Dosell; and expenses of Robert Quhyntin in Norway, [Ib. fol. 68.]236
— — —Custody of the keys of the charterhouse, [Ib. fol. 69.]237
— — 24.Weaponshawing appointed to be held on the Burgh Muir [Ib.]237
— — —Act as to the prices of bread, malt, and ale, [Ib. fol. 70.]237
— March 20.Office of water bailie desired by Alexander Barroun, son of the last officer, [Ib. fol. 71.]238
— — —Two writings by the Queen, presented in favour of John Little, of the office of water bailie, [Ib.]238
— — 24.Act by the bailies, assessors, council, visitors and burgesses, ordaining that the office of water bailie be yearly changed at Michaelmas, [Ib. fol. 72.]238
1556, April 1.West end of Burgh loch to be built up, [Ib. fol. 73.]239
— — —Ratification of acts as to the baxters, [Ib. ]239
1556, April 1.Ratification of act made as to the downtaking of shops in the High Street, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 73.]240
— — 10.Hector Blacader ordained to pay a sum for refusing to pass with the "pece" to the procuration to St. Giles' work; he being a burgess is ordained to be put in the book, and his duty paid; statute as to persons in future refusing to procure with St. Giles' "pece"; statute as to burgesses and guild brethren being entered in the books, [Ib.]240
— — 20.Act as to the prices of bread, ale, and malt, [Ib. ]240
— — 24.Treasurer to advance 1000 merks to the bigging of the Newhaven, [Ib. fol. 74]241
— — —Ten pounds delivered to the master of the French school, [Ib.]241
— — 27.Treasurer to take up the rests of the bailies accounts; to furnish a green cloth and cushions to the council house; and to be allowed expenses of the bailies and others to Stirling, [Ib.]241
— — —Letter from the Queen charging the town council to appoint John Little to the office of water bailie; Alexander Barroun desires that the writing should be registered; the crafts desire the writing to be obeyed, [Ib. fol75.]241
— — 28.Protest by Alexander Barroun, against the office of water bailie being given to any other person, [Ib.]242
— — —Bonnetmaker desiring to have a vote with the crafts [Ib.]242
— — —Protest as to the voting of the crafts in the election of a water bailie, [Ib.]242
1556, April 28.The bailies, assessors and council, decline to give their particular votes in writing in regard to the office of water bailie, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 75.]243
— May 2.Letter from the Queen commanding the council to elect John Little to the office of water bailie, votes of the provost, bailies, council, and community thereanent, [Ib.]243
— — 7.Letter from the Queen again commanding the council to appoint John Little to the office of water bailie, [Ib. fol. 76.]244
— — 8.Letter from the Queen to the provost, charging him to deprive certain members of the council from their offices for disobedience of her commands as to election of a water bailie, [Ib.]244
— — —Office of water bailie given by the council to John Little at the Queen's command, and that during her pleasure, [Ib.]245
— — 11.Common seal deposited in the charter house, [Ib. fol. 77.]245
— — 15.A boy put in the Tolbooth for stealing the Queen's silver plate, [Ib.]245
— — —Persons appointed to receive poor folks bread, and distribute same, [Ib.]246
— — —John Little sworn to exercise the office of water bailie faithfully, [I.]246
— — —Treasurer ordained to big up the door of the iron house, and to make the weights to the Trone, [Ib.]246
— — 30.Writing by the Queen declaring her will to be that John Little should hold the office of water bailie for life, [Ib. fol. 78.]246
— — —Treasurer to pay for candle furnished to the high alter, [Ib.]247
1556, June 5.Extent of the Burghs for 1000 merks granted to the Queen, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 78.]247
— — 19.Quarriers of the Burghmuir to serve the farmers of the common mills with stones, [Ib. fol. 79.]248
— July 29.Wells to be made deeper and prepared for gathering water, [Ib.]248
— August 14.Harlots ordained not to wear a particular kind of clothing, [Ib. fol. 80.]248
— — 28.A farmer of the common mills to build another mill on certain conditions, [Ib. fol. 81.]249
— September 2.Extent upon the whole Burghs for payment of expenses of downgetting of customs in France, [Ib.]249
— — 4.Consent by the provost, bailies, and deacons of crafts to the raising of an extent on the town, [Ib. fol. 82.]251
— — 16.Pulpit to be furnished for reader in Magdalene Chapel, [Ib. ]251
— — 22.Inquiry to be made as to persons who took down certain images, [Ib.]251
— — 23.Letter from the Queen as to persons who issued certain odious ballads and rhymes, and took down the images [Ib. fol. 83.]252
— October 1.Expenses of a messenger to St Andrews and the Borders to be paid, [Ib.]252
— — 16.Acts passed relative to bread, malt, ale, candle, tallow, fleshers, oats, hay, stable keepers, meal and measures, [Ib. fol. 84–5.]252
— — —Acts as to removal of filth of animals slain by the fleshers within burgh, [Ib. fol. 84.]253
— — 21.Queen to be consulted as to prices of new wines, [Ib. fol. 86.]253
— — 26.Act as to convening of council ratified, with an alteration, [Ib.]253
1556, October 30.Key of the "little dowket" above St Thomas' aisle delivered to David Rowane, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 86.]253
— November 2.Contract for execution of work at the Newhaven, [Ib.]253
— — 3.A ton of wine to be presented to the Queen, [Ib. fol. 87.]254
— — 6.Penalty incurred by Adam Foularton for not riding about the town's common, [Ib.]254
— — 7.Gift of a beadralship of St Mary's Wynd, [Ib.]254
— — 10.An assesssor discharged of his office for speaking unpleasant language to the Queen Regent; protest by him against this decree, [Ib.]255
— — 18.An assessor appointed in place of the one who was discharged, [Ib. fol. 88.]255
— — 27.Rent of grammar school to be paid, [Ib. ]255
— — — 27.Common seal to be affixed of new to an instrument, the old seal being decayed, [Ib.]256
— — —A burgess and guild brother made at the request of the Queen, [Ib.]256
— — 28.Extent on the Burghs for their part of a general tax, [Ib. fol. 89.]256
— December 2.Claim for payment of duty paid by a burgess and guild brother, [Ib.]257
— — 4.Propines to the Queen and Provost, [Ib.]257
— — —Passage at the West Port to be made free, [Ib. fol. 90.]258
— — 9.Proclamation as to accounts of the burgh, [Ib. ]258
— — 11.Inquiry to be made as to ability of inhabitants, and the quantity of their substance and goods, [Ib.]258
— — 16.Act as to persons who are to keep taverns or vent wines, [Ib. fol. 91.]259
— — — Wells to be repaired and overseers appointed, [Ib.]259
1556, December 16.Bailies not to pay extent in respect of their labour in collecting same, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 91.]259
— — —Musicians to be paid for playing through the town, [Ib.]260
— — 23.Presents to be given to the ushers of the Queen's chamber door for obtaining their "benevolence, "[Ib.]260
— — 30.Servants with torches to accompany the provost, [Ib. ]260
1556–7, January 9.James King to be paid for his labours in connection with the inquiry ordered on 11th December, [Ib.]260
— — 20.Drytapsters discharged from using ale, [Ib. fol. 92.]260
— — 22.Rent of a chamber in the High Street to be paid, [Ib. ]261
— — —An altar to be repaired and an aisle made [Ib. ]261
— February 5.Landward fleshers discharged from privileges conferred upon them, [Ib.]261
— — — Act as to the poor folk's bread, [Ib. ]261
— — —Nightly watch to be kept; all persons to carry lights after a certain hour, [Ib.]261
— — 12.Freedom of the burgh renounced by Janet Richardson, [Ib. fol. 93.]261
— — 13.Gift of a beadmanship of St Paul's Work, [Ib. ]261
— — 26.Extents not to be added to without the consent of the council and deacons, [Ib.]262
— March 17.Protest by the dean of guild as to producing the guild book, [Ib. fol. 94.]262
— — 20.A person ordained to desist from selling aqua vitæ, [Ib. ]262
— — 24.Rent and annuals of the Hospital of St Paul's Work to be collected, [Ib.]262
— — —Gift of a beadmanship of St Paul's Work, [Ib. ]262
— — —Act of the council, and letter by the Queen, as to payment of extents by the crafts, [Ib.]263
Act passed by the provost, with consent of his council, for keeping clean the haven of Leith, [C.R., Adv. Lib., fol. 133.]265
Act of Parliament in regard to maltmakers, 17th June 1535, [A. P. S., Vol. II. p. 351, s. 42.]265
Act of Parliament as to prices at which craftsmen and others are to sell their goods, 17th June 1535, [Ib. p. 351, s. 43.]266

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