Extracts from the Accounts
Deans of Guild, 1552-3


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'Extracts from the Accounts: Deans of Guild, 1552-3', Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557 (1871), pp. 328-343. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=58538 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Deans of Guild, 1552-3


Dean of Guild's Accounts, 1552-53.

Heir followis the Oneratioun of James Carmichaell, Dene of Gild, that he is to be chargit with in anno Jm vc liij°, and his enteres wes quarto Octobris, anno Jm vc lijdo:—

The Pece Silver gottin be procuratioun in the Kirk:—

Item, in primis, Sonday, the nynt day of October, ressavit fra Johne Grahame and his marrow,xxviijsvd
Item, Sonday, the xvj day, ressavit fra Walter Wycht and his marrow,xxxiijsiijd
Item, Sonday, the xxiij day, ressavit fra Andro Bartane his allane, because James Lowrie wald nocht gang,xixsjd
Item, Sonday, the xxx day, ressavit fra James Lowrie and George Gibsoun,lvsijd
Item, the saxt day of November, ressavit fra Johne Adamsoun and Thomas Boyis,xxxviijsijd
Item, Sonday, the xiij day, ressavit fra Harculis Methven and his marrow,xxxijsijd
Item, Sonday, the xx day, ressavit fra John Clerk and Henre Young,xxixsix½d
Item, Sonday; the xxvij day, ressavit fra William Ker and Duncane Levingstoun,lvijsvjd
Item, Sonday, the ferd day of December, ressavit fra James Adamsoun and Robert Flemyng,iijlixvjs
Item, Sonday, the xj day, ressavit fra Richert Gray and James Rynd,xljsvjd
Item, Sonday, the xviij day,ressavit fra Alexander Dein and John Hammiltoun,xxijsiijd
Item, Sonday, the xxv day, ressavit fra Alexander Be and William Lausoun,iijlixixs
Item, Sonday, the first day of Januar, ressavit fra Johne Uchiltre and John Levingstoun,xxxsvd
Item, Sonday, the viij day ressavit fra Eduerd Thomsoun and his marrow,xxjs
Item, the fiftene day, ressavit fra.Johne Frog and William Makcay,xxvijsij½d
Item, Sonday, the xxij day, ressavit fra Mongo Hunter and Johne Hopper,xxvsij½d
Item, Sonday, the xxix day, ressavit fra Williame Scott and his marrow,xxiijdiij½d
Item, Sonday, the fift day of Februar, ressavit fra Johne Clerksoun and James Scharp,xxvijsiiij½d
Item, Sonday, the xij day, ressavit fra William Aikman and Thomas Todinar,xlvjsd
Item, Sonday, the xix day, ressavit fra James Sym and James Stewinsoun, iijlivjsix½d
Item, Sonday, the xx [vj] day, ressavit fra William Newtoun and Alexander Robesoun, xxxvsiiijd
Item, Sonday, the fift day of Marche, ressavit fra Patrick Wilsoun and and Archibald Edyer,xxxvijsiiijd
Item, Sonday, the xij day, ressavit fra James Gray and Alexander Chaip,xlixs
Item, Sonday, the xix day, ressavit fra Johne Kyle and James Young,xlsjd
Item, Sonday, the xxvj day, ressavit fra Maister Johne Moscrop and Alexander Bannatyne,liijsiijd
Item, the secund day of Aprile, ressavit fra Johne Mosman and Michael Rynd,lsvijd
Item, Sonday, the nynt day, ressavit fra Michael Gilbert and Mongo Naper,lvjsixd
Item, Sonday, the xvj day, ressavit fra Alexander Gilbert and Archibald Grayth,xxvjsiijd
Item, Sounday, the xxiij day, ressavit fra Thomas Ewene and Johne Westoun, ljsd
Item, Sonday, the last day of Aprile, ressavit fra Alexander King and Allane Dikkesoun,iiijlixvjs½d
Item, Sonday, the vij day of Maij, ressavit fra Johne Rechisoun and William Rechisoun,xxvjsix½d
Item, Sonday, the xiiij day, ressavit fra Adam Cauldwell and Andro Wigholm,xlsvijd
Item, the xxj day, ressavit fra James Marjoribanks and David Corsbe,ls
Item, Sonday, the xxviij day, ressavit fra Adam Allane and George Johnstoun,xliijsd
Item, Sonday, the ferd day of Junij, ressavit fra Johne Cunynghame and his marrow,xxsd
Item, Sonday, the xj day, ressavit fra John Dougall and Johne Cathkyn,xxxijsd
Item, on Sonday the xviij day, ressavit fra James Forrat and William Trumbill,xlvijsvd
Item, Sonday, the xxv day, ressavit fra David Towris and Thomas Reidpeth,xxxviijsvj½d
Item, Sonday, the secund day of Julij, ressavit fra William Scott and Johne Banks,xxxjsvd
Item, Sonday, the nynt day, ressavit fra Alexander Purves and Alexander Lyell,xljsvjd
Item, Sonday, the xvj day, ressavit fra William Thomsoun and Johne Purdy,xxxijsiiijd
Item, Sonday, the xxiij day, ressavit fra Johne Wat and his marrow,xxviijsvd
Item, on Sonday, the xxx day, ressavit fra Johne Wilke and his marrow,xvijsvj½d
Item, Sonday, the vj day of August, ressavit of Francis Ur and his marrow,xxvs
Item, Sonday, the xiij day, ressavit fra Johne Herhisoun and Thomas Galbrayth,xxxsvd
Item, Sonday, the xx day, ressavit fra Thomas Trowp and his marrow,xxviijsiiij½d
Item, Sonday, the xxvij day, ressavit fra William Robertsoun and his marrow,xxijsvjd
Item, on Sanct Gelis day, the first day, ressavit fra Eduard Hop and James Bassinden,iijliijsiiij½d
Item, Sonday, the thrid day, ressavit fra Robert Cunynghame and William M'Calwy,xlsvijd
Item, Sonday, the tent day, ressavit fra Francis Bell and his marrow,xxijsvjd
Item, Sonday, the xvij day, ressavit fra Thomas Pettigreste and his marrow,xxiijsiijd
Item, Sonday, the xxiiij day, ressavit fra James Cranstoun and William Andersoun,xxxsvd
Item, Sonday, the first day of October, ressavit fra Eduard Litle and James Nycoll,xxxixsijd
Summa of the hale charge of the pece, this instant yeir, extends tojc lixiiijsviij½d
Item, I am to be chargit with the nowmber of the schippis of this instant yeir, quhilk extendis, as the buke beris, to iijxx xvj schippis:—
Summa of the schippis,liijliiiijs

Heir followis my charge of the Burgesses and Gilds, bayth togidder becaus thai are in the lokkit buik:—

Item, in primis, Patrik Crag,xli
Item, Johnne Aikmanvli
Item, Johnne Tod,xxxiijsiiijd
Item, Johnne Small,xiijsiiijd
Johnne Purdy,xiijsiiijd
Item, Michaell Windeyettis,vli
Item, Andrew Makkilwych,vli
Item, Alexander Wardlaw,vli
Item, John Young,xiijsiiijd
Item, William Aikman,vli
Item, John Dalzell,vli
Item, Allane Purves,xiijsiiijd
Item, William Darling,vjsviijd
Item, Alexander Pentland,vli
Item, Johnne Gibsoun,vli
Johnne Thane,vli
James Terbat,xxxiijsiiijd
Item, Robert Cunynghame,xxxiijsiiijd
Item, Johnne Blakburn,xxs
Item, Alexander Naperxxxiijsiiijd
Item, Maister Archibald Grahame,xxxiijsiiijd
Item, Alexander Achisoun,xvli
Item, Alexander Tennend,vli
Item, Michaell Mailvill,xiijsiiijd
Item, James Spottiswod,vli
Item, Johnne Watsoun,vli
Item, Adam Cauldwell,vli
Niniane Bruce,xxxiijsiiijd
Thomas Rannald,xvli
Maister Henre Foulis,xxxiijsiiijd
Maister James Watsoun,xvli
Item, Neill Layng,xvli
Summa of the burgesses and gilds, bayth togidder, this yeir extends toijcljlivjs viijd

Item, I am to be chargit with the Choppis of the Kirk and the fute of the Kirk-yard this instant yeir:—

Item, John Gilbert,xxxs
Item, Uxor Rynd,xxxs
Item, Thomas Mereles,xxvjsviijd
Item, David Bane,xxvjsviijd
Item, Johne Broderstanis,xxvjsviijd
Item, Johne Bane,xxs
Item, George Marschell,xxs
Item, Johne Forrest,xxs
Item, William Forsyth,xxs
Item, Marioun Scott,xxs
Item, Nicoll Haisty,xxs
Item, Alexander Diksoun,xxs
Item, George Elwand,xxs
Item, Johne Cunynghame,xxs
Item, Margrete Rutherfurd,xxs
Item, William Harperfeild,xxs
Item, George Cowane,xxs
Item, Michaell Windeyettis,xxs
Summa of the hale choppis, this instant yeir, extends toxxli

Item, I am to be chargit with the Throuchtis of the Kirk this instant yeir:—

Item, in primis, Richart Wrycht,vjsviijd
Item, Elizabeth Duncane,vjsviijd
Item, Andro Patersoun,vjsviijd
Item, Elizabeth Aikenheid,vjsviijd
Item, twa servands of the lard of Kynfawns,xiijsviijd
Item, Johne Cunynghame,vjsviijd
Item, Williame Davidsoun's wif,vjsviijd
Item, Patrik Edyear's barn,ijs
Item, Thomas Mudeis wif,vjsviijd
Item, Maister William Wychtman,vjsviijd
Item, Maister Robert Wedderburn,vjsviijd
Item, Alexander Achisoun's barn,ijs
Summa of the throuchis, this instant yeir, isiijlixvjsiiijd
Item, for the making of ane throuche of Williame Craik's, and the rowme thairof,xxs
Item, I am to be chargit with the Grete Sele of this instant yeir:—
Item, ressavit fra Alexander Hereot for the sele to his few of Ravilstoun,xls
Item, ressavit ane unicorn fra my Lord Provest, at Michaelmes, to the work,xxiiijs
Item, I am to be chargit with ane Eschete of William Brone, of ane compositioun for certane hydis put in ane schip unfrauchtit:—
Item, ressavit for the compositioun of the foirsaid hydis, modifeit be the counsale, the sowme of ten punds; summaxli
Item, I am to be chargit with the four Grete Goldin Candilstikks in this instant yeir:—
Item, in primis, Leonard Stevinsoun,ixsvjd
Item, Thomas Broun,ixsvjd
Item, Dame Chepman,ixsvjd
Item, the lard of Kynfawnis,ixsvjd
Item, Johne Craik,ixsvjd
Item, Maister Thomas Fischear,ixsvjd
Item, Alexander Adamsoun and William Adamsoun,iiijs
Item, Nicoll Carncross,ijs
Item, Eduard Litill,ijs
Item, Mongo Tennend,ijs
Item, George Leche,ijs
Item, Issobell Hopper,ijs
Maister James Foulis,ijs
Item, Henre Ramsay,ijs
Item, Patrik Fleming,ijs
Item, William Rynd,ijs
Item, Maister Robert Widderburn,ixsvjd
Item, to Michaell Lochmyln,ixsvjd
Item, Andro Makclen,ixsvjd
Item, William Carncross,ixsvjd
Item, Jonett Purves,ijs
Item, Thomas Terbat,ijs
Item, David Taitt's wif,ijs
Item, Maister Adam Otterburn,ijs
Item, Gilbert Lauder,ijs
Item, George Henrisoun,ijs
Item, William Henrisoun,ijs
James Gray,ijs
Item, James Barronis wif,ijs
Item, the laird of Balcleuche,ijs
Summa of the hale grete candilstikks,[vjlixvijs]

Item, I am to be chargit of the Silver Candilstikkis, of the money for thame, this instant yeir:—

Item, James Purves,viijd
Item, Thomas Terbat,viijd
Item, for Maister William Wychtman,viijd
Item, David Taittis wif,viijd
Item, Margrete Fynlausoun,iiijd
Item, Johne Clekkeviijd
Item, Johne Adamsoun,viijd
Item, Maister Adam Otterburn,viijd
Item, for Maister Robert Wedderburn,xvjd
Item, for Michaell Lochmyln,viijd
Item, for the Fraternite of Sanct Ann,iiijd
Item, Sir Johne Kerss,iiijd
Item, Patrik Cukis wife,viijd
Item, for the Fraternite of Sanct Cristell,iiijd
Item, Patrik Wilsonis wif,viijd
Item, for Gilbert Lauder,viijd
Item, Andro M'Clen,viijd
Item, Patrik Rechisoun,iiijd
Item, Thomas Broun,viijd
Item, Alexander Achisonis barn,viijd
Item, William Brounis wif,viijd
Item, William Carncorss,xvjd
Item, James Barronis wif,viijd
Item, the lard of Balcleuche,xvjd
Item, Sir Robert Hopper,iiijd
Item, William Adamsoun and Alexander Adamsoun,xvjd
Item, Eduard Litill,viijd
Item, Nicoll Carncorss,viijd
Item, the Confrere of Crispe and Crispenene,iiijd
Item, Maister William Foular and Johne Foular,viijd
Item, Michaell Makquhen,iiijd
Item, Maister John Chepman,iiijd
Item, Mongo Tennend,viijd
Item, George Leche,viijd
Item, the Fraternite of Sanct Bla,iiijd
Item, William Lokhart,iiijd
Item, Maister Henre Quhyte,iiijd
Item, Issobell Hopper,viijd
Item, Maister James Foulis,viijd
Item, Walter Chepman,iiijd
Item, Johne Reiddis barn,viijd
Item, Maister Johne Murray,viijd
Item, Henre Ramsay,viijd
Item, Dame Chepman,viijd
Item, Sir Thomas Maxwell,iiijd
Item, the lard of Kynfawns,xvd
Item, John Craik,viijd
Item, Dame Weche,viijd
Item, William Davidsoun,viijd
Item, Maister Johne Spittell,xvjd
Item, the Dene of Dunbar,xvjd
Item, Andro Law,viijd
Item, Patrik Flemyng,viijd
Item, Johne Bruce,iiijd
Summa of the silver chandlers for this instant yeir,[jlixvsviijd
Item, I am to be chargit with Sanct Gelis arme on Relik Sonday and Sanct Gelis day,iijsvijd
Summa of the hale charge, isiijcljlixiijs xjdob.

Heir efter followis the Exoneratioun and Discharge of the Dene of Gild, of the compt of befoir writtin, of the yeir of God Jm vc lii yers:—

In the first, begynnis the expenses of the Wrychtis sen the secund day of October 1552:—

In primis, said day, the viij day of October, to Andro Mansioun and his thre servands for their ulk's wage,iiijlixixs
Item, to Robert Finder,xxxs
Item, for candill that oulk,xiijsiiijd
Item, for xviij pund of glew, price of the stane xxiiijs; summaxxvijs
Item, for sawing of xv draucht of buirds and xxvij quarter dalis; summa of the halexiijs
Item, for sounds,vjs
Item, said day, the xv dayof October, to Andro Mansioun and his thre servands,iiijlixixs
Item, to Robert Fynder,xxxs
Item, for candill this oulk,xijs
Item, for ane croce band of irne and ane lok and ane pype to the watter stop,viijsvjd
Item, to the glassinwrycht for vj fute of new glas in ane pannell in Sanct Thomas ile, and four fute of auld gles, payit for the fute of new gles xxd and for the fute of auld gles vjd; summaxijs
Item, to ane workman to mend the kapis and the blew welvet stands, and for ribbonis to thame,xijsvjd
Item, for peonar fie of ane grete standart ledder furth of the Abbay of Halyrudhous to the kirk, and lifting about to the woundokkis mending round about the kirk,iiijsiiijd
Item, for vj laid lyme to poynt the windois,vijs
Item, for ane dousone sand coft,vs
Item, for watter drawing, and riddeling,iijsviijd
Item, on said day, the xxij day of October, to Andrew Mansioun and his thre servands,iiijlixixs
Item, to Robert Finder,xxxs
Item, for peonar fee of iijxx xiiij buirds to be kitters furth of the luge to the kirk, and fra the kirk to the Abbot of Dunfermeling's lugeing, for glewing and for bering of thame to the kirk agane,xsviijd
Item, for iij lame piggis,xijd
Item, for ane eln of canves,ijs
Item, for sawing of xv dosone buirds,vijsvjd
Item, for iij pannells of gless to Sanct Anthonis windowis, contenand of new gles xij fute, and xviij fute auld gles,xxiiijsvjd
Item, for candill,xijs
Item, for sounds for the mixt glew,vijs
Item, said day, the xxix day of October, to Andrew Mansioun and his thre servands,iiijlixixs
Item to Robert Finder,xxxs
Item, for the lane of blakks to hing the queir of the south side, at the making of the contract with Andro Mansioun, for keping of thame twa dayis,vsviijd
Item, in Oure Lady ile, new gles four fute, and in Sanct Gabryell's ile vj fute new gles, price of the fute xxd; summaxviijsviijd
Item, thre fute auld gles,xviijd
Item, for ane stane candill,xijs
Item, to Lane and Hainsle to beir the ketteris to the hous above the kirk duir, and uthir tynimer, togidder,iiijsvd
Item, for drinksilver to the glassinwrycht,vs
Item, for rynging of the bellis all nycht on Salmes evin,ijs
Item, that samin day to Broun for xxvj doson burds and uthir grete tymmer,xvijsiiijd
Item, said day, the fift day of November, to Andro Mantioun and his thre servands,iiijlixixs
Item, to Robert Fynder,xxxs
Item, to Johne Ahannay, for two new gles bands, and ane band to the nether queir duir, and ane cleik,vijsviijd
Item, the vij day of November, for candill,xijs
Item, for ane stane of glew, the price thairofxxiiijs
Item, the xvj day of November, for candill,xiijsiiijd
Item, to Broun for sawing of buirds and geists to the bak of workbands,xiiijsviijd
Item, the third day of December, for candill,xjsvja
Item, for four fute of new gles in Sanct Johnis ile, and ten fute auld gles,vjsxd
Item, for peonar fee of the ledder fra the kirk to the abbay,viijd
Item, the nynt day of December, for candill,xijs
Item, for irne werk, nalis, and clikis to Andro Mansioun turnying stulis,xsiiijd
Item, the xvij day of December, for candill,xijs
Item, for ane stane and ane half glew, price of the stane xxiiijs; summaxxxvjs
Item, for sawing of five dosone buirds, xj quarter drauchtis,vsiijd
Item, the xxiiij day of December, for candill,xiijsiiijd
Item, to mending the sensars, five grotts, the pece xviijd; summavijsvjd
Item, for clengeing of the kirke about the lettrin, the xxiij day of December,vs
Item, to James Lauder, that day,xxiiijs
Item, the viij day of Januar, for candill,viijsvid
Item, for sounds to the glew,viIjs
Item, for peonar fee of the lintellis fra the werkhous to the North Loch, and fra the loch hame to the werkhous,iiijsvjd
Item, the xvij day of Januar, for candill,xs
Item, for bukrem to mend the westments and fruiteli, and for ribbonis and silk,xs vjd
Item, to Home and Hainslie to await upoun Andro Mansioun, and to carry his tymmer to him at his command,vs
Item, the xxiiij day of Januar, for candill,xs
Item, the last day of Januar, to Andro Mansioun for his quarter payment, conform to his contract mad betwix him and me, as his contract mad thairupon bers, at the provest, baillies, and counsalis command,Ili
Item, the first day of Februar, for candill,xs
Item, for v pund glew,ixs
Item, for lossing of "William Broneis hydis furth of ane schip unfrauchtit, and for bering of thame to the King's Werk,vs
Item, coft fra Johne "Wedderburn, the third day of Februar, iij geistis,xl viijs
Item, for nalis to mend the grete candilstik,xijd
Item, the viij day of Februar, for candill,xijs
Item, far cart hyre of the geistis,iiijsvjd
Item, for peonar fee in Leyth, and inlaying in the kirkyard,ijs
Item, for sawing of thame and xvij burds, to Broun and his marrow,ixsiijd
Item, the xv day of Februar, coft ane stane of glew, costxxiiijs
Item, coft the xx day of Februar, fra Alexander Park, vj geistis, price of the pece xvijs,vliijs
Item, for cart hyre of thame,vijsviijd
Item, for peonar fee in Leyth,xijd
Item, for inhering in the kirkyard,xijd
Item, for sawing of thame,vs
Item, the xxiiij day of Februar, for ane stane of candill,xijs
Item, the last day of Februar, to the sawars,viijsixd
Item, for weching of the glassin windois the x of Marche, round about the north syde of the kirk, to Patrick Home and Hannislie,xiiijs
Item, the xij day of Marche, for candill,xijs
Item, for dich ting of the kirk round about, at Pasche,vs
Item, for keiping of the sepulture,viijs
Item, for skowring of the lectrone,iiijs
Item, for oley to the knok all y eir,viijs
Item, for candill to the pann all the yeir in winter,xxvijs
Item, for sawing of the wanescot,ijsixd
Item, for ix punds glew,xiijsvjd
Item, upon the Inventioun of the Haly Croce evin, to Andro Mansioun for his quarter fe, conform to his contract maid betuix him and me, at the counsal's command,1li
Item, the samyn day deliverit to the prior and convent of the Blackfreris, conform to ane obligatioun maid to thame be the provest, baillies, and counsale, and the dene of gild for the tyme oblisit thairfor,xli
Item, for three piggs to melt glew in,xijd
Item, coft to glew the grete black standarts ijc grete nalis, price of jc, vjsviijd; summaxiijsiiijd
Item, coft fra David Forester j dosone burds, costiijlixijs
Item, for pynour fe of thame, viijd
Item, for sawing of thame, vs
Item, for pynour fe of thame fra the Kirk of Feild kirkyard to the kirk, xijd
Item, for dichting of the kirk about at Corpus Christpinis day, vs
Item, skowring of the lettrone, iijs
Item, coft fra Johne Aslowane xviij burds, price of the dosone iijlixijs; summavliviijs
Item, for pynour fe of thame,xijd
Item, for sawing of thame, vijsvjd
Item, for mending of twa ledders borrowit to wesche the kirk windois,iijs
Item, for ane dow and watter, xviijd
Item, coft ½c wanescot, xvli
Item, for kert hyre, xijsvjd
Item, for pynour fe of thame, ijsvjd
Item, for sawing of xvij burds, vijs
Item, the xvij of July, for sawing of xviij quarter drauchts, iiijsvjd
Item, the xxiiij day, for sawing of twa geists and nyne burds, vsiiijd
Item, for dichting of the kirk within, ilk xv days fra Corpus Christpis day to Sanct Gelis day, xiijs
Item, the first day of August, to Andro Mansioun for his quarter's payment, conform to his contract, at the command of the counsale, lli
Item, to John Dalmahoy, in Leyth, for his service awatand on the schippis that past unenterit in the buks and unfrauchtit x quarters fustiane, price of the eln vs; summaxvs
Item, the v day of August, for xviij punds glew, price of the stane xxiiijd; summaxxvijs
Item, coft ane hundreth grete nalis, cost vjsviijd
Item, for sawing of cuttis of grete tymmer, and xxiiij wanescot, the xij of August, xijsviijd
Item, the xx day of August, to sawaris for sawing of burds, vsiijd
Item, the samyn day, coft twa dosane dalis, price of the dosane xxxvs; summaiijlixs
Item, thair is xiiij of thame for fluring of thame, and viij put upon the werkhous wall.
Item, for cart hyre of thame, vs
Item, for pynour fe, xvd
Item, the last day of August, to the sawars for sawing of wanescot, vijiiijd
Item, for graithing of the kirk on Sanct Gelis day, iijs
Item, the tent day of September, to the sawaris, iiijsjd
Item, the samyn day, for candill, vjsviijd
Item, the xvj day of September, to the sawaris, ixsijd
Item, the samyn day, coft ½cstanis of [blank], cost xvs
Item, for ane hundreth, vjsviijd
Item, coft ane dosane and ane half lyme, price of the dosane xiiijs; summa, xxjs
Item, the samyn day, coft thre dosane sand, price of the dosane vs; summaxvs
Item, coft half ane dosone firrin sparrs to be spaks to hald up the work, cost vsvjd
Item, the xxj day of September, for candill, xijs
Item, for vj dosane watter, price of the dosane xd; summa vs
Item, to Gilbert Cleuch, mason, and Johne Anderson, for ane ulk's laubor in the fluring of the soill of the stall, xlijs
Item, for xjli glew,xvjsvjd
Item, gevin to Neill Laiying for wryttings and the signet at diverse tymes, at the provest, baillies, and counsale command, in money xvli
Item, gevin to Maister James M'Gill for his procuratioun in the townis effeiris, at the command of the provest, baillies, and counsale, in money xvli
Item, to ane boy for his drinksilver, ijs
Item, Mononday, the xxij of September, to thre workmen, iijs
Item, Twisday, Wednisday, Thurisday, Friday, and Saturday, ilk day to twa workmen, ijs; summaxijs
Item, the xxiij of September, for inbringing of red to fill up the hollis, xviijd
Item, for sawing of burds, iiijsvd
Item, for inbringing of the work to the work of the queir, and furth brynging agane, and for inbringing of the haill work, thre dayis, vijsvjd
Item, the xxix of September, for candill, viijs
Item, to George Johnestoun, for xjli½ walx candill to the grete candilstikks all the yeir, price of the lib. iiijs; summa xlvjs
Item, to Pate for walx to powpet, vjs
Item, to Thomas "Watsoun, glassinwrycht, for his yer's fe,s iiijli
Item, to Andro Mansioun for half ane ulk's wage deiduceit in the last compts of the Yule ulk, and siclik of the ulk of Witsonday, gevin to him and his servands, conform to that yer's ulklie wage, at the provest's and counsale's command,vijlixjs
Item, siclik gevin to Robert Finder for his wage,xxxs
The officaris feis.
In primis, Richard Trowop, vii
Item, Patrik Baldrany,xls
Item, Thomas Todrik,xls
Item, "William Cowttis,xls
Item, James Henrison, xls
Item, James Anderson, xls
Item, Johne Wauchlot, xls
Item, Johne Richardson,xls
Item, Patrik "Wychtman,xls
Item, Richard Plummar,xls
Item, to Thomas Hall, xls
Item, to Patrik, gevin als for his yer's fe for the dichting of the gutteris, xxxs
Item, to Home for his yer's fe for keiping of the kirk, xls
Item, to Doctor Smyth for his yer's fe,xxs
Item, for mending of twa of the choppis occupyt be Johne Marschell and Michael Windeyeitts at the fute of the kirk yard, xs
Item, gevin to Andro Aldoth, principall wrycht under the maister of work, for his laubors at the work, drinksilver to him, ane pair of hois of stennying millane, the price thairof, xxxs
Item, for my yer's fe and my chaplanis, xu xiijsiiijd
Item, the compter is to be dischargit of the sowme of foure scoir thre lixiijs vj½, quhilk wes restand awing to the compter in his last yer's compt precedand, as ane act maid in the townis buks, the ix of November 1552 yers purports; summa lxxxiijllxiijs vj½d

Apud Edinburgh, Secundo Martij, Anno Domini Jm vc liijtio. [At Edinburgh, 2nd March 1553 (1553-54).]

The quhilk day the comptis foirsaid, of the twa yers precedand the dait of Michaelmess last bypast, maid be James Carmichael, dene of gild, hard, sene, and thairwith ryplie avisit, the charge and discharge considerit, finds that the said James is superexpendit by his charge, quhilk the towne is restand awing to him, the sowme of ane hundreth j pund xvs viijd, de claro, be thir presents, subscrvit be jugis and auditors of comptis underwritin:—

Mr Johne Prestoun, baillie.
William Lawson, baize.
William Murheid, baillie.
Duncane Levingstoun, baillie.
William Hammyltoun, provest.
Wikem Craik.
Mr James Lyndesay.
Johne Sym, with my hand.

Primo February Jm vc lxjmo. [1st February 1561.] In presence of Maister James Lindesay,James Adamsoun, Thomas Uddert, James Eyehole, James Curle, Jhonne Spottiswod, Mychaell Gilbert, David Kinloch, and Thomas Ewyne, the said James Carmychell grantts him satisfeit and payit of the rest above writtin. In witnes quhairof he subscrivis this present in thair presence, being auditors electit to heir the comptis of the toun;