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'Table of contents', Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571 (1875), pp. I-XXVII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Table of the Contents.

1557,March31.Money to be expended in bigging the Newhaven, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 95.]1
April2.Answer to Queen's letter as to craftsmen, [Ib.]1
9.Forms to be provided for Magdalene Chapel, [Ib.]1
14.Extent for expenses of Queen's marriage, [Ib.]2
18.Landward fleshers to have liberty to sell flesh above Tolbooth, [Ib. fol. 97 Inventory of City Charters, Vol. I. fol. 21.]4
June5.Act discharging Thomas Makcalyeane, assessor, to be deleted, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 98.]5
18.Proclamation of weaponschawing, [Ib. fol. 98.]5
25.Proclamation as to price of flesh; halberts to officers, [Ib. fol. 99.]6
July24.St Rowkis chapel to be inspected, [Ib.]7
31.Newhaven to be inspected, [Ib.]7
August11.Works at Newhaven and St Rokis chapel, [Ib. fol. 100.]7
13Payment for spears use of inhabitants, [Ib.]8
14.Act as to weaponschawing, [Ib.]8
17.Locks and keys for clerks' chamber; proclamation of weaponschawing; a bedrelship of St Mary's Wynd granted, [Ib. fol. 101.]9
September17.Men. furnished to army, conform to Queen's writing, [Ib. fol. 102.]9
1557,September18.Craftsmen consent to be stented; clerk's expenses to Hamilton for artillery; signet to Queen's letters, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 103.]10
Annual acts as to bread, &c.; acts as to regraters, beggars, and weapons in booths, [Ib. fol. 105–6.]11
November 5.Grant of a benefice of St Andrew's altar; town walls, &c., to be repaired; wine escheat and given to serjeants, [Ib. fol. 109.]12
12.Grant of burgesships, [Ib. fol. 110.]13
23.Meetings oof council, [Ib. fol. 113.]13
26.Taxes of sons of burgesses, [Ib.]13
December 10.Gift to the Queen and her servitors, [Ib. fol. 114.]14
15.Absentees from musters unlawed, [Ib.]14
29.Town to be fortified, [Ib.]15
1557–8,January 19.President chosen to act in Provost's absence, [Ib.]15
21.Licence for obtaining alms for repair of Magdalene bridge, [Ib. fol. 116.]16
February9.Payment to chirurgeon for mending a leg; clothmarket restored to former site above Tolbooth, [Ib. fol. 117–8]16
11.A candlemaker ordered not to melt tallow near lord president's house; market of hides and skins, [Ib. fol. 118.]17
March6.Lime for town walls; powder and bullets for artillery, [Ib. fol. 119.]18
1558,April16.Payment of taxes by merchants or free burgesses, [Ib. fol. 121.]18
May9.Proceedings taken for defence of burgh, [Ib. fol. 122–3.]19
11.Concerning extenters and gentlemen heritors, [Ib. fol. 123.]20
21.Gunners to be hired; close-foots to be built up; ports; preparations for defence; artillery to be bought, [Ib. fol. 124–5.]20
27.Town's evidents and writings and silverwork of St Giles' kirk to be removed to castle; as to men to be furnished by crafts, [Ib. fol. 125.]22
1558,May30.Ordinance for defence of the town [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 125.]22
June5.Hiring servants in time of war; merchants and craftsmen to be consulted as to number of men they may furnish; men to be furnished by merchants, [Ib. fol. 126.]23
10.Roll of mason craftsmen to be given in; complaint by skinner craft as to unfreemen of St Johnston; men to be furnished by crafts, [Ib. fol. 131–2.]24
17.Privileges obtained by Edinburgh against Leith, [Balfour's Practicks, p. 51.]25
23.On complaint of bonnet makers, unfreemen not to sell bonnets except on market and fair days, [C.R. Vol. II. fol. 132.]25
Celebration of Queen's marriage, [Ib.]26
December15.Gift of wine and wax to the Queen, [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 1.]26
29.Passage and causeway of Cowgait to be repaired, [Ib. fol. 2.]26
1558–9,January7.Gift of bedrelship; jewels in kirk of St Giles, [Ib.]27
February3.Triumph and banquet to the Queen; licence to procurator-fiscal to vent and have wine in his house free of stent [Ib. fol. 4, 5.]28
12.Price of wine; letters of Queen giving licence to a merchant of Flanders as to selling his goods, [Ib. fol. 5, 6.]29
13.Charge by Queen to liberate merchant from ward, [Ib. fol. 7.]29
14.Letter from Queen as to the merchant's goods, [Ib. fol. 7.]30
March8.Weight of kirk jewels, [Ib. fol. 3.]30
24.Persons appointed for attending to matters between the town and Leith, [Ib. fol. 9.]30
1559,April12.Gifts of chaplainries in St Giles' Kirk, [Ib. fol. 10, 11.]31
20.Complaint against Lord Seyton for putting a bailie and the common clerk in ward, [Ib. fol. 11.]31
22.Message by Lord Seyton to the bailies, [Ib. fol. 12.]33
1559,April26.A prisoner set at liberty, [C.R. Vol. III., fol. 12.]34
28.At desire of the Queen, actions between the town and Leith to be suspended; proposal to erect three shops at kirk gavil to be rejected, [Ib. fol. 13.]34
May10.Stents of Inverkeithing and Kinghorn, [Ib.]36
14.Letter from Queen as to keeping rule and defending religious places, [Ib. fol. 14.]36
20.Artillery to be ready and watch kept; gift of a bedrelship, [Ib.]37
24.Imprisonment of bailie; provost to write to Queen thereanent, [Ib. fol. 14, 15.]37
26.Against unfreemen occupying the liberty of burgesses, [Ib. fol. 15.]39
28.Letter from Queen as to defence of town, [Ib.]39
June3.Watchman casting stones at Blackfriars and Greyfriars windows, [Ib. fol. 16.]40
14.Protest by dean of guild as to safe keeping of jewels and ornaments, [Ib.]40
16.Watch and keepers of the ports; commission against Archbishop of St Andrews, [Ib. fol. 17.]41
21.Gifts of beadmanships; keepers of St Giles krik; playing "sweis" at weapponschaw; mending canseways; gathering alms through town, [Ib. fol. 17, 18.]41
27.Custody of jewelsand vestments; names of persons to whom gear and vestments given in keeping, Ib. fol. 18.]42
29.Commission to treat with the congregation; preservation of St Giles' kirk; protest against deacon of hammermen, [Ib. fol. 19.]44
July12.Removal of stalls of choir; mending of walls and ports; proposition of the lords of the congregation, [Ib. fol. 19, 20.]45
29.Negotiations between commissioners for the Queen Regent and brethren of the congregation; protest by provost, [Ib. fol. 20, 21.]46
1559,August2.Repairing of town wall and ports; payments for watching kirk, etc., [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 21.]49
4.Payment of prebendaries; mending ports; acts as to beggars, [Ib. fol. 21, 22.]49
14.Nightly watch to be kept, [Ib. fol. 22.]50
18.Gifts of a bedrelship; coal and candle furnished to lords of session; act as to beggars and the poor, [Ib.]51
September4.Repair of wells; removal of skin market, [Ib.]51
14.Convening lords of session; answer to Queen's writing to be destroyed, [Ib.]52
20.Commissioners to lords of secret council; election of persons to vote for absent members of town council; council summoned to appear before Queen; ratification by provost of proceedings in his absence; protest by crafts as to their privileges; refusal by council to allow crafts to vote in e lection, and protest by them thereanent, [Ib. fol. 22–5.]52
22.Crafts not allowed to vote in election; letter by Queen as to election, [Ib. fol. 25.]56
26.Payment for playing a "quhissal" at the watch, [Ib.]57
30.Repair of tolbooth; preservation of town's evidents; gunners to be hired; keeping of the ports, [Ib. fol. 25, 26.]57
October6.Preservation of evidents, [Ib. fol. 26.]58
14.Artillery to be taken to castle, [Ib.]58
27.Extent for raising soldiers, [Ib.]58
29.Extent; St Giles' arm; receipt for artillery, [Ib. fol. 27.]59
November13.Kirk gear, vestments and ornaments to be replaced, [Ib.]59
21.Set of customs and tron; protest as to vestments, [Ib. fol. 27, 28.]60
December12.Gifts to Queen and provost; delivery of vestments, [Ib. fol. 28.]60
24.Watch to be kept, [Ib.]61
1559–60,January10.Ratification of certain statutes; wild adventures; officers and members of council to remain in town, [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 28.]61
19.Lodging for lord provost, [Ib.]62
February16.Payments to probendaries; farmers of customs and tron, [Ib. fol. 31.]62
1560,April16.Repairs on kirk; appointment of a bailie, [Ib. fol. 33.]62
30.Tax for raising soldiers, [Ib.]63
May1.Repairs on walls, [Ib.]63
4.Payment for playing on "swesche and quhissill," [Ib.]63
6.Disobedience to a bailie, [Ib. fol. 34.]63
8.Furnishings to John Knox; pensions to kirkmen discharged; removal of a bell, [Ib.]63
10.Money to be borrowed, [Ib.]64
15.Keys to a port and John Knox's loging, [Ib. fol. 35.]64
26.Watching prisoners; bell and brasen pillars of kirk to be made into artillery; duties payable to kirkmen, [Ib.]64
June1Furnishings to John Willok, [Ib. fol. 36.]65
10.Act as to idolaters, whoremasters, and harlots, [Ib. fol. 37.]65
12.Stones of kirks not to be removed, [Ib.]66
19.Tolbooth, school, and clerks' chamber to be fitted up in kirk; repairing of causeways, wells, and walls; seats for kirk; new keys for ports; collector of annuals, etc., to St Paul's work, [Ib. fol. 37, 38.]66
26.Furnishings to ministers, [Ib. fol. 39.]68
July12.Annuals formerly pertaining to friars, etc.; iron rods and shackles, [Ib.]68
19.Prices of bread and ale; acts as to beggars, musicians, and vagabonds, [Ib. fol. 41.]68
23.Walls and fortress of Leith, [Ib. fol. 40.]69
August1.Silver work and repairs on kirk; articles to be given in to parliament; order of procedence in the kirk; repairs on town wall; against unfreemen using privileges, [Ib. fol. 42, 43.]70
1560,August16.Furnishings to minister; complaint against constable-depute for levying dues; as to courts held by constable, [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 43.]72
21.Down casting walls and filling trenches of Leith; obligation by constable as to holding courts, [Ib. fol. 44.]74
24.Payment to musicians, [Ib.]74
30.Delivery of certain jewels; payment to minister; burgesses' oath, [Ib. fol. 44, 45.]74
September4.Lodging for John Knox; slander, parson of Pennecuke; delivery of jewels, [Ib. fol. 45.]76
5.Parson of Pennecuke; silver work undelivered; maintaining officers in execution of duty; iron house; silver work, [Ib. fol. 46, 47.]76
6.Delivery of silver work; masters of Haly Blude and St Anthony's, [Ib. fol. 47.]78
9.Laird of Restalrig put in ward; proclamation as to idle men, [Ib.]79
10.Watch ordered for sure keeping of the laird of Restalrig; search to be made for his concubine, [Ib. fol. 48.]80
11.Laird of Restalrig's writing registered; he to be kept in ward till he find caution; payment for damage in building town hall, [Ib.]80
16.Precautions for keeping Laird of Restalrig in prison; admission to Flesher craft, [Ib. fol. 48, 49.]81
20.Proclamation as to blasphemers and idolaters; Nether kirk yard; beds furnished to Englishmen, [Ib. fol. 49.]82
26.Two craftsmen to be on the council, [Ib. fol. 50.]83
October14.Acts as to bread, malt and ale, brewsters, poultry, candle, bay, and wine; corn market; stones of the Black and Grey Friars, [Ib. fol. 51–3.]84
20.Sale of bell and brazen pillars; slander against minister, [Ib. fol. 54.]85
1560,October30.Act as to keeping the Sabbath day; against blaspbemers; iniquity of women "taverners"; duty of wine pertaining to fraternity of St Anthony; sundry acts; burgesses to be resident; payments to John Knox; fee to gild officer, [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 55–77.]85
November15.Payments to provost and council; but at Nether Bow, [Ib. fol. 58.]88
16.Building of wall at North Loch side, [Ib.]88
20.Market at House of Muir; price of wine; merchants to be burgesses and guild brethren, [Ib. fol. 59, 60.]89
22.Sentence against to flesher for adultery, [Ib. fol. 60.]89
23.Dissent by deacons of craftts against sentence; council refuse to set prisoner at liberty on caution; complaint against craftsmen taking flesher furth of ward. [Ib.]90
28.Supplication by deacons, masters, and principal brethren of crafts as to disobedience of craftsmen in setting prisoner at liberty; certain persons to be summoned for their conspiracy, [Ib. fol. 60.]90
December6.Proclamation as to proceedings of craftsmen; disobedience to magistrates and officers; craftsmen called to the laws; craftsmen's servants to be punished; delivery of vestments; money for repairing kirk; extent for furnishing of ambassadors; bell of St Paul's work; merchants and craftsmen to become freemen; building of the walls, [Ib. fol. 61–3.]93
20.Vestments and jewels; down-casting dike at Leith; payment to John Knox, [Ib. fol. 63–4.]96
26.Kirk doors to be kept shut, [Ib. fol. 64.]97
1560–1,January3.Payment of burgess and gildships; down-casting of the Friars; payment to John Cairns, [Ib. fol. 67, 68.]97
15.Rent of grammar school, [Ib. fol. 69.]98
17.Delivery of jewels and ornaments, [Ib.]98
1560–1February4.Delivery of ornaments; payment to provost; beidmen of St Andrew's hospital; mending of causeways, [C.R. Vol. III. fol. 71–2.]98
7.Gavil at St Giles' Kirk to be completed; town wall at Blackfriars, [Ib. fol.99
12.Payments to John Knox, minister, [Ib. fol. 74.]99
19.Repairing of town wall, [Ib.]100
21.Delivery of silver chalice; dean of guild to be charged in account with pillars and bells, [Ib.]100
March5.Money received for bells and pillars, [Ib. fol. 75.]100
12.Repair of town wall; stones taken from kirks to be restored; French ambassador, [Ib. fol. 75.]100
24.Proclamation as to priests, monks, and friars; donations to poor; fleshers and fleshmarket, [Ib. fol. 75, 76.]101
1561,April2.Deacons to be convened to advise as to certain statutes; delivery of vestments; distribution of alms to the poor, [Ib. fol. 76, 77.]103
5.Delivery and sale of vestments; payment to John Knox; place of fleshmarket, [Ib. fol. 77.]104
9.Consent of deacons to removal of fleshmarket; dis-obedience of fleshers; removal of victualmarket; place to be acquired for fleshmarket, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 1–3.]104
23.Extent for town walls; articles proposed to council as to rents and annuals payable to papists, deceased persons' goods, duty on wine, burial place, games, swearers and blasphemers, prayers and preaching; town's artillery to be received from castle; proclamation against celebration of play of Robin Hood; proclamation as to duty on wine, [Ib. fol. 3, 4.]105
24.Lands to be acquired for fleshmarket; payment to John Cairns, [Ib. fol. 4, 5.]105
25.Act as to registering of testaments and making inventory of deceased persons' goods; repairs on Grey friars yard; duty on wine to be given to the poor; discharge of confraternities, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 4, 5.]109
May10.Proclamation as to prizes; insurrection of servants and apprentices in celebrating Robin Hood,[Ib. fol. 6.]111
13.Answer of deacons of crafts as to punishing offenders, [Ib. fol. 7.]113
14.Apprentices to be apprehended,[Ib.],113
21.Precautions for keeping order in time of parliament,[Ib.]114
23.Chaplain of St Katherine's altar authorised to feu lands, [Ib.]114
27.Vestments and ornaments to be sold; gift to captain of the castle,[Ib. fol. 8.]115
30.An advocate accused of receiving the priest's sacrament; quarterly payment to John Knox; artillery to be got back from castle,[Ib. fol.9.]115
June11.Apprentices imprisoned; as to artillery being brought back from castle,[Ib.]116
16.Alexander Skene, advocate, set at liberty; a priest banished; apprentices to be tried, [Ib. fol. 10, 11.]117
July11."Suechis" to be taken from players; "crafts childer" to be apprehended, [lb. fol. 12.]118
18.A tailor imprisoned for allowing his servants to go forth with armour,[Ib.]118
25.An officer discharged; town council besieged; guard to be asked for,[Ib.]118
30.James Barroun authorised to pay wages to the guard,[lb.]119
August13.Payment to James Barroun,[Ib.]119
22.Payments to bailies,[Ib.]119
25.Reward for services while provost and others were besieged, [Ib. fol. 13]119
26.Banquet and triumph to be made on Queen's entry,[Ib.]119
27.Preparations for banquet and triumph,[Ib. fol.13.]120
1561,August28.Farther preparations, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 13, 14.]121
29.Proclamation charging persons to give in accounts, [Ib. fol. 14.]122
September3.Extent for expenses of banquet, triumph, and gift to Queen,[Ib.]122
24.Leet for election of two craftsmen as councillors, [Ib. fol. 15.]122
26.Payment to "actour" of morning prayers; questions with crafts as to elections, [Ib.]123
October2.Proclamation charging priests and other to remove from town, [Ib.]125
5.Order by Queen to deprive provost and bailies of their offices,[Ib.]125
8.Provost and bailies discharged and others elected; protests thereanent,[Ib. fol.16.]126
22.A bailie fined for not accepting office, [Ib.]127
November5.Prices of bread and candles; a study to be made for minister,[Ib. fol. 17.]128
8.Keeper of kirk; reader of common prayers, [Ib.]128
21.Regulation as to markets,[Ib. fol.18.]128
25.Election of a treasurer; protest by deacons, [lb.]129
26.Banishment of an adultress,[Ib.]129
27.Extent for expenses of banquet and triumph, [Ib.]129
December31.John Knox sent to Angus and Mearns,[Ib.fol.20.]129
1561–2,January30.Action by bailies of Kinghorn against inhabitants of Lieth,[Ib.fol. 21.]129
February10.Letter by queen as to ruinous state of Tolbooth, [Ib. fol. 22.]130
11.Roup of mills; extent for building walls; a craftsman elected to be on the council, [1b.]130
24.Order for taking down Tolbooth, [Ib. fol. 23.]131
1562,April8.Friar Black to be kept in ward; John Craig to bear with John Knox half charge of preaching; proposal to remove master of High School; building of a college and hospitals; gift of annuals and altarages to be asked; slander against John Knox, [C.R. Vol. IV. Ib. fol. 26.]131
11.Price of wine; rumoured unjust dealings of websters; an adulteress to be kep in ward; letter by queen as to Friar Black; master of grammar school required to produce his right; house for lords of session, [Ib. fol.26, 27.]132
30.Proclamation against play of Robin Hood, [Ib. fol. 29.]134
May3.Election of deacon of hammermen, [Ib. fol. 30.]134
22.Hole in North Loch to be prepared for dipping fornicators, [Ib. fol. 31.]135
June10.Defences by master of grammar school.[Ib.fol.32.]135
19.Another minister to be elected, [Ib. fol.33.]135
24.Answers of deacons of crafts as to sustaining ministers; danger of tumult at weaponschawing; letter by Queen as to seditious and rebellious persons; the town's standard; sustenance of ministers; commissioners to the kirk,[Ib. fol.33–5.]136
28.John Gordon of Fynlater and others put in prison, [Ib. fol. 35.]138
29.Letter from Queen as to variance between Lord Ogilvy and John Gordon,[Ib.]138
30.Proceedings against master of High School, [Ib. fol.36.]139
July3.Selling of leather,[Ib.]140
15.Extent for new tolbooth, [Ib.fol. 37.]140
17.Act as to who shall bear office in burgh. act deleted at command of Queen, [Ib.]140
July,22,24,25,Proceedings against William Robertoun, master of the High School, [Ib. fol.38, 39, 40.]141–5
17.Town's supplication to the Queen as to the poor, schools, hospitals, and burial place; grant by Queen of Greyfriars yard, [Ib. fol.41.]145
27.Gift of a gildship; town walls; corns sown in Greyfriars yard; master of works; works at Greyfriars yard, [lb. fol. 41, 42.]147
1562,September18.Complaint by bonnetmakers of others taking away their servants,[C.R. Vol. IV.fol. 42.]148
25.Letter by Queen as to election of provost,[Ib. fol. 43.]148
October3.Decreet against master of High School, [Ib. fol. 44.]149
6.Deacons not to have vote in choosing leet for provost; delay in answering Queen's letter, [Ib. fol.43, 44.]150
21.Convening of council,[Ib.fol.47.]151
November6.Delivery of keys; act against adulterers and fornicators, [Ib.fol.47.]151
9.Pasturing of common muir and links,[Ib.]152
11.Flesh not to be eaten on Friday or Saturday, [Ib. fol. 48.]152
12.Baptism of children,[Ib.fol. 48.]152
18.Usurpation of privileges by inhabitants of Leith; assessors and scribe, [Ib. fol. 48, 49.]153
December5.Prison for adulterers; payment for land on which new tolbooth is built, [Ib. fol.50.]154
8.Prices of tallow, candle, bread, ale, and hay,[Ib. 50, 51.]154
11.Payment for necessaries of minister's lodging, [Ib. fol. 54.]154
22.Yule duty to bedrels of St. Mary's Wynd, [Ib.]154
1562–63,January6.Discharge of extents to Murray of Blackbarony; prices for work of cordiners, [Lb. fol. 56.]154
15.Porters at Queen's gate; sale of hides; sasines in town's lands,[lb.fol.57, 58.]155
22.Surgeons and barbers discharged,[Ib.fol. 58.]155
27.Prices of wines and cordiners' work,[Ib.]155
February5.Ordinance for convening deacons, [Ib.]156
6.Mastership of high school,[Ib.]157
23.Letter from Queen as to setting a prisoner free, [Ib. fol. 61.]157
March5.Chapel in Nether Kirkyard; banquet to commissioners of burghs; Kirk of Field and buildings thereof, [Ib. fol. 63,64.]157
1562–63,March10.Kiln and barns at King's Stables,[C.R. Vol. IV.fol. 64.]158
11.Beidmanship in St Paul's Work, [Ib. fol.65.]158
1563,AprilCauseway opposite Cardinal's lodging, [Ib. fol.67.]159
23.Convening inhabitants in time of need; promise of a burgesship to a mason on marriage,[Ib.]159
30.Clerks' chamber in St Giles' Kirk, [Ib. fol.68.]160
May11.Beidmanship in St Paul's Work, [Ib. fol.69.]160
17.Trial of Bishop of St Andrews and other kirkmen,[Ib.]160
June11.Support of minister and reader,[Ib.]161
18.Commissioners to kirk; proposed hospital at the Blackfriars; accusations against John Knox and other ministers, and against doctrine now preached, [Ib. fol.69,70.]161
21.Agreement with the parson of Pennycuke as to Kirk of Field; money borrowed for completing tolbooth, [Ib. fol. 70,71.]163
25.Tower of old tolbooth; slander against John Knox,[Ib. fol. 71.]164
30.Bonnetmakers not to exercise their crafts in open places in High Street, [Ib.]164
July2.Proposed hospital at Blacfriars, [Ib.fol.73.]165
4.Markets on Sunday forbidden,[Ib.]165
6.Reward to a surgeon for raising a dead woman and effecting certain cures, [Ib.]165
12.Making of causeways and sewers, [Ib. fol.74.]166
23.Lodging for King of Sweden's ambassador; gift to Robert Norvell, of the kirk, yard, and croft of the Greenside, previously occupied by the friars, on certain conditions, [Ib. fol.74–75.]166
August15.Men of Leith and new tolbotth, [Ib. fol. 77.]169
27.Corn growing in Blackfairs yard; tack of yard challeged; price of ale and bread,[Ib.]169
September11.Action between Edinburgh and Leith as to new tolbooth; price of malt,[Ib. fol.78,79.]169
18.Commissioners sent to Queen at Stirling.[Ib. fol.79.]170
1563,September26.Printing irons and letters; nothing to be printed with them without licence, [C.R. Vol. IV.]170
October2.Building of a wall at Leith Port stopped; burials, [Ib. 80,81.]171
8.Evidents of the Kirk of Field, [Ib. fol.82.]171
13.Order of speaking in council house; commissioners sent to Queen as to writings in favour of Leith, etc.; benefices to be disponed, [Ib.]172
15.Letters against Leith; water bailie of Leith; a bailie fined for leaving without licence; ordinance as to office-bearers leaving town; rental of prebendaries; gift of benetice of Craigcruke,[Ib.fol. 83, 84.]172
November5.Encroachments on commonty to be removed; space at High Church to be set for shops, [Ib. fol. 85.]173
10.Seat and desk to be put in kirk; imprisonment of adulterers and fornicators, [Ib.]173
26.Sustenance of minister, reader, and others; visitation of the Greenside; payment to treasurer,[Ib. fol. 86,87.]174
December1.Evidents concerning port and haven of Leith, [Ib.fol.87.]174
24.Gift of a burgess and gildship; no burgesship to be given free for a year; commissioners to convention of the kirk,[Ib. fol.88.]175
29.Gift to the Queen, [Ib. fol. 89.]175
1563–4.January7.Money for building of hospital, [Ib. fol.90.]175
21.Payment to reader,[Ib. fol. 91.]176
February16.Timber bought for building hospital.[Ib.fol. 92.]176
18.Payment of feu-duty to a sister of the Senys,[Ib.fol. 93]176
March22.Act as to cloth making, [1b.fol.96.]177
1564,28.Extent for furnishing ambassador to Denmark, [1b.fol. 97.]177
April24.Sustaining of ministers,[Ib. fol.99.]177
28.Extent payable by inverkeithing, [Ib. fol.99.]178
May1.Gifts to the Queen and her "sumbeleir,"[Ib.fol.100.]178
3.Sustaining of Ministers, [Ib. fol.100.]178
1564,May11.Banquet to ambassador of Denmark,[C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 101.]179
15.Payment for banquet, [Ib.]179
24.Delivery of town's ammunition to the laird of Wittingham, [Ib. fol. 102.]179
31.Gift to ambassador to King of Denmark, [Ib.]179
June2.Price of bread and mutton; duty on wine,[Ib.fol. 103.]180
16.Charge by Queen as to building of tolbooth at Leith, [Ib. fol. 104.]180
July9.Prices of ale, mutton, and bread; annual payable to a chaplain, [Ib. fol. 106.]181
15.Removal of stones near coal market; lint sown in the hospital yards; ships suspected of pest, [Ib.]181
August2.Clearing of haven of Leith, [Ib.]182
9.Acquisition of Kirk of Field, [Ib.fol. 107.].182
11.Watch over persons suspected of pest; repair of town walls, [lb. fol. 107, 108.]182
18.Substitute minister during absence of John Knox and John Craig, [Ib.fol. 108.]183
25.Agreement as to Kirk of Field; a person cleansed of the pest; disladening of ships, [Ib.fol. 109.]184
September1.Against narrowing of common passages, [Ib.]184
8.Payment for minister and of expenses to St. Andrews,[ Ib.fol. 110.]185
18.Watch over merchandise taken from a ship, [Ib.]185
20.Leet of craftsmen for council, [Ib. fol. 111.]185
27.Act as to election, and protest by craftsman, [Ib.]186
28.Crafts ordained to present new tickets,[Ib. fol.112.]186
30.Other ticket produced by crafts; claim of deacon of candlemakers; as to assessors voting,[Ib.]186
October8.Price of ale and bread, [Ib. fol. 113.]187
30.Act as to working cloth, etc., [Ib. fol. 114.]187
November3.Obligation by litsters; regulations as to their trade,[Ib. fol. 114.]187
8.Admission of burgesses,[Ib. fol.115.]188
1564,November17.Passage to Kirk of Field port, [C.R. Vol. IV.fol.115.]189
25.Kirk and Kirkyard, [Ib. fol. 117.]189
28.Place of hide, wool, and skin market, [Ib. fol. 118–9.]189
29.Claim by schoolmaster for rent and fee; rent of John Knox's house; lighting of streets, [Ib.fol. 119.]190
30.Collection of ministers' stipend,[Ib.fol. 120.]191
December12Price of wine, [Ib. fol. 120.]191
25.Sustentation of ministers and poor, [Ib.121–2.]191
1564–5,January2.Obligation by crafts as to sustaining ministers and poor; gift to Queen,[Ib.fol. 122–3.]192
6.Sustaining of poor and ministers; an arrow maker, [Ib.fol. 123.]193
17.Charge by Queen to pay schoolmaster his annual fee, [Ib.]193
24.Set of house to officer in Leith; eating flesh on Friday and Saturday; keeping order at kirk door, [Ib.fol.124.]194
February3.Sword to be used as heading sword, [Ib. fol. 125.]194
7.Order in the council house, [Ib.]195
21.Ordinance as to sustaining the poor, [Ib. fol. 126.]195
March2.Poinding of goods for sustaining the poor,[Ib.]195
1565April30.Accusation of assaulting a priest, [Ib. fol. 128.]195
May11.Writings by Queen as to master of grammar school; rent and fees to be paid him,[Ib.]196
12.Commissioners to Queen as to contribution to the poor,[Ib.fol. 129.]197
31.Commissioners to convention at perth,[1b.]198
June22.Price of wine, [1b.fol. 130.]198
30.Armour and weapons for inhabitants,[1b.]198
August3.Completion of wall at Leith Wynd,L [Ib.]198
4.Extent for furnishing soldiers, [Ib.]198
23.Charge by queen to depose provost; his resignation; commissioners to Queen; discharge of John Knox, [Ib.fol.130–1]199
1565,August24.The laird of Craigmillar accepted as provost and admitted burgess;extent for licence to abide from army; charge by King and Queen to set a Frenchman at liberty,[C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 131–2.]200
25.Money to be raised for licence to abide from army, [Ib. fol. 132.]201
26.Licence to inhabitants to abide from army; charge to pay composition; instructions and ordinances by King and Queen, [Ib. fol. 132–3.]202
28.Nightly watch appointed, [Ib. fol. 133.]204
September3.Instructions by King and Queen as to rebels, etc., [Ib. fol.134.]204
7.Command by King and Queen as to hanging two soldiers, [Ib. fol. 135.]206
12.Fee to session clerk, [Ib.]206
17.Extent for licence to abide from army, [Ib.]206
26.Charge by King and Queen as to election of new council, [Ib.]207
28.Money borrowed for loan to King and Queen, [lb. fol. 136.]207
October12.Inventory of property formerly belonging to priests, etc., act as to convening of council, [Ib.fol.139.]208
November14.Pudding and sheep head market; delivery of charters, etc., [Ib. fol. 141.]209
15.Stipend to John Knox, [Ib.]210
December4.Gifts to the Queen and the provost, [Ib.fol. 142]210
14.Prices of wild meat; imposition on wines,[Ib.fol. 143.]210
24.Commissioners to the Kirk; prices of wines, [Ib.]211
1565–6March19.Expenses of two bailies to Dunbar, [Ib. fol.145.]211
20.Expenses of officer to Dunbar; payments to musicians, [Ib.]211
1566,April5.Gift to David Chalmer of clerkship of burgh,[Ib.]212
15.Letter bu Queem as to superiority of Leith; supplication as to intromission with town of Leith, [Ib. fol.147.]213
1566May8.Gift of a cahplainry; books for Queen's lodging, [C.R. VOL. IV.fol.148.]214
17.Payment for torches used in visiting Queen after slaughter of David Ricio,[Ib.]214
29.Gift of wine to provost,[Ib.fol. 150.]215
June8.Bedrels of St Mary's wynd, [Ib.]215
19.Payments to master of High School, [Ib. fol. 151.]]215
21.A papist set at liberty at command of Queen, [lb.]215
July19.Alms to Trintiy college; price of malt, [ib.fol. 152.]216
24.Payments for "convoying" a highlandman, [Ib.]216
August2.Gift to provost of excheit of a convict; expenses of scaffold,[1b. fol.152,]216
September13.Letter by Queen as to punishement of fornicators; keeping of the Greyfriars yard, [Ib. fol. 154.]217
18.Rejoicings at the Prince's birth,[IB.fol.156.]219
25.Payment of rent of minister's house,[Ib.]219
October1.Letter by Queen as to choosing of provost, bailies, and others, [Ib.]219
3.Another letter as to election,[Ib. fol.157]220
4.Election of councillors and office-bearers; keepers of the kirk, [Ib.]220
9.Gallows at the Burgh Muir, [Ib. fol. 158.]221
11.Persons to be admitted within the bar, [1b.]221
14.Sundry annual acts passed; closets; curing skins; waulkers;adulterers; and fornicators; extent for expenses of baptism of Prince; payment to trumpeter, [lb. fol 158–164.]222
18.Acts as to neighbourhoods or new buildings,[Ib. fol. 165.]22
22.Price of wine. [Ib.]224
23.Breaking of common muir, [Ib.fol.166.]224
30.Letter by Queen as to superiority of Leith,[Ib.fol. 167.]224
November13.Repair of a beacom. [1b. fol 170]225
27.Weight of mace; repair of sun horologe,[Ib. fol. 17–23.]225
DecemberRegulations as to skinning sheep and bringing skins to market, [Ib.fol. 175.]225
1566December16Refreshments for extenters, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 177.]226
20.Commissioners to general assembly; beadmanship of St Paul's work; lock for prison; fee to schoolmaster, [Ib.]226
1566–7,January10.Request by Queen to delay taking possession of Leith, [Ib.fol.179.]227
31.Provost's ox; against children playing in kirk; yearly pension to procurator fiscal,[Ib.fol.180]227
February11.Back door at Kirk of Field to be built up, [Ib.fol.181]228
26.Death of treasurer, and election of another,[Ib.fol.182.]228
March8.Receipt of money disbursed for superiority of Leith, [Ib.fol.183]228
12.Grant of annuals for sustaining ministers,[Ib.]229
19.Provost and bailies desired to get artillery from castle, [Ib.]229
1567,April4.Kirk and kirk yard to be kept clean, [Ib.fol.184.]229
11.Proclamation against "bickeraris,"[Ib.fol.185.]229
24.Repair of a horologe and purchase of another,[Ib.]230
May7.Building of town wall at the Kirk of Field, [Ib.fol.186.]230
12.Ground at Newhaven to be set to salt makers,[Ib.]230
16.Ground desired by salt makers to be visited; gift of burgess-ship to porter of castle,[Ib.fol.187.]230
June4.Set to three Englishmen of ground at Newhaven to make salt on,[Ib.fol.191.]231
11.Incoming to town of lords convened in arms for avenging king's murder,etc.,[Ib.]231
18.Act as to making of burgesses,[Ib.]231
20.A prisoner set at liberty at Queen's request, [Ib. fol.192.]232
July2.Court of superiority of Leith; general weaponschawing; bond by nobility for avenging King's murder, [Ib.fol.192–3]233
9.Mounting of artillery,[Ib.fol.194.]236
1567,July23.Bailie of south-west quarter; defence of the town; bond to be made betwixt the town and the council; preventing passage over walls, [C.R. Vol. IV.fol.195–6]237
25.Bond between castle and town; commissioners to attend at coronation of King; night watch, [Ib.fol.197.]238
30.Persons unlawed for not setting forth fires at coronation, [ib.]238
August1.Repair of town wall; contract for building town wall, [Ib.fol.198.]239
8.Repairing walls, [Ib.fol.199.]240
13.Loan of munition to laird of Grange, [Ib.]240
20.Apothecaries to desist from selling spices, [Ib.]240
27.Inventory of annuals; collector appointed; payment to trumpeters, [Ib.fol.199, 200.]240
September11.Appointment of collector of duties and annuals, [Ib.fol.201.]241
October1.Locks and keys of new well, [Ib.fol.203.]242
3.Stones of Blackfriars to be restored for building hospital; penalty for drawing blood in fighting, [Ib.fol.204–5]242
10.Visitation of Kirk, [Ib. fol. 205.]243
November7.Officer of Leith to receive button with town's mark, [Ib.fol.206.]243
10.Gift of Trinity College to Edinburgh; master of work of hospital appointed, [Ib.]243
14.Building of hospital, [Ib.fol.207.]244
20.Blackfriars lands feued, [Ib.fol.208.]244
December10."Ansenyeis" to be made; players on musical instruments, [Ib.fol.211.]244
24.Equipment of burgesses, [Ib.fol.212.]244
1547–8February18.Altarage of St. Anthony, [Ib.]245
20.John Knox's house rent, [Ib.fol.213,]245
March3.Feu-duty payable to chaplain of St. James' alter and the hospital, [Ib.fol.214.]245
1567–8,March19.Fines payable to hospital; repair of pier, causeways, and kirk; price of material in Blacksfriars yard, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 215.]245
24.Money expended on pier, causeways, and kirk; [Ib]246
1568,March27.Repairs on kirk, [Ib. fol. 217.]247
April7.Pension to an aged Black-friar, [Ib.]247
9.Commission to Regent as to licences to carry victuals out of realm, [Ib.]247
13.Collector of contributions to hospital, [Ib.]247
20Gift of two beidmanships; gift of a burgess and guildship, [Ib.]248
May8.Supplication of the deacon and brethren of the hammermen; extent for defence of town; weaponshawing, [Ib.]248
12.Nightly watch to be kept; "sweschis" to pass nightly through town, [Ib. fol. 218.]249
19.Writing to magistrates of Campheir as to Scotchmen dwelling three; deacon to advise with crafts as to passing to army, [Ib.]249
June2.Licence to abide from army to be craved, [Ib. fol 219.]249
4.A burgesship gratis; extent for furnishing soldiers, [Ib.]249
July17.Work at North Loch; repair of wells, [Ib. fol. 220.]250
28.Master of High School, [Ib.]250
August6.Repair of town walls, [Ib.]250
11.Crafts to be convened; artillery borrowed; nightly watch, [Ib. fol. 221.]251
26.Appointment of schoolmaster; stent for expenses of down-getting duty on wine, [Ib. fol. 221–2.]251
September5Stones from Dunbar to shore of Leith, [Ib. fol. 222.]252
October5Letter from Lord Regent as to election of council, [Ib.]252
13.Visitation of sick persons at the Burghmuir, [Ib. fol. 223.]253
15.Statutes for the bailies of the muir and ordering of the pest; a bailie urged to continue in office; statuttes as to the pest; gift of two beadmanships; gift of a benefice, [Ib. fol. 223–6.]253
1568,October16.Appointment of bailies depute to judge upon annuals and duties, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 225.]256
17.Payment for pikes, [Ib.]256
21.Burgesses required to remain within town, [Ib. fol.226.]256
November10.People cleansed of pest; extent for sustaining poor; complaint by Lawson of Hierigs against council for building dike at South Loch, [Ib. fol. 226.]257
14.Inhabitants required to repair injury to South Loch by Lawson of Hierigs, [Ib.]257
18.Watch of eighteen persons; houses adjoining town walls to be demolished; renewing of causeway, [Ib. fol. 226–7.]257
19.Repair of John Knox's dwelling-house; victuals for poor infected with pest, [Ib. fol. 227.]258
December17.Nightly Watch, [Ib. fol. 229.]258
22.Officers of the muir discharged, pest having abated. [Ib.]259
1568–9,January1.Threatened attack by lords of west country, [Ib. fol. 229.]259
7.Pulpit in over Tolbooth for preaching to papists; taverns to be closed in time of preaching, [Ib.]259
February11.Entry of schoolmaster, [Ib. fol. 231.]259
17.Extent for furnishing men to the Regent, [Ib.]259
March4.Rent of house occupied by John Knox, [Ib. fol. 232.]260
1569,April1.Annuals of the "Senys," [Ib. fol. 235.]260
6.Pest St. Andrews; eschaet goods; kirk gear, [Ib.]260
9.Money to be clipped, [Ib. fol. 237.]261
May28.Attendance of cleansers; burial of dead, [Ib. fol. 240.]261
June1.Stones taken from Kirk of Leith to bulwark, [Ib.]262
15.Water gate in Leith Wynd, [Ib. fol. 241.]262
July29.Stipend of reader, [Ib. fol. 243.]262
August10.Annuals payable to hospital and minister, [Ib. fol. 224.]262
12.Collector for the ministry accepts office, [Ib.]262
September7.Inquiry as to encroachments on North Loch, [Ib.]262
16.Pikes to be gathered and put in munition house, [Ib. fol. 245.]263
21.Arrival of ships suspected of pest, [Ib.]263
1569,September23.As to what craftsmen should be admitted to thecouncil, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 246.]263
October7.Removal from town of excommunicated persons, [Ib. fol. 246.]264
14.Letter from Regent asking council to depose the laird of Grange from office of provost, [Ib. fol. 247.]264
21.Prices of ale and bread, [Ib. fol. 248.]265
26.Master of "foul muir" to be cleansed and discharged, [Ib.]265
November16.Provost's ox at Alhallowmas fair, [Ib.]265
December2.Desire of candlemakers to choose a deacon, [Ib. fol. 249.]266
16.Inhabitants of Leith to desist from selling wine, [Ib. fol. 250.]266
30.Delivery of town from pest; payment to officers. [Ib.]267
1569–70,January20.Duty of "clerk male" to be given to reader; privileges of gratis burgesses, [Ib. fol. 252.]267
25.Troubles after murder of Regent; watch appointed; keeping of ports; proclamation as to weapons, [Ib.]267
27.Commissioners to promise assistance to Lord Morton; as to removal of lords of session; ports and artillery to be put in order, [Ib. fol. 252–3.]268
February1.Commissioners to convene with lords of nobility, [Ib. fol. 253.]269
March3.Commission of 27th January ratified,[Ib. fol. 254.]269
8.Guard during time of convention; officers to await on bailies, [Ib.]269
22.Watch to be continued; South Loch to be repaired; keeping of ports, [Ib fol. 254–5.]270
24.Rent of grammer school in Friar Wynd, [Ib. fol. 255.]270
1570,April12.Answer giving welcome to lords of west country, [Ib.]271
14.Addition to night watch, [Ib.]271
19.Upholding of town clock, [Ib.]271
1570,May11.Gift to laird of Grange, captain of the castle, [Ib. fol. 256.]271
May17.Proclamation of weaponshawing, [C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 256.]272
26.Missives to burghs as to Scots ships in France, [Ib.]272
June2.Surety for a printer not printing books without licence, [Ib.]272
16.Writing sent to Earl of Huntly, [Ib. fol. 257.]272
July12.Commissioners to conventio for electing a Regent; decreet as to usurping offices of deacons of crafts in town of Leith and Barony of Restalrig, [Ib. fol. 259.]272
14.Contract between council and Captain Cokburne as to discharge of proclamation against merchandice with France, [Ib. fol. 258.]274
19.Proclamation against buying certain prizes brought in French ships; meeting of commissioners of burghs,[Ib. fol. 260.]275
August5.Artillery lent to Jedburgh, [Ib.]275
9.Watch during Regent's absence, [Ib. fol. 261.]276
11.Deacons to bewarned to consult as to common affairs,[Ib.]276
15.Regulations as to watch, [Ib.]276
23.A carter fined for breaking the Sabbath, [Ib. fol. 262.]276
24.Money for support of ministers, [Ib.]277
September8.Old holes of Muse well to be opened, [Ib. fol. 263.]277
27.List of craftsmen for election fo two councillors, [Ib.]277
October18.Stance for crames; booth doors to be shut up, [Ib. fol. 265]277
20.Protest by provost as to his election; extent for expenses of ambassadors to England, [Ib.]277
25.Deacons to be convened as to support of ministers; loosing arrestments of ships in France, [Ib.]278
November1.Answer by deacons as to support of ministers, [Ib. fol. 266.]278
1570,November8.Commissioner sent to King of France, [Ib.]279
15.Collectors of ministers' stipends, [Ib.]279
18.Barrier of timber to be built before Regent's gate, C.R. Vol. IV. fol. 266.]279
29.Repair of shore, pier and bulwarks of Leith, [Ib. fol. 267.]279
December1.Duty granted by master mariners for repair of pier and havin of Leith, [Ib.]280
6.Statute imposing the duty; dicreet against craftsmen of Leith, [Ib. fol. 267, 269.]280
8.Claim by farmers of common muir, it having been "flayne" by captain of the castle, [Ib. fol. 269]281
27.Nightly watch; keeping of ports, [Ib. fol. 270.]281
1570–1,February2.Captain of castle to be consulted as to defence of town, [Ib. fol. 271.]282
3.Report of captain's answer, [Ib. fol. 271.]282
7.Prices of burgesships and gildships, [Ib. fol. 271–2]282
9.Proclamation against excommunicated persons; a bailie and the treasurer sent to the Regent, [Ib. fol. 272.]283
16.Liberty to be asked for ships to pass to France, [Ib.]283
March14.Proclamation against trafficking with ships arrived in Leith with prizes, [Ib. fol. 273.]283
1571,30.Protest against setting a prisoner at liberty; extent for expenses in getting down duty on wine and in obtaining liberty for ships, [Ib. fol. 274.]284
April14.Price of Dutch beer; writings sent to Regent, [Ib. fol. 275.]284
20.Thanks to the Earl of Morton, Lord Dunfermline and the provost for their services. [Ib.]285
28.Captain of the castle asked not to suffer inhabitants to be molested, [Ib.]285
May1.Writings sent to Regent intimating arrangement between the town and the captain of the castle, [Ib.]285
List of the Aldermen or Provosts, Presidents, Bailies, and other Office-Bearers of the City, from A.D. 1527 to A.D. 1571,287