Royal Exchange


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'Royal Exchange', Analytical index to the series of records known as the Remembrancia: 1579-1664 (1878), pp. 458. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Royal Exchange.

I. 210. Letter from the Lords of the Council to Lady Gresham, (fn. 1) widow, informing her that some part of the building of the Royal Exchange had lately fallen down, which might be amended and repaired for about £20. The charge of reparation of the building devolved upon her, for which purpose a yearly revenue out of the building had been allowed to her as executor. They requested, for the honour of Her Majesty and Sir Thomas, that this worthy monument might not be suffered to fall into ruin and decay, but that the restoration might be carefully performed.
13th June, 1581.


1 Anne, daughter of William Fernley, Esq., of West Creting, Suffolk.