Venison warrants


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W. H. and H. C. Overall (editors)

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'Venison warrants', Analytical index to the series of records known as the Remembrancia: 1579-1664 (1878), pp. 539. URL: Date accessed: 31 October 2014.


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Venison Warrants.

I. 217. Letter from the Lord Mayor (Sir John Branche) to …… It had been the custom of Her Majesty and Her progenitors of ancient time, to grant to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen yearly certain warrants for bucks, which they had in respect of the ancient privileges granted to them to hunt in all forests, parks, and chases within the county of Middlesex. He had directed the Common Hunt to attend him for the warrants, and besought his good offices in the City's behalf, for lately the warrants had been directed to distant places, and the persons to whom they were addressed had refused to comply with the orders when presented.