House of Commons Journal Volume 1
20 April 1554


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 20 April 1554', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 34-35. URL: Date accessed: 31 October 2014.


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Veneris, 20o Aprilis


1. The Bill, that the Bishop of Rome, or any other Bishop, shall not convent any Person, for any Abbey-Lands.


2. The Bill for Lollardy, against eating of Flesh on divers Days forbidden.

Scot and Lot.

2. The Bill for bearing Scot and Lot in Cities and Towns.


2. The Bill for Extirping of Heresies, and erroneous Preachers, and Books. - Ingrossetur.


L. 1. The Bill to avoid Pensions of married Priests.

E. of Surrey.

L. 1. The Bill for the Reversion of Gaywood and Rysing to the Earl of Surrey.


L. 3. The Bill to repeal the Statute made against Excess of Wines. - Vacat super Quaestione.


It is Ordered, That Lawrence Nycollson, Servant unto John Cocks, Esq; One of the Knights for the County of Hertford, attached by the Sheriff of Essex to answer to Humphry Browne, Knt. one of the Justices of the Common Bench, shall have Privilege.

Ongar, &c. Churches.

L. 1. 2, 3. Proviso in the Bill for Ongar and Grenested, for the Parish-church of Grenested. - Jud'm.