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William Page (editor)

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'Editorial note', A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 4 (1927), pp. XXI. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=62518 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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As stated in the Editorial Note to the third volume, the history of Buckinghamshire was so far advanced when the work upon it fell into abeyance on the outbreak of war, that it has been found necessary to publish the remaining two volumes, then in hand, without bringing them up to date.

The Editor desires specially to acknowledge the help he received from Sir Lancelot Aubrey-Fletcher, Sir Laurence Gomme, Mr. F.W. Bull, Mr. A. C. Chibnall, Rev. James H. Harvey, Mr. John N. Knapp, Mr. Arthur H. Kerr, Mr. E. S. Roscoe, Rev. J. Maurice Turner, Mr. W. Andrews Uthwatt and Mr. Thomas Wright, who by lending manuscripts and notes materially assisted in the compilation of the manorial descents given in this volume.

The Editor has again to thank the clergy and others who have read the proofs of their parishes and made corrections. He would mention in this respect the help he has received from Rev. A. C. Alford, Rev. J. T. Athawes, Rev. T. Appleton, Rev. C. Bass, Rev. R. C. Bailey, Rev. F. W. Bennitt, Rev. H. A. G. Blomefield, Rev. C. Bolden, Rev. J. L. Bowley, Mr. W. Bradbrook, Rev. A. F. Q. Bros, Rev. R. M. G. Browne, Rev. G. A. Browning, Rev. P. L. Cantley, Rev. C. Sydney Carter, Rev. W. K. Clay, Rev. H. J. M. Clements, Rev. C. H. Coles, Rev. W. H. Davis, Rev. G. Dangerfield, Rev. C. C. Dawson-Smith, Rev. G. D. Dunlop, Rev. W. S. Eaton, Rev. U. J. Easson, Rev. E. S. Elwell, Rev. F. E. G. Farmer, Rev. and Hon. W. S. Fiennes, Rev. F. Fisher, Rev. A. F. G. Fletcher, Rev. C. W. Fullmer, Rev. L. E. Goddard, Lt.-Col. A. W. H. Good, Rev. B. G. Goodrich, Rev. A. Gordon, Rev. H. B. M. Gorham, Rev. C. Greaves, Rev. A. N. Guest, Rev. W. J. Harkness, Rev. E. J. Harper, Rev. G. Hawke Field, Rev. F. M. Higgins, Mrs. Napier Higgins, Lt.-Col. Hobart, Mrs. Hood, Rev. J. F. Hoyle, Rev. A. H.James, Rev. St. J. B. James, Rev. H. J. Johnson, Rev. L. Jones, Rev. O. J. Jones, Mrs. Longuet-Higgins, Rev. H. Mare, Rev. J. Martin, Rev. E. R. Massey, Rev. A. Matheson, Rev. A. G. Mildmay, Rev. G. F. Moore, Rev. W. O'Reilly, Rev. E. Paine, Rev. A. A. Pargiter, Rev. R. J. Pearce, Rev. B. H. A. Philpotts, Rev. C. O. Phipps, Rev. C. R. Prideaux, Rev. N. R. Ramsay, Rev. P. E. Raynor, Rev. W. B. Rickards, Rev. G. G. Roworth, Rev. R. F. Rumsey, Rev. G. F. Sams, Mrs. Richard SelbyLowndes, Rev. C. J. Senior, Rev. E. R. Sill, Rev. J. Skinner, Rev. A. B. Smith, Rev. H. W. Smith, Rev. B. Staley, Rev. J. L. Starling, Rev. M. Stevens, Rev. B. E. Symonds, Rev. T. W. Tidmarsh, Mr. J. D. Tomes, Rev. J. Turnbull, Rev. R. Usher, Rev. J. R. Vincent, Rev. R. R. Vyvyan, Rev. B. H. C. Wafsberger, Rev. H. F. Wilson, and Rev. A. B. Wright.