Sydney Avenue - Syvenden Lane, Syveden Lane, Syvid Lane, Syuethelane


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Sydney Avenue

East out of Milton Street at No. 78 (P.O. Directory). In Cripplegate Ward Without.

First mention: L.C.C. List, 1901.

The site seems to have been formerly occupied in part by Bell Court (q.v.).

Sydon Lane

See Seething Lane.


See Silver Street, Cripplegate.

Symond's Inn

On the east side of Chancery Lane at No.22, outside the City boundary (O.S. 1875).

Mentioned in 1621-60 (Cal. Ch. Proceedings, 2nd Series, III.).

Register Office for the Court of Chancery kept there (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 28).

Demolished 1873 and No.22 erected on its site for offices and chambers.

Synechenes Lane, Synedene Lane

See Seething Lane.


See Seething Lane.

Syon Court

See Sion Court.


See Silver Street.

Sythe (St.)

See Benet (St.) Sherehog.

Sythes (St.) Lane

See Sise Lane.

Sything Lane

See Seething Lane.

Syvedon Lane

See Seething Lane.

Syvenden Lane, Syveden Lane, Syvid Lane, Syuethelane

See Seething Lane.