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'Addenda to volume 12: List of officials', The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 12 (1801), pp. 603-611. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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List of officials

The names of the Bailiffs

of the city of Canterbury, for several years immediately preceding the Mayoralties, and the year in which they were elected; taken from the records and books in the chamber of Canterbury, and carefully examined with the same, by Mr. Bunce.

The Bailiffs were chosen annually on the 14th of September, and sworn into their office on the 29th of the same month.

1380.Henry Lyncoln, Robert Beneyt.
1381.Wm.Cornwaille, Edmund Horn.
1382.Thomas Iklam, Richard Bertelot.
1383.Henry Lyncoln, William Elys.
1384.Thomas Ikham, William Hardres.
1385.Edmund Horn. Andrew Ofwell.
1386.Henry Lyncoln, John Proude.
1387.Henry Lyncoln, John Proude.
1388.William Elys, Robert Beneyt.
1389.Stephen Sellynge, John Proude.
1390.Edmund Horn, Robert Beneyt.
1391.Henry Lyncoln, Stephen Sellynge.
1392.John Symme, John Harnhelle.
1393.William Elys, Edmund Horn.
1394.John Proude, Richard Gerways.
1395.William Elys, Thomas Ikham.
1396.Stephen Sellynge, John Harnhelle.
1397.John Proude, John Sextain.
1398.Edmund Horn, Stephen Sellynge,
1399.John Harnhelle, John Sextain.
1400.William Elys, John Proude.
1401.Robert Coupere, John Pyrye.
1402.William Elys, Thomas Ikham.
1403.William Elys, Thomas Ikham.
1404Thomas Chiche, William Emery.
1405.John Sextain, John Brown.
1406.William Elys, William Lane.
1407.Thomas Ikham, Thomas Lane.
1408.Edmund Horn, John Shelwych.
1409.John Sextayn, William Emery.
1410.William Lane, John Brown.
1411.Thomas Lane, William Mason.
1412.Thomas Lane, William Mason.
1413.William Emery, Rich Stopyndon.
1414.William Lane, William Mason.
1415.John Brown, William Beneyt.
1416.William Emery, William Beneyt.
1417.Thomas Lane, William Lane.
1418.John Sheldwynch. John Foxhunte.
1419.William Benet, William Ikham.
1420.Thomas Langedon, Robert Bertelot.
1421.John Brown, William Benet.
1422.William Lane, William Ikham.
1423.John Brown, Thomas Norman.
1424.John Foxhunte, William Chiltone.
1425.Richard Courteler, Wm. Byllyngton.
1426.William Chilton, John Bray.
1427.William Chilton, John Bray.
1428.Wm. Billyntone, William Rose.
1429.Robert Bertelot, William Osbern.
1430.William Benet, Wm. Billyntone.
1431.William Rose, William Osbarn.
1432.William Lane, William Chilton
1433.William Lane, William Chilton,
1434.William Benet John Lynde.
1435.William Osbarn, Wm.Bonyntone.
1436.William Osbarn, Wm. Bonyntone.
1437.William Chilton, John Bertelot.
1438.Wm. Billynton, Wm.atte Wode.
1439.William Rose, William Bryan,
1440.William rose, William Bryan.
1441.William Osbarn, John Bertelot.
1442.William Osbarn, John Bertelor.
1443William Benet, Wm. Byllynton.
1444.William Benet, (fn. 1) Wm. Bylkynton, William Chilson.
1445.John Bertelot, Wm.atte Wode.
1446.William Osbarn the elder.
John Wynter.
1447.John Lynde, Gilbert German.

The names of the Mayors

of the city of Canterbury, and the year in which each Mayor was elected, taken from the records and books in the chamber of Canterbury, and carefully examined with the same by Mr. Bunce.

The Mayor is elected annually on the 14th of September, and sworn into his office on the 29th of the same month.

1448John Lynde
1449William Benet
1450Gervas Clyfton
1451Roger Rydle
1452John Mullynge
1453John Mullynge
1454John Wynter
1455Wm. Bonnington
1456Richard Prat
1457Philip Belknap, (fn. 2) Wm. Bolde.
1458Roger Rydle
1459John Wynter
1460Roger Rydle
1461William Bygge
1462John Frennyngham
1463Thomas Forster
1464William Sellowe
1465Hamon Bele
1466John Harnell
1467William Bygge
1468John Frennyngham
1469Roger Rydle
1470Nicholas Faunt (fn. 3)
1471Roger Brent
1472Roger Brent
1473John Bygge
1474John Bygge
1475John Whitlok
1476Roger Brent
1477Thomas Atwode
1478Hamon Bele
1479Thomas Atwode
1480Thomas Atwode
1481Richard Carpynter.
1482Nicholas Sheldwich
1483Nic holas Shelwich
1484William Sellowe
1485John whitlok
1486Thomas Atwode
1487Stephen Barett
1488William Ingram
1489John Crysp
1490John Carlille
1491John Swan
1492Thomas Propchaunt
1493Edward Bolney
1494Edward Bonley
1495Thomas Atwode
1496Stephen Baret
1497Henry Gosebortne
1498Thomas Sare
1499John Plompton
1500William Atwode
1501John Huett
1502Henry Goseborne
1503Thomas Sare
1504Thomas Wode
1505William Crompe
1506Henry Goseborne
1507Ralf Brown
1508John Nayler
1509William Crompe
1510John Huett, (fn. 4) Ralph Browne
1511Roger Clark
1512Thomas Wode
1513John Broker
1514Thomas Wainflet, (fn. 5) Tho. Fokys
1515John Nayler
1516Henry Goseborne
1517Thomas Fookys
1518William Rutlande
1519John Broker
1520John Briggs
1521Roger Clark
1522William Nutt
1523Thomas Beale
1524John Briggs
1525John Alcock
1526Roger Clark
1527James Whitals
1528William Rutlande
1529Robert Lewys
1530Thomas wode
1531John Alcock
1532Thomas Beale
1533William Nutt
1534John Briggs
1535John Alcock
1536Robert Lewez
1537Roger Clarke
1538John Starky
1539Thomas Bele
1540Robert Lewes
1541William Copyn
1542Thomas Gower
1543John Freeman
1544John Alcock
1545John Frenche
1546Thomas Bathcost
1547George Webbe
1548Gregory Rande
1549John Freeman
1550Robert Lewys
1551William Copyn
1552George Webb
1553John Twyne
1554Thomas Frenche
1555Edward Carpenter
1556John Fuller
1557George May
1558Stephen Sare
1559John Fuller
1560Henry Aldey
1561Richard Furner
1562Richard Railton
1563Thomas Percy
1564Thomas Giles
1565George Maye
1566William Fysher
1567James Nethersole
1568Peter Kelsham
1569John Semarke
1570James Drayton
1571Anthony Webbe
1572James Nethersole, (fn. 6) Wm. Fysher
1573Symon Brome
1574John Rose
1575Peter Kelsham
1576Simon Brome
1577Thomos Lymiter
1578Clement Bassock
1579James Nethersole
1580Leonard Cotton
1581Richard Gaunt
1582John Nutt
1583John Rose
1584Ralph Bawden
1585John Eastey
1586Gilbert Penny
1587Simon Brome
1588Adrian Nycholls
1589Bartholomew Brome
1590Edward Nethersole
1591Christopher Leeds
1592Marks Berry
1593William Amie
1594Thomas Long
1595Thomas Hovenden
1596James Frencham
1597William Clarck
1598Charles Wetenhall
1599Robert Wynne
1600Warham Jemmett
1601Simon Brome
1602Richard Gaunt
1603Ralph Bawden
1604Edward Nethersole
1605Mark Berry
1606Tho. Hovenden
1607Tho. Paramore
1608William Watmer
1609George Clegatt
1610Thomas Halke
1611Joseph Colfe
1612Tho. Featherston
1613George Elvwin
1614John Peeres
1615John Watson
1616Markes Berrey
1617Thomas Hovenden
1618Avery Sabine
1619Henry Vanner
1620Ralph Hawkins
1621John Hunt
1622George Clagett
1623Richard Lockley
1624James Master
1625William Whiting
1626John Stanly
1627John Furser
1628John Roberts
1629William Watmer
1630Avery Sabyn
1631John Meryam
1632George Clagett
1633John Lade
1634Walter Southwell
1635James Nicholson
1636William Bridge
1637John Terry
1638James Master
1639John Stanley
1640Daniel Masterson
1641Clive Carter
1642John Watson, (fn. 7) Daniel Masterson
1643 (fn. 8) John Lade
1644John Pollen
1645Avery Sabyn
1646Paul Pettit
1647William Bridge
1648Michael Page
1649William Reeve
1650Thomas Tresser
1651Wm. Whitinge
1652John Lee
1653William Stanley
1654Henry knight
1655Henry Twyman
1656Richard May
1657Zachary Lee
1658Thomas Ockman
1659Squire Beverton
1660William Turner
1661George Milles
1662Henry Twyman
1663William Stanley
1664Avery Hilles
1665Thomas Ockman
1666Leonard Browne
1667John Simpson
1668Francis Maplisden
1669Nicholas Burges
1670Thomas Elwyn
1671Thomas Fidge
1672William Gilham
1673Thomas Knowler
1674Thomas Enfield
1675John Lott
1676Geo. Stanley, (fn. 9) Avery Hiles
1677John Munn, (fn. 10) John Lott
1678Nicholas Nicholson
1679Thomas Dunkin
1680John Garlin
1681James Wraight
1682William Gilbert
1683Squier Beverton (fn. 11)
1684 (fn. 12) William Rooke
1685Sir Wm. Honywood, bart.
1686Thomas Knowler
1687Henry Lee, (fn. 13) John Kingsford the elder
1688 (fn. 14) John Kingsford, Henry Gibbs (fn. 15)
1689Francis Jeoffry
1690Henry Waddell
1691John Beane
1692Mathias Gray
1693Nicholas Nicholson
1694John Brickenden
1695John Garlin
1696Henry Waddell
1697Squier Beverton
1698Joseph Webb
1699Francis Jeoffery
1700Matthias Gray
1701John Beane
1702Anthony Oughton
1703Joseph Webb, (fn. 16) John Beane
1704George Hall
1705William Pysinge
1706Henry Gibbs
1707John Beaumont
1708William Botting
1709Edward Feudall
1710John Wilson, (fn. 17) Edw. Feudall
1711Thomas Blunden
1712Moses Agar
1713Nicholas Fowle
1714Thomas Beane
1715Daniel Hall
1716Valentine Jeken
1717Lawrence Bridger
1718Nicholas Fowle
1719Lawrence Bridger
1720Richard Picard
1721Moses Agar
1722Daniel Hall
1723Valentine Jeken
1724Thomas Bullock
1725Thomas Shindler
1726Thomas Gray
1727Edward Jacob
1728Richard Pembrooke
1729William Botting
1730Anthony Oughton
1731Thomas Bullock
1732Charles Knowler
1733William Browning
1734Thomas Shindler
1735Thomas Gray
1736John Castle
1737Thomas Davis
1738William Carter
1739John Robinson
1740William Browning
1741Thomas Davis
1742John Tolputt
1743John Watts
1744Mark Thomas
1745John Castle
1746James Tonge
1747John Watts
1748William Gray
1749John Tolputt
1750James Tonge
1751William Cooke
1752John Robinson
1753Edward Hayward
1754John Tolputt
1755Wm. Pembrooke
1756John Lade
1757John Byng
1758George Plomer
1759George Knowler
1760William Gray
1761John Lade
1762Wm. Pembrooke
1763George Knowler
1764James Avery
1765John Byng
1766George Stringer
1767Thomas Parker
1768Joseph Royle
1769William Long
1770John Cantis
1771Thomas Smith
1772John Taddy, (fn. 18) Geo. Gipps
1773George Frend
1774William Loftie
1775John Jackson
1776James Simmons
1777John Denne
1778Stephen Richards
1779Thomas Elwyn
1780William Long
1781Thomas Hammond
1782Richard Harris Barham
1783Joseph Royle
1784George Frend
1785Richard Halford
1786Thomas Smith
1787John Jackson
1788James Simmons
1789Cyprian Rondeau Bunce
1790Joseph Royle
1791Thomas Delasaux
1792Richard Staines
1793Richard Frend
1794John Hodges
1795William Bristow
1796Tho. Clowes, (fn. 19) Tho. Parker
1797John Southee
1798Matthew W. Sankey
1799Joseph Royle
1800Tho. Edw. Salmon.

The names of the learned Recorders

of the city of Canterbury, and the year in which each Recorder, was elected, taken from the records in the chamber of the city, and carefully examined with the same by Mr. Bunce.

1592John Boys, esq. (fn. 20)
1612Matthew Hadde, esq.
1617John Finch, esq.
1621Launcelot Lovelace, esq.
1638Francis Lovelace, esq.
1643Thomas Denne, esq.
1655Thomas St. Nicholas, esq. (fn. 21)
1660Francis Lovelace, esq.
1663Thomas Hardres, esq. (fn. 22)
1681Paul Barrett, esq. (fn. 23)
1684The right hon. the earl of Thanet. (fn. 24)
1687Sir John Dorrell. (fn. 25)
1688Vincent Denne, esq. sergeant at law.
1692Herbert Randolph, esq.
1725William Crayford, esq.
1733John Knowler, esq.
1763Charles Robinson, esq. the present recorder. (fn. 26)


1 William Benet dying during the year he was bailiff, William Chilson was elected in his stead, and served for the remainder of the year.
2 Philip Belknap lived at the Moat, and dying within his year of Mayoralty he was succeeded by William Bolde.
3 Nicholas Faunt was hanged (as tradition gives) at the Bullstake, in Canterbury, for aiding bastard Falconbridge; and the liberties of the city were seized into the king's hands, so that the city was without a Mayor for some good space. Somner.
4 John Huett dying in his mayoralty, Ralph Browne was elected and sworn mayor in his stead.
5 Thomas Wainflet died in his mayoralty, and Thomas Fokys was chosen and sworn in his room.
6 James Nethersole was displaced by order of the queen in council, and on the 25th of October, 1572, William Fysher was elected and sworn in his stead.
7 John Watson died in his mayoralty, and on the I6th of July, 1643, Daniel Masterson was chosen and sworn mayor in his room.
8 On the 14th of September, 1643, George Nott, esq. M. P. was elected mayor, but his election being declared void by the house of commons on the 28th of the same month, John Lade was chosen in his stead, and the day folJowing sworn into his office.
9 George Stanley dving in his mayoralty, on the 20th of Nov. 1676, Avery Hilles was chosen and sworn mayor in his stead.
10 John Munn also dying in his mayoralty, on the 15th of May, 1678, John Lott was elected and sworn mayor in his room.
11 On the 4th of March, 1683, the charter of king James was surrendered to the king.
12 On the 12th of November, 1684, the new charter was brought into the city, and openly read in the Guildhall, by which charter Wm. Rooke, esq. was appointed mayor.
13 Henry Lee being discharged from the mayoralty by order of the king in council, on the 4th of January, 1687, John Kingsford, sen., by like order was elected and sworn mayor in his room.
14 John Kingsford was re-elected and sworn mayor in consequence of the king's letter to the citizens.
15 Henry Gibbs was elected mayor, by virtue of the king's proclamation for restoring to corporations their antient rights, and sworn into that office.
16 Joseph Webb dying in his mayoralty, on the 6th of September, 1704, John Bean was elected and sworn mayor for the remainder of the year.
17 John Wilson also dying in his mayoralty, on the 15th of November, 1710, Edward Feudall was elected and sworn mayor in his stead.
18 John Taddy died in his mayoralty, and on the 22d of March, 1773 George Gipps was chosen and sworn mayor for the remainder of the year.
19 Thomas Clowes likewise died in his mayoralty, and Thomas Parker was elected and sworn mayor in his room.
20 Afterwards knighted, and called to the degree of sergeant at law; and the same person who founded Jesus hospital, in Northgate, Canterbury.
21 In 1650, Robert Lade, esq. was appointed deputy recorder, for the purpose of holding two sessions; and Thomas Turner, esq. assisted the mayor at one court of trials.
22 Afterwards knighted, and called to the degree of sergeant at law.
23 Also afterwards knighted, and made sergeant at law.
24 The earl of Thanet was removed from his office of recorder, by order of the king in council. Mr. Sergeant Wyatt was deputy to the earl while in that office.
25 Sir John Dorrell was appointed recorder, by order of the king in council, on the 22d of February, 1687, at the same time that the earl of Thanet was displaced. Edward Crayford, esq. was deputy to Sir John Dorrell, during his recordership.
26 Who also represented the city in two parliaments.