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'Parishes: St Clement Eastcheap', The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: London Record Society 7 (1971), pp. 74-75. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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[f. 75v] In the parish of St. Clement Candelwyk

380. [1222–48] Grant by Ernald son of Simon the Chaloner to Richard prior and convent of certain land with a house in St. Clement street by Candelwykstrete; abutments, the land with a house which the grantor gave to his brother on the north and land that was of Michael le Tulusan on the south; to hold to the priory in free alms paying to the lords of the fee for all services, to John son of Bernard and his heirs 9s. 4d. p.a. and to the heirs of Ernald the Bowmaker (Arcenarii) 2d. p.a. and to Margaret the daughter of Ernald and her heirs 2d. p.a.; the canons to have ½ mark p.a. for pittances on the morrow of St. Edmund the King and Martyr [21 Nov.] and ½ mark p.a. for pittances on the day of the grantor's death and as long as grantor lives, he wishes that these pittances shall be on the day of St. Leodegarius [2 Oct.]; also ½ mark to find wax candles for (coram) the canons at supper and drinking as often as is necessary; sealed; witnesses, Thomas de Dunolm, alderman, Robert de Suthflite.

C.A.D., ii, A 2271.

381. [1222–48] Lease by Richard prior and convent to Robert de Catelon (Katelon) of certain land with houses built upon it in the parish of St. Clement; abutments, the land of Anselm on the south and the land of the canons on the north containing in width along the king's highway 13¼ ells 1 in. and from the king's highway on the east to the land of the said Robert on the west 203/8 ells and from the king's highway to the land of Simon Abindon and Robert de Basingg on the west 73/8 ells 2 ins.; rent ½ mark p.a.; swore fealty; but the tenement and houses were destroyed; (fn. 1) [f. 76] gersuma 12 marks; witnesses, Thomas de Duranlino, Robert Blund, aldermen.

C.A.D., ii, A 2014.

382. [List of those paying rent]: Robert Catelon; Walter Camail; Peter Micham [See also after 383] to whom another part of the aforesaid land was granted as appears by the following charter.

383. [c. 1241] Grant by Richard prior and convent to Peter de Michham of land with houses in the parish of St. Clement by (iuxta) Candelwykstrete; abutments, the land of Robert Katelone on the south and the land that was of Walter son of Simon on the north containing in length from the king's highway to the land of Robert de Katelonie on the west 20½ ells and in breadth along the king's highway 7½ ells 4 ins. and from the west side 6½ ells; also a grant of another piece of land next the aforesaid land on the north which extends from the house of Walter son of Simon to the land of Robert de Plassfey] and contains in length 12½ ells and in width 2¾ ells; rent 3s. 4d. p.a.; the prior and his successors to have the preference by a gold bezant if the grantee wishes to sell the land; swore fealty; Peter and his heirs not to allow the houses to deteriorate; gersuma 7 marks sterling; chirograph sealed; witness, Thomas de Dunolm, alderman.

C.A.D., ii, A 2044.

382 contd. Peter de Michham paid 10s.; to Holy Trinity 1s. and to a certain chantry in St. Paul's 9s., which Peter granted the tenement to Michael de Brakley [f. 76v] paying 1s. as appears by charter (fn. 2) enrolled 9 Ed. I; afterwards, John Wortham; John's widow, 1 Ed. II; Simon atte Grene, 48 Ed. III; John Po[u]der, 8 Ric. II; Richard Storme, Hy. IV and the tenement is situated on the west side of St. Clement's lane and it has for a sign Oitheram and it is now a brewhouse (bracinea domus).

384. Total of this parish 1s. and it is tithed as it appears in the king's exemplification.


1 In the text 'as above', but there is no previous mention of any destruction.
2 H.R. 12 (118, 126).