The Company in 1873-74


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C. M. Clode (editor)

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'The Company in 1873-74', Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors: Of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London (1875), pp. XXV-XXXI. URL: Date accessed: 28 August 2014.


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The Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants.

1848. June 151864Charles Mathew Clode.
1840. April 231871Thomas Styan.
1857. June 151871John Whately Simmonds.
1854. April 271873John Whittaker Ellis, Alderman and Sheriff Elect.
1860. Oct. 251873Charles William Bonus.
1817. Feb. 2718331843Charles Morrice Hullah.
1815. June 91841 18601847Thomas Bless Pugh.
1825. Feb. 231843 18611849Edward Thomas Complin.
1831. Dec. 2018461853John Costeker.
1830. July 61847 18621855Richard Boyman Boyman.
1836. June 241851 18661860Charles Gordon.
1835. April 281853 18691862Thomas Bennett Spence.
1839. Dec. 1218531863Sir Richard Baggallay, Q.C., M.P., the Attorney-General.
1840. Oct. 2818541864John Watson Lay.
1835. Dec. 181855 18701866George Parbury.
1840. July 1418551865William Foster White.
1841. Oct. 2618561868Sir James Tyler, Knight.
1844. Oct. 2918581869Edward Masterman.
1837. Dec. 1418591870Henry Pigeon.
1843. Oct. 2618591871William Timbrell Elliott.
1843. Dec. 1418611872Thomas Weston Baggallay.
1849. Jan. 251865John Coysgarne Sim, High Sheriff of Surrey, and Master Elect.
1849. June 141867John Jackson.
1838. June 18Samuel Mason.
1852. Jan. 271868Oliver Henry Davis.
1843. July 141869Edwin Nash.
1853. June 241870Thomas Cundy.
1857. April 301872 1874James Fenning, Warden Elect.
1858. Oct. 281872 1874James Graves, Warden Elect.
1849. Oct. 311874William Newsome, 1st Renter Warden Elect.
1864. Oct. 271874Gordon Wyatt Clark, 2nd Renter Warden Elect.

The Honorary Members.

Field-Marshal His Royal Highness George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge, K.G., &c.1840.June 11.
His Royal Highness Frederick William, Crown Prince of Prussia, K.G.1857.Dec. 3.
The Right Hon. Frederic Lord Chelmsford1858.June 11.
The Right Hon. Lord Lawrence, G.C.B., K.S.I.1859.Dec. 20.
His Royal Highness Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, K.G., &c.1863.June 11.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., &c.1866.June 5.
The Right Hon. Hugh McCalmont Baron Cairns1870.June 11.
The Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, M.P.1874.June 24.
The Right Hon. Edward Henry, Earl of Derby1874.June 24.
The Most Hon. Robert Arthur Talbot, Marquis of Salisbury1874.June 24.

The Liverymen, with the date of their admission to the livery.

1813.April 28.Charles James Aldis (died December 25, 1874).
1816.Oct. 24.William Dixon.
1817.July 10.William Crew.
1818.Dec. 11.Frederick Cowper.
1818.Dec. 11.James Stanes.
1820.Feb. 24.William David Jourdain.
1820.Feb. 24.Henry Augustus Hope.
1820.Dec. 19.Robert Harrington.
1822.Oct. 29.William Thomas Smart.
1823.Oct. 29.Benjamin Waud.
1825.April 27.Nicholas Heald.
1825.April 27.Charles John Freeman.
1825.June 24.Archer Thomas Upton (died January 7, 1875).
1825.Oct. 27.Thomas Chittenden.
1825.Oct. 27.Edward Sergeant.
1826.July 11.Osborn Hills.
1826.Oct. 27.Sir Samuel Hancock.
1828.April 29.John Horne Dobree.
1828.Dec. 19.Thomas Britten.
1829.April 30.Charles Alliston.
1829.July 7.John Young.
1829.Dec. 17.Samuel Harton.
1829.Dec. 17.Thomes Tanner.
1830.April 29.John Ebenezer Bromley (died December 5, 1874).
1830.April 29.Samuel Lilley.
1832.Oct. 25.William Downing.
1833.Dec. 19.George Alliston.
1835.June 18.William Neil Waugh.
1836.Feb. 25.Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart.
1837.Oct. 25.Richard Aldridge.
1838.Feb. 21.Richard Jennings.
1838.April 25.Francis Simpson.
1838.June 18.James Thomson.
1839.July 11.Charles Beard.
1839.Oct. 31.Bonamy Dobree.
1840.Dec. 16.Arthur Edward Campbell.
1841.June 18.John Smart, the younger.
1841.July 14.John Thompson Fletcher.
1841.Dec. 16.James Warren Dudin.
1841.Dec. 23.John James Purnell.
1842.Feb. 17.Richard Ball.
1842.Feb. 17.Francis Frederick Feltoe.
1842.July 14.Francis Fuller.
1842.Dec. 15.George Field.
1842.Dec. 15.Philip Devereux Hickman.
1843.Feb. 16.Michael Watts Ramsdale.
1843.June 16.John James Von der Heyde.
1844.July 12.William Jennings.
1845.Feb. 14.Alfred Pigeon.
1845.April 15.John Buswell Dudin.
1845.June 13.Edward Langley Corker.
1845.June 13.William Henry Poynder.
1845.June 24.Francis Theodore Hay.
1845.Oct. 29.Eustace Anderson.
1845.Oct. 29.Lewis John De la Chaumette.
1846.April 22.William Hamilton Crake.
1846.July 14.John Elliott Snow.
1846.Oct. 28.Charles Jacomb.
1847.April 22.Samuel Hanson.
1848.Jan. 27.Sir Anthony Rothschild.
1849.Jan. 21.Henry John Baddeley.
1849.Jan. 21.John Thomas King.
1849.April 26.William Moxon.
1849.Dec. 28.Hugh Hamilton Lindsay.
1850.Oct. 24.Thomas Aldridge.
1851.June 12.James Ryder Mowatt.
1851.Oct. 23.Henry Bonus.
1851.Oct. 23.Joseph Ince.
1852.April 22.Joseph Wright Turnley.
1852.April 22.Werner Hocke Taylor.
1852.Oct. 28.George Sparks.
1852.Oct. 28.William Thompson White.
1852.Oct. 28.George Thompson White.
1853.Jan. 27.John Addis, Junior.
1853.Jan. 27.John Barber.
1853.April 28.David Johnson.
1853.April 28.William Richards Luard.
1853.April 28.Joseph Frederick Poole.
1853.April 28.Christopher Octavius Von der Heyde.
1854.Jan. 26.Richard Clark Rogers.
1854.July 13.George Beazley.
1854.Oct. 26.Arthur McNamara.
1855.April 26.Rev. Richard Whittington, M.A.
1855.April 26.Thomas Ruston.
1856.April 24.Harry Todd Jackson.
1856.July 14.Emanuel Boutcher.
1857.April 30.Richard Alliston Boyman (died Sept. 22, 1874).
1857.June 15.Joseph Boulcott William Crew.
1858.Jan. 28.Frederick Joseph Cronin.
1858.Oct. 28.Samuel Lupton.
1859.April 28.Henry Hobson.
1860.April 26.Oliver Henry Davis, Junior.
1861.April 25.George Baker, Junior.
1862.June 24.Samuel Harton, Junior.
1862.Oct. 30.Willliam Alfred Joyce.
1863.April 28.Alfred Richards.
1863.April 28.Charles Mansfield Tebbutt.
1863.June 24.William Clements.
1863.July 14.William Hartree.
1863.Oct. 29.Charles Pannell.
1864.Feb. 1.Alfred Tylor.
1864.June 14.Wickham Noakes.
1864.July 14.Alfred Wilkins.
1864.July 24.Frederick Heritage.
1864.Oct. 27.Matthew Edward Clark.
1864.Oct. 27.William Costeker.
1864.Nov. 3.Howard John Kennard.
1864.Nov. 28.William Kerbey Bowen.
1865.Jan. 26.Edward I'Anson.
1865.Oct. 26.William Sherman (died October 19, 1874).
1865.Oct. 26.Edmund Whistler.
1866.Jan. 25.Alfred Braithwaite.
1866.Jan. 25.John Howard.
1866.Mar. 5.Robert Johnson.
1866.Mar. 5.Lawrence Hawkins Johnson.
1866.April 26.Thomas Bull.
1866.April 26.James Mowatt.
1866.June 5.George Hilditch.
1866.June 25.John Lambert Sim.
1866.June 25.Robert Feather.
1866.Oct. 25.Frederick Graves.
1867.April 25.John Blacket Gill.
1867.May 9.Sir Frederick Martin Williams, Bart., M.P.
1867.Dec. 12.George Dunkin Fenning.
1868.Mar. 12.Thomas Frazer.
1868.Mar. 12.George Barry Letts.
1868.Oct. 29.Thomas Dixon.
1868.Oct. 29.George Carruthers Finnis.
1868.Dec. 10.Charles Abram Lloyd.
1869.Jan. 28.Henry Ellis.
1869.Mar. 11.Anthony Sim.
1869.Mar. 11.Malcolm Ovan Sim.
1869.April 29.Benjamin Gallaway, Junior.
1869.April 29.Thomas Simpson.
1869.April 29.James Thomas.
1869.May 13.Richard Searle.
1869.Oct. 18.George William Barnard.
1870.April 28.Charles Graves.
1870.April 28.Henry Morley.
1870.June 1.James Rose Vallentin.
1870.June 24.Edward Masterman, Junior.
1870.July 14.John Ewart.
1870.Dec. 8.Andrew Alexander Ellis Nash.
1871.Feb. 16.Rev. Edward John Watson.
1871.Feb. 16.Thomas Cradock Watson.
1871.July 14.John Frederick Beazley.
1871.Oct. 26.John Barnard.
1871.Oct. 26.John Charles Barnard.
1871.Dec. 14.George Knowles.
1871.Dec. 14.Samuel Mason, Junior.
1872.Mar. 14.Jonathan Neild.
1872.Mar. 14.William George Nash.
1872.Mar. 14.Edward Nash.
1872.Mar. 14.Andrew John Nash.
1872.Mar. 14.George Haward Trollope.
1872.Oct. 31.Benjamin Biggs.
1872.Oct. 31.Alfred Geere.
1872.Dec. 12.Charles Norfolk.
1873.Mar. 13.Frederick Morris Fry.
1873.April 24.Walter Hilton Nash.
1873.April 24.Raymond Henry Thrupp.
1873.June 4.Albert Thomas Burrows.
1873.June 24.Maurice Grant.
1873.July 14.William Joshua Mason.
1873.July 14.Justus Albert Briebach.
1873.Dec. 11.Frederick James Sweeting.
1874.Mar. 11.Henry Pigeon, Junior.
1874.Mar. 11.Samuel Walter Stephens.
1874.May 14.Edward Mulready Stone.
1874.May 14.Faithful Cookson.
1874.May 14.Thomas Barkworth.
1874.June 3.James Morrah Whitmore.
1874.July 14.Henry Samuel King.
1874.July 14.Henry Kimber.
1874.July 30.James Shaw (Sheriff Elect).
1874.July 30.Edward Blakeway I'Anson.
1874.Oct. 29.Charles Woolloton.
1874.Dec. 10.William Bayne Ranken.
1874.Dec. 10.Charles William Jacomb.
1874.Dec. 10.Frederick Charles Jacomb.
1874.Dec. 10.Henry William Iles.


1870.Dec. 15.Francis Grantham Faithfull, M.A.Clerk.
1858.Mar. 2.Francis Lewis HopkirkAccountant.
1872.Dec. 12.William Thomas EssexOffice Clerk.
1830.June 25.Nathaniel StephensBeadle.
1870.Mar. 10.John Thomas ChilversButler.
1862.Oct. 30.Joseph StephensPorter.