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A.1201 - A.1300

[Hunt.]A. 1201. Demise by John Burgoyne, of Drayton, Thomas Hore, John Depyng, John Gillyng, clerks, Thomas Burgoyne and John Walter, of Craweden, to John Hore, of Childerley, of all lands, &c., that Roger Banastre, of Wakefield, co. York, holds for term of his life, by demise of the said John Hore, in Great Raveley. Witnesses:—Nicholas Styvecle, knt., John Pulter, and others (named). Ravele Magna, 3 May, 5 Henry VI. Three seals.
[Hunt.]A. 1202. Release by Thomas Judde, of St. Ives, Hunts, to Thomas Browys and William Melburne, of the same place, of a messuage in St. Ives, situate as described, which he had with other property by feoffment of John Wake, William Tayllard, John Collan, and John Mystrechambre. 20 February, 5 Henry VII.
[Hunt.]A. 1203. Certificate by Hugh de Sulegrave, abbot of Ramsey, formerly prior of St. Ives, that the abbey has granted to the priory of St. Ives, for the increase of bread and support of a more liberal hospitality there as herein specified, their tenement with appurtenances in W[oo]dehirst and a croft in St. Ives. The Chapter House, Ramsey, the morrow of St. Maurus the Abbot, 1263.
[Hunt.]A. 1204. Grant by Mabel, late wife of Sir William Grimbald, and Robert Grimbald her son, to Roger de Nortone, clerk, for 6 marcs, of the messuage with appurtenances in Houton by St. Ives, which they had by feoffment of lady Mary, formerly wife of Stephen de Houton. Witnesses: —Ralph le Noreys, John de Wystowe, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1205. Demise by John le Hanker, of St. Ives, to Nicholas, son of Symon le Haukere, his brother, for his life, of a messuage in St. Ives, situate as described. Witnesses:—William Mowyn, of Hirst, John de Wardeboys, Roger Noreys, and others (named). St. Ives, Trinity Sunday, 10 Edward II. Portion of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1206. Grant by John le Fischer to Adam Wyoth, both of St. Ives, of a messuage in St. Ives, and land in the field of Nidingworth in the 'quarantene' called 'Schortbenehill,' and in the meadow of St. Ives in a place called ' Corlouforlond,' all situate as described. Thursday after St. Andrew, 15 Edw. II. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1207. Grant by Matilda, daughter and heir of John de Erhith (or Herhyth), of St. Ives, widow, to Ralph, son of Benedict le Chamberleyn, of all her lands, &c., in St. Ives, Slepe, Huntingdon, Halliwell, Niddingworth, Wodehirst, Bluntesham, and Herhyth (Earith), which she inherited from her father; with reversion to herself if he die childless. Witnesses:—John de Herforde, then bailiff of Huntingdon, and others (named). St. Ives, Wednesday, the feast of Mary Magdalen, 23 Edward III. Seal defaced.
Endorsed: "Predicta Matilda prius fuit sponsa . . . . . Heire, et Heire obiit, et postea fecit istam cartam, et postea sponsa dicto Radulfo et postea," &c.
[Hunt.]A. 1208. Release by John le Hauekere, of St. Ives, to William de Cortone and Richard de Spaldyng, clerks, of the messuage in St. Ives which they have by feoffment of his brother Nicholas le Haukere. St. Ives, [Monday] before the translation of St. Edmund the King, 10 Edward II. Seal. Injured.
[Hunt.]A. 1209. Grant by Thomas Erhethe, of Slepe St. Ives, to Thomas Fysscher of land in St. Ives, in the ' Mylnefeld,' in the furlong (stadio) called 'Lymeyerdis,' and in 'le Garbradis,' situate as described. St. Ives, Trinity Sunday, 2 Richard II. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1210. Release by Robert de Swayefeld, and Emma his wife, to [Ramsey Abbey] of the land in St. Ives which they had by demise of Richard le Eyr, of Niddingworth, a "nativus" of the abbot and convent. Witnesses:—William Mowyn, and others (named). St. Ives, Sunday before St. Gregory, 10 Edward II. Two seals.
[Hunt.]A. 1211. Grant by William de Balesham to Richard Lomb, burgesses of Lynn, for 11 marcs, of land with buildings thereon, &c., in St. Ives, situate as described. Witnesses:—John de Yspania, then mayor of Lynn, Elyas de Middelton, steward of Lynn, Robert de London, William de Lindeseye, burgesses of Lynn, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1212. Grant by Henry le Barkere, of Hemmyngford Abbots, to William de St. Ives and Matilda his wife of an acre of land, situate as described [in Hemmingford]. Witnesses:—John Portehor?, John Chyve, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1213. Grant by Henry, son of Symon Tanner, of Emmyngford Abbots, to William de St. Ives and Matilda his wife of land in Middelfeld in Emmyngford Abbots, situate as described. Witnesses:—John Porthors, Robert Townsend (ad finem ville), John Chyve, and others (named). Injured. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1214. Release by Richard le Eyr, of Nyddyngworth, to Robert de Swayefeld and Emma his wife of the land in St. Ives that Geoffrey de Halywell and Beatrix his wife formerly held of him. Witnesses:—Giles de Halywell, William Mouyn, of Woldhyrst, and others (named). Halywell, Thursday the Annunciation, 4 Edward II.
[Hunt.]A. 1215. Grant by William, son of Hugh de Dunstaple, fisherman, and Nicholaa his wife, to Robert de Hale, rector of Gravele, for eight marcs, of a row (rengia) of houses in "Brigestrate, St. Ives, situate as described, abutting on the highway leading from the stone cross to St. Ives bridge. Witnesses:—William de Stowe, John and Ranulph de Clervaus, Richard de Bayllol, of Boucton, and others (named). One seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1216. Grant by Roger, son of Baudri de St. Ives, to William Miller (Molendinario), of Wardebos, of sufficient land in St. Ives to erect a mill or mills upon, over against Badewrth on the north; reserving the rents specified. Witnesses:—Oliver le Moygne, of Ravele, Geoffrey de Wintonia, William Butler (Pincerna), of Brocton, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1217. Grant by Richard de Molesworth, in Woldhyrst, to Ivo, son of Thomas de Woldhyrst, and Cecilia his wife, of land in the meadow of St. Ives on the 'quarentene' called 'le Swathes,' situated as described. Witnesses:—John de Swyneford, Ralph le Noreys, Henry le Eyr, of Wodehyrst, and others (named). St. Ives, St. Peter in Cathedra, 33 Edward I.
[Hunt.]A. 1218. Release by Ralph de Wynton, of Ramsey, to Hugh, the abbot, and the monks of Ramsey, of a meadow called 'le Holm,' in the parish of St. Ives. Witnesses:—Master Gilbert de Weppested, William Noreys, John de Sulegrave, and others (named). [A.D. 1254–1267.]
Hunt.A. 1219. Release by John Geffron, of Overston, co. Northampton, to John Asshewell, of Overtonlongvile, Hunts, of all the lands, goods, and chattels, &c., which he, together with John, Earl of Somerset, William Athall, William Geffron, and John Stokes, now deceased, had by feoffment of William Asshewell, of Overton. Overtonlongvile, 30 March, 10 Edward IV.
[Hunt.]A. 1220. Grant by Richard Jekis, of Woltwestone, to William Wawcleyn, of Sibythorpe, of a half "placium" of land in Sibythorpe with the buildings thereon, and 16 acres of land in Woltwestone fields, the situation of every parcel of land being minutely described. Woltwestone, Sunday before Ascension day, 16 Edward II.
[Hunt.]A. 1221. Grant by John de Hotost, Roger Grymbaut, William de Hotost, and Richard and John Jekes to Simon, abbot of Ramsey, of leave to enclose and hold separately his "cultura" called 'le Hulkslond,' in Woldweston, free from any claim to common for beasts thereon by themselves or their heirs. Woldweston, Tuesday the feast of St. Denis the Martyr, 18 Edward II.
[Hunt.]A. 1222. Demise by Joan, late wife of Edmund Hotost, of Woldweston, to Simon, abbot of Ramsey, for her life, of the lands, rents, and services in Woldweston specified herein, which she holds as dower; in exchange for which the abbot grants her an annuity of 26s. 8d., and a coloured robe with suitable fur yearly for life. Witnesses:—John le Lord, of Leighton, Richard Jekes, and others (named). Broughton, Sunday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 3 Edward III. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1223. Grant by Fabian le Gost, of Ramsey, to the church of St. Mary of Byru [sic: Bury], for support of the poor, of three acres of land towards Ricroft, situate as described; for which grant the almoner of Ramsey will give him all his life five monk's loaves, and beer, &c., weekly, and a tunic, &c., yearly, as a servant of the hospital. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Vincester, William de Eleswrth, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1224. Release by Gilbert de Weppestede to Ramsey Abbey, of land in Woldwestone which he had by grant of the said abbey, for the health of the souls of himself and Petronilla his wife, and for three quarters of wheat and three of dredge (dragetum) to be paid him yearly for life, at his house in Bychehamstede. Witnesses:—Sir William Camberlan, Master Stephen de Walsok, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1225. Grant by Roger, son of John Cook, of Ramsey, to Margaret, late wife of Henry Cook, of Ramsey, of land in Upwode, adjoining the mill of Bigging. Ramsey, Tuesday before Michaelmas, 35 Edward III.
[Hunt.]A. 1226. Grant by William Brekespere, of Parva Stivecle (Little Stukeley), to William le Peyntour, of Bramptone, of land in Little Stukeley, situation minutely described. Saturday the morrow of the Epiphany, 11 Edward II. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1227. Release by Alice atte Okes, relict of William Atte Okes, of Huntingdon, to Sir William Herward, chaplain, of a tenement in Huntingdon. 4 June, 7 Hen, VI.
[Hunt.]A. 1228. Grant by Richard de Molesworthe to Ivo, son of Thomas de Woldhirst, of a messuage with a garden, croft, and land, in the fields of Woldhirst. Witnesses:—William Mowyn, John Humfrey, of Wardeboys, Roger Noreys, of Wodehirst, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1229. Grant by William Knyvet, knt., to his son, Charles Knyvet, and Anne his wife, of the manors of Hammerton and Wynwike, with all their appurtenances, for term of their lives and the longer liver of them; and appointment of attornies to deliver seisin of the premises. Paper draft.
[Hunt.]A. 1230. Letters patent giving licence to Roger Norton, for the fine paid by the abbot, to assign to Ramsey Abbey a messuage with 188 acres of land in Hoghton and Wytton, to maintain a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily for ever in St. Benedict's, Ramsey, for the souls of Roger and his ancestors. Langele, 18 November, 1 Edw. [III.]
[Hunt.]A. 1231. Grant by John Masour, of Gurmencestre, and Beatrix his wife, to Thomas Fuller, of Hemmyngford Abbat, of land in the fields of Hemmyngford aforesaid, situate as described. Hemmingford Abbat, Friday, the feast of St. George the Martyr, 41 Edw. III.
[Hunt.]A. 1232. Grant by John de Sautre, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, to Roger de Norton, for life, of a messuage with 188 acres of land, and a cottage with a "placia" in Houghton and Wytton, with reversion to the abbey at his death. Ramsey, Saturday after St. Augustine, 5 Edward II. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1233. Grant by William Iselep and Nicholas Holdy, clerks, to Simon Dallyng, Simon Thorham, Robert Spylman, and Roger Bowbryge, clerks, of a messuage and lands in Halywell and Nydynworth, which were formerly Robert Claydon's, clerk, by feoffment of Ralph Myryel. Halywel 10 January, 17 Henry VI. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1234. Obligation by John, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, to Roger de Norton—in consideration of a messuage and 188 acres of land he has granted them in Houghton and Wytton by the King's licence and his own charter [see A. 1230 above]—to provide a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily in St. Benedict's, Ramsey, for the souls of Roger and his ancestors at the altar of St. Nicholas; paying such chaplain 70s. a year. "In our Chapter House," Thursday, St. Andrew's day, 1307.
[Hunt.]A. 1235. Grant by John de Norhamton, woolmerchant, and Helianora his wife, to Walter Russel, of Herford, for six marcs, of a messuage in the parish of St. John the Baptist, Huntingdon; with a clause that if hereafter the grantors or their heirs wish to claim the said messuage, their lands and tenements in Northampton shall remain to the grantees and their heirs for ever. Witnesses:—Aluered sou of Aluered, Robert Hardi, Stephen "in cimeterio," and others (named). Seal and fragment.
[Hunt.]A. 1236. Grant by Robert son of Daniel to Ramsey Abbey of land in Heythmundegrave [in Bury]; in return for which the abbot and convent have granted him a corrody of a monk's loaf and mess of meat, two small measures (grana) of potage and a gallon of beer daily for his life. Witnesses:—John de Clervall, Geoffrey de Wynton, Philip de Elesworth, and others (uamed).
[Hunt.]A. 1237. Grant by Thomas Jacob, of Huntingdon, to Thomas Godfrey, of the same place, and John Semblant, of Merden, of all his lands, &c., in the parishes of Huntingdon, Lynton, and Eastpecham. Monday before St. Andrew the Apostle, 6 Henry V.
[Hunt.]A. 1238. Release by Thomas Legat, son and heir of Alice Brampton, to John Warde, of Ramsey, of a messuage and lands in Heightmondgrove, Upwod, and Wystowe. Heightmondgrove, Tuesday, the morrow of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 14 Henry VI.
[Hunt.]A. 1239. Agreement between Richard, abbot of Ramsey, and the prior and convent of the same place. The prior and convent shall receive yearly 8l. from the manor of Hemyngford, belonging to the abbot's "Camera" [Exchequer], in recompense of the 8l. that Joan, late wife of Roger de Hirst, receives from the manor of Hemyngton, belonging to the office of cellarer of the convent, by grant of the abbot, prior and convent, for the corrody she used to receive from the monastery; the 8l. to be a first charge on the said manor. Chapter House, Ramsey, 1 July, 1367.
[Hunt.]A. 1240. Grant by Thomas Camvile, of Hetmundgrove, to his son John Camvile and Alice his wife, of all his lands in Hetmungrove, Bery, Ramesey, and Upwode. Witnesses:—John Mereweder, of Ramesey, then bailiff, and others (named). Hetmundgrove, Sunday after Michaelmas, 5 Henry IV.
[Hunt.]A. 1241. Grant by Sarra, late wife of Simon de Burwelle, to Thomas de Storolf and Gilbert de Warrewik, of a portion of a messuage in Heyghmundegrave, situate as described. Witnesses:—John de Lecheworth, and others (named). Heyghmundegrave, Monday the feast of St. Dunstan, 11 Edward III.
[Hunt.]A. 1242. Release by Richard de Hemmingeford, called 'le Messager,' to Hugh, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of 28 acres of land in Hemmingeford Abbots; the extent and situation of each portion of the land being accurately specified. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Grey, Reginald de Grey, Walter the Chamberlain, then steward of Ramsey, Berensar le Moyne, William de Queye, William de Suthbyri, John Mowin, Robert de Cuninton, and Alexander le Moyne, knts., and others (named). [A.D. 1254– 1267]. Seal.
[ Hunt.]A. 1243. Release by Richard de Hemmingeford, called 'le Messager,' to Hugh, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey of the above 28 acres of land in Hemmingeford Abbots [see A. 1242.]; all particulars being omitted. Witnesses:—Sir Walter the Chamberlain, then steward of Ramsey, John Moyn, Robert de Cuninton, Alexander le Moyne, knts., and others (named). [A.D. 1254–1267.] Portion of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1244. Demise by Richard Dyke and John Cooston, burgesses of Huntingdon, to John Derby and William Motte, clerks, of a parcel of a tenement in St. Mary's parish, Huntingdon, of the size and situation described. Witnesses:—Thomas Donett, then coroner, Richard Motte and John Alcumbury, then bailiffs of Huntingdon, and others (named). Huntingdon, Saturday before the Exaltation of Holy Cress, 39 Henry VI. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1245. Letters of attorney of Thomas Legat, son and heir of Alice Brampton, empowering John Draper to deliver possession to John Warde of a messuage and lands in Heightmondgrove, Upwode, and Wistowe, according to his deed dated Tuesday the morrow of St. Barnabas, 14 Henry VI. [A. 1238.] Heightmondgrove, Wednesday after St. Barnabas, 14 Henry VI.
[Hunt.]A. 1246. Grant by John the Marshal (Murscallus), of Hocton, to Hugh, the prior, and the monks of St. Ives, for 40s. and a quarter of wheat, of four acres of land in Hocton, situate as described. Witnesses:—William Mowin, Absolom de Haliwelle, William Noreis, and others (named). [Circa A.D. 1250.]
[Hunt.]A. 1247. Release by Robert le Wodeward, son and heir of Simon le Wodeward, of Heytmundegrave by Ramsey, to John, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of land in Heytmundegrave, situate as described. Witnesses:—William le Rydeman, of Heytmundegrave, Simon de Ellesworth, and others (named). Ramsey, Monday the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 32 Edward I. Two seals.
[Hunt.]A. 1248. Grant by Alice Branton, of Ramsey, to John Halle, chaplain, of Ramsey, and John Ramsey, of Hecmegrove, of a messuage in Hecmegrove (Heytmundgrove), situate as described, which she had by gift and inheritance from John Roodekoc. Hecmegrove, the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, 6 Hen. VI.
[Hunt.]A. 1249. Release by Richard le Mareschal, son of Walter le Mareschal, of Craunfelde, to Sir John de Morton, chaplain, and Richard his brother, of land in Heygthmundegrave, situate as described. Witnesses:— Robert le Wodeward, Thomas le Rideman, and others (named). Heygthmundegrave, Sunday the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 15 Edw. II.
[Hunt.]A. 1250. Release by Margery, daughter of William de Hemmingeford, to Walter, son of Robert the Heir (Heredis), of Hemmingeford, her brother, of the land she claimed to hold in Hemmingeford by gift of her said brother Robert, viz. a messuage which the latter's mother formerly held as dower, and land concerning which she once brought a writ of nova disseisina against the abbot of Ramsey, who had the wardship of the said Walter, and Matilda, Robert's wife, at Huntingdon before the King's Justices, 37 Hen. III. Witnesses:—Sir Walter Chamberlain, William de Waldis, William Noreys, and others (named). [Circa 40–50 Henry III.]
[Hunt.]A. 1251. Grant by Ralph de Vernun to Ranulph de Clerwaus, of land on the road between Haliwelle and Nydingworth, situation described. Witnesses:—Sir Berenger le Moyne, knt., Symon de Herdwic, William Hildegar, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1252. Grant by Amice, daughter of Robert, son of Daniel de Heytmundegrave, "soluta conjugio," to St. Benedict's, Ramsey, and the almoner there, of the portion of a messuage in Heytmundegrave which her father gave her, extent and position described: for which grant Alan do Laushull, almoner of Ramsey, has given her 12s. and a "ringa de frumento." Witnesses:—Sir John de Clarisvallibus, Ralph de Winton, Ralph Pollard, then provost, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1253. Grant by Hugh Waukclyn, of Hamertone, to Richard, son of William Carpenter, of Sybethorp, of land in Hillewellefeld and Hungerhul in Sybethorp, situate as described. Sunday before St. Matthew the Apostle, 15 Edward II. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1254. Grant by Geoffrey Caperun, son of Richard Caperun, of Huntingdon, to Walter de Hereford of a messuage in St. Mary's parish, Huntingdon, situation described, paying Geoffrey ½d. yearly, and 2s. 6d. to the prior of Merton, chief lord of the tenement. Witnesses:—Robert Hardy, Alured the Dyer (Tinctore), William Noreys, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1255. Grant by Geoffrey Caperun to Walter de Hereford of a messuage in the parish of Holy Trinity, Huntingdon, situate as described, paying 3d. yearly "ad Hagable," viz. Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Robert Hardi, Alured le Teintorer, Stephen de Cimiterio, and others (named). Seal.
[Hunt]A. 1256. Grant by Nicholas Freman to Gilbert de Warewik and Thomas de Storolf of a messuage and land in Heythmundegrave, situation described, paying yearly 3s. to St. Mary's Chapel, Redebourne, and 6s. to the manor of Biri (Bury) for the increase of alms. Witnesses:—John de Lecheworth, Thomas Rideman, and others (named). Heythmundegrave, Thursday the morrow of St. Edward, King and Martyr, 1336.
[Hunt.]A. 1257. Grant by John de Temisseford to Richard de Lubbenam of a portion of a messuage in Heythmundegrave, of the extent and situation described. Ramsey, Prid. Id. Maias, 16 Edw. II.
[Hunt.]A. 1258. Demise by Alexander de Kyngisdelf to John, son of Henry Rufus, Beatrix his wife, and their children, of land, &c., in Heygthmundegrave in ' le Newefeld,' situate as described, for 196 years from Tuesday the Invention of Holy Cross, 2 Edw. III., with reversion to the grantor if the grantees die childless. Biry by Ramsey, the Invention of Holy Cross, 2 Edward III.
[Hunt.]A. 1259. Grant by Reginald de Ewere, of Ramsey, to William de Gomecestre, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of a messuage and land in Byri (Bury) and land in Wydenhale, situate as described. Witnesses:—Philip de Elesworthe, William Brewer (Bratiator), William le Rideman, and others (named). [A.D. 1367–1385.]
[Hunt.]A. 1260. Agreement between Ramsey Abbey and Emma, late wife of William de Wald. The latter quitclaims to the abbey three "cotlands" in Brington and one in Waldweston, &c., which she and her late husband by chirograph made in the King's Court ought to hold to the end of their lives; and the abbot and convent grant to her and her heirs for ever two messuages in Woldweston and the land there which her husband gave the abbey, and for her life yearly 20 'ringas' of wheat, 20 of barley, &c., to be paid by the bailiff and provost of the manor of Weston. Witnesses:—Master Gilbert de Wepested, Sir William the Chamberlain, and others (named). "After Michaelmas, the 4th year of Abbot W[illiam]." Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1261. Demise by Jocelin de Rouceby to Ralph de Sutton, almoner, and the almonry of Ramsey, of land in Brocton situated as described, to be held until the said Ralph or his successors almoners have received 12 full harvests therefrom. Witnesses:—Ralph de Wigorn, Richard Paris, and others (named). Easter, 1245. Fragment of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1262. Grant by Alan le Barkere, son of the late Richard le Barkere, of Ramsey, to Ralph de Morton, clerk, of a meadow in the 'praeria' called 'Cheverheth' [Heytmundegrave ?], situate as described. Witnesses:—Robert le Wodeward, of Heytmundegrave, and others (named). Ramsey, the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 34 Edward I.
[Hunt.]A. 1263. Grant by Robert le Moyne, son and heir of the late Sir William le Moyne, of Ravele, to lady Juliana le Moyne, late wife of Sir William le Moyne, of an annual rent of half a marc that Geoffrey de Spartegrave was wont to pay his said father for a tenement that Sir Reymond the Chaplain (Capellanus) holds in Croxston, which he has by gift of Sir John de Scalariis. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Suthbyri, Robert de Musters, Philip, son of Philip Ernis, knts., and others (named). [End of 21 Edward I.].
[Hunt.]A. 1264. Certificate of John Cardun, of Wynewik, and Benigna his wife, that within the quindene of Easter, 1275, at the mandate of William, abbot of Ramsey, they will at their own expense go before the Justices at London, return and stay there until the abbot or his attorney at his own cost has made a chirograph of the land in Aylington that Robert le Rus formerly held, of which they have made a grant to the abbot [see A. 1277.] Other covenants specified. Witnesses:—Roger, son of Hugh Brian, Gilbert and John Fraunceys, and others (named). 1275.
[ ]A. 1265. Release by John de Olneye, of Lyllingston Magna, Oxon, to John de Sautre, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of an annual rent of 1d. paid by Robert de la Burne, of Crangefeud, for all the land of ' la Burne' in Crangfeud, which the said Robert had of him and Elena his wife, and held by fine levied in the King's Court at Westminster. St. Ives, Tuesday after St. Laurence, 21 Edward I. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1266. Grant by John, son of John de Aylinton, to William, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of an annual rent of 2s. issuing from a messuage with croft in Aylinton, held by Thomas Joute and Matilda his wife, situate as described. Witnesses:—Roger, son of Hugh Brian, Gilbert Fraunceys, and John his brother, and others (named), [A.D. 1267–1285].
[Hunt.]A. 1267. Release by John Russel, of Grapham, knt., to William de Gumecestre, abbot of Ramsey, and his house, of the assarted land in Elyngton he was wont to hold of the aforesaid house of Ramsey. Witnesses:—Sir William le Moyne, knt., Stephen de Syhtlingdon, John de Beaumeys, and others (named). [A.D. 1267–1285]. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1268. Grant by William, son of Adam le Lord, of Alkemundbyry, to Geoffrey Wysdom, of land in Alkemundbyry in a place called 'Rogeresholm,' situate as described. Wednesday before St. Barnabas the Apostle, 27 Edward I.
[Hunt.]A. 1269. Grant by John Fraunceys, of Aylington, to Robert, son of Stephen de Hale, clerk, of land in the fields of Aylington, situate as described. Witnesses:—John le Lord, of Aylington, Hugh Prest, then the abbot [of Ramsey's] bailiff in Aylington, and others (named). St. Gregory the Pope's day, 32 Edward I. Seal broken.
[Glouc.]A. 1270. Grant by Walter de Stivecle to Ramsey Abbey of land in Flaxley, situate as described. If he cannot defend the said land he binds himself to satisfy the said abbot and convent with as good land in Laushille; and if Edith his wife survives him and desires part of the said land as her dower, his heirs shall satisfy her on behalf of (pro) the abbot and convent. Witnesses:—Sir Walter Chamberlain, steward of Ramsey, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1271. Release by Henry Godsweyn, of Aylington, to William, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, for 30s., of land in Aylington, situate as described, paying therefor 1d. yearly to Geoffrey Blundel, of Aylington. Witnesses:—Sir William Chamberlain, Ranulf de Clervaus, John de Beaumeys, and others (named). [A.D. 1267–1285].
[Hunt.]A. 1272. Grant by William le Freman, of Aylington, to William, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, for 16s., of land in Aylington situate as described. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Hale, clerk, John de Aylington, Gilbert Fraunceys, and others (named). [A.D. 1267–1285].
[Hunt.]A. 1273. Agreement concluded between John de Langetoft and Alice his wife, on the one part, and Robert de Hale, rector of Aylingtone, on the other, to end the disputes between them concerning the lands, &c., formerly belonging to William, son of John le Lord, and John his son and heir, in Aylington and Wermington, whereof Robert was enfeoffed and out of which Alice, mother of the said John, sought reasonable dower. The said Robert, by advice of his friends (named), on Tuesday before St. Nicholas, 20 Edward I., in Aylington church, agreed that the aforesaid Alice should be dowered anew with the lands in the greater, middle, and smaller fields in Aylington, herein accurately specified; wherewith John and Alice are content for their third part, and that the residue of the whole tenement of the said William and John should remain to the said Robert, with the exceptions stated. Robert also agreed that two parts of a capital messuage, whereof they asserted they were enfeoffed for term of Alice's life, should remain to them at will, subject to their good behaviour. Witnesses:—John, son of John de Aylington, Gilbert Fraunceys, John his brother, and others (named). Aylington, the Vigil of St. Thomas the Apostle, 20 Edward I. Two seals.
[Hunt.]A. 1274. Agreement whereby Agnes de la Boneire, of Broucton, demises to Ralph, the almoner of Ramsey, for 20d. that Ralph gave her in her great need, land in the field of Broucton, at Tonmangrave, until he has received 10 crops therefrom; after which it is to revert to her and her heirs. Witnesses:—Ralph de Wygorn, Richard Paris, and others (named). "The year that the cycle of the moon runs through 13 [months ?]" Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1275. Release by John de Caltegot and Orabilia his wife, to William de Gumecestre, abbot of Ramsey, and the convent there, of all services that might accrue to them from land which Robert, son of Symeon de Bokesworth, holds of the abbot in Bokesworth at a yearly rent of 2s. 6d. Witnesses:—Walter de Papeworth, Robert de Conigton, and others (named). [A.D. 1267–1285.]
[Hunt.]A. 1276. Grant by Jocelin de Rouceby to Ralph de Sutton and his successors, almoners cf Ramsey Abbey, of land in Broctonfield, in a place called 'Hirstingrave,' for 10s., a "ringa" of wheat, and one of oats. Witnesses:—Ralph de Wigorn, Thomas le Butiler, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1277. Grant by John Cardun, of Wynewik, and Benigna his wife, to Sir William, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, for 17 marcs, of land with a toft and croft in Aylington, that Robert le Rus formerly held of them. Witnesses:—Roger, son of Hugh Brian, Gilbert and John Franceys, and others (named). [A.D. 1275: see A. 1264.]. Two seals.
[Hunt.]A. 1278. Release by Emma, late wife of William de Wald, to Sir William, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, of three "cotlands" in Brinington and one in Waldweston, with their appurtenances, which she and her husband held for their lives by chirograph levied in the King's Court; in return for which they have granted to her and her heirs for ever two messuages and land in Waldweston which she and her husband held as above. Witnesses as in A. 1260. 1271.
[Hunt.]A. 1279. Release by Ralph, son of Roger Noreys, of Wodehirst, to John le Smyth, of Broughton, William his brother, and Agnes, William's wife, of land in Broughton. Friday in Pentecost week, . . Edward III. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1280. Release by John, son of John Osebern, of Wodewestone, to John le Webbister and Richard de Thotynham, of his right by inheritance, after the death of Sir Geoffrey the Chaplain, his brother, to a messuage and land in Broughton, formerly belonging to Thomas le Webbister. Witnesses: —William Mowyn and Roger Noreys, of Wodehirst, and others (named). Broughton, Wednesday, the morrow of All Souls day, 16 Edward II.
[Cornw.]A. 1281. Release by Roger, son and heir of Amadeus le Golan, to John de Trebethon, of all land he has or could claim in Trebethon. Witnesses:—Laurence de Arundell, Benedict de Trewardyan, Richard de Mores, then bailiff of Coverton, and others (named). On the Itinere of the Justices at Lancenston, Thursday after St. Denis, 30 Edward I. Injured.
[Hunt.]A. 1282. Demise by Hugh, son and heir of John de Hygeneye, to John Catoun, both of Wardeboys, of land in Wardeboys, situate as described, from Michaelmas, 14 Edward II., till he has received three complete crops therefrom. Witnesses:—John Unfrey, Robert Berenger, Roger Noreys, and others (named). Michaelmas, 14 Edward II.
[Hunt.]A. 1283. Certificate by Thomas Botyrwyk. abbot of Ramsey, and the convent there, of the manumission of William Smyth, of Shitlyngdon, with all his "sequela." Ramsey, Sunday after the Invention of Holy Cross, 20 Richard II.
[Hunt.]A. 1284. Grant by H[ugh] abbot of Ramsey, and the convent there, to John, son of Henry de Fareburn, of the "cultura" called 'Stockes ' between W[o]dehurst and Acley, situate as described, saving common therein to all who ought to have it; paying 40d. yearly to provide a light on the altar of St. Mary in Ramsey monastery. Witnesses:—Sir W. de Wicheton, then steward of Ramsey, Sir Oliver le Moyne, John de Claris Vallibus, and others (named). [A.D. 1254–67].
[Hunt.]A. 1285. Grant by Walter, son of Jocelin de Stivecle, to Ramsey Abbey, of all the land in Stivecle which he had by gift of Jocelin, his father, called 'Bernardescroft,' 'Smaldenedich,' &c., situate as described; and release by the same to the same of the said land: for which grant and release Ranulph abbot of Ramsey has given him 6 marcs. Witnesses:— Jeremyas de Caxton, then sheriff of Huntingdon, Richard do Beynvill, Geoffrey de Caxton, William de Sancto Georgio, and others (named). [A.D. 1233–1236]. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1286. Grant by Emma, daughter of Henry Waldechef, of Stywecle Parva (Little Stukeley), to Isabella, daughter of Robert Waldechef, and Margaret her sister, of a messuage in Stywecle, situate as described. Witnesses:—William Brekespere, and others (named). Monday after Easter, 10 Edward II.
[Hunt.]A. 1287. Grant by William le Moyne, to William, his son, and Alianora, daughter of Sir John de Luvetot, and their children, of his manors of Sawtre and Roweye, with remainder to another son, Hugh, and reversion to himself and his heirs successively; at a yearly rent of 30l. Witnesses:—Sirs John Russel, Richard de Beynvill, Philip de Rypton, and Robert de Beaumes, knights, Ranulph de Clerevaus, and others (named).
Hunt.A. 1288. Grant by John de Hamirton, and Alice his wife, to "William, son of Robert de Thychemers, of a fine to be levied in the King's Court of the messuage and lands in Stepil Gidding [see A. 1289.], and the land in Tichemers which they have sold and granted him by charter, under penalty of 20l., for payment whereof they bind all their lands, goods, and chattels in co. Huntingdon. Witnesses:—Ralph de Thorneye, Stephen de Lotton, clerk, and others (named). Peterborough, Friday after St. Augustine, 26 Edward I. Seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1289. Grant by John de Hamirton, and Alice his wife, to William, son of Robert de Tichemers, of a messuage and land in Stepil Gidding, situate as described. Witnesses:—William Engayne, of Littil Gidding, and others (named). Peterborough, Thursday after St. Augustine, 26 Edward I.
[Hunt.]A. 1290. Release by Robert, son and heir of Richard Beinville, of Walton, to Richard Shenyngdon, abbot of Ramsey, of all actions for waste in his inheritance in Wodewalton, of which the abbot had the custody during Robert's nonage; he having committed no waste or other damage therein. Wodewalton, Sunday after St. Barnabas the Apostle, 37 Edward III.
[Hunt.]A. 1291. Deed of sale by Simon de Stivecle to Sir Richard, abbot of Ramsey, for three marcs, of a messuage in Stivecle that his mother held; and quitclaim of assarted land situate as described. Witnesses:—Jocelin de Stivecle, Master Walter, his brother, Master Geoffrey, parson of Offorde, Geoffrey de Wintonia, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Hunt.]A. 1292. Grant by Robert, son of John Cook (Coci), of Wynewyk, to Geoffrey Wysdam, of a messuage in Little Stukeley, situate as described. Witnesses:—John de Swyneford, Alexander, son of Sir Philip de Rypton, and others (named). Styvekle, Sunday, the feast of St. Hugh, Bishop and Confessor, 25 Edward I.
[Hunt.]A. 1293. Assent by Helewisa, wife of Walter de Bolebec, to the grant by her said lord of the manor of Walton to Walter, the abbot, and the monks of Ramsey. "Witnesses, the same as to my lord's grant." [A.D. 1133–1160.]
[Hunt.]A. 1294. Grant by Mabil, late wife of Robert de Tychemerhs, to Alice her daughter, of a messuage and land in Stepil Giddyng, that Emma, formerly wife of William Russell, once held of her. Witnesses:—William Engaynne, of Little Giddyng, William le Eyr, of Stepil Giddyng, and others (named).
Hunt.A. 1295. Grant by John Baronn, of Ramsey, to Adam Chaungeour, citizen of London, Thomas Marchant, chaplain, and Thomas de Santon, of London, of all his lands and tenements in Nidyngworth and Halywell. Witnesses:—John de Rokesdon, John le Heir, and others (named). Halywell, Wednesday, the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 40 Edward III. Seal.
Hunt.A. 1296. Grant by John Sandford, of Fulham, Middlesex, to Peter Shiphirde, of Nydyngworth, of all the lands and tenements in Haliwell and Nydyngworth which he had by feoffment of Agnes, daughter and heir of William de Irland. Nydyngworth, Monday, the morrow of Easter, 36 Edward III. Seal.
Annexed: Letters of attorney of John Sandford, authorising Ralph de Gyddyngg, of Huntingdon, and Hugh Tyffayne, of Fenny Drayton, to deliver seisin of the above premises to Peter Shiphirde. Dated as above.
[Hunt.]A. 1297. Grant by John Camville, of Heythmongrave, to John Brydlyngton and Richard Ramsey, of land in the fields of Leccheneye, situate as described. Ramsey, the feast of the Apostles Symon and Judc, 8 Henry IV. Seal broken.
[Hunt.]A. 1298. Grant by Alice, daughter of Alexander de Haliwell, to Ralph de Wygornia, for 33s., of an acre in the meadow of Nidingwurth by Benelode, situate as described. Witnesses:—John Mouhyn, Apsolon de Haliwell, Jocelin de Rouceby, and others (named).
[Hunt.]A. 1299. Release by William de Morton, of Heighmondegrove, to Thomas Camvylle and Fina his wife, of all the lands in Heighmondegrove, Bury, Ramsey, and Upwode, which were lately Richard de Morton's, except the land specified. Monday the feast of St. James the Apostle, 36 Edward III.
[Hunt.]A. 1300. Release by Richard le Eyr to William le Eyr, and Mariota his wife, all of Niddingworth, of land in Niddingworth meadow, in a place called 'le Fordole,' situate as described. Monday the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, 10 Edward II.