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Memoranda, 1458/9-1548 (131-7)


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'The Register: Memoranda, 1458/9-1548 (131-7)', Parish Fraternity Register: Fraternity of the Holy Trinity and SS. Fabian and Sebastian (parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate) (1982), pp. 76-79. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Memoranda, 1458/9–1548 (131–7)

131. [f. 93b] Anno xxxvijmo Regis Henrici vjti [1458–9].

Nicholaus Lathell' magister
Willelmus Slyngesbygardiani
Thomas Wymark

Memorandum quod Johanna Curteys vidua dedit fraternitati Sancte Trinitatis Sanctorum Fabiani et Sebastiani ac Sancti Botulphi in ecclesia Sancti Botulphi extra Alderychegate London' ibidem durature et deo serviture vnam auterclothe ad intencionem quod ipsa imperpetuum ad divina et alia obsequia esset recomendata. Item Isabella Lincoln' dedit eidem fraternitati vnum sanapam ad eandem intencionem et cetera.

132. Anno regni Regis Henrici viij xviijmo [22 April 1526–21 April 1527].

Ricardus Downe magister
John Webstegardiani
John Bell'

Memorandum yt John Feld' of London' fyshemonger and Johanne his wyff hath gevyn to the fraternyte of the Holy Trenyte Seyntes Fabyen and Sebasteyn founded within the parishe chirche of Seynt Botolff without Aldersgate London' on newe torche by the handes of William Henarche to be prayd for for euer.

133. [f. 94] (fn. 1) These beth the names of the brethern and sustern that entred into the forseyd fraternyte of the Trynyte in the yere of Kyng Herry the vijth the xvth [22 Aug. 1499–21 Aug. 1500], and these be the names of the master and wardeyns for the same yere.

Master John Peke squyer master
Thomas Cauendyssh' gentlemanwardeyns
William Gybbons brewer

What euery brother and syster payde for ther first entre in to seyd fraternyte.

Ricardus Hastynges miles dominus Willughby and Johanna vxor eiusv s. (fn. 2)
(fn. 3) Dominus Ricardus Rawlynsij s.
(fn. 3) Thomas Duffiiij d.
[f. 94b] (fn. 3) John Farleton' goldfynerviij d.
(fn. 3) Herry Argentyne coke with Master Latheliiij d.
(fn. 3) William Scate(iij d.)ix d.
(fn. 3) Robert Haryson' goldfynerviij d.
Dominus Johannes Smyth' morowmas pristij s.
(fn. 3) John Marlowe paryssh clerk and Agnes vxor eiusiiij d.
(fn. 3) Master W. Ford chauntry pristiiij d.
(fn. 3) Robertus Blount squyer and Margeria vxor eiusviij d.
(fn. 3) Ricardus Bacon'ij d.
(fn. 3) Thomas Eland'ij d.
(fn. 3) Elizabeth Fuller with Master Lyttan'viij d.
(fn. 3) Master William (Causby) Causwey parissh pristxij d.
Robert Walby
(fn. 3) William Massett dj. lb. piperis preciumxij d.
William Appulton'
(fn. 3) Bernewell'xij d.
(fn. 3) John Baxster(iij d.)xij d.

134. [f. 95] Theys persons following the xij day of March in the fyrst yere of the reig[ne] of Kyng Edward the vjth [12 Mar. 1548] did agree that the tenementes in Long Lane shold be sold by the master and wardenn[s] of the bretherhod vnto Sir Richard Southwell knyght.

The Master and Ward[ens]
Alexander Chapman master, one of the Kynges Exchequ[er]
John Vnderhyll bruer
Peter Smyth coryour
Roger Tayllour Aldersmans depute goldsmyth
Thomas Harslopp gyrdeler
Robert Wenham iremonger
John Melsham statyoner
John Long saulter
John Johns merchant tayllour
Robert Stanfeld' armorer
John Wotton' merchant tayllour
John Sylvester haberdassher
Richard Fourde wexchandeler
John Person' doctor of phesyk
William Bedell plasterer
Robert Tayllour goldsmyth
Robert Byrcham brewer
William Garter sorgyon
Richard Eton' carpenter
John Toller browne baker
Peter Leonerd' carpenter
Robert Cryppes brewer
John Wylkenson' coryour
Richard Eueryngham cowper

135. [f. 96b] . . . die Augusti anno regni Regis Henrici viijti xxiijmo. [1531]. Memorandum wher as John Clerk cowper hadd of T. Lucy (fn. 4) and Roger Taylour wardeyns of the Holy Trenite Seyntes Fabyan and Sebastian for hopyng and stavyng of the grett masshe tonne at the Sarsyns Hedd the somme of xxiiij s. viij d. The same John promyseth and graunteth that he shall fynde (hoopes) staves for the same tonne and sett them in at his owne charge as oft as nede shall require by the space of xj yeres next after the date aboue written.

136. [f. 97b. Early 16th cent.] (fn. 5) Firste (fn. 6) a tabulcloth conteynyng in lenthe vij ellis halff

Item a tabulcloth conteynyng in lenth v ellis

Item a tabulcloth conteynyng in lenth iij ellis qa

Item a tabulcloth conteynyng in lenth iij ellis qa

Item a tabull cloth conteynyng in lenth iij ellis qa

Item a tabill cloth conteynyng v ellis iij quarters dj of the gyft of W. Corbet

Item (fn. 7) a tabulcloth conteynyng in lenth iij ellis

Item a tabulclothe conteynyng in lenth vj ellis

Item (fn. 8) a tewell conteynyng in lenth ix ellis and halff (with an clott hole blewe)

Item a tewell conteynyng in lenth x ellis

Item a tewell conteynyng in lenth vj ellis and halff

Item a tewell conteynyng in lenth iiij ellis quarter brokyn with s and b in ye ende (fn. 9)

Item (fn. 10) a tewell conteynyng in lenth vij ellis halff (with the mark B redd)

Item a narow tewell conteynyng in lenth iij ellis

Item a awtere cloth pleyn in lenth ij ellis quarter of the gifte of Ellen Selson'

Item xij napkyns dyapere

Item a corporas casse with a scripture (ora pro nobis) orate pro animabus [sic]

Item a pillow bere of silke reed yellow knottes

Item a bordere of blake with the kyng armys and estryge fethers conteynyng in lenth iij ellis iij quarters

Item a stayned bordere with the fyve Wondys of Owre Lorde

Item a lytill pillow of sylke

Item x penselles of sylke

Item a blake palle of blake damaske with a white crosse

Item (fn. 11) a peyre of beedes of gette with ij rynges of siluer an othere with a stone

137. [f. 98] Received the iijde day of August anno xxiijmo Regis Henrici octaui [3 Aug. 1531] by Roger Taylour and John Mynne wardeyns.

In primis viij table clothes iij playn and v diaper

Item iiij diaper towelles

Item xiiij diaper napkyns

Memorandum thatt thes thynges foloyng remayng in the chamber. (fn. 12)


1 The following 2 leaves, old folios cxliij–iv, are missing.
2 Half page blank following this entry.
3 There is an abbreviation indicating enrolment in the margin by every name so marked.
4 Thomas Lucy (Guildhall MS 1454/53).
5 Probably same hand as Guildhall MS 1454/32. Churchwardens' accounts 1511–12.
6 Margin: dyapere vj.
7 Margin: playne iij.
8 Margin: dyapere . . . ij.
9 Presumably refers to a marking on the cloth.
10 Margin: playne.
11 Margin: . . . for ij s. iiij d.
12 This line, in the same hand as 136, is partially erased. The rest of the page is blank.