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'Appendix: Membership and office-holding (141-3)', Parish Fraternity Register: Fraternity of the Holy Trinity and SS. Fabian and Sebastian (parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate) (1982), pp. 82-86. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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(b) Membership and office-holding

141. The trades of the following members have been identified from sources other than the register.

Beer, Thomas, brewer (Fitch, i, 16)

Bewe, Walter, butcher (H.R. 130.44)

Boston, John, carpenter (Fitch, i, 23)

Canynges, John, stonecutter (M. Fitch, Index to Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London, i (1979), 67).

Carswell, John, limner (Journal 1, ff. 7v, 8; Journal 2, f. 63v)

Clophill al. Kelleseye, William, brewer (C.L.B.I., 7; Sharpe, ii, 405)

Davy, John, brewer (C.L.B.I., 51)

Edward, Henry, limner (London Poss. Assizes, no. 267)

Frende, John, goldsmith (Sharpe, ii, 610)

Hoper, Walter, smith (C.P.M.R., 1381–1412, 31; C.L.B.H., 397)

Jacob, John, brewer (P.R.O./PROB.11/8, f.11b)

Lesenes, John, mason (C.L.B.H., 43, 332)

Maire, John, smith (Sharpe, ii, 328)

Mordon, John, attorney (London Poss. Assizes, no. 235 etc.)

More, John, fl. 1384–1417 ?brewer. Warden of brewers, 1406 (C.L.B.I., 51). Two of this name listed as brewers in 1420 (C.L.B.I., 233–5). Occurs 1423 (Chambers and Daunt, 146).

Mosley, William, smith (Sharpe, ii, 328)

Pynchebecke, William, fishmonger (C.L.B.H., 397)

Ramsey, Ralph, fishmonger (C.L.B.H., 179; H.R. 126.82, 108)

Schraweley, Richard, brewer (Fitch, i, 167)

Staunton, John, brewer (Sharpe, ii, 502; C.L.B.I., 235)

Turnell, William, waxchandler (Sharpe, ii, 417)

Wake, Thomas, poulter (P.R.O. PROB. 11/5, f. 122)

Walpole. Robert, brewer (H.R. 200.3, 7)

Waltham, Richard, textwriter (C.L.B.K., 49)

Welles, Roger, waxchandler (Journal 3, f. 16v. See also 142)

Westyerd, John, vintner (Sharpe, ii, 434–5)

White, Thomas, brewer (C.L.B.L., 115; Fitch, i, 200)

Wyghtmore, John, brewer (C.L.B.I., 51)

Wymark, Thomas, brewer (C.L.B.L., 115; Fitch, i, 206)

142. Members of the fraternity holding office in their craft.

Bathe, John, bailiff of the English weavers, 1368 (C.L.B.G., 223, 235)

Bokkyng, John, master of the weavers, 1377 (C.L.B.H., 77)

Bret, Alan, brewer and carpenter. Master of the brewers bef. 1422 (Guildhall MS 5440, f. 106)

Brown, John, master of the coopers, 1426, 1432, 1439 (C.L.B.K., 52, 143, 232)

Davy, John, warden of the brewers, 1406 (C.L.B.I., 51)

Gate, William atte, master of the hatters, 1388, 1394 (C.L.B.H., 337, 416)

Lincoln, Richard, master of the hatters, 1388, 1394 (C.L.B.H., 337, 416)

Mason, John, master of the brewers, 1423–6 (Chambers and Daunt, 182, 189, 191)

More, John, ?warden of the brewers, 1406 (see 141)

Philippe, John, master of the brewers, 1421, 1422 (C.L.B.I., 287; Chambers and Daunt, 140)

Pulham, Stephen, master of the dyers, 1394 (C.L.B.H., 403)

Salter, John, master of the brewers, 1436–7 (Guildhall MS 5440, f. 261b)

Smith, Thomas, master of the brewers, 1438 (Guildhall MS 5440, f. 307)

Vyne, Philip atte, master of the hurers, 1378 (C.L.B.H., 96); master of the cappers, 1379 (C.L.B.H., 132)

Welles, Roger, warden of the waxchandlers, 1439 (Journal 3, f. 16v)

White, Thomas, master of the tilers, 1415 (C.L.B.I., 144; cf. Sharpe, ii, 416)

Wyghtmore, John, warden of the brewers, 1406 (C.L.B.I., 51)

143. Masters and wardens of the Trinity fraternity. Unless otherwise stated all information derives from the register, or the Introduction.

1377Philip atte Vyne, capper or hurer
John Bokkyng, weaver
1384–5John Maire, smith
John Davy, brewer
1388–9Richard Gaynesburgh, brewer
Richard Lincoln, hatter
1389Philip atte Vyne, capper or hurer
1392–3Benet Gerard, brewer
John Dancastre, limner
1393–4John Davy, brewer
Richard Schraweley, brewer
1394–5Richard Notyngham
Thomas Osbarne
1398–9Richard Gaynesburgh, brewer
Richard Fissher
1399–1400Richard Gaynesburgh, brewer
Richard Fissher
1400–1Stephen Andrew or Drewe
William Mosley, smith
1401–2John Halle, goldsmith
Henry Edward, limner
1402–3Richard Schraweley, brewer
John Wyghtmore, brewer
1403–4John Davy, brewer
Benet Gerard, brewer
1408–9John Michell, king's sergeant-at-arms
Walter Bewe, butcher
1409–10John Bradmore, surgeon
1410–11John Michell, sergeant-at-arms
Alan Bret, brewer and carpenter
1411–12John Michell, sergeant-at-arms
Alan Bret, brewer and carpenter
1414–15John Mosley
John Santon
1432–3Richard Waltham, textwriter
Thomas Smyth, brewer
1436John Salter, brewer
Thomas Smyth, brewer
1437–8Thomas Ayle
Harry Southwell
1438–41 (fn. 1) John Mordon, attorney
John Salter, brewer
Thomas Smyth, brewer
John Joye, brewer
1443Geoffrey Sprotburgh, parchment maker
Thomas Beer, brewer
1443–6Geoffrey Sprotburgh, parchment maker
Richard Emmesley, saddler
1446–7Thomas Smyth, brewerM (fn. 2)
Richard Emmesley, saddlerW
John Walpole, brewerW
1447John Joye, brewerM
Richard Emmesley, saddlerW
John Walpole, brewerW
1449John ByromM
(Jan.)Thomas Wake, poulterW
Stephen RichardW
1449Harry Markham, priestM
(July)–Thomas Wake, poulterW
1450Stephen RichardW
1450–1Thomas Wake, poulterW
Stephen RichardW
1451–2John Joye, brewerM
Thomas Wake, poulterW
Richard Emmesley, saddlerW
1452–3John Joye, brewerM
Thomas Wake, poulterW
Roger Welles, waxchandlerW
1453–4John ByromM
Thomas Wake, poulterW
Roger Welles, waxchandlerW
1454–5John ByromM
Thomas Wake, poulterW
Roger Welles, waxchandlerW
1455–6John ByromM
John CookW
Thomas Theyne or DeyneW
1456Richard Emmesley, saddlerM
(Dec.)John CookW
Michael FesthamW
1458–9Nicholas Lathell, later clerk of the Pipe (C. Pat. R., 1476–85, 406)M
William Slyngesby, gent.W
Thomas Wymark, brewerW
1460William Kenyngthorp, gent. (H.R. 196. 18)M
Hugh WarnerW
Thomas Wymark, brewerW
1463William Kenyngthorp, gent.M
(April)Hugh WarnerW
Thomas Wymark, brewerW
1463John Joye, brewerM
(June)Robert Walpole, brewerW
Thomas White, brewerW
1465William EssexM
John ForbesW
Alan JohnsonW
(Guildhall MS 109007)
1466–8William Kenyngthorp, gent.W
Richard LangtonW
(Guildhall MS 1454/2)
1468–70John SymondW
Laurence HeggeW
(Guildhall MS 1454/2)
1482–4John Jacob, brewerW
John Frende, goldsmithW
(Guildhall MS 1454/4, 5)
1489–90William SmythW
Richard ChevyrsW
(Guildhall MS 1454/10
1497–8William SmythW
John Pette, exchequer official (P.R.O. PROB 11/21, f. 58) (Guildhall MS 1454/17)W
?1498–9Richard DowneW
Reynold FilollW
1499–1500John Peke, Esq.M
Thomas Cavendish, gent., exchequer officialW
William Gybbons, brewerW
1516–17Richard SheldonM
Edward JohnsW
Symon Peryns
(P.R.O. LR2/241, f. 70)W
1526–7Richard DowneM
John WebsteW
John BellW
1531Thomas LucyW
Roger Taylour, goldsmithW
1547 (Dec.)Alexander Chapman, of the ExchequerM
John Underhyll, brewerW
William BodellW
(C. Pat. R., 1548–9, 99)
1548 (Mar.)Alexander ChapmanM
John Underhyll, brewerW
Peter Smyth, currierW


1 Cf. 128–30. It is likely that two were churchwardens and two wardens of the fraternity.
2 M = master. W = warden. Before 1446 the terms appear to have been interchangeable.