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'List of abbreviations', A Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London before the Great Fire: London Record Society, 22 (1985), pp. VIII-X. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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This list does not include short titles of works used within entries or groups of entries where the full title is also given.

BLBritish Library, Department of Manuscripts
BMBbaptisms, marriages, and burials; in relation to parish registers
BodlOxford, Bodleian Library
B.R.A.British Records Association
Ccentury; used in the form 17C, for seventeenth century, etc.
Cal. Chart. R.Calendar of Charter Rolls
Cal. Docs. FranceCalendar of Documents preserved in France, illustrative of the history of Great Britain and Ireland i, 918–1206, ed. J. H. Round (1899)
Cal. Pat. R.Calendar of Patent Rolls
Cal. WillsCalendar of Wills proved and enrolled in the Court of Husting, London, 1258–1688, ed. R. R. Sharpe (1889–90)
Char. Com.Charity Commission
CLROCorporation of London Records Office
cont.contain(s), containing
Ct.Court; as in Fire Ct.
CULCambridge University Library
DavisG. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (1958)
DBDomesday Book
EconHREconomic History Review
EETSEarly English Text Society
EHREnglish Historical Review
GLGuildhall Library
GLROGreater London Record Office
HarbenH. A. Harben, A Dictionary of London (1918)
HMCHistorical Manuscripts Commission; the published reports on collections are cited in the form HMC (8) Ninth Report, where the number in brackets denotes the number assigned in the list in HMSO Sectional List 17 (1979), 4–18
HMSOHer Majesty's Stationery Office
HRHusting Roll
IHRUniversity of London, Institute of Historical Research
incl.include(s), including
LambethLambeth Palace Library
L&IPublic Record Office Lists and Indexes, listed in HMSO Sectional List 24 (1983), 30–7
L & P Henry VIIILetters and Papers of Henry VIII
LBA, LBB, etc.Calendar of Letter Books A-L, ed. R. R. Sharpe (1899–1912)
LMASLondon and Middlesex Archaeological Society
London Eyre 1244The London Eyre of 1244, ed. H. M. Chew and M. Weinbaum (LRS 6, 1970)
LRSLondon Record Society
LTRLondon Topographical Record
LTSLondon Topographical Society
min(s).minutes(s); as in min. bk.
Mon. Angl.W. Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, ed. J. Caley, H. Ellis, and B. Bandinel (6 vols., 1817–30, repr. 1846)
n.d.not dated
NRANational Register of Archives; see also HMC
PCCPrerogative Court of Canterbury
PROPublic Record Office
PRO GuideGuide to the Contents of the Public Record Office (2 vols., HMSO, 1963)
RegestaRegesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, 1066–1154, 3 vols. ed. H. W. C. Davis, C. Johnson, H. A. Cronne, R. H. C. Davis (1913, 1956, 1968–9)
RHSRoyal Historical Society
RORecord Office
SSRCSocial Science Research Council (from 1984 Economic and Social Research Council)
Tax. Eccl.Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae auctoritate Papae Nicholai IV, circa 1291, ed. S. Ayscough and J. Caley (Record Commission, 1802)
Trans LMASTransactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society
TRHSTransactions of the Royal Historical Society
TStypescript library
unspec.unspecified: see p. xv
VCHVictoria County History
WAMWestminster Abbey Muniments