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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 17: The parish of St Pancras part 1: The village of Highgate (1936), pp. XVI-XVIII. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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1 and 2.Englefield House, No. 23, High Street, cornice details23
3.Russell House, No. 9, South Grove, plan27
4.Russell House, No. 9, South Grove, cupboard door27
5.Russell House, No. 9, South Grove, front door31
6.Church House, No. 10, South Grove. From a drawing by B. G. Abrahams32
7.Church House, No. 10, South Grove, front door33
8.St. Michael's Church, Gould tablet. From a drawing by G. Gordon Godfrey55
9.St. Michael's Church, Forster tablet. From a drawing by G. Gordon Godfrey55
10.Voel, No. 18, South Grove, front door63
11.Nos. 18 and 19, South Grove. From a drawing by Hanslip Fletcher65
12.No. 4, The Grove, attic fireplace surround81
13.No. 4, The Grove, kitchen dresser82
14.No. 4, The Grove, dining-room fireplace surround83
15.No. 5, The Grove, key plan84
16.No. 52, South Grove. Sketch showing change in footpath96
17.No. 52, South Grove, cupboard and dresser in kitchen97
18.No. 53, South Grove, niche in Entrance Hall98
19.No. 54, South Grove, kitchen dresser99
20.No. 53, South Grove, details of Stairs100
21.Sketch plan 46–51, South Grove107
22.Nos. 1–6, Pond Square. From a drawing by Hanslip Fletcher109
23.Ken Wood, balustrading to stairs115
24.Ken Wood, mantel in breakfast-room118


Supplied By Rev. E. E. Dorling

Ashurst (p. 54)Gules a cross between four fleurs-de-lis argent.
Berkeley, Lord Berkeley Of Stratton (p. 129)Gules a cheveron ermine between ten crosses formy argent.
Burdett-Coutts, Lady BurDett-Coutts (p. 71)Quarterly: 1 and 4, Argent a hart's head razed gules with a pheon azure between the horns in a battled border azure charged with four buckles or, for COUTTS; 2 and 3, Azure two bars or with three martlets gules on each bar, for BURDETT.
Cholmeley (p. 5)Gules a sword set fessewise between a helm in the chief and two sheaves in the foot all or.
Collett (p. 92)Sable a cheveron between three hinds tripping argent with three rings sable on the cheveron.
Cooke Of Hackney (p. 70)Ermine a chief azure with a griffon passant argent therein.
Cornwallis (p. 48)Sable sprinkled with drops argent and a fesse argent with three Cornish choughs thereon.
Cooper (p. 42)Argent three martless and a chief engrailed gules with three rings or in the chief.
Fitzroy, Lord Southampton (p. 94)The arms of Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton (which are King Charles II's arms with the difference of a sinister baston gobony argent and azure) with a crescent for cadency.
Gould (p. 20)Party saltirewise or and azure a lion likewise parted and countercoloured.
Guinness, Earl of Iveagh (p. 132)Party saltirewise gules and azure a lion or and a chief ermine with a right hand gules cut off at the wrist therein.
Herne (p. 17)Argent a cheveron erminess between three hernes sable.
Hobart (p. 11)Sable a star of eight points or between two flaunches ermine.
Holles (p. 42)Ermine two piles sable.
Holy Trinity, Priory, Aldgate (p. 121)Azure a Trinity argent.
Howard, Earl Of Arundel (p. 49)Gules a bend between six crosslets fitchy argent with the augmentation for Flodden on the bend.
Humble (p. 28)Sable a hart tripping and a chief indented or.
Ireton (p. 12)Argent two bends gules.
Kemp, Lord Rochdale (p. 47)Argent a cheveron engrailed gules between two stars azure and a rose gules.
Knapp (p. 14)Or a lion passant with three helms in the chief sable.
London Bishopric (p. 103)Gules two crossed swords of St. Paul with their blades argent and hilts and pommels or.
Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale (p. 11)Or a lion mutile gules in a double tressure flowered and counterflowered azure.
Murray, Earl of Mansfield (p. 114)Quarterly: 1 and 4, Azure three molets argent in a double tressure flowered and counterflowered or, for MURRAY; 2 and 3, Gules three crosses formy argent, for BARCLAY.
Payne (p. 51)Gules a fesse between two lions passant argent.
Pearson, Baronet (p. 79)Argent billety azure a pile azure with three horses' heads razed argent thereon.
Pemberton (p. 93)Argent a chevron between three buckets sable with hoops or.
Pierrepont, Duke of Kingston (p. 88)Argent powdered with cinqfoils gules a lion sable.
Stuart, Earl of Bute (p. 129)Or a fesse checky argent and azure in a tressure of Scotland.
Waltham Abbey (p. 124)Argent a cross engrailed sable charged with five crosslets fitchy or.
Warner (p. 87)Or a cheveron between three boars' heads sable.
Waterlow, Baronet (p. 18)Azure a demi-eagle or holding in his beak a crosslet fitchy or and a chief argent with three wolves' heads razed sable therein.
Westfield (p. 34)Gules a cross between four sheaves or.
Widmer (p. 24)Gules two cheverons between two roses in the chief and a fleur-de-lis in the foot all argent.
Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton (p. 125)Azure a cross or between four falcons close argent.
Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke (p. 93)Argent a saltire azure charged with a bezant.

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