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'Appendices', Survey of London: volume 17: The parish of St Pancras part 1: The village of Highgate (1936), pp. 138-148. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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(Commissary Court of London. 91 Harvy.)

In The Name Of God Amen the secunde Day of the monyth of Aprill' the yere of our lord god Mlcccc lxxxxvto

I, Gyles Eustas in hoole mynde and parfite memory being Laude and preysing be vnto almighti god. Make ordeyne and dispose this my present testament conteynyng my last will in manere and forme as folowith.

First I bequeth and recommend my soull vnto almighti god my maker and redemor to the gloryouse virgyn and Lady Saint Mary his moder and to all the blessed company in Hevyn.

And my Body to be buried in the chirch of Sainte Pancrace in the ffelde before the ymage of our blissed Lady ther

And I bequeth vnto the High Auter of the same chirch for my tithes and oblacionns wt holden or neglegently forgotten in discharging of my soull and consciens vjs viijd.

Item I bequeth to the High Auter of the parishe chirch of Haringey to haue my soull in Remembrannce vjs viijd.

Item I bequeth to the High Auter of the parishe chirch of Islington' in like wise vjs viijd

Item I bequeth to William Eustas my brother to pray for my soull xxs*** in money

Item I bequeth to Henry Checheley in like condicion' xxs in money

Item I bequeth to Thomas Hoo the younger xxa in money and a Gowne of must de Velys to haue my soull in his prayer and remembrannce

Item I bequeth to Thomas Hoo the elder in like forme to pray for my soull vjs viijd in money and a gowne of Tawny

Item I bequeth to Richard Baker Heremyte of the Chapell of Hygate to pray for my soull vjs viijdin money

And as towching the disposicion' of my Landis I will that Johan my Wiff haue all my said Landis and Tenements lying wtin the shire of midd' in eny place wt there Appurtenannces to theme belonging to haue and to holde to her terme of her lyff Excepte the bequestes vndre rehersed And aftir her decesse I woll that Myles my sonne haue my Tenement which I dwell in lying in Hygate wt the Appurtenannces and xv acres of Lande adionyng vnto the same called the morys And a Closse callid Kingges Crofte lying in Hygate And a Orchard callid the Kingges gardyn And a Closse callid Brodfelde cont' xij Acres to haue and to holde to the saide myles my Sonne his heires and assignes for euermore

Item I woll that Thomas my Sonne have ij tenementes lying at Hygate in the parishe of Haringey in one of the which dwellith one Collyer and in the other one Robert Leke wt the Appurtenannces therto belonging And a Closse lying besyde Hygate Lane in the parishe of Islyngton conteynyng vj Acres of Lande and a Closse lying in the parishe of Haringey callid the Parke Hill and a Closse callid Pedaker in the same parish to my saide Sonne Thomas his Heires and assignes for euermore

Item I will that John' my Sonne haue a Tenement in Haringey called May Howsse and the Closse nexte adionyng behinde it And a Closse callid Campisborne wt all my Landis and Tenementes vnder Southwode and in the vale of Haringey and Mawswell Hill to my saide Sonne John' his Heires and assignes for euermore

Item I will that Alice my Doughter shall haue whanne she shall come to her lawfull age or be maryed a Tenement which John' Wekyng Dwellith in wt a nother Tenement nexte adioynyng vnto it which Henry Kyrkby dwellith in with their Appurtenannces to theme belonging to her assignes and heires foreuermore wt x marke of money to her mariage

Item I will that Amy my Doughter haue a Tenement lying at Hygate grene which John' Dryver dwellith in wt the Appurtenannces and x marks in money as afore is rehersed And which of theme ouerlyth other to be the heire as well to the Landis as to the money

The Residew of all my goodis meuable above not bequest I gyff and bequeith Vnto Johan my wiff therwith to doo her owne fre will as Wt her owne propre goodis foreuermore Which saide Johan I make and ordeyne my soole executrice of this my present testament and last will and William Eustas my brother to be her ouerseer

Witnesses Sir Edward Dukfelde parishe prest of Haringey William Eustas Squyer Thomas Hoo yonger William Sheperd Henry Checheley Richard Hoo Richard Baker wt other moo


The figures after the names indicate the number of hearths on which the occupier had to pay.

Empty, Mr. Pryor ow.r02
Earl of Lodderdale26Empty, Duke of Lotherdale26
George Pryer07Mr. Pryor07
Maior Grinstone15Empty, Thom: Gunstone owr15
Robt. Lea04Rob. Leay04
Paul Ginderley07Mr. Ffilkins07
Ric. Gower11M.r Goare11
Geo. Whitten04Geo. Whitton04
Wm. Read02— Duckett02Cha. Hatton02
Martin Stappilles02Empty02Wm. Smyth
John Shuley01Empty02Wdd. Hutton01
— Miller04John Miller04John Miller04
John Foster02
Wm. Branson02W. Bramson03Wm. Branson03
Wdd. Coggesell02
Empty07Jona. Cook07
Edw. Greene02— Stanell02
Rich. Weekes04Ricd. Weekes05Empty04
Ralph Sharwood02
Thomas Greene02Thom. Greene02
John Storrey03Mr. Storye09Mr. Stoney09
Owen Lewis09Empty03Empty07
W. Brogden06Wm. Bragden06
Mrs. White09Empty, Mr. White owr.09
Robt. Clarke12Robert Clarke12Mr. Clarke06
Mr. William06
Wdd: Smith02Widow Smith02Wd. Smyth02
Mrs. Bateman04Edwd. Thompson04Edw. Thompson04
Nich: Baker02Ricd. Baker02Richd. Baker02
Wm. Homes02Thos: Stones02Thom. Smith02
Beni Arthur10Kaye Esq10Esqr: Kage10
John Branson02
Wm. Riles02Wm. Ryles02Wm. Rayles02
Mr. Plowman07
Owen Cope02Owen Cope02Owen Cooper02
Baron Turner23Mr. Johnson10Mr. Johnson10
Mr. Hinde11Empty, Mr. Blocke ownr.11
John Ives07John Ives07John Ives07
Francis Blake13Francis Blake13Fran. Blacke13
Sam. Boxker (sic.)07Simon Baxter07Simo. Baxter07
Wm. Bitterfeild02W. Butterfield02Wm. Butterfeild02
Mrs. Skillett02John Foster02John Tayler02
Empty, Poulson ownr.04Empty04
Wdd. White06Wid: White02Wd. White02
Wdd. Burden02
W. Crosse02Rich. Finder02
Anth. Odam02Anth Odam03Ano Odum03
Wm. Lewis05
Marquisse of Dorchester31Marq. of Dorchester31Marques of Dorchester31
Tho. Collett, esq.11Empty11Thom: Collett Esqr.10
— Coppenger05M. Beaumont05Mr. Beomont05
W. Prue04
Chr. Keemer02Mr. Keymer04Mr. Keymor04
Edw. Thompson02Robt. Poulsen02Robt. Poulson02
Tho. Weden02John Taylour02Thom. Kirke02
Tho. Barnes02Thos: Barnes03Thom. Barnes02
Nic: Andrews04Nich: Andrewes04Mich. Andrews04
Wm. Nicholls06Empty06Wm. Nicholls06
John Bill24John Bill23John Bill Esqrr.20
— Flood02— Flood02— Flood02
Thos Conce04Thos. Sconce04Tho. Sconne05

The order of the names in the lists of 1665 and 1673 has been modified to tally with that for 1674.


Sir William Hewett, Lord Mayor, 1559Died 1567
Sir Roger Marten, Lord Mayor, 1567"1573
Roger Carew" 1586
Richard Heywood" 1570
Richard Hodges" 1572
Jasper Cholmeley" 1587

The above mentioned were named in the Letters Patent of Queen Elizabeth, dated 6th April, 1565.

1567.Sir John Langley, Lord Mayor, 1576Died1578
1570.John Kitchen"1586
1572.John Draper"1576
1574.William Lamb, Founder of Sutton Valence School"1580
1574.John Dudley"1580
1576.Sir William Cordell, M.P., Speaker of the House of Commons, Master of the Rolls"1581
1578.John Martyn"15–
1580.John Guilpine"1591
1581.William Hodges"1582
1582.William Clark"1587
1586.Roger Puleston"1592
1587.Owen Lloyd"1589
1587.John Cholmeley"1589
1587.Rt. Rev. William Cotton, Lord Bishop of Exeter"1621
1589.William Linford"1599
1589.John Povie"1599
1591.Sir William Cornwallis"1611
1592.Sir Hugh platt"1609
159-;.Richard Skevington"1597
1598.Sir Nicholas Kempe"1624
1599.Sir William Waad, Lieut. of the Tower"1623
1599.William Cholmeley"1642
1609.Thomas Edwards, D.C.L., Chancellor of Diocese of London"1619
1611.Edward Forsett"1630
16—Sir Thomas Fowler"1625
1620.Rt. Rev. Thomas Westfield, Lord Bishop of Bristol"1644
1621.Sir Baptist Hicks, Bart., afterwards Viscount Campden"1629
1624.Edwared Allen, Alderman of London"1626
1625.Samuel Armitage"1636
1626.Rev. Thomas Worrall, D.D."1639
1629.John Smith"1656
1630.Sir John Wollaston, Lord Mayor, 1644"1658
1636.Sir Thomas Gardiner, Solicitor-General, Recorder of London"1652
1639.Sir Richard Sprignell, Bart."1659
1642.Basill Nicoll"1648
1644.Richard Chambers, Alderman of London"1658
1648.Edward Taylor"1660
1652.Sir Thomas Allen, Lord Mayor, 1660"1681
1656.John Ireton, Lord Mayor, 1659Died1690
1658.George Prior"1675
1658.Colonel Thomas Gower"1676
1659.Thomas Collett"1675
1660.Sir Thomas Rowe"1685
1675.Sir John Musters"1689
1675.Sir Nathaniel Herne, Sheriff of London, 1674–5"1679
1676.Sir Paul Paynter"1686
1679.Sir Francis Pemberton, Lord Chief Justice of England"1697
1681.Edward Allen"1692
1685.William Shenton"1692
1686.Richard Cradock"1712
1689.Sir William Pritchard"1705
1690.Sir James Smyth"1708
1692.Thomas Dickins"1719
1692.Lieut.-Col. Edward Beaker"1694
1694.William Bridges"1714
1697.Sir William Ashurst, Lord Mayor, 1694"1720
1705.James Buck"1712
1709.William Thatcher"1728
1712.Edward Pauncefort"1726
1712.William, 4th Lord Berkley of Stratton (afterwards Visct. Fitzharding)"1741
1714.Sir Edward Gould, a Justice of H.M. Court of Common Pleas"1728
1719.John Townsend"1720
1720.Humphrey Henchman, LL.D., Chancellor of Diocese of London"1739
1725.William Bridges (of the Stamp Office)"1741
1726.John Schoppens"1728
1728.Thomas Bayly"1749
1728.Francis Annesley"1750
1728.Charles Shales"1734
1734.John Edwards"1769
1739.Robert Thomas"1776
1741.William TownsendResigned1747
1741.William ThatcherDied1743
1743.Samuel Forster"1752
1747.Matthew Langley"1758
1749.Robert Bootle"1758
1750.William Phillips"1755
1752.Thomas Nash"1752
1752.Sir Thomas Burnet, a Justice of H.M. Court of Common Pleas"1753
1753.Hammond CrossResigned1756
1755.Peter StorerDied1759
1756.Edmund Byron"1778
1758.Richard Wilbraham Bootle"1796
1758.Bendall Martyn"1761
1759.Robert Paul"1762
1762.Hon. Charles Yorke, Lord High Chancellor, 1770"1770
1762.William (first) Earl of Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice"1793
1770.Sir Thomas Cave, Bart."1780
1770.Thomas Bromwich"1787
1776.Gen. the Hon. Charles Fitzroy (first) Lord Southampton"1797
1778.Charles Causton"1811
1780.William BaynesResigned1781
1781.Thomas Saunders"1794
1787.Alexander AndersonDied1796
1793.David (second) Earl of Mansfield"1796
1796.Robert Mendham"1810
1796.Colonel John Brettell"1801
1796.Thomas Walker, Accountant-General in Chancery"1802
1796.William (third) Earl of MansfieldResigned1828
1779.David DuveluzDied1808
1801.Benjamin Price"1820
1802.William, BelcherResigned1842
18—.Abraham LangfordDied1817
18—.Henry Isherwood"18—
18—.William Bloxam"1814
1812.Robert Isherwood"1837
1816.Richard Nixon"1835
1817.Thomas HurstResigned1832
1820.George KinderleyDied1847
1828.Rev. Thomas Henry Causton"1854
1832.William Dodge Cooper CooperResigned1857
1836.Charles (third) Lord Southampton"1859
1837.Rev. Charles Mayo"1847
1842.Harry Chester"1860
1847.Charles John Bloxam"1881
1847.George Abraham CrawleyDied1862
1854.Nathaniel BaseviResigned1859
1857.John Lawrence TathamDied1886
1859.William Ford""1889
1859.Henry Lake"1863
1860.William Walter Legge, (fifth) Earl of DartmouthResigned1876
1862.Sir. Roundell Palmer, Q.C. afterwards (first) Earl of Selbourne, Lord High ChancellorDied1895
1863.William Gladstone"1873
1873.Lieut.-Col. Sir George Archibald Leach, R.E., K.C.B.Resigned1908
Died 18th June,1913

Under the scheme for the administration of the School which came into operation in 1876, the number of Governors was increased from six to twelve. Of these, six were Co-optative and six Nominated; one each by the Lord-Lieutenant of Middlesex, the Lord Bishop of London, the Lord Chief Justice of England, and the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

1876.George Baden Crawley (Lord-Lieutenant)Died1879
1876.The Venerable James Augustus Hessey, D.C.L., Archdeacon of Middlesex (Bp. of L.)Resigned1891
1876.James Stephen (L.C.J.)"1880
1876.Charles Marshall Griffith, Q.C.(Oxf.)"1888
1876.Rev. John Llewelyn Davies (Camb.)"1889
1876.Timothy Smith Osler (Lond.)Died1905
1876.William Heneage, Viscount Lewisham, M.P., afterwards (sixth) Earl of Dartmouth (Co-op.)Resigned1900
1880.Rev. Robert Townsend Crawley (Lord-Lieut.)"1903
1880.Benjamin Greene Lake (L.C.J.)"1891
1882.John Bradley Dyne (Co-op.)Died1909
1886.Thomas Clarke Tatham (Co-op.)"1914
1889.Major-Gen. Sir John Fretcheville Dykes Donnelly, R.E., K.C.B. (Co-op.)"1902
1889.Charles George, Lord Lyttelton, afterwards Viscount Cobham (Camb.)Resigned1902
1889.Benjamin Bickley Rogers (Oxf.)Resigned1898
1891.The Ven. Robinson Thornton, D.D., Archdeacon of Middlesex (Bp. of L.)Resigned1903
1891.Walter Scrimgeour (L.C.J.)"1898
1896.Henry Samuel Benbow Price (Co-op.)Died1898
1898.Edward Bond (Oxf.)"1920
1898.Charles Ponsonby Wilmer (L.C.J.)"1903
1898.Arthur Ranken Ford (Co-op.)Resigned1919
1900.William David (fifth) Earl of Mansfield (Co-op.)Died1906
1902.Roger Gaskell (Camb.)"1912
1902.Rt. Rev. Charles Henry, Lord Bishop of Islington, D.D. (Co-op.)"1923
1903.Charles George, Viscount Cobham (Lord-Lieut.)Resigned1908
1903.Leonard Charles Wakefield (L.C.J.)"1918
1903.The Ven. H. E. J. Bevan, Archdeacon of Middlesex (Bp. of L.)"1930
1905.David Sing Capper (Lond.)"1920
1906.Charles Grant Church (Co-op.)"1929
1908.Colonel Thomas Myles Sandys, M.P. (Lord-Lieut.)Died1911
1908.Hon. Lawrence John Lumley, Earl of Ronaldshay, M.P. (Co-op.)Resigned1916
1909.Rev. Henry Richard Cooper Smith, D.D. (Co-op.)"1930
1912.Major-Gen. Euston Henry Sartorius, V.C., C.B. (Lord-Lieut.)"1915
1912.Rudolph Chambers Lehmann (Camb.)"1919
1914.Brig.-Gen. Harold Pemberton Leach, C.B., D.S.O. (Co-op.)"1928
1916.Roland Lyons Nosworthy Michell, C.M.G. (Lord-Lieut.)"1929
1917.Roger Gaskell Hetherington, C.B., O.B.E. (Co-op.)
1918.Christopher Kemplay Tatham (L.C.J.)
1919.George Newton Pitt, O.B.E., M.D., F.R.C.P. (Camb.) Died 23rd Feb.,1929
1919.Admiral Sir Herbert Edward Purey Cust, K.B.E., C.B. (Co-op.)
1920.Frederick Augustus Dixey, M.D., F.R.S. (Oxf.)
1920.John Leigh Smeathman Hatton (Lond.)

Under the provisions of the School Teachers (Superannuation) Act, 1918, the Board of Education nominated three additional Governors, thus increasing the number from twelve to fifteen, but their appointments lapsed in September 1923.

Appointment lapsed
1921.William Walter Kelland (B. of E.)Sept.1923
1921.Right Hon. Sir Willoughby Dickinson, K.B.E. (B. of. E.)""
1921.Sir Frederick William Andrewes, O.B.E., M.D., F.R.S. (B. of. E.)""
1923.Sir Francis Nugent Greer, K.C.B. (Co-op.)Died1925
1925.The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Douglas Mackinnon (Co-op.)
1928.George Kemp (first) Lord Rochdale (Co-op.)
1929.Sir Arthur Henry Crosfield, Bart. (Co.-op.)Resigned1930
1929.Archibald Vivian Hill, O.B.E., G.B.E., D.Sc., F.R.S. (Camb.)
1929.Sir Charles Grant Robertson, C.V.O. (Lord-Lieut.)
1930.Edward John William Jeudwine (Co-op.)
1930.Charles Tate Regan, D.Sc., F.R.S. (Co-op.)
1930.The Ven. F. N. Thicknesse, Archdeacon of Middlesex (Bp. of L.)
1930.Bernard Eustace Cuthbert Davis (London University)
1933.Right Rev. Guy Vernon, Lord Bishop of Willesden (Bp. of L.)
1934.William Seaford Sharpe (Co-op.)

Appendix IV; Pedigree of residents at Lauderdale House and Arundel House

Appendix IV; Pedigree of residents at Lauderdale House and Arundel House

Appendix V; Pedigree of Eustace and Hart

Appendix V; Pedigree of Eustace and Hart

Appendix VI; Pedigree of Cholmeley

Appendix VI; Pedigree of Cholmeley

Appendix VII; Pedigree of Blake

Appendix VII; Pedigree of Blake

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