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'Surnames beginning 'Q'', London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695 (1966), pp. 242. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Surnames beginning 'Q'

Quaite, Hen, Allhallows, London Wall (page 32)

Quantock, :
Francis; Mary, w, St Magnus the Martyr (page 8)
Hen; Anne, w; Jos, s; Anne, d, St Katharine Cree (page 10)

Quare, :
Dan, watchmaker; Mary, w, St Mary Woolnoth (page 3)
Rob; Mary, w; Dan, s, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 24)

Quarles, Chas, ser, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 1)

Quarrington, Sar, ser, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 55)

Quartermaine, Francis; Ann, w; Eliz, d; Alice, d; Ann, d, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 126)

Quarterman, Dan; Eliz, w; Eliz, d; Mary, d, St Dionis Backchurch (page 20)

Quelch, :
Ann, journeywoman, St Katharine Cree (page 9)
Hen; Wm, ?s; Susa, ?d, St Mary at Hill (page 10)
John; Abigall, w, St Mary at Hill (page 13)

Quenburow, Edw; Reb, w; Edw, s; Mary, d, Allhallows the Great (page 23)

Quenele, Maudlin, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 6)

Query, Eliz, ser, St John the Baptist (page 20)

Quilt, Sar, St Anne, Aldersgate (page 18)

Quilter, :
John; Susa, w, St Leonard, Eastcheap (page 5)
Wm, St Andrew Hubbard (page 24) ,assr, cwdn, St Andrew Hubbard (page 25) ;Victoria, w; Ann, d; Martha, d; Mary, d; Victoria, d, St Andrew Hubbard (page 24)

Quinborow, Wm, ser, St Clement, Eastcheap (page 7)

Quiney, Martha, St Faith under St Paul's (page 24)

Quinton, :
Chas, bach, ser, St Michael, Cornhill (page 17)
Edw, ser, St Christopher le Stocks (page 11)
Eliz, ser, St Alban, Wood Street (page 15)
Sam; Grace, w; Eliz, d, St Alban, Wood Street (page 1)
Sam, ser, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 2)

Quintum, Ann, ser, St Faith under St Paul's (page 8)

Quintus, Martin, cabinetmaker; Ursula, w, St Andrew by the Wardrobe (page 13)

Quirke, John; Anne, w; Thos, s; Sar, d, St Michael, Cornhill (page 11)

Quirlibatt, David, Allhallows, London Wall (page 36)