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'Description of plates', Survey of London: volume 24: The parish of St Pancras part 4: King’s Cross Neighbourhood (1952), pp. XIII-XVII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Frontispiece. Captain Thomas Coram after the painting by HogarthFrom the engraving (1796) by W. Nutter, kindly lent by Mr. J. H. MacDonnell.
1.Section of map of London by R. Horwood (1799) (north part of Gray's Inn Road).
2.Section of map of St. Pancras by John Tompson (circa 1803) (upper part of Gray's Inn Road).
3.Section of same map (Foundling Hospital, etc.).
4.Section of map of St. Pancras by John Britton (1834) (north of Euston Road).
5.Section of same map (Euston Road and south of it).
6.St. Pancras (New) Church. Plan, elevations and sections by InwoodFrom the chruch.
7.St. Pancras (New) Church, towerPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
8.St. Pancras (New) Church, west porticoPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
9.St. Pancras (New) Church, east frontPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
10.St. Pancras (New) Church, (a) view southeast caryatid portico (b) caryatid porticoPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
11.Foundling HospitalFrom an engraving by Parr (1794) in the Council's collection.
12.          "                "      general plan of buildingsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
13.          "                "       ground floor planMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
14.          "                "       first floor planMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
15.          "                "       elevationsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
16.          "                "       east wing, plan and elevationMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
17.          "                "       view from south-eastPhotograph, London County Council.
18.          "                "       sections, etc.Measured drawings by J. M. Sheppard.
19.Foundling Hospital, Chapel, interior looking eastPhotograph, London County Council.
20.          "                "       Chapel, altar railsPhotograph, Country Life.
21.          "                "       Chapel, galleryPhotograph, London County Council.
22.          "                "       Chapel, north window in east wallPhotograph, London County Council.
23.          "                "       Chapel, cloisterPhotograph, London County Council.
24.(a)      "                "       Chapel, east lobby
(b)      "                "       Chapel, north lobbyPhotographs, Country Life.
25.          "                "       Chapel, detailsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
26.(a)      "                "       Chapel, pulpit
(b)      "                "       Chapel, reading-deskPhotographs, Country Life.
27.          "                "       Court Room, detailsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
28.          "                "       Court RoomPhotograph, Country Life.
29.(a)      "                "       Court Room, wall decoration with painting of Greenwich Hospital
(b)      "                "       Court Room, mirror and tablePhotographs, Country Life.
30.          "                "       Court Room, fireplacePhotograph, Country Life.
31.          "                "       Court Room, ceilingPhotograph, London County Council.
32.          "                "       Picture Gallery, detailsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
33.          "                "       Committee room, detailsMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
34.          "                "       Picture Gallery, fireplacePhotograph, Country Life.
35.          "                "       Committee room, fireplacePhotograph, Country Life.
36.(a)      "                "       Lead inscribed shield
(b)      "                "       Painting of Chelsea Hospital (Court Room)
(c)      "                "       Lead inscribed shieldPhotographs, Country Life.
37.          "                "       Boys' dining roomPhotograph, London County Council.
38.          "                "       StaircasePhotograph, Country Life.
39.          "                "       Statue of Capt. Thomas CoramPhotograph, Country Life.
40.          "                "       Colonnades to forecourtMeasured drawing by J. M. Sheppard.
41.(a)      "                "       Colonnades, exteriorPhotograph, London County Council.
(b)      "                "       Colonnades, interiorPhotograph, Country Life.
42.(a) View from Red Lion Square (1731)From an engraving by Bowles in the Council's Collection.
(b) View of Queen Square (1787)From an engraving by Dayes in the Crace Collection.
43.Nos. 7 and 8, Guilford PlacePhotograph, London County Council.
44.(a) Nos. 76–82, Guilford Street
(b) Nos. 25–31, Guilford StreetPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
45.(a) and (b) Nos. 70–73, Guilford StreetPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
46.No. 40, Brunswick SquarePhotograph by Herbert Felton.
47.Nos. 30–32, Bernard StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
48.Mecklenburgh Square, south sidePhotograph, The Architect and Building News.
49.Mecklenburgh Square, east side elevation and detailsMeasured drawing by F. A. Evans (London County Council).
50.Mecklenburgh Square, east side (centre)Photograph, London County Council.
51.Mecklenburgh Square, east side (from S.W.)Photograph, A. F. Kersting.
52.(a) and (b) Doughty Street, doorwaysPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
53.Nos. 145–149, Gray's Inn RoadDrawing by R. G. Absolon (London County Council).
54.Welsh Charity School, Gray's Inn Road (1850)From a water colour by T. Hosmer Shepherd in the Crace Collection.
55.Nos. 33–49, Frederick StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
56.Nos. 29–33, Ampton StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
57.Nos. 48–50, Frederick StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
58.(a) Inscribed stone (Bagnigge House) at 61–63, King's Cross Road
(b) No. 10, Calthorpe StreetPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
59.(a) Bagnigge Wells
(b) Bagnigge Wells and tile worksFrom watercolours in the Heal Collection, St. Pancras Public Libraries.
60.Mr. Deputy Dumpling and familyFrom a lithograph in the Crace collection.
61.(a) Bagnigge WellsFrom a drawing in the Crace Collection.
(b) Harrison's Brickyard with Foundling Hospital (1808)From an engraving in J. P. Malcolm's Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London, Vol. I.
62.St. Peter's Church, Regent Square, elevations and sectionsDrawings by Cecil Brown.
63.St. Peter's Church, Regent SquarePhotograph, London County Council.
64.The Presbyterian Church, Regent SquareFrom an engraving by W. Watkins in Elmes' Metropolitan Improvements.
65.Nos. 4 and 6, Tavistock PlacePhotograph, London County Council.
66.(a) and (b) St. George's GardensPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
67.(a) St. George's Gardens, tomb of Robert Nelson
(b) St. George's Gardens, tomb of Anna GibsonPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
68.(a) Nos. 9, 10 and 11, Leigh Street
(b) Nos. 8–11, Thanet StreetPhotographs, National Buildings Record.
69.Nos. 6 and 7, Sandwich StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
70.No. 14, Leigh StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
71.Statue of Major John CartwrightPhotograph, London County Council.
72.Cartwright Gardens from the northPhotograph, London County Council.
73.Nos. 54–57, Burton StreetMeasured drawing by A. J. North (London County Council).
74.Battle Bridge (1814)From a watercolour by George Shepherd in the Crace Collection.
75.The Dust Heap, Battle BridgeFrom a watercolour by C. H. Matthews in the Council's Collection.
76.(a) Argyle Square (west side)
(b) Argyle Square (east side)Photographs, National Buildings Record.
77.Nos. 6, 7, 8, Belgrove StreetPhotograph, London County Council.
78.(a) Royal Clarence Theatre
(b) Chapel and Theatre, Birkenhead StreetFrom watercolours in the Council's Collection.
79.(a) St. Chad's Well, 1835From a drawing in the Heal Collection, St. Pancras Public Libraries.
(b) The Smallpox Hospital, 1830From a watercolour by T. Hosmer Shepherd in the Crace Collection.
80.London Horse and Carriage Repository, Gray's Inn RoadFrom an engraving by W. Deeble in Elmes' Metropolitan Improvements.
81.Section of map of St. Pancras by John Tompson (circa 1803); (King's Cross and north of Euston Road).
82.(a) Euston Road (1825)From an engraving in the Council's Collection.
(b) Metropolitan (Underground) Railway, King's CrossFrom The Illustrated London News, 2nd February, 1861.
83.King's Cross. Memorial to George IV.From a lithograph in the Council's Collection.
84.King's Cross Railway Station (1852)From a photograph of a contemporary painting kindly lent by British Railways.
85.Weston Place and St. Pancras Railway Station in course of building (1871)From a watercolour by C. J. Richardson in the Council's Collection.
86.St. Aloysius' Roman Catholic Church, Somers TownPhotograph by S. Simons.
87.Church of St. Matthew, Oakley SquarePhotograph, National Buildings Record.
88.Nos. 33–39, Charrington StreetPhotograph by S. Simons.
89.Nos. 13–24, Mornington CrescentPhotograph, London County Council.
90.All Saints', Camden Town, towerPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
91.All Saints', Camden Town, porticoPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
92.St. Michael's, Camden Town, interiorPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
93.(a) Royal Veterinary CollegeFrom an engraving by Cook (1804) in the Crace Collection.
(b) Cantlowes House, Crowndale RoadPhotograph, London County Council.
94.St. Barnabas', Kentish Town, interiorPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
95.St. Luke's, Oseney CrescentPhotograph, National Buildings Record.
96.(a) St. Martin's, Gospel Oak
(b) St. Thomas', Wrotham RoadPhotographs, National Buildings Record.