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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1499-1500', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 235-239. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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[A.D. 1499–1500.

Harry EdmondWardens.
William Smart

Chantry Accounts.

Church Rents.


(fn. 1) Clarkes wages, Beme lygh't & pascall' lygth'.

ffyrst, Receyuyd off the hole yere quarterly Gaderyd ffor the Clarkes wages. Summav l'iviij s
Item, Receiuid of þe beme lygth' this yere. Summaxx sij d
Item, Receiuid at Ester, ffor pascall' mony. Summaxj sob.
Summa, vj l'i xix s ij d ob..

(fn. 2) Casuelles in this yere.

ffyrst, Receyuyd off the wyffes in this parysh in mony Gaderyd on hok monday. Summaxv sixdob.
Item, off men in the parysh Gaderyd on the tvysday. Summavj sxj dob.
Item, of Edward pekman, taylor, be the handes of Ioh'n Betman, draper, off olde dett that wasse dew to þe Cherche, & delyuerd his pleggesxl s
Item, off Robert hotyng ffor the pytte off his Chyld in the pardon Chercheyard. Summaij s
Item, ffor the Beryyng off þe man off orford in the Grett Chercheyard. Summaij s
Item, off Th. Cayes, waterman, be the handes off Ioh'n Mongham, Bequethed to the cherche be the Seyd Th. Summavj sviij d
Item, off William halles wyffe ffor her husbondes pytt in þe Cherchexiij siiij d
Item, off the goodwyff Mascall' ffor þe knell' of þe gret bell' di. a dayvj sviij d
Item, ffor þe pytt off her hosbond in þe Cherche. Summaxiij siiij d
Item, ffor the makyng off his graue. Summaij s
Item, off the goodwyff mascall' ffor the pytt of her sone stephene in the pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, of Iohn halhed ffor the grett bell' ffor Masteres Bons ffor di. a day. Summaiij siiij d
Item, off Iohn Condall' ffor the pytt & knell' off his maydexvj d
Item, off William halles wyff ffor þe pytt & knell' off her maydexvj d
Item, off Ioh'n Mongham ffor a stranger that was Beryd in the Grett Cherche yard. Summaxij d
Item, off Ioh'n halhed for a. stranger that was beryd in the Grett Cherche yard, ffor the Grownde. Summaxx d
Item, off Rauff Cokkes wyffe, ffor þe pytt of her hosbond in þe pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, Th. Caunterbery, ffor a olde Chest þat was in the store housexiiij d
Item, off Rych. Chelmysford of olde dett that was dew sethen the tyme off Ioh'n Mylton beyng Cherche wardeyne. Summaxx s
(fn. 3) Item, of Robert debnam, Clarke, be the handes off his wyff of his bequestvj sviij d
Item, of Ioh'n derham, grocer, ffor þe pytt off Iohn gybson in þe pardon yardij s
Item, of Robert hotyng, ffor þe pyt of his Chyld in þe pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, of William Reuell', ffor the pytt off his chy[l]d in the pardon Cherche yarde. Summaij s
Item, off Maister doklyng ffor his wyffes pytt in the Cherchexiij siiij d
Item, ffor the knell' off the grett bell' ffor di. a dayvj sviij d
Item, ffor the makyng off the pyttij s
Item, off Maister Ioh'n ffor sir Adame pytt in the pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, ffor the knell' off the medyll' bell' ffor di. a dayij siiij d
Item, ffor the wast off ij torches þat longith to þe hey aulterxij d
Item, off Iohn halhed ffor the medyll' bell' ffor his mayd ffor di. a dayiij siiij d
Item, ffor her pytt in the pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, ffor the lytyll' bell' ffor his Sone ffor an owreiiij d
Item, ffor his Sone pytt in the pardon Cherche yardij s
Item, ffor the lytyll' bell' ffor a owre ffor his Chyldeiiij d
Item, Receuud off Maister Ioh'n ffor the bequest off William hall' to the Cherche. Summaiij siiij d
Summa, ix l'i xiiij s xj d


(fn. 4) Paymentes to the Sexteyne & Clarke.

ffyrst, payd to Robert debnam, Clarke, ffor his yeres wagesiiij l'ixiij siiij d
Item, to Rych Abell' ffor his wages, the Rent off his house Be yere, viij s. Item, in mony beSydes, vj s. Summaxiiij s
Item, payd to lennard, that was heryd be my masteres off the parysh, hauyng ffor Euery halyday vj d when that he Comyth, & payd to hym with þe concepsion of oure lady day tyll' Crestmase euen, euery halyday, vj d. summaij s
Summa, v l'i ix s iiij d.

[Wax Reckoning.]

(fn. 5) Reparasions off the Chercherentes.

* * * * *
Item, ffor ij new keye ffor the pyxt boxvj d
Item, ffor a new key to the store house doreiij d
Item, ffor the mendyng of iij lokkes ffor the iij quyre doresvj d
* * * * *

(fn. 6) Paymentes ffor the Cherche.

* * * * *

Item, ffor wrytyng off the Bedrowiiij d
* * * * *
Item, to Ioh'n nott & to his Company Syngers on seynt barnabeys dayv siiij d
Item, ffor a Rope ffor the Grett bell' weyng x lb.x d
Item, ffor caryag and warffage off ij lodes stone ffrom wolkeyvij d
Item, to Ioh'n wulffe ffor gyldyng and Sylueryng off the olde Crosse staffev s
Item, to Robert Clarke ffor mendyng dyuers albys, Surplyces and aulter clothes, wasshyn, & ffor the settyng on off a parell' off the Samexvij d
Item, ffor Byrche at mydsomeriiij d
Item, ffor a Crosse staff makyngiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 7) Item, ffor Ryngyng off Ioh'n mascalles knell'vj d
Item, ffor the makyng off his pyttiiij d
Item, payd at Selere, in the presens off Master Alderman Ioh'n doklyng, Thomas hunt, Ioh'n mylton and othere dyuers off the parysh at the Chesyng off the new Clarkevj d
Item, ffor a Rope ffor the lytyll' Sawnse bell'iiij d
Item, ffor Bred, ale and wyne on alhalowne dayvij d
* * * * *
Item, payd to Master doklyng ffor Costes spent to the Abbott off Waltham at the abbottes iniij s
Item, payd in Costes spent when Master doklyng, Th. hunt, Robert hotyng, Th. Colyne at there Rydyng to Waltham to speke with the Abbott ffor the kechenviij svij d
* * * * *
Item, to Margeret Sotton ffor the makyng off vj Rochettes ffor Chelderne to were in the quyrexij d
* * * * *

[The two Allowances. The Rehearsal.]

(fn. 8) Nota. Rekened the xviij day of Ianuarii, Anno 150[1], in the presence of My lorde the mayer Vylliam Remyngton and Mr William Wylde, parson, and Maister William Atclyff and other of the parysche as I. ducklyng, I. Milton, I deraham, Robert howtyng, & other moo. And ther is mony browt in, xxij l'i xvj s j d.

Item, Thomas colyns chargid hym with Is that he Receuyd. And xxx s iiij d is in pledgis in lynnyn clothe, the which is paid by William smert.

Summa totalis, xxvj l'i xv s v d. And William smert hath the pledges.

(fn. 9) Rest due, xxiiij l'i vj s v d.

The which xxvj l'i xvj s v d is delyuerd the same day to Thomas Colyns vppon the Rekenyng of expences vppon the Masons werkmanschipp, & ffor stones for the Steple whiche was browghte in Rekenyng by the saide Thomas colyns and harry Edmond, whereof thay chargid them selff with lvij l'i xix s xj d. And paide by them as it apperith in their Rekenyng lxix l'i iiij s ix d ob.. And so ther was owyng to them in Surplysage xj l'i iiij s x d ob.. Therffore thay Resseyuyd the xxvj l'i xvj s vd, of the which' due to them xj l'i iiij s x d ob.. So Remaynneth in Thomas Colen his handes xv l'i xj s vj d ob., to be bestowed in tyme to com vppon the werkes of the steple.

Also it is remembred that Sir Ioh'n plommer browte in a Rekennyng that ther was owyng vnto hym for Reparacions done in his howse, clerly Rekened, xiij s ij d, which' Gylberd gentyle schall' paye and dyscharge in his Accoumpte.

Also William Smerte asketh' allowaunce of Robert dempnahams howse which' is Rekened at xx s, and it is but xvj s viij d, the allowaunce is iij s iiij d, which' William smert hath atteyned it in his owne handes.

The Rest cler is xxiiij l'i iij s j d.

Memorandum. Resseyuyd be me, Thomas Colyns, of Wylliam smart xxiiij l'i iij s j d, Beside ls that I Resseyuyd of William Smerte in the ffyrst accoumpte, and chargid mye self with all', and paide in mye Rekenyng þat I laied owte to the mason ffor stone and other thynges necessary, as it apperith' more playnly in myne Acoumpte, vhereof allowed to Thomas colens in surplisage that he layed owte of his purs xj l'i iiijs x d ob.. So he hath in his handes to bestowe vppon the werkes of the steple xij l'i xviij s ij d ob..


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