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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1504-5', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 254-258. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1504–5.

William RyvellWardens.]
Iohn Mongeham

[Chantry Accounts, Church Rents, Payments and Reparations of the same.]

(fn. 1) The paymenttes for the Chyrche.

payde for mendyng a sylver Canstyke, to a goldesmytheviij d
* * * * *
payde for ij borden Rysches for þe strewyng of þe new pewesiij d
* * * * *
payde & spentt vpon Master Monke, wex-chandeler, when he browghte Master Wyllde bequest on Crystmas even, Anno 1504iij d
payde for a chollve to pare the Chyrcheiiij d
* * * * *
payde to Ioyner for takeyng downe & settyng vp of Master allderman pew, and for makyng of new pew in sentt stevens Chapell'x s
* * * * *
payde for a wayneskott, and for selyng of þe bake syde of sentt Anne awter & for sawyng of þe same, & for workemanschypxviij d
* * * * *
payde for vj elles worsteed for ij blake Cooppesxviij s
payde for xxvj garters for the same, & for make of þe same ij Cooppesx s
* * * * *
payde to a mason for Clensyng of þe sowthermvst arche of þe stepyll', & for stoppeyng of þe Crase in þe west wyndowxx d
* * * * *
payde to Ioyner for þe makyng of a new Chest to putt torches & for iren worke of þe samevj s
payde to Cornelys smythe for hangeyng of þe sakeryng beell', & for þe iren work vnder þe branche byfore þe rodeij s
payde for a quer of paper ryall' to wryte in the halowyng of the chyrche with other dyuerse thyngges wreten by þe goodman hallehede, and sett in to þe grete boke belongyng vnto the Chyrchevj d
payde and spentt vpon the goodman hallehede whan he wrete hytj dob.
payde to synod, glasyer, for glasyng of iij Cleer story wyndows with glasse that Thomas wattes gave to the Chyrchex s
* * * * *
(fn. 2) payde for wyer & for mendyng of þe laympe in þe queer & for bromesj dob.
* * * * *
payde for ij beem dyschus belongyng to þe Rode lyghteiij s
* * * * *
payde to þe Raker for his yeres waggesviij d
payde for Crewettes for þe morow Masse prestvij d
payde for iiij yerdes heer for þe hye Awterxviij d
payde for naylles for þe sepullcre, and spentt in þe Chyrcheij d ob.
payde to a strange Clerk for syngyng in þe queer in ester wekexij d
payde to gylys, attorney, in yelde halle, for þe Copy of þe Constytycyons of offeryngges, & to hys Clerke for þe wrytyng of þe sameiiij sviij d
* * * * *
payde for bote hyer at iij tymes goyng [to] Westmester to speke with þe executours of Mastres baron; Ioh'n Awthorpe & I, Ioh'n Mongeham & Iiiij dob.
* * * * *
(fn. 3) payde to þe boke bynder at ledon halle, for Coveryng, byndyng & pesyng of iiij Antyfyners, a Masse boke, a manewell', a legentt in ij foloms & iij graylysxlvj sviij d
* * * * *
payde to synod, westmentt maker, for blake vellvett for to mende Master Cambryge Armes in þe Rede Coppes, & to a breyderer to mende þe orfores of þe same, with other vestmenttesiiij sij d
* * * * *
payde for a parchementt skyn & for settyng in of the paper in þe olde boke of þe Chyrche wardens Acownttviij d
payde to a glasyer for mendyng of vij wyndows on þe northe syde of þe Chyrche with ij Cler story wyndowsx s
* * * * *
payde to hew Maderson, smythe, for v pentows hokes weyyng xix ll' di., þe ll' j d ob., & for mendyng of lok of þe vestry dore, & mendyng of the prevy, schottyng of þe same, for makyng of a new key to þe vestry Doorvij svj d
* * * * *
payde for bryngyng of borde & polys from kyngstonij sviij d
payde for haveyng vp to þe Chyrche from þe water sydevij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) payde for ij lodys lyme when sentt kateryne chapell' was pavedxviij d
* * * * *
payde to the goodwyff huntt for makeyng of iiij awbesxij d
* * * * *

The Casewall' Reseyttes.

Resseyvyd of Master monke, wexchandeler, a standyng Cooppe, of the bequest of Master Wylliam Wyllde, late parson of sentt Mary at hyll', weyyng xxxij vnces, the vnce iij s vj d. summav l'ixij s
Resseyvyd of Thomas Wattes, draper, of hys gyffte to þe chyrchexx s
Resseyvyd vpon hookmondaye of þe wyffes getheryngxxxiij siiij d
Resseyvyd vpon hooktwesdaye of þe mens getheryngviij siiij d
Resseyvyd of thomas Merten towerd þe reparacyon of hys howseliij siiij d
Resseyvyd of Water Develyn towerd þe makeyng of a pentows over hys fathers tombeij sviij d
Resseyvyd of Rychard drynkemylke for hys beryyng [in] þe chyrchexiij siiij d
Resseyvyd of Mylltons [fr ?]uer towerd the beoldyng of þe Chyrchexij dob.
Resseyvyd for a allder poleviij d
Resseyvyd of þe good wyff huntt for her Chylldes beryyng in þe pardon Chyrche yerdeij s
Summa, xij l'i xvj d ob.

(fn. 5) Ihesus.

Paymenttes for Chyrche of þe Casewall' Reseyttes.

payde to Wylliam Ryvell' for that he payde for þe Chyrche at þe byldeyng of the sowthe Ile, as it aperythe in hys Acownt in that same bokelvij sij d ob.
payde to Robert Mawndy, Mason, for xxxj nowelles, þe pese ix dxxiij siij d
payde to Robert Mawndy for vjxx fote water tabyll', þe fote vij d ob.iij l'ixv s
payde to Robert Mawndy for jc fote Coyne Aschelerxiij siiij d
* * * * *

(fn. 6) The Clerkkes waages, bem lyghte & passecalle.

Receuud for a hole yere, quarterly getherd, for the Clerkes wagesv l'ixj six d
Receuud for a hole yere for þe bemlyghtexij siij d
Receuud at Estur for the passecallyghtexj sv d
Summa, vj l'i xv s v d.

Paymenttes to þe Clerke & sexten.

Paid to Ioh'n law, parysche Clerke, for hys yeres wagesiiij l'ixiij siiij d
Paid to Ioh'n bolle, sexten, for hys yeres wagesxl s
Summa, vj l'i xiij s iiij d.

[Obits. Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.

Part of the Will of Thomas Ryvell, grocer; see p. 18.]


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