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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1510-11', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 272-276. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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[a. d. 1510–11.

Thomas DuklyngWardens.
Iohn Condall

Chantry Accounts.

Rents of the Church.

Quitrents and Payments of the same. Payments.]

* * * * *
(fn. 1) Paid for ix elles of lynnen clothe for awterclothes, at vj d ob. the ell'. Summaiiij sx dob.
Paid for markyng and makyng of themiiij d
Paid for xxviij elles of lynnen clothe for iiij surplyses, for euery surples vij elles, þe ell' vj d ob.. Summaxv sij d
Paid to Margret Sutton for makyng of themiiij s
Paid for lv elles lynnen clothe for xj Albis, and for vj elles for Amesis, the ell' vj d ob.. Summaxxiij sob.
Paid for makyng of xj Albis, vj Amesis & for ij dosseyn Tapisij svj d
Paid for halowyng of xj Albis, the Amyses and iij Awterclothesij svj d
Paid for makyng of v olde Albis, v Amyses & iiij surplises for childrenxij d
(fn. 2) Paid for makyng of iiij Awterclothes and vij Towelles, whiche wer made of the olde albisviij d
Paid for mendyng of xij grete Albis, and for settyng on of the parellesxij d
Paid to Alis Smale for wasshing of þe chi[r]che lynnen for a hole yeriij siiij d
Paid more to her for wasshing of Mr Suttons Corperassis, and for parelyng of his Albesiiij d
Paid for mendyng of Mr Cambriges holywatur stoppe of latonviij d
Paid to the skryvener for makyng of þe Indentures betwixt William Smyth', bell fownder, and the parissh', that tyme Arbytrators Mr Robyns and Mr Ientyll', & for wynexvij dob.
Paid for Reves labur & his Brekefast for comyng from ludgate to Algate to here þe iiijth bell' in Tewnevj dob.
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Paid for a hynge for þe gate on þe west side of the chirch'ij d
Paid for makyng of ij keys for the Chirche boxviij d
Paid for a handyll' of Iron to the same boxiiij d
Paid for a key to the Est gate in the North chirchyerdiij d
Paid for makyng of Iren wourke to the Table by þe fountexij d
Paid for shotyng of a Rodde of Iron for þe grete canopej d
Paid for Mendyng the key of Seint Annys chapell' doreij d
* * * * *
Paid for mendyng of a curten Rodde for Mr Suttons Alterj d
* * * * *
Paid [for] brede & drynke on good friday at dyner and at nygh't iij d, And on Estur Eve for dyner and at nygh't v d. Summaviij d
* * * * *

[The Bells.]

Paid for wyne & peres at skrasis howse at Algate for Mr Ientyll', Mr Russell', Ioh'n Althorpe, Ioh'n Condall' & the clarkes of Seynt Antonys to go and see wheþer Smythes bell' wer Tewneabill' or natviij d
Paid for brede & drynk to hym þat strake þe bellesij d
Paid for strekyng of þe iij belles to þe growndeij s
(fn. 4) Paid for a C of smale Ropis for to streke the bellesx s
Paid for Drynke to the porters þat holpe to stryke þe bellesij d
Paid for the Cariage of ij belles to the ffowndersij s
Paid for to vj porters to helpe them on the sledevj d
Paid for brede, ale and wyne at þe fest of transfiguracioniiij d
Paid for brede, ale and wyne on allhalou day in the vestryvj d
Paid for xl ll' of rope for the belles, at j d quarter the ll'. Summaiiij sij d
Paid for wyne, at the salutacion, at the bargeyne makyng for the frame of the bellesvij d
Paid for the oblygacion makyng for þat bargeyneiiij d
Paid for the goddis peny in hondexl s
Paid to the Carpenter for his full' bargaynev l'i
Paid to William howtyng for a waynskotxiiij d
Paid for sawyng of þat waynskot for the bell' whelisvj d
Paid for Naylys for whelis of the bellesj d
Paid for iiij square bolsters of Iron for þe grete belles, weyng vj ll' & dixiij d
Paid for Mendyng of xij kayes for the bellesij d
Paid for makyng for boltes of Iron for your sowith bell'x d
Paid for iiij bokylles for the bawdrykes of the bellesviij d
Paid for dressing of v stayes for þe bell whelisx d
Paid for kays for the stapulles of a bell'j d
Paid for j c grete Naylys for the bellesx d
Paid for xij wegis of Iron for the gogeons of þe bellesvj d
Paid for dressing of þe harnes for the bellesvj d
Paid for v Casis of Iron for the wyndowys of þe upper story in the chi[r]che, the case xx d. Summaviij siiij d
Paid to Iohn Eylewyke, smyth', for makyng of a kay & Remevyng & settyng on of the lock on the chest with' Torchisiiij d
Paid to a laborer to cary the stuffe owte of the parsonage into the charnell' howse, for a dayiiij d
Paid for a bawdryke for the first bell', and for mend[y]ng of the olde bawdrykesxiij dob.
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Paid for settyng of the hoke þat the Table hangith on by the ffownteiiij d
* * * * *
Paid for Mr Kytis & Mr Cornysh dyner in Mr Aldremans place:—for a pyke xxij d, for a Iowle of fressh' samon xxij d, for iij playse xij d, oysters j d, brede, ale, wyne & perys xix d. Summavj siiij d
Paid for a pyke ijs viij d, for ij Solys iiij d, for halff a syde salt fyssh' iij d, for Rochis iiij d, oysters j d, for buttur j d, for a pye of quinsis vj d, for brede, ale, wyne, erbys & a side of lynge & flownders, nottes, ffyre & sawce ijs vj d; for the Cokes labur for dressing this dyner at Mr Sudborowys for Mr Kyte and harry prenttes of the kynges chapell' iiij d. Summavij sj d
Paid to William Smyth', fownder, for j C di. xvj lb of newe metall' to þe iiijth bell', the c xxvj s viij d. Summaxliij sviij d
(fn. 6) Paid to William Smyth', fownder, for makyng the scripture abough't the bell'xiij siiij d
Paid for mendyng & garnysshyng of iij bell' clapersv sx d
Paid to Coulverton, Belfownder, for ij C xiiij ll' of Newe metall for the grete bell', after xxviij s the C. Summalix svj d
Paid to Bullisdon, in Bates howse in the presens of Mr Smart for the Rest of the grete bell', in moneyxxix siiij d
Paid for mendyng & garnysshing of þe grete bell claperij siiij d
Paid for ij New Bawdrykes for the bellesxij d
Paid for Drynke at the havyng vpp of the bellesj d
Paid for Naylys for the whelysij d
Paid to a Mason for makyng the wyndowys in the steple by the belles, and for stoppyng of the holys at the crosse beamys endes & other plasis in the steple, for ij days & di. wourkyngxx d
* * * * *

(fn. 7) The Casuell Receytis.

Ress' of the Gadryng of hokmonday by the wemenxxj sj d
Ress' of the Gadryng on Tewysday by Ioh'n Condall' & mev siiij d
Ress' of Goodwyn for the Beryall' of an Armyteij s
Ress' of a portingale þat was killed in the shipp at Billingesgatexx d
Ress' of money taken for a Rusty harnes þat was soldiij s
Ress' of William wylde for v Candylstyckesxx d
Ress' of Ioh'n hutton for the Buryall' of his sonij s
Ress' of Ioh'n a lath'h'am for his wyffis broder, for buriall'xij d
Ress' of Mr Aylemer for Mr Remyngtons buriall' within þe Chirchexiij siiij d
Ress' more of hym for the knyll' vj s viij d, of the which':—paid to Symonde lorymer ij s for the Copy of Mastur Remyngtons wyll', and to William wilde for the Ryngyng of the knyll' iij s iiij dvj sviij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Condall' in Ernest of Trappis howsevj sviij d
Summa of thes parcelles, iij l'i iiij s v d.

(fn. 8) Resseites of clarkes wages, pascall' money & Beme ligh't.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of the Clarkes wagisvj l'ix siiij d
Ress' of the pascall' money this yerexiij s
Summa, vij l'i iij s iiij d.

Paymentis of the same.

Paid to William wilde for his wagis this yereiiij l'i
Paid to lawrence Swayne for his wages this yerexl s
Summa, vj l'i.
So Restith þat þe of this Resseites more þane þe paymentes as aperith' aboue. Summa, xxiij s iiij d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]


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