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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1512-13', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 280-285. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1512–13.

Thomas MartenWardens.]
Iohn Woulfe

'The quitrenttes goyng fourth' of the chauntris & chirch'renttes.'

* * * * *

[Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments. Payments for the Church.]

* * * * *

(fn. 1) Paid to sir Iohn Tyllysley for a Rewarde for his bokesiij siiij d
* * * * *
Paid to Alys smale for wasshing the lynnen for a yereiiij s
* * * * *
Paid for settyng on of parelles on dyuers albys & mendyng of them, to Alys Smalev d
* * * * *
Paid to a Carpenter & his man for a day for Takyng downe of the lampe howse & for makyng of a penttes ouer on of the glasse wyndowys on þe north sydexvj d
* * * * *
Paid for settyng of the polyes for the pascall' and for Reysyng of a ladder & for Naylesxvj d
paid to a laborer for Caryeng of Rubbysshe owte of the Chircheyerd and for makyng clene of bothe the Chircheyerdes, for iij days laburxij d
* * * * *
paid for skowryng of the Chirche laton and for mendyng of the basen for the lampij sv d
paid for Ryngyng of Mestres Noneleys knyll'vj d
(fn. 2) paid to sir Robert for kepyng of the Morowe Masse for iij quarters at myghelmas for a Reward aboue his chauntryxv s
* * * * *
paid for nayles for the Sepulcrej d
paid for a Carpenter to set up the Sepulcreiiij d
* * * * *
paid to a condukte for the Estur halydays, for lak of the Clarkes absence, for to play at orgonsij siiij d
paid for Bred & dry[n]ke at Batys for Mr Russell', Mr Ientyll', Mr Sydborowe for ij tymes at the hiryng of the clerke Robert Claveriij d ob.
* * * * *
paid for mendyng of the pix clothe þat Mestres Duklyng gave to the high' Awterij d
paid for wryghting of the counturpane of the clerkys Indenture for the charge of the Revestryvj d
paid for Nayles for the halpace in the chirche for the belles—first ij c v peny nayle, j c vj peny nayle, ij c iij peny, ij c ij peny nayle, & ob. for Nayles for þe garnettes on the vyse dore in the steple by the Bell'ffrayxx d ob.
* * * * *
(fn. 3) paid for Mendyng of a lok for þe vyce dore & for ij keys for the same lokvj d
paid for a square bolt at the lower dore of the vyse & for mendyng of a peyre garnettes & a square staplev d
* * * * *
paid for mendyng of all the bell' clapers, for makyng þe bottes of them newevj siiij d
* * * * *
paid for Cariage of Tymbre for þe pewys in seint Ioh'n Chappell'ij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) paid for a Mason & his man for pavyng within Seint Ioh'ns chappell' & with'owte, And for v trayes of mortervij d
* * * * *
paid for makyng of iij Mennys pewys, for the popeys & other stuffxx s
* * * * *
paid for vndyrpynnyng of the Menys pewys And the wonenys pewys, & for pavyng of Ioh'n lawys grave, & for lyme & sonde, & his labur & his Manysxx d
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Item, paid for x elles of holand clothe for a surplys for Mr Doctor, the ell' x d. Summaviij siiij d
paid for makyng of the same surplis, to woodkokes wyffexx d
* * * * *
paid for the arest of Ioh'n Banasterviij d
paid for entryng of the Attorneyij d
* * * * *
paid for palme the Attorney in þe Mayres courtexij d

* * * * *

(fn. 6) Resseittes of the Clarkys wages, pascalmoney & Bemelight.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of the Clarkes wagisvij l'ixvij svij d
Ress' this yere of the pascall' moneyxvj sj dob.
Summa of thes parcelles viij l'i xiij s viij d ob.

Paymentis of the same.

paid to Ioh'n davy, clerke, and Robert Claver, clerke, for euery of them for di. a yeres wagys iij l'i. Summavj l'i
paid to William Wylde for his wages this yere for sextenshipxl s
Summa of thes ij parcelles viij l'i.
So the Resseites is more than paymentes xiij s viij d ob.

(fn. 7) The casuell' Reseitis.

Ress' for the Buryall' of Richard pownde in þe pardon chirchyerdij s
Ress' for the knyll' of Mestres Nonelayvj sviij d
Ress' for the Brekyng of the Grownde for hyrexiij siiij d
Ress' of the Gadryng of the Maydens on seint Barnabes dayvj sviij d
Ress' of Robert Ryvell' for the Buryall' of his ij childreniiij s
Ress' of Thomas Duklyng for þe Buryall of his dowghterij s
Ress' of Thomas Powre for the buryall' of his wyffe and his wyffes systur in the pardon Chirch' yerdiiij s
Ress' of Mr Russell' for the buryall' of Margeryij s
Ress' of Stephyn Sawnderson for the buryall of his ij Children in the pardon chirche yerdiiij s
Ress' of Mr Mongeham for þe buryall' of a childeij s
Ress' of Thomas Baate for the buryall of his sonij s
Ress' of Robert hardyng for the buryall' off a Sowdearij s
Ress' of Mr Roche for the buryall of his sonxiij siiij d
Ress' for the grownde for a Maryner þat dyed at Master Smerttes keyiiij d
Ress' for the grownde for a Sowdear þat dyed at Byllingesgatexj d
Ress' for the Buryall of Ioh'n lawe, Clarkexiij siiij d
Ress' of drynkmylk for the bequest of his wyffevj sviij d
Ress' of Thomas powre for the wast of vj torches for dyrige and masse at þe buryall' of his wyffiij s
Ress' of the Bretherhed of Seint Christofurs towardes the makyng of the pewys in seint Ioh'n chapell'vj sviij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Woulffe for the Rest of his Acownte of the chirchewardenshippiij l'iiiij sv dob.
Summa of thes parcelles vij l'i xix s iiij d ob.
Ress' of the wardens of Seint Annys brethehodxiij svj dob.
Summa totallis viij l'i xij s xj d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 8) Dettes dew to the chirch at this day of A cownpte.

* * * * *

Item, more, the is owyng be watur develyn for Ress' the buryall' of his sistur in þe pardon chircheyerdeij s per gentyll'

* * * * *

[Sums mostly due for clerk's wages.]

* * * * *

(fn. 9) Memorandum: the Restith' in the hondes of William hewys and Thomas Monden for gadryng of the Almys in the chyrche which shall' be for reserwed toward beryalles of pure pepull' and oyer dedes of charite.

Memorandum: yt is concluded to Ress' the Indenture of Mestres halhed for the byldyng of Robert Ryvell' howse; and so to sewe Mr Russell' by the lettur of Attorney of Mestres halhed. Post.

* * * * *

Item, the Restith in Mr Russelles hondes the gret key of the vestry dore. Post.

* * * * *

Item, to make saale of the howsold stuff in the vestry. Post.

Item, to make inquire for certayn tyle.

(fn. 10) It is deteremend that they shall go in hand with the byldyng of the chyrche at merche next.

Memorandum: that Jno allthrorpe & stevyn sandyrson hath promyseyd to take the charge, & kepe reknynge to pay, all such warkmen as shall make the Battyllment of our church of Breke or ston or led as shal be thorte best & detarmemenyd by Mr alldyrman & the parysheynge; & Master parson to ayst thame with hes good dylygense & wysedeme for to the best that he can for þe same; & Thomas Monders choseynyn by the said paryshe to waytte apon the said stevyn & allthrorpe in ther absence & at ther comandemente for the fortherence of the same.

Item, it is determinat by all vs, beyng present att ye Accomptes, yat ye old churchwardeyn shall delyuer all' ye ornamentes & jowelles of ye church to ye new wardeyn, and to mak yerof indentoures within viij days aftour yis accompt.

Item, it is ordynat, yat ij prestes shal have bote one chalece and ornamentes, on chest & ij kaeys, so yat yei goo to mase one aftour anoyer, and so ye quere may be ye better keped. And yei to have honest ornamentes assigned to yem by the church wardeyns, and all' yer old, vnable to be song in, to be delyuerd to ye said wardens to put to oyer vse.

Item, it is agreed that william wild shal have yerly for gedderyng ye church rentes and writtyng of ye bookes, and for ye ingrossing vpe of ye compte xiij s iiij d.

(fn. 11) Memorandum: that the wyll of Ioh'n mongeam wille be Regesetyred in the bowke of wylles for the welle of our chyrch yf the fyshemongeres do not performe the said wyll'.

* * * * *

Memorandum: that Master docter, master parson, hath' in his handes vj l'i that Mestres yngelby gave toward a nawter cloth for the hye awter; & more, he hath vj s viij d of Mestres dockelyne; and besyd þat he hath xs of Mestres Ientyll'. summa all' vj l'i xvj s viij d

* * * * *


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