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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1513-14', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 285-289. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1513–14.

Gilbart IentyllWardens.
Thomas Marten

Quitrents of Chantries and Church Rents.

Chantry Accounts.

Church Rents.

Quitrents and Payments.

Payments for the Church.]

(fn. 1) Item, paid for a Crewet lyd for sir Ioh'n Tyllysleyj d
* * * * *
paid at the Taverne at stockes for wyne to the vewars þat vewed the Costes of seid howse that Banaster madeij d
paid for makyng of ij Rowles of þe clerkes wagesviij d
* * * * *
paid for smale lyne for the vayle for þe Roodeij d
* * * * *
(fn. 2) paid for Coueryng newe & mendyng off xv bokes grete and Smale, & for x Newe bosys for þe Newe Antefoner, & for clapsis and Burdonsviij s

* * * * *

(fn. 3) Resseittes of the Clarkis wages, pascalmoney & Bemeligh't.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of þe Clarkes wages in the parissheviij l'iv sij d
Ress' of the pascall' money this yerexj siij d
Summa of þes parcelles, viij l'i xvj s v d.

Paymenttes of the same.

Paid to Ioh'n Snowe, Clerke, for his wages for a hole yerevj l'i
Paid to William Wylde for his wages this yere for sextenshippxl s
Summa of thes ij parcelles, viij l'i.
Rest þat þe Resseit is more than the paymentes, xvj s v d.

(fn. 4) The Casuell' Resseittes.

Ress' of watur develyn for the buryall' of his Sistur in the pardon chirche yerdiiij s
Ress' of William howtyng for the buryall' of his Childe in the pardon Chirche yerdeij s
Ress' of Robert hardyng for the buryall' of his Childe in the pardon Chirche yerdeij s
Ress' of Thomas Marten that Restid of his ACompte, in Moneyv l'ixix d
Ress' of Mother Gunter for her entryng into her howse, þat she gave to þe chirchexx d
Ress' for the grownde of the buriall' of Mr harbys manviij d
Ress' of my lady of Clarkenwell for parte of clensing of a sege in ffaster lanexvj s
Ress' by þe womens gadryng on hokmonday xvj s viij d: And by the mens gadryng on hok Tewysdayxxij sviij d
Ress' for the grounde of the buryall' of a prest þat dyed at billingisgateviij d
Ress' for þe buriall' of William [?]entyll'ij s
Ress' for þe buriall' of lawrence bonvice seruantij s
Ress' of Ioh'n Mongeham as aperith in the fote of þe Acompte of Thomas Marten, the summa of vij l'i ij s ix d, with vj s viij d whiche Remayned in þe hondes of Ioh'n Russell' by þe gyfte of Thomas Duklyngvij l'iij six d
Ress' of Mr Aldernes, þe xx day of May, to pay the mason, of the money þat he had in kepyng of the chyrche, of þe sum of xxj l'i; paydiiij l'i
(fn. 5) Ress' for the buryall' of Ioh'n dawsons child owte of the ffrereij s
Ress' for the grownde of the buriall' of a Maryner þat dyed at Mr Smertes keyxij d
Ress' for the buriall' of Ioh'n Mongeham in the Sowthe Ile in the chirchexiij siiij d
Ress' for his knyll' with þe grete bell'vj sviij d
Ress' for þe buriall' of Mr Wrenys clerkeij s
Ress' for þe buriall' of Iamys Ingylbyxiij siiij d
Ress' for his knyll' with þe grete bell'vj sviij d
Ress' for the bequest of Iamys Ingylbyvj sviij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Warner for old Tymbrevj sviij d
Ress' for the buriall' of a pore marynervj d
Ress' for the buriall' of Thomas hachis wyffeij s
Ress' of the buryall' of Thomas Mertenxiij siiij d
Ress' for þe buryall' of Thomas Mondens chyldij s
Ress' for þe buryall' of Ioh'n Awsthorpps child in þe pardon chirche yerdeij s
Ress' of þe wyffe of Robert heyward for the Rest of halffe a yeres Rent dew in the tyme of Thomas Mertenxlvj sviij d
Ress' of Andrewe Evyngare for clerkes wages dewe in þe tyme of Ioh'n Condall' iiij s iiij d. And in the tyme of Thomas Duklyng ij s ij d. Summavj svj d
Ress' of Christofur Goswell' for Clerkes wages dewe in þe tyme of Ioh'n Woulffix d
(fn. 6) Ress' of William Awdewyn for Clerkes wages dewe in the tyme of Ioh'n Woulffexxj d
Ress' of Ioh'n Austhorp by the bequest off Mestres Noneley, for a yerly obett to be kept the Space of xx yeres, the summa of x l'i, of the whiche paid this yere for dirige, Masse, wex, belles, to pore people acordyng to her will'. Summa x s. Restx l'i
Summa, x l'i xxj d.
Summa of the Casuell' Resseittes this yere, xxxv l'i xj s x d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 7) Memorandum: this accompte, alloved the xxixth day of Ianuary, ye yer of our lord a thussand vth hundirth and xiiijth, In the presence of the person, William hatteclyff, Master Robert houldernes, Alderman, Master William [. . . ich . . . .], Master Sudbury, Ioh'n Althrope, Steven Sandersson, Ioh'n woulff, Ioh'n tetforde. and so Resteith xxv l'i ij s viij d, which ys deliuerd to ye said Ioh'n althrope ye said day, he being church warded.

per me, William Hatteclyff.

(fn. 8) Memorandum: that ther ys owynge to warner, the mayson, iij l'i for the sowth ylle the [vyse to be yndeyd?] & more x[?]s for the Rest of xxiiij l'i for the mydyll' ylle; for his dewty was xxiiij l'i for the said ylle, & Master Ientyll payd hym but xxij l'i. Rest dewe to the said mayson when he hath don his bargane, v l'i, for the ij Cawses aforesayd.

Memorandum: þat I, Iohn Warnar, fremason, hathe receuud of Master Awthorpe, cherchewarden of sent mary at hyll', in full' payment of the makyng & fynyschyng of þe battyllmenttes, of ij bargeyns as ys afore specyfyde. Summa, v l'i.

per me, Iohn Warner.

ffor an Obit to be kepte for the sowle of Mergret Noneley the xvj day of Merche.

Memorandum: the ffirst day of Merche in the yere of our lorde god ml v c xiij, and in þe vthe yere of the Rayng of kyng henry the viij. In the presence of Mr William hatclyff, doctor & parson of þe chirche of Seint Mary at hill', Mr Robert Aldernes, Aldreman, William Smert, henre Edmondes, Andrewe Evynger, Stevyn Sawnderson, Ioh'n Condall', Thomas Duklyng, Ioh'n Woulff, with other moo of the same parisshe; Witnessith, that Ioh'n Austhorpe of London, grocer, hath delyuered vnto Thomas Marten and Gilbert Ientyll', Chirchewardens of the seid chyrche of Seint Mary at hill', the Summa of x l'i st. vndir this fourme ffoloyng: that is to sey, the seyd chirchewardens aboue wretyn and theyre sucsessours chirchewardens (fn. 9) of the seid chirche, shall' doo & kepe or cause to be done or kept the xvj day of Merche, a dyrige be note on the even, And þe next day ffoloyng a masse be note, yerely for to be kepte for þe space and Tyme of xxti yeres then next Ensuyng after the date afore wretyn. That is to [be] seyd for the sowlys of Mergret Noneley, William proyne & Richard Noneley her husbandes, William and Mergret her Chyldren, & for the sowlys of her ffather & mother. And that þe seyd chirchewardens shall' spend at the seid yerely obit the summa of x s st. in this wyse & vnder this fourme foloyng: that is to sey, to prestes & Clerkes for dyrige & Masse, þe masse peny & drynkyng as is vsed to be geven at suche oþer diriges & massis kept & done with þe masse peny for þe sowles of the ffounders of the Chauntryes in the same chyrche, and for wex & Ryngyng of all' the belles at þe same dyrige & Masse as the custume ys. This dirige & Masse thus duly & yerely kept by the seid chirchewardens, The seid Margret Noneley willythe & gevithe to þe seid chirchewardens for the tyme beyng, to euery of them xij d for theyre labur in the same; fferthermore, þe seid Margret willithe that when the charges affore Rehersed & the chirchewardens be paid, that then þe Resedewe of þe seid yerely x s þat is left onspent & not paid, shal be devided & distrubyted be þe seid Chirchewardens to euery powre howsold in þe seid parisshe of Seint Mary at hill' iiij d, as fer as it will' extend.


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