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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1516-17', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 292-294. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1516–17.

Robert RyvellWardens. (fn. 1)
William Hewys
Stephyn Saunderson

Quitrents and Payments of Chantries and Church Rents. Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments. Payments for the Church.]

* * * * *
(fn. 2) paid for a Newe lok & ij staplis & a key to sir Ioh'n Wallers chambre dorex d
paid to hym for his Bedsted in that chambre, and for a Newe lamp glassev d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) paid to þe vestement maker for mendyng and dressyng of v cheseblys of the chauntrys, and for parelyng of the Albys and Ameses for the Childreniiij s
* * * * *
paid [for] brede, mete & drynk, & for wachyng of the sepulcre good fryday tyll' Estur dayxv d
* * * * *
paid for makyng clene of the Rectors stolysij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) paid for brede and ale fett into the chirche to Mr Doctor and the parisshens for the besynes that they had with Mr chirche of Seint Savioursiiij d
* * * * *
paid for mendyng of the Bawdrykes, to Ioh'n Snowex d
* * * * *
paid for a key to þe dore of the Medyll quereiiij d
* * * * *
paid for a peyre garnettes for the levys of the high' alter before the Imagesiiij d
paid to Mr Doctor for goyng to lambith to serche for Mr Prewnys Testamentij siiij d
* * * * *

(fn. 5) The Clerkis wagis, the Beame ligh't & pascall money.

Ress' this yere of the gadryng of the Clerkes wagesvij l'ixij sviij d
Ress' of the pascall' Money this yerexij siij dob.
Summa of thes ij parcelles viij l'i iiij s xj d ob..

Paymenttis of the same.

Paid to Ioh'n Snowe, Clerke, for on hole yeres wagisvj l'i
Paid to William, Sexten, for his hole yeres wagisxl s
Paid to Ioh'n Sprever, Condukt, for iij Monthes wages, þat is to say from Mighelmas to Christemas Eve xxiiij s, and paid hym more for on hole yeres wages endyd att the fest of Christemas. Summa lij wekes, euery weke ij s. Summa v l'i iiij s. Summavj l'iviij s
Summa of thes paymenttes xiiij l'i viij s.
So the paymenttes excedith' the receytis vj l'i iij s ob.

(fn. 6) The Casuell Reseittes.

Ress' for the Buryall' of William Affoo in the pardon chirch'yerdij s
Ress' of Ioh'n Barbour of Seint Ioh'ns, for the Buryall' of a Mayde that cam from Seint Margret patens, the whiche is buryed in the chirche. Summaxiij siiij d
Ress' of Mestres Thorney for ij yeres that she was behynd off the clerkes wages in the Tyme of Ioh'n Austhorp and Andrew Evynger. Summav sviij d
Ress' of the wyff of William Affoo for the buryall of her seruaunt in the grete chirch'yerdviij d
Ress' for the Buryall of William Bromefeldes wyff in the pardon Chirchyerd. summaij s
Ress' for the hyre of ij Torches at þe buryall of William husviij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Wall for his entrans in the howse þat Merkam hadxx s
Ress' for the Buryall of William hewys in the chirch'xiij siiij d
Ress' for the Buryall' of William Browne in the pardon Chirchyerdeij s
Ress' for the Buryall of a Maryner of Brykylseexij d
Summa of the Casuelles this yere iij l'i viij d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 7) Memorandum: at the day of this said Acompte aboue wretyn, Ress' of William Meryall, of Neyland, Clothear, by Stephyn Saunderson & Robert Ryvell', Chirchewardens of the chirche of Seint Mary at hill', & in the presence of Iohn Austhorp, Grocer, for the bequest of William Prewne & Mergrett his wyff, the summa of xx l'i, whiche xx l'i was put in the box of the Chirch' by Mr Doctor hatclyff and the said Chirchewardens aboue wretyn.

Also, at the said day aboue wretyn, there was put in the seid box of the Chirch' a byll' of Band, selyd & subscrybed by the seid William Meryall', of the summa of xj l'i, to be paid at Mighelmas Anno ml' v c xviij, & in the xth yere of kyng henre the viijth; xj l'i.

Item, Mestres Bough' oweth for Clerkes wages for iij quarter in þe tyme of Stephyn Saunderson. Summaiij svj d
Item, henre Edmondes oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for ij quartersij sij d
Item, Ioh'n Sempare oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for a quarterix d
Item, Thomas Monden oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for ij quartersxvj d
Item, William howtyng oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for a quarterviij d
Item, Markhams wyff oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for a quarterviij d
Item, Robert Stokes oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for ij quartersviij d
Item, Robert Staunce oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for a quarteriij d
Bryan Wilson oweth for clerkes wages at þis tyme for iij quartersxv d


1 A third warden appears this year because William Hewys died during his term of office. See note of his burial under Casual Receipts.
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