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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1519-20', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 304-308. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1519–20.

Robert GameWardens.
Thomas Clayton

Obit List.

Quitrent List.

Chantry Accounts.

Church Rents.

Quitrents and Payments.]

* * * * *
(fn. 1) Item, paid for a planke for the stepp at the west dore of þe greate chirch'yerdiiij s
* * * * *
Item, paid for Trymmyng of the courten of our ladys tabernacle and for vij Rynges for the same Tabernacleviij d
Item, paid for a quarter for the skaffold ouer þe porch' ayenst palmesonday and for a carpenters labur to mend the same skaffoldvij d
* * * * *
Item, paid to a carpenter for Trymmyng of the peyse of the pyxiiij d
Item, paid for iij ll' lede for the peyse of the same pyx and for iiij ll' of lede for to make fast the hoke of the branche of þe Trynite . . . . Summav d quarter
Item, for the hoke that berith' the braunche of þe Tryniteiij d
Item, paid for a hoke for the lyne of the pascallob.
* * * * *
Item, paid for a braunche of iij fflowres that stondith' before the Trynyte, weyng xv ll' & di., the ll v d. Summavj sv dob.
Item, paid for drynke at the takyng downe of the sepulcrej d
* * * * *
(fn. 2) Item, paid for iij dossen Garlondis on Corpus Christi day for the processionxv d
Item, paid for ij dossen of Grene Garlondis for that processionij d
Item, paid for ij Garlondis for Mr Doctor and the parissh prestiij d
Item, paid for iij Garlondis for the iij Crossis, euery of them [2]. Summaviij d
Item, paid for ij Newe Torches weyng xxxiij ll', the ll' iij d. Summaviij siij d
Item, paid for a Braunche of laton before the Tabernacle of our lady Assumpcion, weyng xxxij ll', the ll' v d. Summaxiij siiij d
Item, paid for mendyng of the crosse of Berallij d
* * * * *
Item, paid on Seint Barnebes Eve for drynk for þe clerkes at Evensongv d
* * * * *
Item, paid for brede, ale and wyne for the clerkes & þe children at Massexij dob.
* * * * *
Item, paid for Bryngyng of the Orgons from Seint Andrewys to our chirche ayenst Seint Barnabes Eveij d
Item, paid to the Clerkes þat were at Matens, Masse & both Evensongesv s
* * * * *
Item, paid for the beryng home of the Orgons to Seint Andrewysiij d
Item, paid to the clerke for mendyng of the Bawdrykesxvj d
Item, paid to Gymbold the Ioyner for a chest for the vestmenttesxiij siiij d
Item, paid to Baleham for makyng clene the vestryij d
Item, paid for parelyng of vj albisvj d
Item, for mendyng of the lytell orgons in the querevj d
Item, for mendyng of v clappers of the bellesv s
Item, paid to the Raker for his hole yeris wagis for the chirchexvj d
Item, paid for mendyng of the lok on þe lytell chirchyerde doreiij d
Item, paid for a Newe albe for the blake vestmentij sviij d
* * * * *
Item, paid to Mr Doctor for Newe cloth' for ij Amesysxiiij d
Item, paid for iij Gyrdellis for the Albisiij d
Item, paid for a reward gevyng to þe Bisshoppis seruaunt at the halowyng of the vestementtisxij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Item, paid for makyng of v trestilles in the vpper vestryvj d
* * * * *
Item, paid for brede, ale and wyne this yere for the quere, of the whiche Ress' of Mr Doctor þe Summa of ij s viij d. Rest paidiij svj d
* * * * *
Item, paid for makyng of the greate bell claper þat was brokeniij siiij d
Item, paid for beryng of it to the Smythes & home ayeneij d
* * * * *
Item, paid to Ioh'n Woulff for clensing & fresshing our ladys tabernaclev l'i

(fn. 4) Casuell Resseittis.

Ress' for the Buryall of Ioh'n Condall this yere in the chirchexiijsiiij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Goodwyns wyffe towarddes the braunche of the Triniteiij sviij d
Ress' of the ffounder for xj ll' of metall at þe chongyng of þat braunch, þe ll' ij d ob. Summaij siij d ob.
Ress' of the ffounder for xv ll' of metall at the chonge of the braunche before the Tabernacle of our lady Assumpcion, the ll' iij d. Summaiij six d
Ress' for the buryall of Thomas ffurgons wyffe in þe pardon chirchyerdij s
Ress' for the buryall' of a Breton in the Greate chircheyerdxij d
Ress' of the goodwyff Burnegyll' for the buryall' of hir childe in the pardon chirchyerdij s
Ress' of sir Ioh'n Tyllisley for an olde chestviij d
Ress' of a pewtrer for xiiij ll' of olde pewtur, the ll' ij d ob. Summaij sxj d
Ress' of hym more for xlvij ll' di. of olde laton, the ll' ij d. Summavij sxj d
Ress' more of hym for xxix ll' of olde potbras, the ll' j d ob. Summaiij svij d ob.
Ress' for the Buryall of a yoman of the Gard þat dyed at þe Swanij s
Ress' for the wast of iij Torches for the same manvj d
Ress' of Mestres Mongeham of þe goodys of Thomas Austen towardis þe ffreshing of the tabernacle of our lady Assumpcionvj l'i
Ress' of the goodwyff condall for þe buriall of her brotherxvj d
* * * * *
Summa of this casuwelles, viij l'i vij s.

Clerkis wagis & Bemeligth'.

Ress' of the Clerkis wagis this yere a[s] aperith' by the Rowleviij l'iij sxj d
Ress' for pascall money & Bemeligh't this yerexj six dob.
Summa of thes Resseittis viij l'i xiiij s viij d ob.


Item, paid to Ioh'n Snowe, Clerke, for a hole yeris wagisvj l'i
Item, paid to William Wylde, Sexten, for his yeris wagisxl s
Rest of the clerkes wagis & the beme ligh't xiiij s viij d ob.

[Wax Reckoning. Rehearsal.]

Articles foloing.

* * * * *

(fn. 5) Item, Thomas Clayton is contentyd to pay for the Monyelles of his bay wyndowe whiche he had of the chirche as it shal be Iugged by Woulston Wyn, Carpenter. (fn. 6)

* * * * *

(fn. 7) Item, that the blake vestmenttes of blake velwett be Regestrid in the boke of the gyfte of William Vagham.

* * * * *

Ress' iij l'i (fn. 8) Item, that Robert Game oweth of the xix l'i xij s j d in his acompt before wretyn, iij l'i: to be brough't in on sonday the thyrd day of ffebruarii next foloyng after the date of þis his acompt. Ress' the thirday of ffebruary of Robert Game the sum of iij l'i above wretyn.iij l'i
* * * * *

(fn. 9) Memorandum: that it be Regestryd in the greate boke that Ioh'n Austhorp, sector to Mestres Noneley, hathe geveyn of his porcyon of the goodes whiche wer in his hondes of her goodes of þe se[id arers ?] the summa of xx l'i for a table to þe high auter, whiche money was Ress' at the byldyng of the new howses in seint mary hill' lane, whiche money was paid by phillip heyward of colchester, whiche table to be provided for of þe money of þe chirche box whan the chirche is clere owte of dett.

* * * * *

(fn. 10) Memorandum: that the Ivdas of the pascall', þat is to sey the Tymbre that the wax of þe pascall' is drevyn vppon, weyeth vij ll' di.

* * * * *


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