Sussex Fines
49 Henry VI


Institute of Historical Research



L.F. Salzmann (editor)

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'Sussex Fines: 49 Henry VI', An abstract of Feet of Fines for the County of Sussex: vol. 3: 1308-1509 (1916), pp. 275-276. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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49 Henry VI.

3185. John Arundel, Bishop of Chichester, John Wode the younger and John Apsle v. Thomas Austyn and Margery his wife; 4 messuages, 2 tofts, 4 gardens, 136 acres of land in Braklysham and Chichestre; to John Wode, etc. (D.C.: File 75. No. 6.)

3186. William Thunder v. Walter Colyn and Joan his wife; a messuage, a pigeon-house, 57 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 1 acre of wood in Chytynglegh; to William; Walter and Joan and heirs of Joan to warrant against Thomas, Abbot of Westminster, and his successors. (D.C.: File 75. No. 25.)

3187. Thomas Agase and Joan his wife and Richard Wodeshill v. Henry Newdegate and Joan his wife; 4 messuages in Horsham; to Thomas, etc. (D.C.: File 75. No. 39.)

3188. John Stanney, Humfrey Heuster and John Wode the younger v. John Fust and Elizabeth his wife; a third of the manor of Westhorney; to John Stanney, etc. (D.C.: File 75. No. 41.)