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John Cordy Jeaffreson (editor)

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'Errata', Middlesex county records: Volume 1: 1550-1603 (1886). URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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p. xxxi,para. (a)An Incident of Arraignment. The editor was in error about the meaning of the first three words of the memorandum Po se cul ca null sus. Po se cul does not mean "He puts himself 'Guilty'". The meaning is "He puts himself upon his country [i.e., he pleads Not guilty and goes to a jury] but is found guilty". (The editor corrects himself in the Preface to Vol. II, pp. xxviii et seqq.)
p. 5,line 24,for Northcette read Northcotte.
6,12,for Breke read Greke.
9,23,for Balton read Calton.
14,7,for twenty pence read nine pence.
14,32,for and read alias.
15,26,for Wyllond read Wyllone.
16,12, 21,for 2 November read 22 November.
16,20, 27,for Mener Place read Manor Place.
17,34,for thirteen shillings read thirteen shillings and fourpence.
18,29,for 2 Mary read 1 Mary.
18,31,for Prendergert read Prendergest.
18,33,for six shillings read five shillings.
18,34,for iiis. iiid. read iiis. iiiid.
20,15,for Nowse read Newse.
20,18,for Cantelour read Cantelows.
21,20,for gutterolopis read Gutterolopis.
22,10,for 1–2 Philip and Mary read 5 Edward VI-Essoin.
23,14,for a certain read nine.
24,6,for thirty-six read twenty-six.
25,5,for Michael read Nicholas.
27,1,after Peter Harrison insert John Button.
27,6,for twenty read twenty-seven.
27,22,for Slyon read Slyxon.
27,30,for a bay horse worth thirteen shillings and fourpence read a bay gelding worth five shillings and a bay mare worth thirteen shillings and fourpence.
27,33–34,omit asked for the book and was delivered to the Ordinary.
28,39,for Bynt read Byrt.
33,15,for Gawyn read Edwyn.
35,20,for Baynard read Barnard.
35,23,for Tye read Tyde.
38,16,for viz in the common lands called read commonly called.
p. 38,line 17,for Mylende feyldes read Mylende.
38,18,after Hoggesdon feyldes insert Shoredych feyldes, Islyngton feyldes, St. Johns Feyldes, The Mantels, Totehill and Saint James Feildes.
40,15,after Richard insert Kennaway.
40,16–17,omit John Goste.
40,17,before Gape insert Thomas.
40,19,for Clackham read Blackham.
40,20,for smyth read carpenter.
40,21,after Ansell insert Junior.
40,28,for Glysson read Glyson.
40,31,for alllate read all late.
40,37,for 1 August read 3 August.
41,26,for 15 October read 16 October.
43,7,for at the salary and wage read without the salary and excessive wage.
44,34,for 4 Elizabeth read 3 Elizabeth.
46,7,for 12 August read 17 August.
46,15,for Morten yoman, both late of London read Marten yoman, and John Askew yoman, all late of London.
53,14,for 16 February read 6 February.
80,18,for John Cuttler read Thomas Cuttler.
87,12,after Elizabeth Turner insert Alice Hilles.
97,9–10,after Robert Batte insert husbandman, James. Wynchester yoman, George Chambers yoman, Robert Martyn.
97,10,for Bennett read Bennytt.
108,4,for Boxey read Roxey.
120,4,for Bogers read Rogers.
134,5, 8,for Clackwell read Blackwell.
134,9,for Rodyng read Redyng.
141,7,for Sir James read Sir John.
143,32,for Marden read Morden.
144,2,for Tottenham read Ickenham.
186,24,after three pounds insert a wooden box ornamented with silver called a plaister box with various silver instruments worth three pounds.
188,13,for G.D.R. read S.P.
217,42,for Thomas Winn's read John Winn's.

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