Summaries of the True Bills
Edward VI


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John Cordy Jeaffreson (editor)

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'Summaries of the True Bills: Edward VI', Middlesex county records: Volume 2: 1603-25 (1887), pp. 245. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Edward VI


From 3 Edward VI. to the End of his Reign.

Number of Persons.
Persons indicted for burglary3
" " " horse-stealing40
" " " larceny53
" " " larceny with housebreaking12
" " " larcenies from the person (done with secrecy or violence), including highway robberies18
" " " manslaughter4
" " " murder7
" " " ox (cow &c.) stealing3
" " " sheep-stealing5
Persons indicted for capital felonies145
" " " adultery and unclean living2
" " " assault and battery2
Person " " assault &c. with sword1
" " " cheating and extortion1
" " " defiling the water of a neighbour's well by putting dung &c. into it1
Persons " " disorderly living3
" " " forcible entry and disseisin17
" " " harbouring ill-disposed and suspected persons3
" " " keeping brothels10
Person " " keeping disorderly house1
Persons " " quarrelling, or causing and fomenting quarrels &c.7
Person " " refusing to aid a constable &c.1
" " " stopping a public way1
Persons convicted of capital felonies117
" acquitted of " "18
Culprits 'standing mute' and sentenced to the 'peine forte et dure'2
Felons pleading and having benefit of clergy10
" sentenced to be hung,—males 62, female 163
" reprieved15
Culprits (with indictments for capital felonies found against them) at large7

N.B.—That the number of the convictions for capital felonies in this account so greatly exceeds the combined number of the felons who were sentenced to be hung, had benefit of clergy, or were reprieved, is chiefly due to the largeness of the proportion of the bills that exhibit no memorandum of sentence. In the numerous cases where nothing more than Po se cul ca nul appears over a culprit's name, I have not thought right to assume as a matter of course that he was sentenced to be hung, as he might have been pardoned, or have escaped from or died in gaol before sentence.