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William Page (editor)

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'Editorial note', A History of the County of Rutland: Volume 2 (1935), pp. XXV. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=66190 Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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The whole of this volume, with the exception of the Introduction, was printed under the editorial supervision of the late Dr. William Page. The cost of production has been generously guaranteed by Mr. Owen Hugh Smith, of Langham, Rutland.

Special thanks are due to Mr. V. B. Crowther-Beynon, F.S.A., Miss J. Finch, Mr. St. John O. Gamlen, Mr. Arthur Hawley, and Mr. W. L. Sargant for much valuable assistance in the compilation of the volume. Also to Sir E. Knapp-Fisher and Mr. Laurence Tanner, F.S.A., for affording facilities of access to the records of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

Thanks are also due to The Rt. Hon. the Dowager Countess of Gainsborough, Mr. J. A. Gotch, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.A., and Mr. H. F. Traylen, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.A., for help with regard to illustrations and plans and information on architectural matters; and to Capt. R. J. E. Conant, M.P., the Misses Irons, and Mr. George E. Monckton for the loan of certain documents.

Many others have given much appreciated help by supplying information, reading proofs, and in other ways, especially the following: Rev. C. C. Aldred, Rev. E. D. Annand, Rev. William Ashburner, Mr. Edmund Bardwell, Rev. J. S. Barnes, Rev. J. H. Bellhouse, Rev. R. G. Bisseker, Mr. A. T. Bolton, Mr. A. M. Bradshaw, Mr. George Brudenell, Capt. Burnaby-Atkins, Rev. A. N. Carp, Rev. C. J. Cartwright, the late Lady Codrington, Rev. W. St. G. Coldwell, Rev. J. D. W. Dawson, Mr. Louis G. Dease, Rev. D. M. Evans, Rev. H. E. Farrell, Rev. O. L. Fawke, Major E. Guy Fenwick, Mr. W. H. M. Finch, Rev. James Flamank, Major C. H. Fleetwood-Hesketh, Rev. W. Fowler, Rev. A. E. Fraser, Canon R. H. Fuller, Rev. E. T. Glasspool, Mr. Cecil G. Gee, Rev. E. M. Guilford, Rev. E. C. Hart, Rev. G. A. Hassell, Mr. B. W. Horne, Sir Dudley Clarke Jervoise, Rev. F. T. Johnson, Rev. I. C. Jones, Rev. H. V. Neilson, Mrs. Cecil Noel, Rev. P. C. Nichols, Rev. C. F. Norgate, the late Rev. A. D. Phillips, Canon E. B. Redlich, Rev. J. F. Richards, Rev. R. E. Roberts, Rev. C. J. B. Scriven, Rev. Col. A. D. Seton, B.Sc., the late Rev. H. J. Shirley, Canon A. H. Snowden, Rev. E. Strong, Rev. F. J. W. Taverner, Rev. A. S. Tomkins, Prof. A. Hamilton Thompson, D.Litt., F.S.A., Rev. J. W. H. Toynbee, Rev. J. J. Wilson, Mr. Henry Wing, Rev. J. H. Woods, and Rev. J. K. Worley.