Errata and corrigenda


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R. R. Sharpe (editor)

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'Errata and corrigenda', Calendar of wills proved and enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2: 1358-1688 (1890), pp. LV. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Introd. p. III, par. 8, for Sir "Andrew" Laxton read Sir William Laxton.

Introd. p. XLIII, line 12 from top, for "31 Edward I." read 13 Edward I.

Introd. p. XLV, line 6 from bottom of text, for "II. 657" read II. 656.

Introd. p. XLV, line 7 from bottom of text, for "tyllers cases" read "tyllers," cases.

P. 91, will of Ralph de Cantebrugg, line 6 from bottom, for "Alice" read Juliana.

P. 106, note 1, for "le Poor" in Broad Street read Paul's Wharf.

P. 174, line 9 from top, for "parish of S. Gregory" read parish of S. George.

P. 189, line 15 from bottom, for "a period of forty days" read during the season of Lent.

P. 192, will of Alice Stanton, for "he," "his," &c., read she, her, &c.

P. 205, note 10, for "Harleston" read Hellesdon.

P. 208, note 2, for "All Hallows 'upon the Cellar' (or Cellars) or 'the Less'" read All Hallows the Great.

P. 246, line 5 from bottom of text, for Resurrection "of S. Paul" read in S. Paul's.

P. 246, line 13 from bottom of text, for "Tolyton" read Totyton.

P. 286, note 4, for church of "S. Augustine," London Wall, read All Hallows, London Wall.

P. 317, line 4 from bottom, omit "weighing."

P. 344, last line of text, for "Calsely" read Calseby.

P. 401, last line, for "Amia" read Ann.

P. 465, will of John Joye, line 2, for "William Brunse" read Thomas Bruuse.

P. 528, will of Cristiana Ongham, line 4 from top, for "chantry of the Vernacle" read the chaplain appointed to the chantry.

P. 670, line 15 from top, for "tyllers cases" read "tyllers," cases.

P. 705, line 8 from top, for "S. Jones's" read S. Jones.

P. 713, will of Waynam or Wayman, insert Christian name of testator (Robert).

P. 726, note 2, line 1, after the word "testator" add together with a free grammar school.

Index, p. 809, insert "Clare, co. Suffolk, bequest to church of, 294."

Index, p. 867, under "Newenton (Newington, co. Surrey)," insert "parish of S. Mary de, 370."