15 Henry VI (1436-7)


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'Wills: 15 Henry VI (1436-7)', Calendar of wills proved and enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2: 1358-1688 (1890), pp. 479-481. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=66978 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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[Note.—The regnal year and date of the session of the Court are omitted throughout Roll 165.]

Stace (Richaed), jeweller.—To be buried in the church of S. Christopher. To the rector, churchwardens, and parishioners of the said church a certain tenement near Cornhill which he and Johanna his mother acquired from John Olneye, grocer, and Dionisia, wife of the same (widow and executrix of Richard Claveryng, draper), by deed enrolled, (fn. 1) charged with the observance of his obit within the said church, and gifts of bread, beer, and clothing to the poor; also with certain payments to the fabric of the body of the said church and for the maintenance of the Fraternity of S. Christopher therein. In default the property to go over to the Wardens and Masters of the Mistery of Goldsmiths of the City of London and commonalty of the same for the relief of the poor of the said commonalty. Dated London, 12 March, A.D. 1433.
Roll 165 (1).

Newnam (William), skinner.—To be buried in S. Paul's churchyard as in another testament touching his movable goods more fully is declared. To the rector, churchwardens, and parishioners of the church of S. Augustine by S. Paul's Grate he gives a right of way (quandam viam processionalem) through his alley to the east end of the church, with metes and bounds as set out. To Elizabeth his daughter the reversion of certain lands and tenements in Watlyngstret in the parish of S. Augustine after the decease of Elizabeth his wife, to hold in tail subject to the above easement; remainder in trust for sale for pious and charitable uses. Dated London, 7 May, A.D. 1435.
Roll 165 (19).

Sutton (Thomas), tailor.—To be buried in the church of H. Trinity the Less near Quenehithe, near Roger his late brother. To Greoffrey Gybon, Master of the Fraternity of Tailors and Armourers of Linen Armour of S. John the Baptist in the City of London, the wardens and brethren and sisters of the same fraternity, he leaves lands, tenements, and a wharf in a certain lane called "Cressynghamlane" in the parish of S. James de Garlikhithe, which the testator jointly acquired with others from Robert Luton, late draper, and Robert Mildenhale, late skinner, by deed enrolled. (fn. 2) All the issues and profits of the said lands and tenements, &c., after payment of cost of repair and maintenance, to be devoted to the relief of poor brethren and sisters in the almshouses of the fraternity, (fn. 3) near the hall of the fraternity in the parish of S. Martin Oteswiche. To Cristina his wife tenements in the parish of H. Trinity aforesaid for life; remainder to the master and wardens of the fraternity aforesaid for like uses. Dated London, 23 May, A.D. 1432.
Roll 165 (30).

Terry (Guy), baker.—To be buried in the church of the Friara Minors near Newgate. Bequests to the fabric of the said church and to the friars for their prayers, and for the maintenance of a chantry for the space of one year in the parish church of S. Anne near Aldrisshgate. To Alice his wife his bakehouse in the parish of S. Anne aforesaid, and all his lands and tenements in the parish of S. Swithun in Candelwikstrete and in Grubbestrete in the parish of S. Giles without Crepulgate, for life; remainder to Richard Cotton de Bromesgrove, co. Worcester, and John Shepton, citizen of London, in fee. Dated London, 17 March, A.D. 1436.
Roll 165 (32).

Stafford (John).—To be buried in the church of S. Michael de Bassyngeshawe, where lies the body of Margery his late wife. To Isabella his wife a tenement at the corner of the lane called "Turnebastlane" in the parish of S. Mary de Aldermariechirch for life; remainder to Katherine his daughter and John his son in successive tail; remainder in trust for sale for pious and charitable uses. Dated London, 4 May, A.D. 1436.
Roll 165 (34).


1 1 Hust. Roll 131 (101).
2 2 Hust. Roll 142 (40).
3 1 From the return made by the Company to the Livery Companies Commission of 1880 it appears that the property here devised is now represented by a warehouse in Anchor Alley, Thames Street, and by a sum of money in Consols, the produce of other property devised. The whole of the income is applied solely to the support of the Company's almshouses (Commissioners' Report, 1884, vol. ii. p. 426). The date of the will is given as 26 May, 1432, both in the Company's return and in Mr. Hare's Report made in 1864.