23 Henry VI (1444-5)


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R. R. Sharpe (editor)

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'Wills: 23 Henry VI (1444-5)', Calendar of wills proved and enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2: 1358-1688 (1890), pp. 503-505. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=66986 Date accessed: 20 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Monday next after the Feast of S. Luke, Evangelist [18 Oct.].

Stile (John), senior, vintner.—To be buried in the churchyard commonly called "Pardonchirchawe," near S. Paul's Cathedral Church. To John Stile junior, vintner, his son, and to Margaret, wife of the same, his leasehold interest in a hostel called "Pouleshede," (fn. 1) situate near Poulescheyne in the parish of S. Gregory, held under the Dean and Chapter of S. Paul's. To Helena his wife for life, if she remain chaste and unmarried, he leaves a certain tenement in the parish of S. Mary Magdalen in Oldfisshstrete, saving a chamber therein for the use of George Stile his son. Also to his said son the reversion of the said tenement in tail; remainder to John his son in tail; remainder to John Stile his brother in tail; remainder in trust for sale, the proceeds being devoted to the ornaments and works of the parish church of Heston, (fn. 2) and to the relief of the poor of the said parish. To the Dean and Chapter of S. Paul's he leaves certain shops in the parish of S. Bartholomew the Less (fn. 3) in the Ward of Bradstrete, in aid of a chantry founded in S. Paul's Church for the soul of Sir Thomas Evere, a former Dean. (fn. 4) Dated London, 14 August, A.D. 1442.
Roll 173 (10).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Chad, Bishop [2 March].

Trillowe (John), senior, chandler.—To be buried in the church of S. James de Grarlekhithe according to the terms of his will touching his movables. To Sir William Huntyngdon, the rector, churchwardens and certain parishioners of the above church, a certain tenement in Knyghtriderstrete in the parish of H. Trinity the Less, in aid of a chantry in the aforesaid church for the good of his soul, the souls of Johanna his wife, Thomas Coffyn, Johanna and Isabella, wives of the same, and others. Also to the same certain rents in aid of a chantry for the souls of Thomas de Okham, William Venour, Mabel, wife of the same, and others. Dated London, 21 March, A.D. 1439.
Roll 173 (17).

Monday next after F. of Trans, of S. Benedict, Abbot [11 July].

Stoke (Ralph), grocer.—To Sir Thomas Wollor, the rector, and churchwardens of the church of S. Mary Bothehawe, an annual rent of eleven marks issuing from lands and tenements in Cornhill and Birchenlane in the parish of S. Michael upon Cornhill and also in the parish of S. Leonard in Estchep, on condition they maintain a chantry in the church of S. Mary aforesaid for the good of his soul, the souls of Hugh Fastolf and Johanna, wife of the same, Paul Boteler, John Jesors and Agnes, wife of the same, and others, in manner prescribed. In default the rent to go over to the rector and churchwardens of the church of S. Swithun for like purposes; remainder, in case of default, to the church of S. John upon Walbroke, with further remainder to the Mayor or Warden of the City and Chamberlain of the same for similar pious and charitable uses in Guildhall Chapel. Dated London, 10 May, A.D. 1445.
Roll 173 (39).


1 2 "Then higher up, near the south chain of Paules churchyard, is the Paule Head tavern, which house, with the appurtenances, was of old time called Paules brewhouse, for that the same was so employed, but been since left off, and let out" (Stow's 'Survey,' Thoms's ed., 1876, p. 137). In 1456 the Dean and Chapter assigned it to Master William Radcliff, Canon Residentiary and Stagiary, for so long time as he should live and continue to be a canon. It is described in the assignment as situate opposite S. Paul's bakehouse (Hist. MSS. Com., Ninth Report, Appendix, p. 27 a).
2 1 Near Osterley Park.
3 2 Little S. Bartholomew or S. Bartholomew by the Exchange.
4 3 Among the archives of S. Paul's Cathedral is a grant by Sir Thomas's executors to the Dean and Chapter of property in the parish of S. Matthew Friday Street, for the maintenance of a chaplain who should celebrate daily for his soul in the chapel of S. Thomas the Martyr in the New Work (Hist. MSS. Com., Ninth Report, Appendix, p. 54 a).