Additional notes and corrigenda to the lists of aldermen by ward


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'Additional notes and corrigenda to the lists of aldermen by ward', The Aldermen of the City of London: Temp. Henry III - 1912 (1908), pp. 225-234. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Additional Notes and Corrigenda to the LIST OF ALDERMEN OF THE WARDS.


Page 1Henry de Seccheford, add Mercer.
John Aubrey, add Pepperer.
Thomas Reynham (bis), add Goldsmith.
Sir Nicholas Twyford, insert Present October 13, 1390 (Letter Book H, fo. 255).
" 2John Hatherle, add see note B, ad fin.
Under date 1450, for Thomas Alley read Richard Alley.
" " 1476, for Robert Gardyner read Robert Hardyng.
Richard Rawson, for Merchant Taylor read Mercer.
" 3John Fenkyll, insert Knighted 1486 or 1487.
Henry Cote, add (?) afterwards elected for Cheap.
July 20, 1498, for 20 read 22, and to R. Haddon prefix Sir.
John Warner add died 1511.
Robert Fenrother, for present October 7, read Sworn September 8.
" 4Robert Baxter, add Haberdasher.
Under date October 10, 1549, for Wythens read Wythers.
" 5Richard Staper, after discharged October 17, 1594, add fine of £100.
Under date 1615, remove and from before to after Sir W. Craven.
" 7Sir Richard How, add Fishmonger.
Sir Thomas Griffiths, for Sworn March 16, read Sworn March 17.
The fines of John Paige and Daniel Mercer were £420 not £520.
For John Bawdin read John Bawdon.
" 8Note A.—See further on this point, Note B., Cripplegate (page 135).


" 9William de Hereford, add Goldsmith.
Adam de Hallingberi, for Acting January 12, 1298, read Acting December 20, 1296, and in Footnote 3, for H.R. 27 (11) read Letter Book B, fo. 106 (xxxii. b).
[The date given at this reference in the original MS. is 23 Edw. I. (i.e., 1294). This is clearly an error of the scribe. The entry refers to the assignment of the responsibility for the night watch to the Aldermen, all of whom are named, and the appearance in the list of both Walter de Rokele and Geoffrey de Northone, the former of whom was succeeded by T. Sely, between July and October, 1397, and the latter only became an Alderman between October, 1296 and August, 1297 (see pp. 80, 173), fixes the date 1296 (25 Edw. I.), that being the only year in which these two can have been Aldermen simultaneously in the month of December. Moreover, all the other entries at this portion of the Letter Book are dated 25 Edw. I. Again, a precisely similar entry as to the assignment of the care for the night watch to the Aldermen is given under the same date (Thursday before Christmas, 23 Edw. I. at fo. 20 of Letter Book C. where some of the names differ, the respective predecessors of all the Aldermen elected in 1295 and 1296 being given; instead of A. Hallingberi, J. Wade, G. de Northone and R. de Gloucester, the names of W. de Hereford, J. de Gisors, R. de Basing and R. de Blunt are recorded as being in office at that date.
Dr. Sharpe, in his Calendar of Letter Book B, had printed the date as it stands in the original, but after consideration of the evidence set forth above concurs with me in assigning the entry to 25 Edw. I. (1296)].
Page 9Thomas Sely, add Skinner.
" 10William Tonge, add Vintner.
Adam Karlill, for Bread Street read Broad Street.
Under date March 9, 1461 for J. Reyney read Ex-Sheriff Reyner.
Robert Bassett, omit Knighted 1475.
Hugh Pemberton, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
James Wilforth, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
After discharged November 27, 1511, add without fine on account of losses beyond sea, and for the reference Journal 10, fo. 198, substitute Letter Book M, fo. 185.
" 11Under date March 23, 1547, after W. Garrarde, add W. Chester, and in the rejected nomination for Alderman Amcotts read Harman Amcotts, Fishmonger, adding the reference (Rep. 11, fo. 316).
Under date May 22, 1550, for Wythens read Wythers.
John Robynson after discharged April 13, 1592, add fine of 1,000 marks.
" 12Ralph Pratt, after discharged add without fine.
Nicholas Blincko for Clothworker read Leatherseller, and after discharged add fine of £100.
Christopher Woodward, after discharged add fine of £500.
" 13Thomas Andrews read Andrewes.
Jacob Lucy read Lucie.
Robert Bodington, for £520 read £420.
" 14William Mart, for £520 read £420.
Thomas Frederick, after discharged add fine of £420.
John Shakspear, omit afterwards Ironmonger and insert transferred to Ironmongers' Company, September 20, 1768 (Rep. 172, fo. 476).
" 15John Humphery, for in June, 1838, read on May 29, 1838, and after Queen's Bench insert (on the ground that Salomons was entitled to be admitted before the oath was tendered to him, and consequently the Court of Aldermen had acted prematurely in declaring his election void at that stage).
John Pound, add M. 1904–5.


" 16Richard de Refham read Richer de Refham.
John de Gisors add Pepperer.
John Fyfhide, add Mercer.
" 16/17John Eston (ter), add Draper.
" 17Robert Warbulton, add Mercer.
Ralph Verney, add died June 1478; Will dated June 11, proved June 25 [P.C.C. 1478 (1 Legge)]
Under date August 28, 1478, for J. Strelley read Ex-Sheriff Shelley.
Richard Rawson for Merchant Taylor read Mercer.
February 25, 1490, for elected after rejection of three nominations read nominated ..... after the Lord Mayor had held three Wardmotes ineffectually, the inhabitants not being able to agree upon a nomination.
" 18Under date September 27, 1558, for Robert Gardyner read Robert Hardyng.
Under date August 8, 1587, for Aldermen read Alderman and omit and.
" 19John Spencer, for died March 30, read died March 3.
Sir Leonard Holliday add (or Halliday).
Robert Ducye for died June 12, read died July 12.
Under date July 31, 1634, after rejected by the Court, add the two last-named having served for their present Wards less than two years (Rep. 48, fo. 401 b).
Page 20Christopher Pack, before disabled insert appointed one of Cromwell's Upper House, December, 1657, and omit all after "September, 1660."
Edward Underhill, add Grocer.
Sir John Parsons, before died January 25, 1717, insert transferred to Fishmongers' Company, October 19, 1703 (Rep. 107, fo. 569).
" 21Note A, for September, 1306, read July, 1306.


" 22Robert Kelesye, before Acting January 27, 1316, insert present December 15, 1315 (Letter Book E, fo. 45 b).
Ralph de Lenne, add Fishmonger.
John Wroth, after discharged add on account of absence in foreign parts.
Nicholas Exton omit Knighted.
" 23William Reynwell, add died 1403.
John Reynwell, for present October 13, 1444, read present September 28, 1445, and in footnote 26, for Letter Book K, fo. 222 b, read Journal 4, fo. 98 b.
Richard Flemyng, add died 1464.
" 24Robert Aldernes, after discharged add without fine.
Richard Choppyn, add died 1536.
John Rychemond, for Ironmonger read Armourer.
" 25Under date February 7, 1555, for Tinker read Tucker (Grocer).
" 26Under date May 29, 1627, for discharged June 7, 1629, read discharged June 7, 1627.
" 27Under date September 19, 1651, after Allen insert (Alleyn).
" 28For William Lemon read William Leman; and for £200 read £400.
" 31For Sir William Ashurst read Sir William Ashhurst.
Edward Bellamy, for March 14, 1743, read March 14, 1745.
William Leighton, before discharged insert transferred to Fishmongers' Company, September 28, 1803 (Rep. 207, fo. 493).


" 34William Parker, add died 1403.
Sir Drew Barentyn, omit "Sir" and add (or Barantyn). [Similarly at p. 2 (Aldersgate) and p. 145 (Farringdon Without).
Robert Whityngham, insert (Sworn December 22, 1417).
Thomas Chalton, for October 13, 1451, read March 15, 1452, and in footnote 27 omit 254 b and insert Journal 5, fo. 72.
" 35Sir Henry Waver, add died 1470.
John Croke, insert [Nominated: John Barnwell, Thomas Staughton (Fishmonger), W. Stokker]
" 36Thomas Pargeter, for 1530 or 1531, read between November 10 and December 8, 1530, and add died 1532.
Thomas Blanke; he was only elected once (not twice as in the text). The particulars in the text should be amended to read as follows:
January 26, 1542Thomas Blanke, Haberdasher
[Sworn Jan. 31][Nominated: Aldermen Forman and Judde, R. Dobbys]
Discharged August 1, 1512; fine of 400 marks (Journal 14, fo. 338).
Page 36The mistake in the text is due to a clerical error, which had escaped my notice, in the original MS. of Letter Book Q, fo. 49 b, where Blanke is stated to have been elected on Thursday, February 26, 1542. This should be January 26, which was a Thursday, whereas February 26 was a Sunday. He is recorded to have been originally granted his discharge from serving as Alderman on February 14, on condition of paying a fine of 300 marks, but as this was not sufficient to secure from the Common Council exemption from liability to serve as Sheriff he appears to have remained an Alderman until August 1, when he agreed to pay 400 marks and thereby obtained discharge from obligation to serve either office in future. On that day a letter was read from the Earl of Hertford, (the king's brother-in-law, afterwards the Protector Somerset), desiring that Blanke should be discharged of the Aldermanship and "all other chargeable rowmes within the cytye" for an easy fine, and the Court resolved that "he shall have all the favour that may be convenyentlye shewyd unto hym."
Under date October 22, 1548; prefix to the names in the rejected nomination that of Sir J. Gresham (Lord Mayor).
" 38Under date November 12, 1640, for Gonings read Gennings (Haberdasher).
Zachary Highlord, add Skinner.
" 41Under date September 19, 1661, after A. Holt add (Goldsmith).
" 42Joseph Sheldon, in right-hand margin add M. 1675–6. After Drapers' Company add October 7, 1675 (Rep. 80, fo. 289).
" 43Note B, line 6, for H.R. 143 (35) read H.R. 144 (35).


" 46Alan Everard, after discharged add on account of deafness and other infirmity.
" 47Ralph Holland, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
Under date February 20, 1458, for T. Nedeham read Richard Nedeham (Mercer).
Sir Thomas Cooke read Cook, and for S. 1453–7 read S. 1453–4.
Hugh Clopton add died 1496.
John Munday read Mundy.
" 48Under date October 22, 1556 for Wythens and Harpur read Wythers and Harper.
Leonard Halliday add (or Holliday).
" 51Richard Taylor, omit Sworn and before discharged.
" 52Under date April 30, 1667, for Cooper read Bowyer.
Humphrey Beane, add discharged June 6, 1667; fine of £420 (Rep. 72, fo. 113 b).
Under date October 3, 1667, after by the Court add Hawkyns being 'of no qualification worthy of the place and dignity.'
" 53Brass Crosby, before died insert transferred to Goldsmiths' Company, May 13, 1766 (Rep. 170, fo. 245).
Stephen Langstone read Langston.


" 55Joseph le Acatur read Joce le Acatur.
" 56William Askham, for acting October 1, 1414 read present March 7, 1415 (Letter Book I, fo. 287), and add died 1415.
Nicholas Ashton, for C. 1414 read 1415.
John Feelde, after exonerated insert being sick, deaf and blind.
John Lok, add died 1463.
" 57William Alleyn before knighted insert transferred to Mercers' Company C. 1571.
" 58Roger Clarke, omit knighted.
Under date July 4, 1633, after by the Court add because Freeman had been Alderman of his Ward for less than two years.
Page 59Rowland Wilson, add Jun.
Alexander Holt, Leatherseller; he is so described in the minute of his election, but in that of his discharge is called Goldsmith, which is probably correct.
" 60Stephen Eastwick, between died and 1657 insert December 15.
" 61George Mertinus, read Mertinns.
George Champion, before died insert transferred to Haberdashers' Company, September 18, 1739 (Rep. 143, fo. 415).
" 62John Knill, for June 1 read June 11.


" 63To the introductory paragraph add
An excellent account of the establishment of this Ward and the changes in the mode of electing the Aldermen is given in the Report printed as Appendix A in the minutes of the Court of Aldermen for 1892, and this account is carefully and accurately summarised in Mr. Deputy Baddeley's Aldermen of Cripplegate Ward, pp. 198–200.
Sir John Ayliffe, add (or Ayloffe), also insert transferred to Grocers' Company, July 17, 1550 [Rep. 12 (i), fo. 250]
" 65Isaac Penington, omit Knighted by authority of Parliament, 1649.
[Although Penington is frequently styled "Sir" Isaac (amongst other authorities by the Dictionary of National Biography), it is practically certain that he did not receive Knighthood. He is described as "Mr. Alderman Penington" on April 7, April 28, June 2, August 6. August 20 and September 1, 1657, in Rep. 65, ff. 65, 77, 96 b, 118 b, 166 b, 168, 173, and he left the Court of Aldermen in the month following the latest of these dates. He is nowhere described as a Knight in these records, whilst other Aldermen as Pack, Ireton, Chiverton, who were Knighted by Oliver Cromwell, are credited with the titular prefix.]
" 66Richard Evans, for Mercer read Cutler.
" 67Sir William Pritchard, read Prichard.
[The name is usually spelled as in the text, but his own autograph omits the "t"]
Sir William Humphreys, read Humfreys.
[This correction also is in accordance with the autograph signature of the personage indicated.]
" 68Under date June 24, 1853, for Sir P. Laurie (Aldgate) read (Aldersgate).


" 71Nicholas Wotton, after Acting December 1, 1404, read and April 12, 1406, [H.R. 133 *(53)]
" 72Christopher Warter, insert Nominated: J. Middleton, T. Cook, Junr., R. Lee]
" 73Under date May 20, 1550, for L. Wythens read L. Wythers.
" 74Sir Peter Proby, omit Sir and before died insert Knighted June 8, 1623.
Sir William Cokayne, insert From Lime Street.
" 75Thomas Moulson, insert From Queenhithe.
" 76Thomas Swallow, read Swallowe.
[He is said to be discharged "by his privilege." This is probably because, being in the service of the Crown as Clerk of the Irons and Surveyor of the Meltings at the Mint, he could not be compelled to serve as Alderman.]
" 77William Pritchard, read Prichard.
" 781711.
The election of the Alderman in 1711 was closely contested and aroused much ill-feeling. At the original poll on September 13 for two Aldermen and two Commoners to be returned to the Court, the Tory candidates, Aldermen Sir W. Withers and Lewen, Sir G. Newland and Sir Robert Dunkley, polled respectively 237, 237, 241 and 239, while the votes for the Whigs— Aldermen Sir John Houblon and Sir S. Stanier, Sir John Scott and G. Conyers were 229, 229, 233, 233, all the Tories being thus above their opponents. But a scrutiny was demanded, and on October 25 the Lord Mayor (Sir G. Heathcote) who was a vehement Whig, returned three Whigs and one Tory (Houblon, Stanier, Conyers and Newland) as duly elected.
Page 79Note A, lines 1–3, omit all the words after Broad Street to the end of the sentence.
Line 7, for H.R. 135 (104), read H.R. 134 (104) (so also in line 33).
Lines 15–19, "I have not found any other reference connecting him with any particular Ward earlier than June 28, 1407, &c."
Since this note was printed I have discovered a reference previously overlooked in H.R. 133* (53) where Wotton is definitely described as Alderman of Broad Street Ward, under date April 12, 1406. It seems impossible to arrive at a perfectly satisfactory solution of the difficulties which any attempt to reconcile the various statements detailed in this note involves, but the suggested explanation in its second paragraph acquires additional probability from the record of Wotton's connexion with Broad Street in 1406, and the third paragraph ("It is also possible . . . in 1404") should be omitted, the suggestion contained in it being based on the assumption, (now shown to be erroneous), that there was no certain evidence of Wotton's Ward earlier than 1407.


" 80Simon de Swanlond, add Draper.
" 82John Rudstone. The date of his election is given as March 24 (the date which I had adopted on p. 11) in the Repertory, and as March 26 in the Letter Book.
" 83Under date May 8, 1649, insert [The nomination of Aldermen Bide and Viner, J. Butler and Colonel T. Player had been rejected by the Court, April 21, because Butler was "the son of a stranger" (Rep. 59, fo. 394 b)].
" 86Sir William Gostlyn, for suspended read superseded.


" 88John Costantyn, add Draper.
" 89Richard Gosselyn, add died at the end of 1428 or early in 1429.
" 90William Coombes, add died 1452; last attendance May 13, 1452, (Journal 5, fo. 74 b).
Geoffrey Boleyn, for 12 votes to 6 read 11 votes to 5.
Ralph Verney, insert the votes in the Court of Aldermen were Verney 9, Stokker 5.
Nicholas Marshall, read Marchall and after July 10, 1465, add fine of £20.
" 91Stephen Jenyns, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
John Champneys. By a clerical error he is recorded in both the Repertory and the Letter Book as having been elected for Candlewick vice Yerford, whereas he was elected for Castle Baynard in place of Yerford's successor, who had been transferred from this Ward to Candlewick.
Ralph Symonds, after June 9, 1534, insert fine of £150.
" 95John Blackwell, for discharged September 19, 1661, read 1651.
" 96Sir Richard Hawkins, add Grocer.
James St. Amand, add Apothecary.
" 97Samuel Plumbe, before discharged insert transferred to Goldsmiths' Company, April 28, 1767 (Rep. 171, fo. 298).
Joshua J. Smith before discharged insert transferred to Ironmongers' Company, September 28, 1803 (Rep. 207, fo. 493).


" 100William Staundon, add died 1410.
" 101Henry Cote.
His Christian name is not given in the Repertory, but I have little hesitation in identifying him with the ex-Alderman of Aldersgate. He evidently declined to serve and could not be compelled to do so having been once discharged.
Robert Johnson, add died 1507.
Page 102Edward Barkham, between Drapers' Company and 1621 insert July 10.
" 103Under date February 7, 1667, for Jennett and Wardell read Jemmott and Wandall.
" 104Under date July 29, 1668 insert [The nomination of Aldermen Sir J. Frederick and Sir W. Turner, John Smith (Salter), and Charles Marisco (Clothworker), had been rejected by the Court, July 9 (Rep. 73, fo. 224 b)].
John Man, for June 28 read June 24.
Samuel Dashwood, between October and 1683 insert 13.
" 105Sir William Humphreys read Humfreys.
Robert Kendal is described by that name up to and including February 3, 1736, and as Kendal-Cater on and after February 6, 1736 (Rep. 140, ff. 121, 132 b). For note the name Cater read took the name Cater.
Richard Rothwell, for March 25 read November 25.


" 107John Fitz Peter, add died 1290; Will enrolled May 28, 1290.
" 109Hugh Wiche, add died 1468.
Robert Colwyche, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
William Bacon, for present September 26, read sworn September 21.
" 110Thomas Leigh, for Bread Street read Broad Street.
" 111Thomas Foot was removed by the operation of the disabling clause in the Act of Oblivion, September 1, 1660.
Sir John Frederick, add died March, 1685.


" 113Andrew Aubrey, add resigned "by permission of the Mayor," 1355.
Thomas Dolseley, insert sworn same day.
" 114Under date March 7, 1461, for T. Thorndon read John Stone, Tailor.
Under date March 21, 1488 insert Nominated by the Court.
" 115Thomas Baldry, omit 1523 or.
William Williamson, add the fine was restored to his widow, October 19, 1613 [Rep. 31 (i), fo. 186 b].
" 117Edmund Wright, for June 28 read June 23.


" 121Martin Box, add Woolmonger.
" 122Nicholas Wyfold, add died 1456.
" 123Robert Drope, add died 1487.
" 125George Price, add the fine was repaid to his widow by order of the Court, March 17, 1663 (Rep. 68, fo. 89 b).
Sir John Dethicke was removed by the operation of the disabling clause in the Act of Oblivion, September 1, 1660; his last attendance at the Court was on July 17, 1660 (Rep. 67, fo. 102).


Page 128Elias de Suffolk, add died 1327; Will enrolled March 23, 1327 [H.R. 55 (15)]
Thomas de Leyre for 1326 read 1327.
" 129John Wodecok, add died 1409.
" 130John Botiler, for Farringdon Without read Farringdon Within.
Thomas Wyndout, add died 1500.
" 132Samuel Cranmer, for March 8, read March 13.
William Methold, add Skinner.
" 133Davy Davison read David Davison [the Christian name is erroneously entered as "Davy" in the Repertory]


" 136For Richard de Refham read Richer de Refham.
Bartholomew de Frestlyng, after July 11, 1352, insert sworn same day.
" 138John Walshaw, after December 20, 1460, insert sworn same day.
John Wynger, for February 8 read February 6.
Under date November 27, 1505, omit (one name missing) and insert G. Monoux.
John Cotes, between January and 1536, insert 27. Omit Election not recorded, and for the paragraph "The Nomination . . . (Rep. 9, fo. 150), substitute [Nominated: ex-Sheriff Altham, T. Colyns, J. Rychemond]
" 139Sir John Ayliff, for Barber Surgeon read Grocer.
Under date November 27, 1593, omit H. Clitherow.
Lancelot Bathurst, after December 13, 1593, insert fine of 1,000 marks.
" 141Jacob Lucy, read Lucie.
" 141Sir Thomas Kensey read Kinsey.(The amended spelling is in accordance with the autograph signatures of the Aldermen).
" 142Sir Thomas Kensey read Kinsey.
Robert Bedingfield read Bedingfeld.
Walter Rawlinson, before discharged insert Knighted March 4, 1774.


" 143Anketin de Auvergno, read Auvergne.
John de Chichester, after December 4, 1357, insert Sworn same day. For 1337 read 1377.


" 145Thomas Polle, add died 1413.
" 147Thomas Colyns, add died 1536.
" 149William Turner, after fine of £620, insert reduced to £520, December 4, 1660 (Rep. 67, fo. 178).


Page 153John Middleton, insert Sworn April 21.
" 154John Yonge, add Sworn same day (a Tuesday in December, 1460, probably December 2).
Robert Colwyche, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
" 155Hugh Pemberton, for Merchant Taylor read Tailor.
Richard Shore, add died 1510.
Under date April 28, 1523, in the rejected nomination for Roche read Brothers (Draper).
" 156John Brown originally chose the Mercers as the Company to which he should be transferred, but there were already six members of that Company in the Court of Aldermen, being the maximum number then permitted from a single Company. As a matter of fact, the regulation had already been broken, as there were seven Mercers then among the Aldermen: Sir J. Yerford, Sir T. Semer, J. Aleyn, T. Baldry, J. Kyme, R. Dodmer, M. Englysshe: of these Dodmer was not a Mercer when elected Alderman, but had subsequently removed to that Company from the Brewers.
Under date October 22, 1549, for Horton read Heton.
" 157Under date December 14, 1568, for Bartholomew Barnes read Richard Barnes.
Hugh Brawne, for August 16 read August 17.
" 159Henry Smith, add (or Smyth).
" 161Richard Wynne, read Rowland Wynne.
" 162Thomas Turgis, omit formerly Alderman of Vintry.
Sir William Warren, add Draper.
Under date July 23, 1664, for Sint read Stint.
" 164John Wilkes. His first election was declared void on a technical point. After his second election, he being then detained in prison, a motion to send him notice of his return was lost in the Court of Aldermen by 10 votes to 6 (April 25, 1769). Those who voted for the motion were Beckford, Sir W. Stephenson, Trecothick, Crosby, Peers and Kirkman; the majority consisted of Sir R. Ladbroke, Alsop, Sir T. Rawlinson, Sir R. Glyn, Kite, Harley, Sir H. Bankes, Plumbe and Kennett.


" 166(bis) for Richard de Refham read Richer de Refham.
" 167John Crymelford, read Geoffrey Crymelford.
Thomas Austyn add Mercer.
Geoffrey Broke, add died 1408.
" 168John Stokker, after November 10, 1458, insert Sworn same day.
" 171The appointments in 1686 and 1687 (viz. those of Russell, Bateman, Groning, Ivatt and Berry), were by Royal Commission.
" 172Thomas B. Crosby, add Turner.


" 174Henry Begge, read Hervy Begge.
" 175John Croke, add Skinner.
John Stokton, add died 1473.
William Horn, add died 1496.
Under date July 3, 1523, insert the Nomination of Aldermen Sir J. Milborne and Aleyn, ex-Sheriff Pargeter and Thomas Pecok (Clothworker) had been rejected by the Court, June 11 (Rep. 6, fo. 40 b).
" 176Under date February 6, 1595, for January 27 read January 30.


Page 180In the list of Priors of Holy Trinity, Newcourt inserts Gilbert under date July 2, 1214 (royal warrant), and he dates Aynel's election, January 10, 1285.
" 185Under date August 24, 1687, for Brewer's read Brewers'.


" 189Adam Fraunceis, add (or Fraunceys) and insert Sworn same day.
" 190Richard Merlawe, add died 1420.
Nicholas Jamys, add (or James) and died 1433. Probably Ironmonger should be amended to Fishmonger.
[Jamys is described as Ironmonger in Letter Book K, fo. 9, where his election as Sheriff in September, 1423, is recorded, but he is called Fishmonger in a list of Aldermen under date March 1, 1433 on fo. 127 of the same Letter Book and also in the notice of his election as one of the four parliamentary representatives of the City in March 1416 (Letter Book I. fo. 160 b).
It is curious that his predecessor Merlawe appears to have been both an Ironmonger and a Fishmonger, and to have been restricted to the livery of the Fishmongers, March 10, 1416 [Letter Book I, fo. 164 b); he, however, is described as still an Ironmonger in the notice of his election to the Mayoralty, October 13, 1417. (fo. 204)].
Robert Tate, add died about December, 1500.
" 192Under date March 1, 1547, omit the rejected nomination, which is correctly assigned to Cripplegate at page 131.
Sir Rowland Hayward, omit Sir.
" 194Ralph Ingram, for £520 read £420.
" 196Thomas Vezey Strong, add S. 1904–5.


" 205John de Stodeye, after July 28, 1352, insert Sworn same day.
" 206Thomas Oulegrave, the votes in the Court of Aldermen were Oulegrave 6, Flemyng 5, Verney 1, Reyner 1.
" 211Thomas Turgis, omit afterwards Alderman of Farringdon Without.
Under date August 12, 1651, after Stephen Thorneley for (Grocer) read (Goldsmith).
Edward Ash, after discharged September 13, 1653, add fine of £1,000.
William Strode, for co. Essex read co. Somerset.
" 213Francis Chaplin, after Knighted add 1679, and after died 1680, add (buried July 2).


" 216John Adrien, for S. 1258–9; Bailiff 1265, 1266–8; M. 1270, read S. 1277–8.