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'Escheator's Accounts: 1469-70', Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean & Chapter of Wells: volume 2 (1914), pp. 92-93. URL: Date accessed: 19 September 2014.


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1469–1470.: Accounts of John Huskyns, the Escheator, from Michaelmas, 1469, to Michaelmas, 1470.


Oblations: Of the illustrious king Edward 10s. 0d.
Of the illustrious prince, the duke of Clarence 5s. 0d.
Of the duchess of Clarence 5s. 0d.
of the earl of Warwyke, in the dean's chapel 5s. 0d.
Obit of Nicholas Carent and his parents 1l. 6s. 8d.
of John Pedwell 1l. 6s. 8d.
Prebends vacant: Tymber combe, by the death of Mr. John Brykhed 8l. 0s. 0d.
Combe I, by the death of Mr. John Wygrome 5l. 6s. 8d.
Compton Dunden, by the death of Mr. Stephen Morepath 15l. 0s. 0d.
Yatton, by the death of Mr. Thomas Purvear 40l. 0s. 0d.


To 42 persons from the vacancy of Tymberscombe 4l. 7s. 6d.
portion of the deceased 2l. 3s. 10d.
vicar of the stall 1l. 6s. 8d.
To 42 persons from Combe I 3l. 6s. 7d.
tenth to the King 5s. 4d.
portion of the deceased 1l. 13s. 9d.
To 41 persons from Compton Dunden 8l. 18s. 0d.
tenth to the King, the executors having paid 6s. 8d. only 3s. 4d.
portion of the deceased 4l. 10s. 8d.
vicar of the stall 1l. 6s. 8d.
Allowed the farmers for good payment 1s. 4d.
To 42 persons from Yatton prebend 26l. 12s. 0d.
portion of the deceased 13l. 6s. 8d.
At the exequies of John Pedwell: at dirige to 38 persons, and altarist and chorister 13s. 4d.
at mass to 39 persons, and altarist and chorister 10s. 3d.
To the treasurer, for wax at the exequies of Nicholas Carent and parents 8d.
the like for John Pedwell 1s. 0d.