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'Chapter acts: 1491-3', Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean & Chapter of Wells: volume 2 (1914), pp. 125-130. URL: Date accessed: 24 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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1491, St. Jeronimus, Sept. 30.—Collation of priors, cantarists. etc., similar to those on pp. 106, 112.—ƒo 36d.

Master of the fabric: Pomeray.
Sub-treasurer: Touker.
Tabular: Lefman.
Communar: Aleyn.
Escheator: by the vicars, Bawdewyn, Aleyne and Clavelsay; by the canons, Bawdewyn.
Auditors: Harries, Vowell and Stevens.
Scrutators of canonical houses: Stevens and Austell.
Keepers of the library: Austell and Vowell.
Auditors for the choristers: Bocat and the precentor.

John Bawdewyn was sworn as escheator and handed the keys of his office.—ƒo 37.

1491, Oct. 1.—John Austell and John Stevens, canons, appointed to inspect all jewels, chalices, vestments and ornaments belonging to the chantries of Bekyngton and Bubbwith.

Each canon actually in residence granted 40 days, without cotidians, to be taken at pleasure before Michaelmas next.

John Bawdewyn suspended from his habit for a month, and from all emoluments, for contempt and disobedience. He was restored on his humble submission.

1491, Oct. 4.—On the king's mandate, sede vacante, (fn. 1) William Bocat was installed in person as sub-dean and parson of Woky.

Order to sequester all fruits, rents and income of the priory of Barlich for non-payment of the pension due to the cathedral church.

1491, Oct. 20.—John Gunthorpe, the dean, appointed the special agent of the chapter, to conduct certain business before the king and the magnates; he is to be allowed his absence up to the Nativity of St. John Baptist next, without cotidians.—ƒo 37d.

1491, pridie Kal. Nov.—Richard Lewys admitted as an altarist, on the nomination of Thomas Harries, the treasurer; he took the oath of canonical obedience, and the keys and habit of his office were handed to him.

1491–2, Feb. penult.—John Vowell, canon residentiary, proctor for Richard Nykke, LL.D., canon, and prebendary of Yatton, declared his intention of residing [protestatus est de residendo] in the said church according to the statutes and customs, and prayed that his principal [dominus] might be admitted a canon residentiary, and deposited for him the caution money of 100 marks. He was admitted in the person of his proctor, and collated to the canonical house where William Chokke late lived, and was granted a close adjoining the said house at the accustomed rent.—ƒo 37d.

Richard Nykke was granted 40 days of grace in complement of his residence this year, to be taken at his pleasure before Michaelmas, without cotidians.—ƒo 38.

1492, April 2.—A further 40 days of grace granted to him, sine fructu.

William Northern, vicar choral, on account of his old age and weakness of body, and especially because he is often confessor for the greater part of the canons, is granted license not to come to matins in the night time [ad horas matutinales tempore nocturno]; nevertheless he may share in the moneys, notwithstanding the statutes.

1492, April 21.—Resolved that all fruits arising from the vicarage of the parish church of Wedmore, as well to Roger Jannys [?], late vicar, before his death, as to the dean and chapter by reason of the vacancy, shall be received by John Ustwhate, and kept until it be known what belongs of right to the said Roger and his executors; and, when divided, one half of the dean and chapter's share shall remain for the use of the future vicar towards sustaining the burdens of the vicarage, but the expenses of the time of vacation shall be deducted from the whole fruits.

1492, May 16.—John Aleyn, vicar choral, presented to the perpetual vicarage of the church of Lydeard Episcopi.

Walter Knightley allowed 20 days of grace towards his residence, etc.

1492, pridie Kal. July.—Nicholas Halswell, M.D., admitted a canon, and installed by proxy in the prebend of Wedmore III, pursuant to mandate of the bishop.—ƒo 38d.

1492, July 18.—John Broghyng admitted a perpetual vicar choral.

1492, Aug. 2.—Simon Lane, priest, admitted a perpetual vicar choral.

1492, Sept. 4.—Richard Nykke granted 20 days of grace further.

1492, Sept. —.—Confirmed letters patent of the bishop, appointing Edmund Mylle to the office of receiver and surveyor of the see of Bath, for life.


1492, St. Jerome's Day, Sept. 30.—Collation of priors, altarists, etc., similar to those on pp. 106, 112.—ƒo 39d.

Master of the fabric: Pomeray.
Sub-treasurer: Touker.
Tabular: Lefman.
Communar: Manyman.
Escheator: by the vicars, Seward, Clawsay and Bawdewyn; by the canons, Clawsay.
Auditors: Bocat, Stevens and Nykke.
Scrutators of canonical houses: Nykke and Stevens.
Keepers of the library: Austell and Vowell.

William Bocat and John Stevens appointed to survey all ornaments of the chantries within the cathedral church and the chapel of Blessed Mary.

1492, Oct. 2.—John Lefman, the tabular, sworn to fulfill his office well and faithfully; and also diligently to note all vicars coming to matins at night and leaving the choir before the end, and on Saturdays, at the reading of the table, he will notify the dean, sub-dean or president of the chapter thereof, that they may be corrected.—ƒo 40.

Robert Lewys admitted an altarist; he took the accustomed oath of canonical obedience to the dean and chapter and swore to observe the statutes, ordinances and customs of the cathedral church.

Every existing canon residentiary, whether present or not, proposing to make actual residence in the year following, may have 50 days of grace in complement of his residence, to be used at pleasure before Michaelmas next, without cotidians.

John Gunthorpe, the dean, appointed special proctor of the chapter for certain business before the king and the magnates of the realm, and is to be allowed his absence until the nativity of St. John Baptist next, without cotidians.—ƒo 40d.

1492, Oct. 9.—All the vicars choral appeared. They had lately asserted that each vicar who was present at matins five times in a week ought by ancient custom to receive his whole commons for that week. They submitted to the dean and chapter, humbly asked pardon and were received into favour on renouncing that opinion.

1492, Nov. 24.—Thomas Harries, the treasurer, allowed 50 days in complement of his residence, sine fructu, beyond the grace already granted him; to be taken at his pleasure, before Michaelmas.—ƒo 41.

1492–3, March 7.—Simon Lane, chaplain and vicar choral, was charged with adultery with the daughter of William Welmote, burgess of Wells; he admitted it. He must go before the procession on Sunday next, March 10, with bare feet and head, with his surplice only over his gown, with a wax taper in his hand, in the manner of a penitent, and at the finish of the procession he must offer the taper at the image of St. Andrew standing near the high altar; he is also suspended from his habit for 6 months, and in the meantime shall take nothing for vicars' commons nor for any other emoluments as vicar. Afterwards the processional part was remitted.

1492–3, March 9.—A general release granted to Dean Gunthorpe.—ƒo 41d.

1493, April 4.—One month granted to Richard Nykke in complement of his residence, with cotidians if he shall be absent on the business of the church to be done by him with the lord bishop; and especially that mandates for the induction of archdeacons, provosts, and other dignitaries, obtaining prebends annexed to them, should henceforward be directed and committed to the dean or sub-dean, or in their absence to the president of the church [sic], as was wont to be by the laudable customs and statutes of the said church.

Ordered that letters missive to the bishop touching the aforesaid business and the reform thereof be issued under the seal ad causas.

1493, April 13.—Ordered that a charter be sealed with the common seal to Edmund Mille, gent., and Anne his wife, of certain lands within the lordship of Welles.

Confirmation of a writing of the manor of Compton Bishop, co. Berks, to John Morcote for life; also letters patent of Bathe Inne or the hostel [hospicium] of the lord of Bath without Temple Bar, London, to the same John Morcote and his partner [socius], for their lives and that of the survivor.

1493, April 19.—William Boket, sub-dean, installed in the prebend of Whitelakyngton, on the death of John Lascy.—ƒo 42.

1493, April 22.—John Manyman admitted a canon and installed in person in the prebend of Dynre, on the resignation of Henry Pavy.

1493, April 30.—Master John Retforde, S.T.B., admitted a canon and installed in person in the prebend of Combe VIII, on the death of John Taillour: pursuant to the mandate of Richard, bishop of Bath and Wells.

1493, prid. Kal. May.—On the like mandate. Master Peter Caresleigh admitted a canon and installed by proxy in the prebend of Shalford otherwise Scanford, on the resignation of William Boket.

On the like mandate, Master Ralph Lepton admitted a canon and installed by proxy in the prebend of Aysshill, on the death of Sir John Wansford, the last possessor.

1493, May 3.—Confirmed and sealed a grant from the bishop of certain lands late in the tenure of Beatrice Daubarichcourt in Carselade, to Edmund Mille and his wife for their lives.—ƒo 42d.

Confirmed and sealed grants from the bishop of the offices of bailiff of the liberty and bailiff of the city of Wells, to William Fulforde, esq., for life; and of keeper of Dogmersfeld park to John Blackford for life.

1493, May 22.—John Menyman, canon, admitted a canon residentiary; he paid 100 marks caution money.

1493, May 30.—Master Walter Knightlay, canon, has absented himself from the church since Michaelmas last, and has not begun his residence for the present year. Ordered that he shall have nothing for cotidians or for great commons, nor any share of the 100 marks paid by John Manyman.

1493, June 16.—Confirmation of the manumission of Richard Hawkyns, the bishop's native belonging to the manor of Banwell.—ƒo 43.

Confirmation of the grant of a close of meadow lying in the bishop's park, within the manor of Welles, to Richard Nikke, canon residentiary.

Confirmation of the grant by the bishop of the office of registrar of the bishop's chancery [cancellariatus] to Master Robert Williamson for life.

1493, July 2.—John Vasy admitted a vicar non-perpetual for one year.

1493, July 19.—Confirmation of a grant by the bishop of the offices of keeper of Westebury park and master of the game [magistri deductus] of all the bishop's parks in the counties of Southampton, Gloucester and Somerset, and of steward of the manor of Dogmersfelde, to Sir Giles Dawbenay, lord of Daubenay, for life, with a yearly pension of 10l. issuing from the manor of Westebury.

Confirmation of a grant by the bishop of the office of steward to Sir Amisius Powlet, knt., for life, with a pension of 20 marks.

Confirmation of a manumission by the bishop of John Croker, a native belonging to his manor of Chedder, for him and his offspring [sequela] begotten and to be begotten.—ƒo 43d.

Confirmation of a grant by the bishop of the office of keeper of the park of Banwell, with the ancient fees, and of the manor of Banwell, with a fee of 26s. 8d., to William Mill.

Confirmation of a grant by the bishop of the office of keeper of the park of Evercriche, with a fee of 40s., to Peter Gregory.

1493, Aug. 10.—John Orchard and Thomas Rede admitted as vicars non-perpetual.

1493, Aug. 17.—Read a mandate from Richard Nykke, canon residentiary, and vicar-general in spiritual matters of the bishop, addressed to the dean, sub-dean or president, and the chapter, etc. By the authority of this mandate, John White, the sacrist, has summoned all parsons of the cathedral church, who ought to undergo visitation of this kind, to appear according to custom.

1493, Aug. 20.—Thomas Colson, clerk, admitted a canon, and installed by proxy in the prebend of Compton Dundon on the death of Thomas Overay; pursuant to mandate of the bishop.—ƒo 44.

1493, Aug. 26.—John Algar, chaplain, presented to the perpetual vicarage of the parish church of Lidearge Episcopi.

John Spereman, for his good service to the cathedral church in the office of common labourer, appointed to the office of common labourer, with a yearly fee of 6s. 8d. to be paid by the master of the fabric on Michaelmas day, beyond his old wages.

1493, Sept. 7.—Baldwin Howse admitted an altarist on the nomination and presentation of John Touker, the precentor; he took the oaths of canonical obedience and to observe the statutes; and his keys and habit were handed to him.

1493, Sept. 11.—William Capron admitted a non-perpetual vicar.

1493, Sept. 15.—Mr. William Silke admitted a canon and installed by proxy in the prebend of Combe IX, pursuant to mandate of the bishop.

1493, Sept. 17.—Thomas Wade, scribe of the chapter acts, appointed proctor of the chapter to prosecute certain appeals at the court of Canterbury. Master Thomas Goldwegge, notary public, John Touker and John Aleyn, witnesses.

1493, Sept. 20.—Thomas Peytevyn appointed to one of the four perpetual chantries founded for the soul of Nicholas Bubbwit, late bishop.


1 Bishop Stillington died in May, 1491; Richard Fox was appointed in Feb., 1492.