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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 10: St. Margaret, Westminster, part I: Queen Anne’s Gate area (1926), pp. XIV-XV. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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1.43 Parliament StreetDetail of wood balustrade to staircase.
2.43 Parliament StreetWood balustrade to attic stairs.
3.2 Great George StreetWrought-iron balusters to staircase.
4.2 Great George StreetGround-floor plan.
5.3 Great George StreetGround-floor plan.
6.29 Great George StreetGround-floor plan.
7.29 Great George StreetCornice and frieze to back room on first floor.
8.29 Great George StreetWrought-iron balusters to staircase.
9.30 Great George StreetCast-iron fire grate (now at Crosby Hall, Chelsea).
10.32 Great George StreetGround-floor plan.
11.32 Great George StreetDetail of central tablet to mantelpiece, front room on ground floor.
12.39 Old Queen StreetIron fanlight from entrance doorway.
13.15 Old Queen StreetGround and first-floor plans.
14.14 Queen Anne's GateConsole to jamb of mantelpiece, back room on ground floor.
15.11 Queen Anne's GateGround and first-floor plans.
16.30 Queen Anne's GateGround and first-floor plans.
17.46 Queen Anne's GateGround and first-floor plans.
18.Queen Square ChapelBlock plan.


1.DRYDENAzure, a lion; in chief a sphere between two stars Or.
2.AMYANDVert, a cheveron between three garbs Or.
3.GRANT, BARON GLENELGGules, on a fess between three antique crowns Of a lion Gules imperially crowned between two cinqfoils Gules.
4.BOYLEParty bendwise embattled, Gules and Argent.
5.WRAYAzure, on a chief Or three martlets Gules.
6.DOUGLAS, BARON GLENBERVIEArgent, a heart Gules imperially crowned Or; on a chief Azure three molets Argent.
7.MACAULAYGules, within a border engrailed Or two arrows saltirewise, points downward, Argent, surmounted by two barrulets compony Or and Azure, between two buckles in pale Or.
8.WOOD OF HATHERLEY HOUSEQuarterly Argent and Or, the mace of the Lord Mayor of London, in pale, between an oak tree on a mount Vert with acorns in 1 and 4, and in 2 and 3 a bull's head razed Sable charged on the neck with a bezant.
9.EYRE OF BROMHALLArgent, on a cheveron Sable three quartrefoils Or.
10.ARDEN, BARON ALVANLEYGules, three crosslets fitchy fesswise, and a chief Or.
11.SHIRLEYPaly Or and Azure, a quarter Ermine.
12.O'BRIEN, MARQUIS OF THOMONDQuarterly 1 and 4, Gules, three leopards in pale, per pale Or and Argent for O'Brien; 2, Argent three piles meeting in a point issuing from the chief Gules; 3, Or, a pheon Azure.
13.VANSITTARTErmine, and eagle Sable; on a chief Gules a ducal coronet Or between two crosses paty Argent.
14.CAMPBELL, DUKE OF ARGYLLQuarterly 1 and 4, gyronny of eight Or and Sable for Campbell; 2 and 3, Argent, a lymphad with sails furled and oars out Sable, flag and pennants Gules, for Lorne.
15.CHRIST'S HOSPITALThe arms of the City of London; on a chief Azure a rose Argent between two fleurs-de-lis Or.
16.BARON MAYNARD OF ESTAINESArgent, a cheveron Azure between three left hands cut off at the wrist Gules.
17.CUTLERAzure, three dragon's heads razed Or, a chief Argent.
18.BRYDGES, DUKE OF CHANDOSArgent, on a cross Sable a leopard's head Or.
19.JANSSENQuarterly 1, Argent, two bundles of reeds in fess Vert; 2, party fesswise Or and Azure, two swans close on the fess line; 3, party fesswise Or and Azure, a swan on the fees line; 4, Argent, a bundle of reeds Vert.
20.HARCOURTGules, two bars Or.
21.LEGGE, EARL OF DARTMOUTHAzure, a stag's head caboshed Argent.
22.STANLEY, EARL OF DERBYArgent, on a bend Azure three stag's heads caboshed Or.
23.CRACHERODEOr, a saltire Ermine between four lion's heads razed Sable.
24.VERNONOr, on a fess Vert three garbs Or.

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