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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 20: St Martin-in-the-Fields, pt III: Trafalgar Square & Neighbourhood (1940), pp. XVI-XIX. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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1.Extract from plan in the Public Record Office drawn in 1585 to illustrate a lawsuit as to the ownership of Gelding's Close2
2.Swan Close. Copy of plan in the possession of the Marquess of Salisbury4
3.Plan showing the property claimed by Bethlem Hospital in 1649. From plan in the possession of the hospital reproduced in Report 32, Part 6, of the Commissioners on Charities, 183711
4.Plan of the premises of the Golden Cross, Charing Cross, c. 1830. Copied from plan in the possession of H.M. Office of Works13
5.Old houses on the west side of St. Martin's Lane. Reproduced from drawing by George Scharf in the Council's collection.14
6.Plan of the National Gallery as first erected.16
7.The plan of [old] St. Martin's Church. From an engraving by G. Vertue in the Council's collection21
8.Sketch of whipping post in church crypt26
9.Font rails in St. Martin's Church27
10.Communion rails in St. Martin's Church27
11.Detail of stair balustrading in St. Martin's Church28
12.Key plan showing position of monuments and wall tablets in the crypt of St. Martin's Church30
13.Panels with shields of arms from monument to Theodore Mayerne52
14.Emblem from Tompson monument53
15.Plan of Spring Garden in 1730. From plan in the possession of H.M. Crown Lands Office61
16.Plan of Spring Garden in 1778. From plan in the possession of H.M. Commissioners of Crown Lands62
17.Ground and first floor plans of No. 28, Spring Gardens. From plans in the possession of H.M. Office of Works63
18.Sketch of St. Matthew's Chapel64
19.Plan of St. Matthew's Chapel, Spring Gardens65
20.Plan of Nos. 10 and 12, Spring Gardens68
21.Extract from T. Porter's map view of London and Westminster, c. 166069
22.Plan of the Wilderness. From plan in the possession of H. M. Crown Lands Office71
23.Plan showing proposed alterations at Carlton House, 1761. From plan in the Crace Collection, British Museum72
24.Plan of Carlton House in 1794. From plan preserved at Windsor Castle73
25.Plan showing the riding stables of Carlton House, c. 1850. From plan in possession of H.M. Commissioners of Crown Lands78
26.Ground plan for five houses on Carlton House Terrace. From plan in possession of H. M. Commissioners of Crown Lands79
27.Plans of No. 1, Suffolk Place91
28.Plans of Nos. 3, 4 and 5, Suffolk Place92
29.No. 6, Suffolk Street93
30.Elevation of three houses in Suffolk Street. From drawing in possession of H.M. Crown Lands Office94
31.Plans of Nos. 33 and 34, Haymarket97
32.Staircase details from No. 35, St. Martin's Street106
33.Plans of No. 35, St. Martin's Street107
34.Detail of marble mantelpiece from No. 35, St. Martin's Street108
35.James Street date tablet109
36.Orange Street date tablet110
37.Extract from the "Agas" view115
38.Panelled ceiling to first floor, No. 31, St. Martin's Lane117
39.May's Buildings date tablet118
40.Plan of No. 44, St. Martin's Lane118
41.Plan of No. 55, St. Martin's Lane119
42.Plan of No. 56, St. Martin's Lane119
43.Plan of Chippendale's premises in St. Martin's Lane. From a plan in the possession of the Sun Insurance Office Ltd.120
44.No. 67, St. Martin's Lane121


BERKELEY, EARL OF BERKELEYGules a cheveron between ten crosses formy argent. (p. 66)
BETHLEM HOSPITALArgent two bars sable with a label gules and a chief azure with a star of sixteen rays or charged with a roundel argent with a cross gules thereon between a human skull in a cup on the dexter side and a basket of wastel cakes on the sinister side therein all or. (p. 12)
BOYLE, LORD CARLETONBattled bendwise argent and gules, quartering checky or and azure a fesse gules, for Clifford. (p. 71)
CECIL, EARL OF SALISBURYBarry of ten pieces argent and azure six scutcheons sable each charged with a lion argent, a crescent gules for cadency. (p. 116)
COVENTRYSable a fesse ermine between three crescents argent. (p. 90)
CURZON, LORD CURZONArgent a bend sable with three popingays or thereon. (p. 82)
HOWARD, EARL OF SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIREQuarterly: 1, Gules a bend between six crosslets fitchy argent with the augmentation for Flodden on the bend, for Howard; 2, Gules three leopards or and a label argent, for Brotherton; 3, checky or and azure, for Warenne; 4, Gules a lion argent, for Mowbray, with a crescent in the centre of the shield for difference. (p. 89)
KYMEGules a cheveron between ten crosslets or. (p. 5)
LANCASTER OF STOCKBRIDGEArgent two bars and a quarter gules with a molet argent in the quarter. (p. 128)
MAYNARDArgent a cheveron between three left hands gules. (p. 112)
MERCERS OF LONDON, WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OFGules a demi-virgin clad in gold with her hair dishevelled, a wreath of roses and an Eastern Crown upon her head, coming out of clouds, all in a border of clouds. (p. 125)
MINTERNE OF BATCOMBEAzure two bars argent between three lions passant or. (p. 5)
NEWTON OF WOOLTHORPESable two shinbones argent crossed in saltire. (p. 107)
OXENDEN OF DENEArgent a cheveron gules between three oxen sable. (p. 101)
PEARCEErmine a spotted pard rampant and looking backwards with three bees in the chief all in their proper colours. (p. 128)
PRINCE RUPERT OF THE RHINEQuarterly: 1 and 4, sable a lion argent crowned or, for the Palatinate; 2 and 3, Lozengy bendwise argent and azure, for Bavaria. (p. 70)
PRINCE OF WALESGeorge Augustus Frederick, afterwards King George IV. The royal arms of his father, King George III, with the difference of a label argent. (p. 73)
RUSSELL, DUKE OF BEDFORDArgent a lion gules and a chief sable with three scallops argent, which arms were also borne by Russell, Lord de Clifford. (p. 123)
SCOTT, DUKE OF MONMOUTHThe royal arms of King Charles II, with the difference of a sinister baston argent, and in pretence or a bend azure with a molet of six points between two crescents or on the bend, for Scott of Buccleuch. (p. 109)
SIDNEY, EARL OF LEICESTEROr a broad-arrowhead azure. (p. 3)
TEMPLE, VISCOUNT PALMERSTONQuarterly: 1 and 4, or an eagle sable, for Leofric of Mercia; 2 and 3, Argent two bars sable with three martlets or upon each bar, for Temple. (p. 80)

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