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Miscellaneous, 1624


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'East Indies: Miscellaneous, 1624', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 4: 1622-1624 (1878), pp. 477-493. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=69794 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous, 1624

1624.727. Articles of agreement between the Kings of Goa and Tallo and the English Company. There shall not reside in the kingdom above four of the English nation, who shall not attempt to build either fort or storehouse, undervalue the weakness of the land, put any to death, countenance any disturbers of the peace, or attempt to allure any of the people to embrace the Christian religion. All differences to be decided by the law of the land. Not to attempt any hostility within the road. On the. arrival of ships to furnish his Majesty with powder, arms, &c. To be liable to all duties and customs. If his Majesty shall at any time disallow of their residence within his dominion they shall depart. The chief Resident shall not attempt anything his Majesty shall disallow, nor buy nor sell any slaves of his religion. In case of war, the English shall not adhere to his Majesty's enemies. In case of differences between the English and others, more is not to be expected from his Majesty than is decidable by the laws of the land. The King shall not assist the English in time of war, but will defend those resident under his protection. In case a ship arrives from England directly, she is to furnish his Majesty with great ordnance; if she only touch at this port, powder only. Endorsed, "Received per ye Convertive, 11th Feby 1663" sic. [One page. O.C., Vol. X., No. 1183.]
[1624.]728. A summary of the principal points of Sir Walter Aston's negociation from 1619 to 1624. No. 2. "He treated with the Spaniard, in the East India business, in point of restitution, for the English East India Company." [Extract from Corresp. Spain.]
1624.729. Memorandum of "The Negociations of Sir Dudley Carleton in the years 1621, 2, 3, 4." Sir Dudley Carleton had commandment to negociate these particularities. 1. To deal with the States touching the restitution of the English merchants' ships and goods, of which they were deprived by their subjects in the East Indies; and likewise touching the excess of authority they used over the English in those parts. 19. To debate with the States the business of Amboyna. [Extracts from Holland Corresp.]
1624?730. "Relation of the state of affairs betwixt the two East Indian Companies of England and the United Provinces, written by a person not any way interested in either but well acquainted with the proceedings of both." Showing how the English frequented India, first for discovery, and afterwards for traffic, whereas the Dutch being always at war with Spain and Portugal are fortified in all places where they could get possession, so that when a final rupture came, the Dutch had the advantage. [Half a page. East Indies, Vol. III., No. 56.]


Petitions to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages, or Payment of Wages due to their Relatives in the Company's Service.

Date.Name of Petitioner.Subject of Petition.Reference.
Court Min. Bk. VI.
Jan. 2
Owen ClaxtonEmployment336
" "Anthony VarneworthyEmployment as factor" "
" 5Elizabeth, widow of Robert Courtney.Employment for her brother Richard Hare." 340
" 7John White, boatswainWages for service in the Palsgrave" 341
" 9Ursula Cobb, widowRelief" 348
" "Francis CooperEmployment" "
" 12Mr. Cotton, a free brotherEmployment for a "young youth"" 350
" "Mr. KerridgeA writership for John Norris" 352
" 14Mr. Beversham, master of the Lion.Permission to ship out his indigo, and wages." 357
" "Anthony VarneworthyEmployment as factor" 359
" "Mrs. SwinglerHer son James' estate" 360
" 16Ann Perkins, widowWages of Stedson, gunner in the Palsgrave, deceased." 363
" "Henry and Elizabeth ThomasEstate of the wife's deceased husband." "
" "James BreretonEmployment" 365
" 21William JonesPlace of steward or steward's mate" 374
" 23Robert BrownrygJohn Stiddson's estate" 375
" "William KendallAllowance for saffron delivered to Ball." 376
" "Arthur CliffordAllowance for nutmegs" 377
" "John ClarkePart of his servant's pay" "
" 16(? 26)Mr. HollingsheadApprenticeship for a youth" 379
" 28John HoldenEstate of his servant Edward Sherrock, wrongly paid to John Cadwell." 386
" 30Mr. BoyleCommand of the intended fort in the Indies." 390
" "Thomas ParreyRelease from brokes on pepper bought." 392
Feb. 5Mr. Powell, of Pencho, in WalesEmployment for his son" 397
" "Thomas MooneEmployment in the Indies" "
" 9Christopher CalleyRelief" 401
" "Walter MountfordWages and employment" 402
" 11Miles ColestonTwo months yearly of his wages to be paid to Thomas Trussell." 404
" 13Mr. LoweA factor's place for Thomas Meighen." 407
" "Sybyll, wife of Jas. Rynd, preacher50s. due to her" 408
" "Wife of Thomas ArnoldPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Captain WeddallRelief for Thomas Neede, who had broken his leg aboard the James." 410
" 20Sir Robert KnollisA soldier's place in the fort for Mr. Lucas." 420
" "Julian, wife of John Brookes, master of the Trial.Part of her husband's wages, &c., and his return at the end of four years." 421
" "Gregory ClementImprest on account of wages" "
" "Thomazin Powell6l. for her son's losses from the Dutch." "
" 25Edward Smith, gunnerAllowance of three months' pay yearly to their wives." 427
" "Robert Pickering, surgeon
" "John Jackson, gunner
" "Samuel Clampe, hoymanRecompense for loss of time during frost." "
" "Ellis, brother of Nicholas Crispe, factor at Cambaya.Increase of wages for his brother" "
" 25William CrascombeBenevolence for a bruised head" 427
" "Aaron Ellis, mate of the EagleLeave to take a servant" "
" "Alice, widow of William TrenodenBenevolence" "
" "Benjamin SaundersEmployment" "
" 27William JonesPlace of steward's mate in the Eagle." 432
" "George WilliamsonSame" "
" "William BrownSame" "
" "Gabriel HawleySame" "
Mar. 5Phœbe AdcombeWages of her son Richard" 440
" "John Walker15l. due from Edmund Sutton's estate to his brother Peter Walker's estate." "
" "Robert Tellowe40s. given by Thomas Blanchett, deceased, to Elias Kitwood, and by — Kitwood, deceased, to petitioner." 442
" "Edward Smith, gunnerPart of his servant's wages" 443
" 10Richard Langford, purser's mate in the Jonas.Increase of wages" 451
" "Richard Norrington, gunner in the Star.Payment of his wages" "
" "John Jackson, gunner in the Eagle.Payment of part of his wages to his wife." "
" "Joseph Wyatt, sailorSatisfaction for five years' service" "
" "William TaylorTwo months yearly of his wages for his mother." "
" "John Boomer and William Morris, gunners.Maintenance for apprentices" 452
" "John Boomer, gunner in the Jonas.Payment of part of his wages to his wife." "
" "John White, yeoman of the guardWages of his son (a runaway)" "
" "Francis Willis5l. owing from Francis Wadsworth, deceased." "
" "Richard GlanvilleWages of two deceased sons" "
" "Hugh BeltonSimon Mountford's estate" "
" "Joan Barton, widowCharity" "
" 26William TracyEstate of Thomas Tracy, deceased" 468
" "Philip ThomasHis half brother John Stacy's estate." 469
Apr. 2Ann, widow of John WaldoeContinuance of her allowance of 8s. per week." 472
" "William KendallHis wages" "
" "Alice Knight, widowCharity" "
" 7Mr. PriceHis brother Robert's wages" 473
" "Sampson NewportTime to pay for commodities bought." 476
" 9William KendallHis wages" 478
" "Francis Norman15l. paid to Mr. Walker, a Chancery clerk." 479
" "Mary Weekes10l. of her husband's wages" "
" "Joane, widow of Thos. LeekeWages of her deceased son John" "
" "Ann BarnesJohn Butcher's estate" "
" 14Jane GarrowayHer dwelling in Blackwall Yard." 487
" 16William Cobb (a blind man)Employment in turning the Company's grindstone at Blackwall." 490
" 24— Wallpole (a minister)Part of John Purefy's wages" 496
" 28Elizabeth, wife of Bartholomew Goodall.50l. of her husband's wages" 498
" "Richard MathewsHis deceased servant's wages" 499
" 30John Hills, boatswainHis wages" 506
" "John MachamEstate of Edward Harris, deceased" "
" "Ann JeffriesSame" "
May 5Thomas HartOne year's wages of his servant Henry Munke." 507
" "Hugh BeltonMountford's estate" "
" 5Joane Boyd, alias PorterFrancis Wordsworth's estate" 507
" "Christopher GardnerGeorge Seamayne's estate" "
" "Joane, widow of Thomas LeekeWages of her son John" "
" "Richard MathewWages of his apprentice John Ballard." 508
" "Alderman WhitmoreThomas Barker's estate" 511
" "Thomas GroveEmployment" "
" "John SimpsonEstate of John Harrott" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of Richard Browne.Part of her husband's wages" "
" "Elizabeth Halen, widowCharity" "
" 7Joane, wife of John Awle for John Pendley.Half the wages of Nicholas Pendley, deceased." 514
" "Hugh Belton for Robert StokesWages of Robert Stokes and Simon Mountford." "
" "Joane Boyd20l. of Francis Wood's estate" "
" "John Macham10l. of Edward Harris' estate" 515
" "Ann Jefferies5l. of Edward Harris' estate" "
" 12John Roberts, late master of the James.Employment in the next fleet" 518
" 14Sir Charles CornwallisEstate of John Browne, slain at Patani." 520
" "Wife of Capt. BickliffePart of her husband's wages in advance." 523
" "Wife of Mr. Rynd a preacherPart of her husband's wages" "
" 26Sir Henry MartenPayment of Cooke's wages to Peble." 534
" "John HerrisEstate of his brother Nicholas" "
" 28George CharlesRecompense for services" 539
" "Nicholas WolleyEmployment as purser" 540
" "Thomas ThornboroughSame" "
June 16Nicholas Crispe for John Gunning.Part of John Gunning's wages" 546
" "Sir Robert HarloweWages and rights of George Harlowe, deceased." 547
" "Rowland Langram, and others, mariners' wives.Wages of their husbands in the Sun until she was cast away." "
" "Margaret SpurgeonPart of her husband's wages" "
" 18John KingstonEmployment as factor or purser" 548
" "John WhitcherA cooper's place" 550
" "Griffith PotterSame" "
" 23John RutlishEmployment" 552
" "Mr. SmitheckRecompense for attendance at the Court." 553
" "Robert WhippThe place of George Charles, deceased." "
July 7[Richard] WeldenPart of his wagesVII. 5
" "Ralph LynnesGoods and wages of Edward Lynnes, deceased." 6
" "Elizabeth, widow of Robert Courtney.Her husband's estate" "
" "Margaret StevensonHer servant's wages" "
" "Ann NormanSame" "
" "Ann LaneServant's wages" "
" "Edward BickeliffEmployment as factor" "
" 9The widow of William ReadHer husband's estate" 8
" "John RatlidgeEmployment as steward or mate" 11
" 12Julian Brookes, wife of the commander of the Moon.Part of her husband's wages" 17
" "Wife of George BrewinSame" "
" 16Valentine Markham, auditorIncrease of salary" 22
" "John Todd, executor of John Sutton.Allowance for Sutton's pepper" 23
" "John WoodHis wages in the Palsgrave" 24
" 20William WebberConsideration for losses at Amboyna." 26
" 21Henry BateMonies detained by the Company" 27
" "Thomas WattsGoods of Hugh Greete, deceased" 28
" 26Isabel, widow of Benjamin WhiteHer husband's wages" 39
" "Mary, wife of Andrew WeekesPart of her husband's wages" 40
" "William MasonHis wages" "
" "Huntington WoodwardSame" "
" "Katherine, wife of Robert SealePart of her husband's wages" "
" "Ann FishingdonPart of her son's wages" "
" "Katherine BerryA debt assigned by John Vian out of William Shell's estate." "
" "Janet, widow of John LincklaterCharity" "
" "John RoseHis wages" "
" "Oliver HaversHis wages paid to his pretended wife." 41
" "Joyce, wife of William DaversHer brother-in-law Henry Davers' estate." "
" 28William Morgan, masterRecompense "for touching first with his ship in the Downs."" 42
" 30John Munden, master of the Exchange.His wages" 47
Aug. 3William AveryPart of his son Richard's wages" 51
" "Michael Hollman, factorIncrease of wages" "
" 4Mathew Duke, factorGratification for good services" 53
" "Thomas WattsA legacy from Hugh Greete" 54
" "John PunnyettRecompense for pilotage" "
" "The gunner of the ElizabethAllowance for 1000 weight of pepper" "
" "George Robinson, factorGratification for services" "
" "William Biddulph, factorLarger allowance for his indigo" "
" "Katherine Leaver, widowPayment of her husband's adventure." 55
" "Thomas HarrisonJoshua Bainbridge's estate" "
" "John PerryBenevolence for losses in the Sampson." "
" "Nathan BoultMonies due to Symmonson for timber from Ireland." 56
" "Elizabeth, wife of Peter MarvellPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of Robert Courtney.175 ryalls" "
" 11Margaret PortusHer brother John's estate" 62
" 13Ralph Cartwright, purserIncrease of wages" 66
" "Mary, widow of William SmithHer husband's estate against Mrs. Coxe." "
" "Katherine, widow of Osmond Cooke.Her husband's wages" 71
" "Aaron EllisDischarge of a bond for service" 72
" "William Moore, nailorLodging at Deptford" "
" "Nathan and Mary BoultMoney owing to Symmonson, deceased, for timber." "
" "William HolbrookEmployment" "
" "William Townesend10l. owing by William Godolphin, a black." "
" "Wife of Cuthbert AtkinsonRelief to her husband who broke his leg at Blackwall." "
" "Thomas AndrewsHis wages" 73
" "Thomazine, wife of Thomas BeltPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Mary WindsorPart of her son's wages" 74
" "Thomazine AlexanderSame" "
" "Abraham AshtonDetention of his wages" "
" "Deliverance GoodchildThe estate of her father Captain Adams, deceased." 75
" "Randall GleesonThomas Hood's estate" "
" 18Sir James Erwin, servant to the Prince [Charles].20l. to James Anderson, from the estate of James Erwin, master of the Roebuck." 78
" "Ellen, widow of Thomas JeronimoCharity" "
" "Mary, widow of Thomas HartleyCharity" "
" 20Captain WattsIncrease of wages, &c. for Staverton." 80
" "John Price, mateFor a cask of tamarinds brought home by him." 81
" "William BarkerHis brother's estate" "
" "William and Mary OrengeA debt from Galliard to Goulding, Mary's late husband." "
" "Walter MountfordRelief in his poverty and infirmity" 82
" 25Margaret, wife of Lawrence WhiteThe estates of her brother, John Portus, deceased." 88
" "Jane MasonHer husband's (a runaway) wages" 89
" "Christopher RoseConsideration for his services" 90
" "Thomazine ClarkGoods to the value of 400 R." "
" "Katherine AndersonHer son's legacy from William Rupath." "
" "Henry CrowchePart of his son's wages" "
" "Margaret HallPart of her son Richard Owen's wages." "
" "John Humphrey, prisoner in the Marshalsea.Release" "
" "John NixonWages of his servant Thos. Wells (a runaway)." 91
" "John ClarkeWages for his son, late servant to Capt. Towerson at Hitto." "
" 27Capt. Watts200 ryals of the estate of one Pike, deceased." 94
Sept. 1Thomas Maes, gunner of the Elizabeth.Payment of his wages" 104
" 3Constance, wife of Paul Manley10l. of her husband's wages" 107
" "Mariners of the WhalePayment of their wages" 108
" 8Jane, wife of Robert MarshallPart of her husband's wages" 109
" "Mary, widow of William SmithHer husband's estate" "
" "John HolmesReturn of surety money for John Burton." 110
" "Oliver HaversMoney paid to his pretended wife" "
" "Isaac CrowtherGoods taken by Spaldinge" "
" "Thomas Moore, nailsmithConsideration for repairs of his house." 111
" "Ralph KeebleEstate of John Cooke, deceased" 113
" "Thomas JoyceBenevolence for loss of his right hand at the siege of Ormuz." 114
" 18Joane, wife of Richard AtkinsonCharitable benevolence" 118
" "Elizabeth, widow of Gilbert Richardson.Allowance for goods taken in the Dragon." 119
" "Edward GodfreyRobert Jackson's estate for his widow." "
" "Mr. Tichburne, the solicitorSalary" "
" "Captain GreeneLoan of 100l." "
" "Robert Wilson and Margaret, relict of Sylvanus Man.Wages of William Barbour, alias Griggs, and Samuel Windell, apprentices." 120
" "Samuel WindellHis wages for himself." "
" "Thomas MaceAbatement of freight for pepper" "
" "Elizabeth Stevenson, widowHer husband's and Thomas Porey's estate." "
" 20Isaac CrowtherJustice from Spaldinge, consideration for services, and employment." "
" "Nicholas BanggamFreight of calicoes and wages" 121
" "Nich. CrispeWm. Martyn's wages" 123
" "John Wood, late master of the "Little James."His wages" 125
" 22Francis Boughton, grocerPepper bought at Sandwich" 130
" "John Harvey, of Lyme Regis, Dorset.20l. advanced by his brother Walter." 131
" "Alexander BallRecompense for his services" 132
" "Ephraim RamseyHis wages" 134
" 24Mathew Wills, masterIncrease of wages" 136
" "Mr. ChapmanThomas Porey's estate" 139
" "Margaret, widow of Sylvanus Man, and wife of Robert Willson.Wages of Wm. Griggs, alias Barber, and Samuel Windell." "
" "Sir Francis CraneTwo bales of silk for tapestry work." 140
" 25Anne Collins, widowA debt out of Thomas Hood's estate." "
" "Richard Kempe, carpenterHis wages." "
" "Cicely, wife of James BrownePart of the wages of her husband (engineer for the forts)." "
" "Margaret SaundersGoods of her servant, Thos. Mullins." 141
" "Anne, widow of Thomas YoungThe wages of her husband, who was cast away in the Hope." "
" "Kenelme ButlerHis wages." "
" "John Powle, "one of the six Amboyna men."Maintenance while attending an issue of that business." "
" "Henry ThornetonHis wages." "
" "James HicksEmployment." "
" "Katherine BerryA debt out of William Shell's estate." "
" "Robert AmbroseWages of two servants, Thos. Flankell and Thos. Jackson." "
" "Aaron EllisMitigation of a debt and charity" "
" 26Cassandra, wife of Thomas CliffePart of her husband's wages" 126
" "Sir John ThompsonHis brother Thomas' estate" "
" "John Allen, shipwrightPart of wages of his two servants, Thomas Bayly and William Drudge." "
" "Elizabeth, widow of John Johnson.Allowance for her husband's cloves." "
" "John Price, lightermanBenevolence for an injury" "
" "James NymmockPart of James Little's wages" "
" "John LillyWages of his servant, Mark Mayes." "
" "Margaret Saunders, widowWages of her servant, Thomas Mulnes." 127
" "Phillis, wife of John ZouchPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Hugh Tatle, apprenticeBenevolence for services" "
" "Mary, wife of Hugh BradleyPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Margaret RussellWages of her servant, Edward Whittles." "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Hopkin DaviesPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Thomas WindsorePart of his son's wages" "
" "Agnes, wife of John ClingoHer brother Francis Wadsworth's estate." 128
" "Joane, wife of William MasonPart of her husband's wages" "
" "John HarvyHis brother Walter's estate" "
" "Elizabeth SheeringPart of her brother Edmond Mitchell's wages." "
Oct. 6Mr. SheeresWages, &c. of his deceased servant." 147
" "William WebberGratification and a settled salary" 149
" 8Mr. CartwrightHis wages" 151
" "Christopher RosonsSame" 152
" "Sir John WolstenholmeFor one Oliver to serve the company with cider." "
" "Henry MoseleyEmployment as factor" 154
" "Daniel ClutterbeggSame" "
" "John HortonSame" "
" "Stephen JumperEmployment as steward" "
" "Thomas Tyggin, under beadleGratification towards the solemnizing of his daughter's marriage." 155
" "Kenelme ButlerIncrease of wages" "
" "Thomas MichelsonHis wages" "
" "John GunneEmployment" "
" "Thomas JohnsonIncrease of wages" "
" "Thomas StubbsEmployment as steward instead of baker of the London." "
" 13Bartholomew Wayte, auditorConsideration for service, and three months' leave of absence." 160
" "[Wm.] BiddulphWarrant for his money" 161
" "John Powle (from Amboyna)Money lent to those executed, &c." "
" "Lord Hubbard [? Hobart]Remission of brokes on his adventure." "
" 15William and John Hughes, gentlemen.The wages and estate of their brother Robert, factor, deceased in the Indies." 163
" "William LissettEmployment as factor" "
" "Edward CollinsMoney lent in the Globe" 164
" "Joane, wife of John SelbyPart of her husband's wages, &c." "
" "Mary GyantMonies of deceased husband, Arthur Archer." "
" "Katherine JacobPart of her son's wages" "
" 20Mr. Friday, a preacherA re-engagement" 165
" "Mr. HalstedHis brother's calicoes and a diamond." 166
" "John PowleA settlement between Welden and himself." 167
" "Elizabeth, wife of John ElgarPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Mary Johnson, widowCharitable relief" "
" "Rachel Sares, widowSame" "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Hopkin DaviesHer husband's wages in the Lion" "
" "Agnes, wife of Thomas WannamHer son William's wages" "
" "Katherine, wife of William DaffneyPart of her husband's wages" 168
" "Thomas Hoare, B.A., OxfordEmployment as a preacher" "
" "Henry MoseleyEmployment as factor" "
" "Daniel ClutterbuckSame" "
" "Thomas WinterborneEmployment as steward" "
" "Stephen GardinerSame" "
" "Robert HuntSame" "
" "Thomas HawkinsEmployment" "
" "Martha, wife of David Gillye12l. due from Humphrey Bill" "
" "Abraham BynnionWages of Gabriel Davies" "
" "Francis StrangeWages of his apprentice Alexander Bigg." 169
" "Robert HuntConsideration for a broken finger" "
" "Sara VincentPart of her husband's pay" "
" "Samuel PritchettRecompense for broken thumb and finger." "
" "Andrew WilliamsonHis wages" "
" "George Morgan, surgeonIncrease of wages" "
" "Pentecost SymonsHis brother's estate" "
" "Edward ClarkeOn behalf of his father for gratification for his son John Clarke who was beheaded at Amboyna." "
" "Richard MorrisEmployment as a gunner" "
" 22Mr. NuttBusiness between the Company and Fras. Boughton, for pepper bought at Sandwich." "
" "Edmond BaynhamEmployment in the Indies" 173
" "Richard Hall, anchor smithTo be allowed five fires for his work." 174
" 29Thomas LadbrookeRelief for losses from the Dutch at Cambello." 175
" "Robert FotherbyIncrease of wages" "
" "Malachi MartinEmployment as purser" 178
" "Mrs. CookeHer son John's estate" 179
Nov. 3Nicholas Bicks, factor10l. imprest" 183
" "Symon BradstreetStay of Robert Bradstreet's estate" "
" "John MundenProtection against John Baron, and his share of the Manilla prize money." "
" "Nicholas WoodcockHis wages" 184
" "William WebberEmployment as an assistant factor" "
" "Robert Carill, apothecaryEmployment as an apothecary" "
" 8Ralph CartwrightHis expenses and employment as purser." 187
" "Johan MasonPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Robert Clark, watermanPart of his son Robert's wages" 188
" "Thomas Garrett, smithA parcel of "aloes ciccatrine"" "
" "Emma, wife of Edward RavenSame" "
" "Mary, widow of Ottwell JohnsonCharitable relief" "
" "Sarah, wife of Henry ShorteWages of a servant, Richard Avery." "
" "Elizabeth Burt, widowCharitable relief" 189
" "Jane, wife of John SelbyPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Christian, wife of Thos. DayPart of her servant's wages (a cooper)." "
" "Robert FrancisPart of his servant's wages" "
" "William PanterHis wages attached by Mr. Gleyd" "
" "Gilbert Lodge, aged above 100Part of his servant's wages" 190
" "Robert Munden150 ryals of Newbeggen's wages" "
" 10Nicholas Woodcock, masterWages of his son Richard" 193
" 12Thomas MillwardHis brother John's estate" 197
" "Robert ClarkePart of his servant Gabriel Picke-rill's wages." "
" "Abraham HoyleSatisfaction for a debt from John Lowder." "
" "Sara Roome, widowCharity" "
" "Barbara, widow of John EdwardsRest of her husband and servant John Parkinson's wages." "
" "Priscilla Rickman, widowEmployment for her son" 198
" "Joyce, wife of Richard Cooke40s. from John Cooke's estate" "
" "William Singleton, platerTo continue to supply the ships" "
" "Richard BechamRepayment of advances made to Bradstreet, purser of the Rose, at Aden." 199
" "Hugh Foster
" "The wife of Alexander Perry
" "The wife of Michael Marriner
" 17Jonathan SmythEmployment" 200
" 19Sir Richard MorrisonOn behalf of Wm. Barker, for his brother's estate." 206
" "Griffith PotterEmployment as cooper" "
" 22Thomas GarrettHis "aloes cicatrine" and money disbursed" 208
" "Thomas Green dishonestRelease from Bridewell" "
" "Zachary Smith garblers
" "Robert ClarkePart of his son's wages" 209
" "William Webber, from AmboynaEmployment as factor" "
" "Sarah VincentPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Daniel MathewsThe remainder of his brother John's estate." 210
" 24Thomas SmythRelief for a broken leg" 215
" 26The widow of Thomas LacyPart of her servant David Sampson's wages." 218
" "Joan Atkinson, widowCharity" "
" "The widow of Leonard ParkerWages of her deceased son John (factor)." 219
" "(Henry) BateRepayments of alleged disbursements." "
" "Jeremy SambrookeIncrease of salary" 220
Dec. 1Henry Thorneton, marinerWages paid by mistake to another" 224
" "[William] BarkerHis brother's estate" "
" "Anne, widow of Richard RobertsEmployment for her son" "
" "Thomas BellCharity" 225
" "Sir John Stradling[Robert] Turberville's estate" "
" "Symon GleydEmployment" 227
" 3Mr. Barnes, of Albery HatchHis brother's prosecution" 228
" "William TowersonHis brother Capt. [Gabriel] Towerson's estate." "
" "Almott ClenchHis brother George's estate" 229
" 8Ellen, daughter of Gilbert Lodge, 100 years old.Part of wages of two servants, William Quick and John Lyne." 240
" "James RemmantEmployment" "
" "Giles Blackstone, masonEmployment" "
" "Edward TynesIncrease of salary or gratification" 244
" 10Giles PaxtonEmployment" 249
" 13Edward Ford, masonJohn Jarmyn, his servant, to accompany him." 260
" "Thomas Taylor, writerConsideration for extra services" 261
" 15The two RandsGratification for seven years' services." 265
" "Thomas ThornboroughIncrease of salary, &c." 266
" "Symon GleydEmployment as factor" "
" "Malachi MartinTo be purser in the Dolphin" 267
" "Maudlin Selby, widowCharity" "
" 17[William] TowersonWages of John Amy" 269
" "Edward TynesIncrease of salary, or gratification" 270
" "Captain BlytheIncrease of wages for his steward Gosnold." "
" "John Allen, ship carpenterPart of wages of his two servants" "
" 20[Valentine] Markham, auditorIncrease of salary" 272–4
" "Thomas GrymesEmployment as steward's mate." "
" "Thomas WolleyWages and employment" 273
" 22Katherine JacobPart of her son's wages" "
" "[John] Roberts, mateImprest, and three months' pay for his wife." 274
" "Mr. Grimstone, beadleIncrease of wages" 275
" "Thomas Tiggin, under-beadleSame" "
" "Francis WoodcockEmployment" "
" "Thomas GardinerSame" "
" "Thomas HalseyEmployment as factor" "
" "Thomas DawkesWages" "
" "Charles CharlesSame" "
" "William WalkerIncrease of salary" "
" "John KeelingOne third of moneys recovered from runaways, &c." 276
" "Alice, widow of Stephen TwyneWages of two servants" "
" 24The widow of Capt. JourdainHer husband's wages to be detained as against Jonas Viney and his mother." 277
" "Mr. WeldenHis adventure in the joint stock" 278
" "Randall GleesonEstate of Thomas Hood" "
" "Margaret NewtonMaintenance of child of John Fippeny from Brute Gread." "
" "Symon Southworth, barberEmployment" "
" 29David BourneHis adventure in the joint stock" 281
" 31James BarlowEmployment" 282
" "Isabel, widow of John HodgesPart of her husband's wages" 283
" "Augustine, son of Thos. Miller, deceased in Japan.To be apprenticed for seven years." "


Names of Persons admitted and sworn Free Brethren of the East India Company.

Date.Free Brethren.To whom bound.By Fine or otherwise.Reference.
Court Min. Book VI.
Jan. 12
Jacob Herrewinn, stranger100 marks fine350
" 28George GriffithFrancis Dorrington20 marks and 20s. to poor box.384
Feb. 18William GerrardHenry GarrowayBy service and 10s. to poor box.411
Mar. 6Robert ClitheroweBy patrimony and 10s. to poor box.447
" 26Richard SymmondsSame467
April 7Edward TynesBartholomew HaggettBy service476
" 9John ClutterbuckNathaniel DeardesBy service and 10s. to poor box.479
" 30Joseph CarronDavid Briggs, skinnerBy service and 10s. to poor box.506
May 7Anthony, son of Thomas BarborBy patrimony and 10s. to poor box.514
" 28William Williamson Hoost100 marks and 10s. to poor box.539
June 16John MassingberdTreasurer Stone547
" 18John LloydSir John Wolstenholme10s. to poor box548
" 23Morris WinnRowland BackhouseBy service551
" 30Richard CaslemanBartholomew HaggettBy service and 50s. to poor box.559
" "John SmithMr. ChampionBy service and 10s. to poor box."
Court Min. Book VII.
July 21James Herriot10s. to poor box27
Aug. 4Thomas RitchJohn BloodworthBy service and 10s. to poor box.54
Nov. 10Symon WhettcombeGilbert DavyesBy service and 10s. to poor box.193

Transfers of Adventures in the East India Company.

Date.FromToAmount.Name of Stock.Reference.
Court Min. Book VI.
Jan. 9
Edward OveringAlderman Cambell and others.£
Second joint stock346
" "George DunscombeSame1,200Same"
" 30Giles DebuttJacob Herrewin600Same391
Feb. 5Philip JacobsonJames Jacobson3,500Same397
" 11Henry FisherSir Humfrey Lynn3,200Same405
" 18Sir William RussellSir Edward Wardour400Same416
Mar. 5Edward LeeRichard Edwards50Same440
April 2Samuel De VischarWilliam De Vischar3,000Same471
" 9George ClarkeNathaniel Deardes600Same480
May 5Alderman AllenTymothy, widow of Richard Poyntill.£644 8s. 11d.Same511
" 7Anthony BarborJoseph Jackson£644 8s. 11d.Same514
" 12Edward DarlingIsaac Van Payne620Same519
" 26Sir Anthony BuggesFrancis Chapman600Same535
" 28Sir Richard YoungSir Joseph Hayes400Same539
" "Sir Joseph HayesThomas Hansonne400Same"
" 31William Johnson HoostHimself and William Williamson Hoost.£647 10s.Same543
June 25Alderman HerneAbraham Beck2,400Same557
June 25John HerneAbraham BeckNot statedSecond joint stock557
" "Nicholas HerneAbraham Beck400Same"
Court Min. Bk. VII.
July 7William Beareblock, deceased.James Beareblock1,000Same7
" 9Thomas BoothbyRichard Boothby1,000Same11
" 16Richard PeirceRobert Handson300Same19
" 21Edward Prescott, deceasedEllis Crispe£666 13s. 4d.Same26
" "George Herriot, deceasedJames Herriot1,000Same27
" 30Thomas BoylesonnAccount of John Bernardiston, deceased.1,000Same49
Aug. 4Elizabeth RobertsAlderman Cambell800Same52
" "Henry WhittakerGeorge Strowd350Same"
" "Henry WhittakerEllis Crispe150Same"
" 11Thomas Hewkely, deceasedGeorge Griffith1,000Same61
" 13Henry WhitakerNicholas Crispe2,150Same65
" "Thomas SymmonsJoseph Jackson£666 13s. 4d.Same"
" 18Francis ChapmanGeorge Humble200Same78
" "SameEdward Page200Same"
Sept. 24Richard Bourne and William Cowper.Richard Leaver500Same137
" 27Sir Nicholas Kemp, deceased.Morris Abbott2,400Same130
Oct. 1Thomas Wheatly, deceasedThomas Bownest and Nathaniel Deards.4,700Same145
" 6Sir William Garroway and Sir John Wolstenholme.Messrs. Abbott, Jacob, and Henry Garroway.1,000Same146
" 8Thomas KeightleyMary Farrar1,000Same156
" 20Richard Bourne and William Cowper.Morris Abbott, Mr. Jacob, and Henry Garroway.500Same167
Nov. 3Edward Prichard, deceasedThomas Ivatt650Same182
" 6Adryan EvansJohn Chapman800Same186
" "Samuel OffieldHis motherAllSame"
" 17John ChapmanAlderman Cambell800Same199
" "Robert HudsonRichard Peirce300Same203
" 26David PopillionWilliam DrewDividends valued at £350.Same220
Dec. 3Nathaniel Deardes and Thomas Bownest.Richard Middleton1,000Same228
" 15Alderman FreemanClement HarbyThe whole adventures of the Earl of Lincoln and Dr.Preston.Same265
" 17Walter ThompsonMorris Abbott800Same270
" 22Daniel PenningtonIsaac Pennington1,000Same276
June 17/27.476. Points proposed on the part of the Dutch Bast India Company to Edward Misselden and Robert Barlow, commissioned by the Honorable Company of England trading to the East Indies, at Amsterdam, this 27th June 1624.
First, concerning the equipment, maintenance, and employment of the ten ships of defence on the part of the English East India Company, according to the 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd articles of the treaty, and the further explanation of the 10th and 13th articles of the aforesaid treaty, wherein the English East India Company have hitherto been wanting in many ways and still are.
Secondly, concerning the reglement of the trade and customs at Bantam, according to the 4th, 5th, and 6th articles of the treaty, and the express order of both the East India Companies, determined upon the 15th July 1619, O.S., at London, at the time of the conclusion of the treaty and in the explanation thereof, wherein the English East India Company has failed and still fails since August 1622.
Thirdly, concerning the trade, according to the treaty agreed to by the English East India Company, to the Moluccas, Amboyna, and Banda, following the 8th, 9th, 12th, and 15th articles of the treaty and the explanation of the 8th article, wherein the English factors have broken the treaty and failed to observe it in many ways.
Fourthly, concerning the trade with Pulicat, on the Coromandel coast, conceded to the English by the 7th article of the treaty and the explanation thereupon following, which trade they have abandoned, seeking thus to avoid the payment of half of the charge for the maintenance of the castle and garrison there, so that they owe the half, according to the aforesaid 7th article of the treaty.
These four points amongst others proposed by the Dutch Company according to the invitation of the Seventeen, by their letter of the 14 May 1624, and also the further invitation of the same Company, charging Messrs. Edward Misselden and Barlow to obtain a commission from the Very Honourable English East India Company in order to be able to give contentment and satisfaction on these points to the Dutch Company, according to the treaty, the explanation, and the resolution of the Common Council of Defence determined, decided in the Indies, just as the aforesaid Dutch Company, on occasion happening, will at the time be ready to give similar satisfaction and contentment, according to the treaty. explanation, and aforesaid resolutions, on the points which shall be proposed on the part of the English East India Company, which demand and presentation relating thereto of the Dutch Company, confided to all and each as likely to be found honest and reasonable. Executed as above. Signed Andries Rychart, Henry Brouwer, W. Boreel. Endorsed, "Certain demands made by the Deputies of the Chamber of Amsterdam about their trade and ours in the East India." Dutch. Translation of No. 476, calendared ante, page 292. [Two pages. Holland Corresp.]
"The most humble supplication of the generality of Adventurers trading to the East Indies to the King."
May it please your most Excellent Maty.
The testimonies of your Maty's high wisdom and your princely prudence and providence incessantly employed for the welfare of all your Loyal and loving subjects, and in particular of us, the Adventurers unto the East Indies, are so many and manifold, that we wish from our hearts that we were as well able to express our humble thanks as we have cause at this time to implore your Maty's grace and favour on our behalf.
By your Maty's especial grace & goodness we are a Company of Merchants collected & contracted out of all sorts & ranks of men, Noble, and ignoble, in all your Kingdoms. We have a great while been Agents in this action, in adventuring the lives of many & the estates of most, for the glory of God, in propagating the Gospel; the renown of your Maty in making your fame shine to the ends of the world; the benefit of all your Kingdoms, in enrich ing the same with wondrous variety & increase of trade. But now, we need not say how, we are unhappily become Patients, in such manner and measure, as the glory of God, the honour of your Maty, the welfare of your kingdoms, do all cry aloud for redress, though we should hold our peace.
The craft & the Cruelty of the Hollanders' Embargo, both in its nature & extent, are most terrible, most intolerable. Thereby many of your brave subjects' lives are lost, much blood is spilt, much dishonour offered to your sacred fame: infidelity, inhumanity, violence, hostility, Cruelly, all kinds of Injury done unto us; in ourselves, in our servants, in our ships, in our goods, in our good names. But alas, we are not only hurt and thus undone, but others are also wounded through our sides. Many of us are your Merchant-Adventurers, and in us the Drapery of the Kingdom, principally the western, suffereth: Many of us are Turkey and Eastland Merchants, and with us the Eastern Clothiers complain: Many of us are French Merchants, and with us the Northern draperies decay: Many of us are Spanish Merchants, and with us Southern clothiers cry out: Many of us are Tradesmen, and in us both City & Country complain: Many of us are men of other Conditions, & by us your Maty's supplies are not supplied as they might. For how can men go on in their particular Courses and trades, when their estates are taken away? How can the Body-Politic of this your Maty's weal-public choose but feint, when the life-blood thereof is let out? And how can your Maty's Customs but diminish very much, when Trade is thus secretly stolen away.
If our Adventures had been out of superfluity, our estates would have borne it. If we had not lost our estates, Trade had not felt it. If Trade had not suffered, there had been no complaint.
Your Maty, that Royal father of this great family of your happy Kingdoms, out of your regal care, enquireth the Causes of the decay of Trade: amongst which, we most humbly and earnestly pray your Maty to believe that there is no one Cause so much tendeth to the exceeding diminution of your Highness' Customs, the weakening of the Navigation, & the overthrow of the Trade of this former flourishing Common-wealth of yours, as doth this disaster of ours. No Embargo like this Embargo I No loss by Pirates like this loss! For against professed enemies we had either been forewarned or forearmed. But those that have plotted, or practised, or prosecuted this unhappy design are not Caesar's friends, nor do they wish well to this Sion of yours. For the loss is not only great in the detention of so great a mass of wealth so long from the Common-Wealth, but also is made greater in the prevention and interception of so Royal and rich a Trade & Treasure from this Republic: and is yet made greater & greater by their Cunning protracting & spinning out of time with us; whilst in the mean time they dispossess us & possess themselves of the whole East Indian trade.
We, therefore, your Maty's most humble, loving, & loyal subjects, wish from our hearts that we could express to your Maty the sorrow and discontentment we suffer in this action, and the whole weal-public's loss in us; and therefore do beseech your Maty for God's love, your own honour, and the welfare of all your Kingdoms, and for the eye of the world that is cast upon the issue of this cause; that your Maty will give us leave most humbly to implore your Royal power & Justice to be exercised and executed for the speedy restitution of all the wrongs we have sustained by the Hollanders in this action: And that you will not suffer herein any longer excuse, evasion, or dilatory protraction whatsoever or by whomsoever; we having great cause to suspect notwithstanding their pretences, that they aim at nothing more than the utter supplanting of us in this trade; protesting again from our hearts, that neither our estates, nor the estate of this Common-wealth can any longer endure or undergo so heavy a calamity, which if your Maty out of the sincerity of your Justice, the sweetness of your Royal nature, and the exceeding goodness of your Grace, will vouchsafe and pardon, as you are wont, if anything seem offensive herein. We and ours, our selves, our estates, our lives, & if we had any thing more dear, shall not be too dear unto us, to be employed for the honour and service of so sacred a Maty & your posterity for ever. Signed by the following 212 persons:—
Wm. Cokayne.Wm. Wight.
Robt. Jhonson.Erasemus Carleton.
Hugh Hamersley.Tho. Mustard.
Ric. Deane.Rich. Ironside.
John Mericke.Joseph Cock.
Geo. Whitmore.Henry Kynnersley.
Geo. Wilmer (?).Wm. Palmer.
Wm. Cater.Geo. Swinhow.
Geo. Bennett.John Hare.
Rowland Backhouse.Jas. Francklin.
Henry Andrewes.Sampson Newport.
Thos. Meade.Robt. Pennyngton.
Gyles Martyn.Symon Lawrence.
Gilbert Morewoode.Henry Polsted.
Edw. Beale.Ste. Burton.
Wm. Middleton.Humfrey Berington.
John Milward.Arthur Sheere.
Hump. Smith.Abraham Chambrelan.
Rich. Leatt.John Bludworth.
John Wylde.John Deverell.
James Rudyerd.Wm. Wright.
Rich. Starr.Wm. Robinsonn.
Rich. Miller.Francis Weste.
Edw. Darling.Theop. Brereton.
Zachary Highlord.John Chambers.
John Hodges.John Burnell.
Nath. Deard.Tho. Sone.
Dan. Harvey.John Highlord.
Rich. Leigh.Raphe Handson.
Thos. Hicks.Tho. Smythe.
Thos. Haines.Tho. Wiseman.
Ric. Woodward.Ric. Bishopp.
Thos. Burton.Wm. Spurstowe.
John Hall.Fras. Wadloe.
Robt. Pinchin.John Gearinge.
Thos. Colthurst.Thos. Jeninges.
Mat. Cradock.Robt. Cruse.
Wm. Clarke.Tho. Parry.
Robt. Stone.Rich. Yeene.
Geo. Steingar.Hen. Carter.
W. Cowper.Adam Spencer.
Robt. Washebourne.Edw. Sewster.
Christopher Kaly.Tho. Goodyere.
John Beale.Tho. Shipton.
Thos. Evans.Tho. Chauncy.
Bigley Carleton.Wm. Drew.
Robt. Fremann.Edw. Cooke.
Isack Edge.Step. Harvey.
Edward Lee.Joh. Harvey.
Tho. Chace.Tho. Brethers.
Rich. Beale.Tho. Tomlinson.
Rich. Bladwell.Jo. Raven.
Ant. Biddulph.Thos. Style.
Geo. Clerke.Thos. Plummer.
Ran. Crew.Rich. Boothbie.
John Blande.John Cuff.
John Wood.Geo. Bostock.
John Heath.Edmunde Wright ?
William Cox.John Cooke.
Tho. Soames.Rich. Andrewe.
Henry Austin.John Potter.
Wm. Cokayne.Thos. Smethwike.
Ellis Crispe.Paul Delaune.
Rich. Bourne.Timothy Stephens.
Jas. Monger.Rich. Walcott.
Ant. Wither.Rich. Rogers.
John Langley.Dan. Darnelly.
John Woodall.Hum. Holloway.
W. Hollinshead.Ro. Squyer.
Nat. Masters.Cha. Bostocke.
Art. Levitt.John Cocks.
Henry Coghill.Geo. Scott.
Geo. Conquest.John Holloway.
Mat. Bigrave.John Evelyn.
Thos. Hodgsonn.John Juxon.
Isaac Penington.Ro. Smythe.
John Barker.Robt. Kay.
Benj. Charke.Mathew Bedell.
John Babingtonn.Thos. Rode.
Jhon Banckes.A. Chambrelan, junr.
Thos. Gibbes.Hum. Style.
John Awbrey.Simon Smith.
John Harrison.John Blount.
Nic. Crispe, junr.Geo. Wynne.
Geo. Hawkins.Gregorye Butler.
Robt. Grymes.Fras. Taileur.
Edmunde Plummer.Roger Giffard.
Robt. Phippes.Wm. Meller.
Wm. Rolfe.Thos. Winstone.
Hugh Windham.Thos. Johnson.
John Cotton.Robt. Parkhurst.
Anthony Stoughton.Humf. Hawes.
Dan. Gorsuch.Rich. Beresford.
Edw. Williamall.Benj. Henshawe.
Anth. Dieper.Henry Fisher.
Jas. Sherley.Augustine Sucatelli.
Ant. Peniston.Jno. Fletcher.
John Derham.Rich. Moorer.
Tho. Freman.Nich. Buckeridge.
Edw. Misselden.Rich. Galthorpe.
Rich. Fyshborne.Tho. Waad.
John Brown.John Bedell.
John Woodwarde.Geo. Rogers.
John Nevell.Edmond Page.
Job Harbie.Ellis Coombe.
Fras. Chapman.Geo. Humble.
[Domestic, Jac. I., Vol. CXI., No. 127, Cal. p. 109.]
N.B.—On 4th Sept. 1618, Secretary Naunton in a letter to Carleton, assures him that the whole city and all parts of the kingdom are extremely exasperated against the pride of the Hollanders and Zealanders, and are in travail of complaints of the indignities received from them on all hands, both in the East Indies, the fishing in Scotland, Newfoundland, and our coasts, and where not, so as the merchants are preparing a general remonstrance against them against his Majesty's return from Progress. Endorsed "East Hampstead at 10 in the night. Haste post, haste post haste, for life, for life, for life." (Holland Corresp.)