Additions and corrections


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Col. John Parker (editor)

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'Additions and corrections', Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I (1903), pp. XXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 21 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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p. 176; Assize Roll 1265 has been much injured by damp; at least, one entry has been lost on each side of m. 5, the end of which has been torn.

p. 181, line 18, for "Margant," read "Margaret."

p. 188, line 14, the words missing after "Gilbert" are "de Southworth."

p. 204, line 30, for "1265–6," read "1285–6."

p. 213, line 5, for "Master Alan," read "Master Adam."

p. 214, lines 3, 5. The meaning of the word "Esparduciarum" is obscure; it does not occur in Du Cange.

p. 228, line 7, for "Southy," read "Sonchy."

p. 246, line 4, for "Richard de Catteral," read "Ralph de Catteral."

p. 286, line 29, for "Robert de Hophay," read "Ralph de Hophay."

p. 287, line 2, for "de Laen," read "de Lacu."

" line 11, for "Roger de Hilton," read "Robert de Hilton."

" line 17, for "Robert de Boxhale," read "Richard de Boxhale."

p. 288, line 7, and p. 289, line 19, for "Richard," read "Michael."

p. 303, line II, for "Roger de Ireland," read "Robert de Ireland."