Roll 1239
6 Edward I


Institute of Historical Research



Col. John Parker (editor)

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'Roll 1239: 6 Edward I', Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I (1903), pp. 173. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Assize Roll 1239. Divers Counties.

6 Edward I.

m. 35.

Pleas of Assizes and Juries taken at Lancastre on the morrow of the exaltation of the Holy Cross in the sixth year of the reign of King Edward [15th September 1278] before John de Reygate and William de Nor[burgh] Justices Assigned. [Roll of John de Reygate.]

This Roll is a duplicate of 1238, except that the cases are not entered in the same order. The entries are contained on membranes 35, 35d, 36, 36d, 37, 37d, 38, and 38d. Any important variations have been entered in the notes to the last Roll, as also the references to the membrane on which each case appears on this Roll.