America and West Indies
Addenda 1632


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'America and West Indies: Addenda 1632', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 9: 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674 (1893), pp. 73. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Addenda 1632

Feb. 4.
Massachusetts Bay.
157. Richard Salstonstall to Emanuel Downing, Esq., at the Bishop's Head in Fleet Street, near the Conduit in London. Since his arrival in New England has endeavoured to give a true and faithful relation of such things as come within his observation. The country abounds with good creatures needful for sustentation of the life of man. When they have liberty from building and inclosing of grounds for the safety of their cattle from wolves, doubts not but they shall raise good profit not only by their fishing trade but by hemp, flax, pitch, tar, potashes, soap, ashes, masts, pipestaves, clapboards, and irons. Therefore, good Sir, encourage men to come over. If gentlemen of ability would transport themselves they might advance their own estates and might improve their talents and time in being worthy instruments of propogating the gospel to these poor barbarous people. Prays him send over by some East Country merchants to get some few master workmen for the ordering of their potash work. [Coke MSS., Hist. MSS. Commiss., XII. Report, App. I., p. 449.]